Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 - Return to Void God Realm

“Where is Huang, where did he go? After completely overturning Demonic Sunflower Garden, bringing the entire palace and treasury away, why isn’t he doing anything now?”

“He shouldn’t have returned to the lower realms yet. If he forcefully tried to, even if he didn’t die, he would be crippled!”

In the three thousand provinces, many powers were keeping a close eye on Shi Hao, all of them wishing to know what he was doing, because he really took action decisively last time, too shocking.

There were some great sects that were extremely nervous, always on guard against him. In the end, there was no sign of him during this period.

Underworld Earth, Immortal Palace and Heavenly Country, these inheritances’ origins were all extremely great, possessing secrets unknown to anyone else, but even they didn’t dare lower their guard.

“I actually wouldn’t mind him coming my way. It’s better to kill him earlier instead of having him break into the supreme being realm, become a disaster in the future!”

Inside an ancient palace, someone spoke out, voice hoarse, as if a deity from hell was muttering, making one shiver all over in fear.

One could see just how terrifying some powers were. Even though Shi Hao had slaughtered out such a brilliant reputation in Desolate Border, there were still many people who were unconvinced, not scared of him at all.

For example, Immortal Palace, even while Shi Hao was in Desolate Border, he already heard that there might be a half ruined true immortal slumbering within that rust-filled copper palace, his strength impossible to surmise.

Now, one of them carried a mysterious faint smile on his face, not all that scared of Shi Hao.

However, there were some people who revealed looks of worry as well, for example, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, and others. These were the powers behind Six Crown King Ning Chuan, people who had always acted against the sinner’s blood descendants.

If Huang returned and took action against them, then it would be impossible for them to defend themselves!

That was why they didn’t hesitate to hint at threatening that they knew where the sinner’s blood descendants and their residences in the higher realms were.

Thus, if Huang dared act viciously, they would get revenge, because they knew where Stone Clan, Fire Clan, and some other places were.

During the battle of Desolate Border, Anlan risked the danger of being turned into dried bones, forcefully breaking through the pass, paying a tremendous price to deliver a world-shocking strike during the shortest amount of time. He seized all of Sin Province, basically capturing the sinner’s bloodline’s foundation.

Even so, there were still some people scattered in different provinces, but this was the minority.

Immortal Mountain, Shi Hao sat inside a meditation room, not moving at all. A golden butterfly fluttered about on his shoulder, protecting him.

Apart from this, Shi Ziling, Qin Yining, and others were all nearby as well, sitting down.

No matter how strong Shi Hao was, how valiant and heroic he was now, they still feared that something unexpected would happen to him, because their eldest son was currently facing the brunt of the incoming storm.

This was especially the case when they learned that the three thousand provinces might have a true immortal, all of them becoming worried, fearing that Shi Hao would be attacked!

Right now, Shi Hao’s body was warm and gentle like jade, but there was no consciousness inside, because his true spirit had entered a spiritual country.

Spirit Realm, a vast and limitless place. It was in roughly the same layout as the three thousand provinces, the two corresponding to each other.

The great mountain was majestic, spiritual energy rising in spirals.

Ancient trees towered into the heavens, apes shouted and tigers roared, full of a primitive and savage feel.

This was Spirit Realm. Shi Hao walked along the great earth, couldn’t help but release a sigh. Just how powerful were the existences who made this spiritual world?

When a true spirit lived in this world, there was no difference from being in the outside world!

The silver waterfall was grand. When it poured down from great mountains, tens of thousands of zhang tall, it crashed down like thunder, the noise tremendous. The waterfall smashed against the mountain cliff, releasing terrifying rumbling sounds, producing waves of white-colored billows.

Shi Hao continued forward. He was heading towards the place from back then.

He was going to follow a path there into the Void God Realm.

However, along the way, he learned of many things, because there were many cultivators entering and leaving Spirit Realm every day, not much different from the real world, chatting about.

“There are some great sects who are on guard against me, even wishing harm onto me?”

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately sneered.

“They dare threaten me?”

He continued forward, feeling like if he encountered any of them along the way, he definitely wouldn’t be lenient.

“Fire Cloud Cavern’s range of influence?”

It really was quite the coincidence. Not that long after entering Spirit Realm, when he passed some famous mountains and great rivers, he learned that Fire Cloud Cavern wasn’t that far.

In reality, the various great sects all had their own foundations in Spirit Realm, because one could similarly cultivate in this spiritual country, able to foster elite disciples.

Shi Hao had his arms behind his back, directly paying them a visit!

“Heavens, who is that person? I’m not seeing things, right?!”

There were immediately people who discovered him.

It was because at this point, Shi Hao was definitely a famous person. His portrait was hung in some sects, not for the sake of admiration, but rather because they were scared that they would provoke some great disaster if they didn’t recognize him.

This was especially the case with the great sects who were at odds with him, all of them on guard, naturally having their disciples carefully examining and remembering his appearance.

Who would have thought that Huang who had remained quiet all this time would appear in Spirit Realm just like this, entering Fire Cloud Cavern’s territory?!

This triggered quite a commotion, startling this region. Many sects immediately moved after receiving news, quite a few people rushing over.

It was because the effects of this were too great!

“Huang, what are you trying to do? You are not allowed to act recklessly!”

The region Fire Cloud Cavern was in was full of spiritual energy, purple multicolored light flickering about, immortal mist hazy.

In that place was a purple mountain, an ancient cave opened within it. There was strong heaven and earth essence stored within, even more so overflowing fiery light.

Shi Hao’s black hair naturally fluttered about, looking extremely handsome and delicate. However, right now, his presence was extremely shocking, as if he was a venerable solitary immortal who was approaching this place.

He had his hands behind his back, standing here, exuding a terrifying aura as he overlooked these mountains and rivers.


Shi Hao raised his hand, a palm pressing forward. As a result, the purple-colored mountain continuously exploded, fiery light rushing into the heavens. This place experienced a great collapse.

Everyone became stupefied. What kind of power was this?

He stood outside the mountain gate, just a single palm, and then regardless of whether it was the mountain gate or the sect protecting formations, everything collapsed, breaking apart there.

When those of other powers heard these news and rushed over, they all became incomparably horrified, seeing only desolation and ruins.

It was just that direct. When Shi Hao passed this place, he swept through Fire Cloud Cavern’s foundation in Spirit Realm.

“Don’t let me hear any more threatening words, or else I will slaughter my way inside.” These were the words Shi Hao left behind, and then he continued on his way.

Many powers didn’t see Shi Hao take action themselves, but they knew how terrifying he was. Those ruins were enough to explain everything.

After this event, many experts in Fire Cloud Cavern in the real world coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, their faces pale, as if they suffered from a great illness.

It was because being killed in Spirit Realm would cause one’s real body to suffer greatly, their vitality greatly harmed.

Shi Hao continued on his way. Soon afterwards, he encountered Phantom Drake Dao Gate’s foundation.

He was even less polite in this place, a fist smashing outwards, crushing the mountain gate. A group of experts exploded, turning into a bloody mist and flowing light, thus disappearing.

This matter’s effects were too great, shaking up the three thousand provinces.

Then, Shi Hao didn’t act so brashly anymore, vanishing from everyone’s eyes.

He moved through the skies, heading towards the place that was connected to the Void God Realm.

This region was extremely vast.

On the mountain cliff, there were vicious birds who built nests, incredibly large, covering the skies like clouds.

On the ground, divine ants crawled about, every one of them the size of a calf.

All types of vicious birds and vicious beasts roamed about. For normal people, it was extremely dangerous.

However, it was as if Shi Hao was walking through a level field, arriving here. Chaotic energy was hazy up ahead, golden light faintly discernible, releasing a simple and unadorned aura.

In that place, there was a pair of golden gates, incredibly massive. They were half closed, a small crack opened. This was precisely his destination.

Shi Hao didn’t hesitate, pushing it, opening the golden gates. There was a stone person here, divine light restrained within his body.

“Who?” The stone person spoke.

Back then, when Shi Hao came up here, it didn’t move, nor did it have divine awareness, as if it couldn’t sense anything, as if it was just a sculpture.

Now, Shi Hao’s blood energy was too vigorous, making the dormant stone person revive. It opened its eyes, firing out two streaks of golden light.

“I wish to pass through this place, enter Void God Realm.” Shi Hao replied.

Back then, he was extremely cautious, scared of startling the stone person, but now, he didn’t feel such restraining fear.

The stone being was extremely strong, he could sense this, but it could no longer stop him.

After a moment of silence, the stone person released a light sigh, saying, “My abilities are limited, unable to interfere with an existence who has broken through the limits.”

After speaking, multicolored light flashed. This stone person withdrew, his figure thus disappearing.

It was clear that he was part of Spirit Realm’s natural laws!

Shi Hao continued forward, following an ancient path, quickly advancing. He headed towards the Copper Sparrow Altar. Back then, when Shi Hao first arrived here, he fought with Feng Wu, also competed against Firegold Clan’s Teng Yi, oppressing his opponents. He was called a lower realms’ great vicious being.

Shi Hao didn’t stop, continuing downwards along the stone stairs.

When he was in Void God Realm, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder called this Heaven’s Path.

Back then, Shi Hao began to show the first signs of his own brilliance, boldly crossing illegally into Spirit Realm from Void God Realm, going precisely through that path. At that time, it was extremely difficult, exhausting a great amount of strength.

Now, with his Earth to Inches Great Divine Ability, he was inconceivably fast.

Finally, he arrived!

A pair of giant gates stood in his way, isolating the path between the two realms.

Those gates were closed, extremely sturdy, not the slightest crack opened.

It was because back then, out of fear of the higher realm’s creatures slaughtering their way into the lower realms, it was then sealed.

Shi Hao found it hard to calm down. His true body still hadn’t returned yet, yet his will already descended, about to enter that familiar place.


Shi Hao struck the gate, immediately producing a great noise, shocking this entire ancient land.

Primal chaos surged. This was the only path that was connected to the lower realms’ spiritual world.

Shi Hao was a bit moved. Perhaps going down like this might allow him to immediately see some familiar faces.

Only, after knocking for a long time, there was still no reaction from behind this gate.

This made him frown. What did he have to do to cross over?

He couldn’t just directly smash it open, right?

One had to understand that these were giant gates built to stop the higher realm’s creatures from coming down, for blocking this passage. They were definitely incredibly sturdy, difficult to break through.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have towered here for so long, standing here all this time.

Of course, the situation wasn’t that absolute. He had previously heard Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder say that when one was powerful to the extreme, there wasn’t much that couldn’t be altered.


Shi Hao brandished his fist. Radiance shot out in tens of thousands of streaks, shaking up the entire giant gate.

Regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or Spirit Realm, what these spiritual worlds attached importance to, was cultivation at the extremes of each level, to become even stronger, advance beyond the extreme.

That was why when Shi Hao brandished his fist, it was extremely terrifying, triggering extremely powerful effects.


The great gate was moved, releasing terrifying radiance, moreover accompanied by rumbling sounds.


Finally, a voice sounded from behind the gate, shouting out like this.

Immediately afterwards, divine light became resplendent, like that of immortal ascension. Large amounts of light surrounded Shi Hao. With a shua sound, he disappeared from this place, entering Void God Realm.

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