Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 - Conclusion

Shi Hao wished to retrieve his own grandfather, even more so wishing to bring away A’man, but found that this was extremely difficult.

The two of them didn’t wake up, as if they were still sleeping.

He revealed a look of concern, now truly worried. Grandpa Fifteen merged with the Demonic Sovereign’s blood, this wasn’t something completely unexpected, because he previously obtained a clump of the Demonic Sovereign’s true blood sealed in a divine stone.

As for A’man’s transformation, it really was unforeseen.

“You don’t need to worry, it is most likely a good thing. Once the bronze gate opens in the future, you will have some type of connection to the powerful being from this path. If there is a decisive battle, you can obtain protection.” The elder said.

Those under eaves had no choice but to lower their heads, especially someone like him without any backbone, naturally lowering his attitude, seriously helping Shi Hao analyze and make considerations.

“A’man will become a servant?” Shi Hao asked. This was something he definitely couldn’t accept.

“Not necessarily. Perhaps she will become an inheritor.” The elder said.

Then, his lips moved, saying, “Something even more shocking might happen.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Hao looked towards him.

“That level of existence’s magical force is unmatched, soul eternally steady, invulnerable to all tribulations. I believe that he likely has many types of methods to return, perhaps this young lady will become its ‘eyes’, learn its methods, and then it will sense this, thus able to see what the present world is like.” The elder said.

Even though he wasn’t much different from a wandering soul or ghost, he had witnessed quite a few things, because he had lived just too long, even witnessing a restricted region’s lord, let alone other things.

“This is even harder to accept!” Shi Hao said.

“Perhaps it really is an unmatched great natural luck, the coffin choosing a disciple in that existence’s place.” The elder said.

Shi Hao remained silent. He couldn’t allow anything bad to happen to A’man.

Regardless of what happens, your strength right now isn’t enough, definitely can’t help them. That coffin has a mysterious power on it. Back then, I touched it slightly, yet my body and spirit were already almost destroyed. If not for that instance, I would be stronger than I am now.” The elder said.

Shi Hao released a light sigh. This was reality.

His cultivation period was still short. Once that level of methods were involved, no matter how heaven-defying he was, he still couldn’t do anything.

He had to become stronger. He now felt more and more strongly that only by grasping the strength to overwhelm all enemies in the world could he protect those at his side.

Otherwise, he would always be at the mercy of others.

A’man was still alright, staying here wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, possibly natural luck.

Meanwhile, when he thought of the events in Desolate Border, Shi Hao’s heart felt heavy.

Desolate Border’s Seven Kings all died, the original Emperor City collapsing. It was shrouded in raging flames, falling into the great desert.

Huo Ling’er life or death was unknown, seized by Anlan together with a province.

Shi Hao was powerless to stop this, all because his cultivation wasn’t enough, only able to watch helplessly.

“I want to become stronger, find a place where I won’t be bothered by anyone to cultivate in secret, all the way until I can look down on all enemies in this world!” Shi Hao said, his conviction firm.

He came here to rescue people, but ultimately discovered that he couldn’t bring these two away at all. Comparatively speaking, he could now move as he pleased through the three thousand provinces, yet when it touched upon the unknown chaos, he was still extremely lacking.

“How long does she need to wake up?” Shi Hao looked at A’man.

It was quite regretful, he wasn’t able to say anything to her, only having his past memories.

Then, he looked towards Grandpa Fifteen. His own grandfather shouldn’t be in danger, his revival just a matter of time.

However, A’man was full of uncertainty, he had no idea.

“You can be at ease, no one can injure them. At the very least, they are quite safe in the three thousand provinces.” The elder said.

It was because A’man had the jade coffin protecting her.

As for Grandpa Fifteen, there was the Demonic Sovereign’s true blood slowly gathering, extremely terrifying.

“Take proper care of them for me!” Shi Hao said.

He displayed a type of ancient secret technique, removing a piece of the elder’s primordial spirit imprint, refining it and controlling it. If he was betrayed, this could be used to kill the elder.

The elder was extremely unwilling, but he had no choice.

Shi Hao left for now, flying out of Fiend Island along the original path.

In the end, he gave this place a final look, releasing a sigh.

He was going to wait for a period of time. If nothing was wrong here, those two still in the same states, then he would decisively leave, cultivate on his own!


While Shi Hao roamed the three thousand provinces, in the Nine Heavens above, undercurrents were brewing. In certain ancient families, there were people who were discussing softly, mentioning Shi Hao.

“From the information we have received, he is still in the three thousand provinces, hasn’t left yet.”

Heh, entering the lower realms is easier said than done. If he forcefully heads down, he will be half crippled!”

“I am a bit confused. Why is Huang in such a hurry to leave, head into the lower realms?”

“It is because he knows that the higher realms wouldn’t be safe. At the very least, back then, there was someone who labeled his bloodline as the sinner’s bloodline. There is a true immortal among those creatures!”

The ones who were secretly discussing bore hostility against Shi Hao. There were a few people discussing whether they should kill Huang!

The current Shi Hao was unmatched below the supreme being level. If they wanted to kill him, how could it be that easy?!

Perhaps only by moving out supreme beings would there be a chance. Otherwise, there was no hope at all.

One could see just how frightening this power was, how deep this ancient family’s backing was to have this kind of thought, daring to head to the three thousand provinces to deal with Huang. 

“Forget it, its best if we don’t have anything unexpected happen.” There were others who were opposed.

“Perhaps my clan doesn’t need to take action. Those individuals in the three thousand provinces might not be able to hold themselves back already. Could they really just bear to watch him hide in the lower realms’ eight regions?” Someone sneered.


Shi Hao returned to Qin Clan, seeing his parents, younger brother, as well as Unaging Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Qin.

When Shi Ziling and Qin Yining saw him return safely, they first released a sigh of relief, but then they became a bit nervous, because Grandpa Fifteen and A’man didn’t return with him.

Shi Hao told them that some things happened there, leaving all of them shocked.

“Grandfather isn’t in danger, right?” Qin Hao was shocked.

“A’man, that child, just what kind of changes did she experience?” Qin Yining was worried.

“I don’t know either.” Shi Hao shook his head, releasing a sigh. Then, he told them what he thought, that he was prepared to wait for a period of time.

In the following days, he focused on searching for a path back into the lower realms.

“You don’t need to continue racking your brains, the old ancestor already sent out people to investigate. They’ve made some progress.” Qin Yining said.

This was good news. Shi Hao was starting to get a headache already, while Qin Clan’s influence was so great. If they secretly moved out people, the efficiency would obviously be much greater than him working alone.

“Alright, then before leaving, I am going to do some things.”

Shi Hao left, still heading out alone.

This time, he began to look into everything related to Supreme Hall. Regardless of whether it was its people or remains, they were all part of his objective.

Unfortunately, in the end, he didn’t find anything.

A month later, Shi Hao returned to Qin Clan with disappointment.

“Child, there is new information about the path into the lower realms, about to be confirmed.” Qin Yining said, telling Shi Hao the good news.


Before leaving, Shi Hao wanted to properly deal with everything.

Unfortunately, would his grandfather and A’man be able to wake up in time? He released a light sigh.

If he stayed in the higher realms for too long, as time went on, would some people become restless, take action against him ahead of time?

“I want a quiet room to stay in where I won’t be disturbed by others.” Shi Hao told his parents. Moreover, he had the Emperor Butterfly watch over him, ready to wake him up at any time.

It was because he was going to separate his primordial spirit from his body, head to a certain place, settle some past matters and desires.

“You are going to enter Spirit Realm?” Shi Ziling asked.

On the side, Qin Hao also revealed a look of shock.

“Yes, I want to enter the Void God Realm through Spirit Realm.” Shi Hao nodded.

“This… won’t it be dangerous?” Qin Yining was worried.

“It won’t!” Shi Hao shook his head.

The lower realms had the Void God Realm, legend had it that it was constructed from the wills of the deceased deities from the archaic times.

Meanwhile, in the higher realm, there was similarly a world of spirit, just that it was called Spirit Realm, but in reality, the meaning was similar, rumored to be constructed out of divine dao consciousness as well.

However, now that Shi Hao was powerful to this extent, he was sure that regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or Spirit Realm, neither one of them were simple!

The legends weren’t enough to explain everything!

It was because right now, he was precisely a deity, moreover extremely powerful, but when he asked himself if he could do such a thing, create such a massive spiritual world, it was completely impossible.

Apart from this, in the Nine Heavens above, there was also this type of spiritual world.

Only, in all these years, he had always been fighting, moreover headed to Desolate Border, not having time to experience these things.

Now, he was about to return to the lower realms. The reason he entered the spiritual world wasn’t to get to the bottom of its existence, but rather to understand one matter.

Back then, when he was in the Void God Realm, he had broken all types of records, bronze pieces falling from the sky. If ten pieces were gathered, then he could obtain an extremely powerful precious technique.

In the past, Void God Realm’s mysterious Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder had previously promised that if he was powerful enough, he could fight his way down from Spirit Realm, and then enter the Void God Realm, only then they would give him that precious technique.

According to what they said, that precious technique was definitely terrifying, possibly an inheritance of the Vicious Ten.

From what these two told him, it might very well be the True Dragon Precious Technique, or perhaps the reborn True Phoenix Secret Technique!

This was something Shi Hao needed!

Now, he was already preparing to return to the lower realms, so he naturally had to make a trip through Spirit Realm, open the gate into the Void God Realm.

This was so that when he returned to the lower realms, he would obtain that powerful precious technique.

At the same time, in the future, he would definitely carefully investigate the secrets of that spiritual country, thoroughly investigate it.

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