Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701 - Brute Force

Where did this expert come from? Everyone felt their minds go crazy. This was only the beginning, yet the two great experts were stopped?!

One had to understand that everyone came with great hope, wishing to see Ge Gu and Xi Gu’s clash, yet they never expected both of them to suffer a defeat before the battle even began!

Moreover, it was done by a single person!

Xi Gu and Ge Gu both exerted force, precious techniques rushing into the heavens, the skies covered in symbols. They used the greatest power, at the extremes of this realm. This was the embodiment of strength a step beyond the highest limit of the great cultivation realm!

This was transcending beyond!

However, despite this being the case, they still couldn’t struggle free, unable to shake that person off.

The two’s fists were grabbed, making their arms tremble, bodies contort. Their entire bodies were restricted by a type of terrifying power.

Eventually, their heads were covered in sweat, as if they were going to collapse onto the ground.

“Impossible!” Xi Gu screamed out. It was because they had defied normal reason, broke through the limits, already transcendent individuals in this cultivation realm, at the very least unmatched in the Void God Realm.

Even if Xi Gu and Ge Gu fought there wouldn’t be much difference between the two, there was no way this type of overwhelming power could come from a single side! If they wanted to win over the opponent, they had to pay an extremely great price.

However, this person before them did it too easily, suppressing them just like this!

“Are you willing to bow before me?!” Shi Hao asked, because he really was interested in these two.

“Who are you?” Ge Gu asked.


In the distance, a great sound erupted. A strange bird appeared, its entire body burning, turning into a pillar of divine flame, as if a True Phoenix appeared in the world, sweeping towards Shi Hao.

Yi, you finally appeared, Bird Grandpa’s bird. It seems like your strength has improved.” Shi Hao said to himself.


He loosened his hands, letting Xi Gu and Ge Gu go. They staggered backwards, faces pale.

At the same time, everyone saw Shi Hao leap out, rush onto that giant bird’s back, firmly standing on it.

That True Phoenix like divine bird cried out, extremely unwilling. However, after struggling intensely for a bit, it could only bring him into the distance.

“What happened? Why do I feel like I’m dreaming?”

Everyone felt a bit dizzy. This series of events happened too quickly.

“That bird has a great history in Void God Realm, possibly the bird raised by the legendary Bird Grandpa!”

When that bird left, someone said in shock.

During these years, there were many people who learned that Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s identities were special, possibly the protectors or rulers of the entire Void God Realm.

This was a major event. What kind of origins did that individual who suddenly appeared have, for Bird Grandpa’s divine bird to move out? Was this to receive him?

On a great cliff, that giant bird dove down, descending here. Its body quickly shrunk.

On the mountaintop sat an elder, precisely the past Bird Grandpa.

Shi Hao landed, a bit shocked. Bird Grandpa’s state was extremely strange, releasing a terrifying aura, as well as a bit of darkness feeling.

This wasn’t quite the same as before!

One thought to attain enlightenment, one year falling into depravity!

Back then, he already had this type of feeling, sensing that Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder were extremely strange.

“Who are you?” Bird Grandpa asked. A strong aura of darkness spread.

“It seems like the symptoms of you two became more and more severe, already forgetting who you were.” Shi Hao sighed.

Back then, these two were already like this, forgetting their past. Only when they were woken by Shi Hao did they know about some of their past.

Now, their conditions were extremely bad, revealing a terrifying side, no longer divine.

“Where is Coin Elder? I am Huang!” Shi Hao replied.

He already knew that these two’s primordial spirits were entrusted to Void God Realm, unknown where their true bodies were, unable to return to their true selves, which was why they lost themselves.

Yi, it’s you, you actually… returned!” Bird Grandpa’s eyes erupted with brilliance, as if he woke up. The darkness aura receded, divine and auspicious brilliance surging once more.

Shi Hao released a breath of relief. Fortunately, this person didn’t forget his past friends, finally remembering some old events.

“I almost forgot myself. Now that I have awakened again, I really don’t know whether I should feel blessed or regretful.” Bird Grandpa said.

“I came down from the higher realms, only having one objective, which is to obtain the precious technique.”

“Sure, no problem.” Bird Grandpa was extremely brilliant, his temperament becoming completely different from before, telling Shi Hao that as long as Coin Elder returned, the two of them could undo the seal, fetch the precious technique ancient scroll to honor their commitment.

“Where is Coin Elder?” Shi Hao asked.


Suddenly, the praying mat Bird Grandpa sat on shook. He seemed to have sensed something, his eyes erupting with brilliance.

“Things are now troublesome.” Bird Grandpa sighed.

“What happened?” Shi Hao revealed a strange expression.

“You most likely cannot return, someone cut off your path of return, closing the path into the higher realms, locking you in this realm!” Bird Grandpa said.

He was an administrator, able to see Void God Realm’s various changes, even able to know what happened to the passage connected to the higher realm.

In the higher realm, those giant golden gates were closed, sealed.

This was an extremely terrifying thing. Shi Hao’s primordial spirit couldn’t return, forever trapped in the lower realm. This meant that the connection between his primordial spirit and his body was lost.

Once time went on, that body’s bloodline would wither, definitely rot away.

“They really dared seal it!” Shi Hao said coldly.

He had also predicted that there might be people who were extremely vicious, cutting off his path of retreat. However, he didn’t expect it to be so fast.

“Are you not worried? You might end up just like us, flesh and primordial spirit forever losing connection.” Bird Grandpa said with a sigh.

“Didn’t you two say before that once one is powerful enough, even natural laws can be blasted through? Those golden gates can be forcefully broken through as well.” Shi Hao said.

He spoke this because he had confidence, long wishing to size up those golden gates.

“You little lunatic, could it be that you did this on purpose, really wishing to break through those golden gates, establish a magnificent feat?” Bird Grandpa was shocked.

“I didn’t purposely leave them with hope to plot against me, just that these people were too vicious, actually wishing to harm me like this. As for me, I naturally wish to forcefully break through.” Shi Hao said. Even though his tone was easygoing, he didn’t dare to be too careless, immediately wishing to rush back.

“Why don’t I try to break through Void Dao Realm’s gates first?” Shi Hao even had the nerve to smile, calming himself down.

“Don’t!” Bird Grandpa stopped. Then, he opened up the gates for Shi Hao, letting him in.

“It will be dangerous, I hope you can smoothly break through the golden gates.” Bird Grandpa said with a sigh.


The heavens collapsed and earth split. Shi Hao stirred up lightning as he moved, following the stone path up Heaven’s Path.

Wu, Huang was forced to death just like that, it’s too easy!”

“Killing him didn’t take much at all, it was extremely easy!”

Outside Spirit Realm’s great golden gates, there were a few creatures speaking softly, conversing with themselves. They were all powerful individuals, secretly taking action, closing the golden gates, cutting off Shi Hao’s path back.

Moreover, they asked the god of natural laws to seal this place.

Heheh, it’s just Huang, nothing more than a youngster. In the end, he was too immature, dying so early. His fate has long been decided.”


Just as they were laughing and chatting, a great noise sounded. Someone was smashing at the giant golden gates.


At the same time, a roar sounded, accompanied by lightning. A great impact smashed against the golden gates, shaking everyone until even their souls were trembling.

“So strong, Huang’s reaction really is quite fast, slaughtering his way back, wishing to forcefully break through.”

“It’s useless no matter how strong he is, it is already too late. These great golden gates are different, they are created by the natural laws protecting Spirit Realm, there is no way he can defy the heavens and break through.


The great gate swayed, sparks flying in all directions. There was flowing light that surged.

Dang dang…

That day, accompanied by metal shaking noises, the golden gate was actually struck until it deformed, many fist imprints appearing on its surface, bumpy and uneven.


After dozens to over a hundred strikes, everyone behind the golden gates became alarmed. This was just too freakish, ridiculously powerful. The golden gate’s seal was loosening, unable to suppress this place.


Finally, a light noise sounded. Cracks appeared on the golden gate, leaving many people incredibly worried.

“Too freakish, why is he this strong? This completely exceeds the extreme limit! Can not even the golden gates hold him back?!”

A few people panicked, becoming extremely shocked.


Another loud noise sounded. Spider threads immediately covered everything below the golden gate, the cracks clear. With a loud dong sound, the golden gates were blasted through.

“Heavens, this is a monster! Even Spirit Realm’s passage has been opened up, blasted through by someone’s fist!”

Spirit Realm, behind the golden gates, many people were shocked, crying out loudly.

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