Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697 - Dispelling Doubts

A corner of the greater turmoil, the gate of return for one of the world’s leading individuals?

Shi Hao was extremely shocked, greatly shaken up. What kind of blasted place was this? Why did a great grave become a path, become a gate?

“You dare speak nonsense!” He berated, because this elder told one lie after the other not too long ago, exaggerating the facts.

Now, he didn’t really believe him anymore. Was this tomb really that sinister and terrifying?

“Every word I speak is true, if there are any lies, then I am ready to have my body and spirit extinguished!” The elder vowed.

In reality, Shi Hao actually half believed this elder, because even though the elder wasn’t that reliable just now, these things weren’t completely lies.

The greatest darkness’ turmoil, a great era flowing with blood, cruel last phase of an age, it will come sooner or later.

At that time, there will be a great settling of grudges. It was hard to imagine just what kind of terrifying existences would appear at that time.

Shi Hao never thought that this place would be a corner of that great terror. There was an ancient path here that was directly linked into the everlasting unknown.

In the future, there would be an existence that would appear from this place, enter the world!

“Lead the way, let me take a look!” Shi Hao shouted.

The rotting flesh and bone on the ground shone, turning into an elder again. However, he had already been restricted by Shi Hao’s great dao symbols to prevent him from acting out.

The elder was extremely obedient, leading the way.

After endless years, who dared enter the great grave, moreover enter the depths in such a proactive manner?

Apart from the lord of a restricted region, Shi Hao might be the only one. If it was a normal person, just standing outside the tomb would turn their bodies into withered bones, ruined beyond recognition, dying without a proper burial site.

Meanwhile, if they entered the grave, even the sturdiest dao bones would collapse, turn to dust!

Shi Hao withstood the corrosion, his entire body shining, releasing a hundred and eight divine rings, surrounding his body. He stood tall at the center of the universe, overlooking all living things.

“What kind of origins did your past body have? Can you not even recall anything?” Shi Hao asked.

“I have no memories.” The elder shook his head.

This elder was only a small finger bone of some type of existence that fell here. All of the blood essence was gone, completely rotten, yet it could still develop sentience in the end, becoming a terrifying expert.

That individual from the past really was terrifying!

The great grave was extremely vast, as if there was no end to this place. The inside was limitless, as if it was a great world!

The yellow earth disappeared, limestone path appeared, cut out by someone. An ancient path appeared in the tomb, leading into a shining place at the limits of the passage.

Inside the great tomb, it was as if he arrived in a field, this place extremely vast.

The limestone ground filled this field, leading towards the destination.

“We are almost there!” The elder said.

The two of them were both powerful individuals with great strength. They could naturally shrink the earth to inches, hurry to the destination.

When they got closer, this place underwent a transformation. It was no longer wide, and it stopped shining as well, returning to a natural state.

It actually became a tomb passage, becoming a gravesite.

Inside the yellow earth tomb was a single path that led towards a bronze gate.

It was tightly shut, carrying green rust, extremely ancient. It seemed like many great eras had already passed, this gate never opened before.

This was the final destination!

It was closed, there was no way to open it.

Shi Hao had the elder push the door, but the elder was immediately horrified, body trembling slightly, not daring to approach at all.

“There is no way to touch this gate! When the living make contact with it, they will immediately die, become smoke and dust!” The elder said.

He had no choice but to say this, or else Shi Hao really would force him to open the bronze gate.

Apart from this, that river also flowed to this place!

Outside the great grave, there was a dazzling long river surging in the void. There were some who said that it was caused by the aftereffects of immortal dao lightning, others saying that it was an existence’s blood.

In the end, it entered the great tomb, the final place it entered was precisely this place.

Beneath the bronze gate was a crack, extremely small. That brilliant silvery river entered the gate through that place, disappearing from there.

“This river could actually flow into the gate, just what kind of secrets are there to this?” Shi Hao examined this place carefully.

At the same time, he sensed an incomparably terrifying aura, his entire body even about to explode, break apart. The curse power of this place was horrifyingly great.

He felt like if it was his past self, if he didn’t experience the body as a seed path and came here, he would likely be corroded into withered bones, even his bones perhaps crushed into ashes.

The curse power was too serious!

All of it came from behind that gate.

“What I said before wasn’t completely false.” The elder said, explaining to him.

It was because the Everlasting Sword Core in Shi Hao’s hands was already pointed at the space between his brows. If he moved it just a bit more, it would stab in and end his life.

“This river is known as Guidance River, able to guide that returning existence from an endlessly distant mysterious time-space, bring it on the path of return.” The elder said.

This was extremely shocking. This river was connected to an unknown world, all for the sake of guiding a single existence? Shi Hao was moved.

“It might not be a single existence, perhaps even an entire clan.” The elder really was starting to become fearful of the youngster before him, forced to speak about some things he knew.

Of course, these were things he heard the lord of the restricted region say. Otherwise, he alone had no chance of learning any of this.

Some of what he said before really was true, for example, this river was condensed from some drops of blood that landed in this world, mixing in time along with curses, and other things.

Meanwhile, those drops of blood belonged to the existence behind the bronze gate who was going to return in the future.

It was precisely because of this that it was able to guide it back, offer it the most precise coordinates!

After understanding what type of place this was, Shi Hao’s expression became grave. He stood here for a long time. This was a gate of disaster, the path of return of a creature or a clan.

“You are quite special, completely unaffected even though the curse power is so strong here, able to live here long term.” Shi Hao looked towards the elder.

The elder revealed a bitter smile, wanting to say right back; “Aren’t you just fine too?”.

He released a light sigh, saying, “ I lost my blood essence, now only some rotting flesh dregs, already assimilated with the curse power.”

Him speaking like this, from a certain perspective, meant that if there was blood essence left, once he gained sentience, he would definitely be more powerful than he was now.

Shi Hao asked him many things, wishing to know where exactly the gate leads to, what kind of ancient path it was. However, in the end, there really was no more valuable information he could get from him.

“What I want to know is what exactly is happening to those two outside.” Shi Hao was extremely serious.

Moreover, he dragged the elder back out of the grave, unable to stay inside long term. No matter how heaven-defying Shi Hao was, he couldn’t stand before that rust-covered ancient gate long term. The corrosion power there was too terrifying.

“This old fella, for some reason, is extremely close to the true blood the Demonic Sovereign left behind, resonating with it, able to gather the remnant blood scattered about nearby.” The elder said.

“What kind of attitude is that?” Shi Hao glared at him. “He is my grandfather.”

The elder immediately changed his words. “Ah, this old senior is extremely strange, able to fuse with the Demonic Sovereign’s blood. It will most likely be great natural luck for him, of course, if everything goes smoothly.”

“Stop being so corny, he’s much younger than you.” Shi Hao said. He really didn’t know what to say to this elder. He really lacked a moral backbone.

The Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen now looked extremely young, black hair falling like a waterfall, as if he was thirty something years of age, precisely at the prime of his life.

“When can he wake up?” Shi Hao asked.

“Eight to ten thousand years at least I reckon.” The elder said.

“That long?!” Shi Hao didn’t believe this elder.

“Who was the Demonic Sovereign? Back then, he stepped into the immortal domain. If not for being surrounded by lightning and ominous black clouds, he would have already achieved immortality, so his remnant blood is naturally precious. If one wishes to merge with it, they can forget about it, it’s nothing more than inevitable death. However, for some reason, your grandfather is able to absorb it bit by bit, but because the difference in cultivation levels between the two is too great, he naturally needs time to accumulate it.” The elder spoke the truth.

Shi Hao frowned. He released a light sigh, and then nodded.

“What is going on with A’man?” Shi Hao pointed at the young lady on the tomb.

“She, I do not know either, it is quite mysterious, and also quite sinister.” The elder carried a look of apprehension. When he looked at A’man, he was a bit fearful.

He actually revealed this type of expression, completely outside Shi Hao’s predictions.

“Why is it like this?”

“She was previously cursed, but in the end, she didn’t transform into the dao like others, turn into withered bones, instead became surrounded by dark red patterns like those of a formation diagram, but also like the embodiment of some type of great dao. Eventually, she actually summoned the jade coffin from in front of the bronze gate to her side.” The elder explained.

This left Shi Hao shocked. What exactly happened to A’man?

The elder suspected that A’man most likely obtained something strange in the outside world, something that was related to this place, connected to the bronze gate’s mysterious ancient path, which was why she ended up moving the jade coffin.

“This jade coffin was originally resting in front of the bronze gate?” Shi Hao asked.


That jade coffin left the elder incomparably fearful. After all these years, he didn’t dare touch it, the one time he did almost ended his life.

However, in this era, the ancient coffin actually flew out on its own, arriving outside the yellow earth tomb, appearing at the young lady’s side.

This was also the reason why after he was startled, seeing the two individuals outside the tomb, he still didn’t dare act recklessly.

“What kind of speculations do you have?” Shi Hao asked him. After all, the elder lived here for a long time, he definitely knew more than him.

“I suspect that this jade coffin is something that the existence who will be returning through that gate will use. This young lady might be extremely important in the future.”

“Speak a bit more in detail.” Shi Hao’s expression wasn’t all that good.

“This young lady, if she doesn’t become an inheritor, then she will become a servant, in charge of guarding the gate, moreover personally open up that ancient path!” The elder said.

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