Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 - Return

Shi Hao appeared on an altar. He carefully examined his surroundings, seeing enormous stone pillars around him that flickered with mysterious lightning.

The electrical arcs had some that were red-colored, some that were black, extremely terrifying.

They interweaved together, forming metal chains, winding about those stone pillars, locking down this platform.

“A creature of the higher realm?” Someone said quietly. This was a deity in silver armor, resplendent fiery light jumping about him, a powerful true flame burning in his surroundings.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. He actually entered a prison as soon as he passed through the stone gates, locked down here.

“I bear no malice. I originally belonged to the eight regions, and now, I have returned.” Shi Hao said.

At the same time, he carefully looked around. This silver armored deity might not be a true existence, but rather one created by Void God Realm’s natural laws, in charge of overlooking this place.

“Love Drinking Milk the Most?!”

Sure enough, Shi Hao guessed correctly. He was created from natural laws, his eyes flowing with symbols. He stared at Shi Hao, revealing his ‘identity’.

Shi Hao immediately felt extremely ashamed, feeling embarrassed for the first time.

It was because this was indeed his identity in the past. After he entered the Void God Realm, he continuously broke through records, previously leaving behind the name ‘Love Drinking Milk the Most’. This was precisely his identity in this spiritual world.

Now, when the past events were brought up again, no matter how thick his skin was, he still felt embarrassed.

If others knew that the glorious Huang was this much of a weirdo when he was young, having this type of name, they would definitely laugh their heads off in the higher realm.

This was just too hilarious!

Huang? A milk drinking baby?!

Right now, Shi Hao had the urge to ‘kill to erase traces’, wipe out this stain, completely erase this dark history of his. It was just too embarrassing.

“Something’s not right, you have an aura that cannot be appraised on you. Without knowing the reason, I cannot let you out.” The silver-armored deity said.

“I don’t have much time, I must ask you to please be accomodating. Otherwise, I’ll have to bother you to invite Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder.” Shi Hao said.

However, this was only a segment of natural laws, not a sympathetic creature, extremely stubborn. He wasn’t willing to let Shi Hao leave, moreover releasing a sound of warning.


Then, Shi Hao took action, striking this platform, wishing to slaughter his way out.

Void God Realm, Spirit realm, they both had a terrifying limitation, which was that in certain regions, your divine force would be restricted no matter how great it was, had to match the highest level that could be displayed in that specific region.

For example, there were some places where only cultivation at the Blood Transformation Realm could be displayed, some where only Heavenly Passage Realm cultivation could be displayed.

Now, this place’s absolute restriction brought Shi Hao’s Self Release Realm cultivation immediately down to the Supreme Expert Realm.

If one wished to break through these obstructions, it was only possible by breaking through the level’s extreme, breaking through the shackles, exceeding the limits of the natural laws’ suppression!

Who was Shi Hao? He accomplished this in every single cultivation level he has experienced, always exceeding the limit, rising above each great cultivation realm.

That was why when he attacked with full strength, it was frightening.

In the end, he forcibly smashed through the platform, crushing the stone pillars, snapping those divine chains, slaughtering his way out.

That silver-armored creature turned into a streak of flowing light, thus disappearing.

Everything here disappeared. Shi Hao was absent-minded. He discovered that he himself stood before the pair of giant gates, broken free, moreover on the Void God Realm’s side.

This path wasn’t unfamiliar. He had previously stood here.

There was an altar, a path, a mist. This place was extremely quiet, because normally, no one could cross over at all.


Shi Hao moved, directly entering the mist, wishing to take a look around the Void God Realm.

It had already been many years since he returned. Even though this wasn’t his true body, his primordial spirit entered the lower realms in advance. This left him extremely moved.

Perhaps he could run into some familiar people?

Of course, there was also a chance of encountering some powers that stood against him.

However, now, Shi Hao didn’t fear much. In the lower realms’ eight regions, it was hard for anyone to go against him.

“The Kun Peng fell in the lower realms… the origami boat lady’s origins are mysterious, there is also Western Tomb Realm’s remains that are extremely mysterious…”

Shi Hao said to himself. In that instant, he felt like he had become too arrogant. Now that he carefully thought about it, the lower realms had many mysteries waiting to be explored.

“It’s better if I am a bit more careful. At the very least, I can let everyone under heaven know I came back.”

Shi Hao felt like it was best not to startle everyone, instead deciding to first investigate a bit. What were the eight regions really like now? Did they undergo any changes?

When he thought of these things, Shi Hao covered his face, not exposing his true identity.

He got onto an altar, moving through the skies, entering Void God Realm’s depths.

Ge Gu, a young genius, was someone who had risen up suddenly in recent years, shaking up the eight regions. Few people knew of his origins, but his aptitude was definitely world-shocking.

It was because he always challenged the experts of all sides in Void God Realm, his accomplishments grand, not encountering a single defeat.

Some said that he might be a True Dragon, because in the real world, there were people who tracked him down, previously seeing him turn into a dragon, rise up into the heavens, speed too fast.

An extremely young True Dragon appeared in the lower realms, just how shocking of a thing was this? Even though there was no proof, his potential was indeed terrifyingly shocking.

It was to the extent where there were some people who already compared him to the Little Stone, because he reached that type of height, continuously breaking through all types of records.

Xi Gu was a youngster who, in the recent half year, also suddenly rose up, similarly world shocking. It was because he was unmatched in the Void God realm, ridiculously powerful.

He was older than Ge Gu, now twenty something years old.

However, no one knew of his true cultivation level, because the various regions of Void God Realm had restrictions on one’s cultivation.

Perhaps Xi Gu came here precisely to challenge all types of records. He appeared in different regions in the past half year, defeating all opponents, no one able to withstand two blows from him.

This was extremely terrifying. He was simply a god-like existence!

There were rumors that he might have come from Western Spirit Realm, an extremely mysterious clan.

Many people were sighing inwardly. Xi Gu appeared in the world too late. If he was a few years younger, he might have encountered the Big and Little Stones.

Now Xi Gu and Ge Gu stood side by side, just like the dual Stones did.

Moreover, today, they faced off against each other again. This was also the first time they clashed.

“The clash between two titans, it will be decided today. Who will be number one under the heavens? It really is exciting, something to look forward to!”

Void God Realm, that day, a huge sensation erupted. Many people were speculating who was stronger among the two.

This was a grand occasion, great waves stirred. All powers were paying close attention, many people entering Void God Realm just to watch their battle.

A True Dragon was going to fight against Western Spirit Realm, this was a huge event!

“These two have broken many records! What do you think? Are they going to break the Little Stone’s records?”

“From what I heard, these two haven’t touched those yet, perhaps they have to wait another year or two, right? Right now, they likely have no certainty yet.”

A True Dragon, was this real or not?

Western Spirit Realm, this was an extremely mysterious place. Was Xi Gu really an expert from that place?

This made many people excited, many experts hurrying over.

This region was long crammed with creatures. They occupied favorable terrain all for the sake of observing the battle.

Of course, the central area was empty, as that was the battlefield. No one approached it, this place left for Ge Gu and Xi Gu.

Right now, two figures already appeared, carrying mists and hazy divine light. It was extremely mysterious, coming from two directions.

However, with a peng sound, a third creature descended from the skies, entering this place.

“Who? Hurry and back off!” Xi Gu spoke. He was a youngster, his figure slender and sturdy, black hair thick, skin a bronze color, eyes like cold lightning.

Others couldn’t see this youngster’s true appearance, but it wasn’t an issue for Shi Hao at all, the Heavenly Eyes naturally able to see through the mist.

In the other direction was a teenager, face with delicate features, temperament extraordinary, extremely unordinary, possessing a bit of transcendent feel.

Yi?” Shi Hao was shocked. These two were both definitely extraordinary.

“This place is a battlefield, please withdraw.” That youngster also spoke.

Shi Hao didn’t back up, instead continuously sizing up this youngster. “Your roots and bones are extremely fine, talent exceptional, but you likely long have a master already. It is quite unfortunate.”

Shi Hao looked at this youngster, actually having the urge to take on a disciple.

“Nonsense, you actually have the delusion of taking me as your disciple?” The youngster was extremely arrogant, understanding Shi Hao’s intentions. He immediately sneered, saying, “It seems like you really are quite the egotistical person. Let me see just what kind of skills you have.”

He naturally had confidence, because one’s dao skills were limited here, everyone’s cultivation levels the same here.

“You are still young, it isn’t enough even if the two of you came at me at the same time. It will be too difficult.” Shi Hao shook his head.

When these words sounded, these two were immediately offended.

“Unbridled! Let me see just how formidable you are!” That youngster Xi Gu was also angered.

Shi Hao smiled, saying, “How about this, if you two lose, are you willing to pay your respects to me as your master?”

In the distance, everyone became petrified. What was going on? Where did this person come from? He suddenly barged in, wishing to take Ge Gu and Xi Gu as his disciples, wasn’t he too arrogant?

Shi Hao was carried away by a whim, because he was extremely interested in these two’s bloodlines.


Ge Gu and Xi Gu took action at the same time, because they were infuriated, attacking murderously, precious techniques shocking the heavens.

However, the feet of the male in the middle didn’t move at all, just using two hands to grab their fists that erupted with endless symbols, forcibly stopping them.

In that instant, both of their arms were in intense pain, their bodies shaking, actually unable to withstand the power.

Everyone erupted into commotion, this place becoming chaotic, everyone shocked.

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