Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696 - A Corner of the Greatest Turmoil

Shi Hao was immediately shaken. Who was this person? He spoke with such overbearing confidence, making it hard for others not to be shocked!

“Isn’t this the Demonic Sovereign’s grave?” He asked like this.

“Demonic Sovereign, this title really isn’t all that humble. Was it a small fella who died here in the past? Nothing more than someone who ended up near my grave.” The elder said.

His complexion was a waxen yellow, some skin and flesh even falling off, even his cheek bones exposed. His eye sockets were also already sagging, this sight extremely shocking.

Shi Hao stared at him, and then at the great grave behind him. This place had a different background?

When the Demonic Sovereign died, he wasn’t buried here, but rather just happened to be next to this great grave?

He then looked towards A’man, as well as that jade coffin. Even though that coffin looked ancient, the patterns and symbols on it didn’t belong to this great era.

Only, he never expected there were other secrets here, that it would involve events and people from the Age of Emperor Collapse!

“The Age of Emperor Collapse truly was a long time ago. Just how glorious of an age was that? Your true body died, your remnant form completely empty, void and aimless, unknown what kind of state it is in?” Shi Hao asked.

Because of the great grave’s existence, it was extremely difficult for him to see through this elder. In this place, even Heavenly Eyes were ineffective.

“Youngster, you shouldn’t have come here. Those who come here are the living dead, underworld servants. Hurry and leave.” The elder said.

“What do you mean?” Shi Hao asked.

He calmed himself, after all, the amount of things he had experienced were too many. There weren’t many things that could truly leave him shaken now!

“This is the place of rest for the strong, not a place that can be disturbed. All those who come will be entangled by a curse. If you do not understand when to advance and retreat, even if you can resist now, sooner or later, you will meet death, turn into a servant!” The elder said seriously.

Shi Hao’s face remained expressionless, staring at him, wishing to see this to the end.

“Do you know how this curse power is produced?” The elder asked. His hair was gray, still rather dense. However, it was about to fall off together with his scalp.

“How is it produced?” Shi Hao asked.

“The symbols the ruined body carried before death shattered it, just a strand that leaked out from my grave turned this place into a cursed land.” The elder said.

“The ruined body is in the grave, you are merely a void projection?” Shi Hao stared at him.

Immortal Tomb was too strange, the Heavenly Eyes ineffective here, so it really was hard to see what was real and what was fake. It was difficult for him to see through the curse mist before the grave even with his divine senses.

At the same time, he also revealed a surprised expression. Only a strand of aura leaked out, yet it already turned this into a place of danger. If the ruined body was completely exposed, then what would happen then?

As if he knew what Shi Hao was thinking, the elder said, “If the true body is revealed, the heavens would collapse and earth sink, all life wither away, a great era buried.”

According to what he said, he was now already no longer the expert from the Age of Emperor Collapse, just a ruined body, corpse long rotten, now only carrying some remnant consciousness.

He was already a completely different existence from before.

However, if the true ruined body were to appear, then it would completely bury this great world!

This type of saying really was too terrifying. Just how frightening was the body buried in this tomb?

“This river is just a few drops of remnant blood that flowed out of the ruined body before, condensing the aura of time, as well as the power of lightning, becoming a long river. After the great grave appeared in the recent great era, the remnant blood is returning on its own.” The elder said.

If others were here, they would definitely shudder. How terrifying of a secret was this? It would leave the giants of all directions shaken. It really was too shocking.

Shi Hao calmed down. After experiencing life and death repeatedly, fighting Emperor Clans and facing Anlan, he could remain calm even in this type of place.

It was because he had his own judgment, even more so his own confidence.

“What goes on in this place has nothing to do with me. I only wish to bring away that young lady and the seated elder.”

Shi Hao pointed towards A’man and the Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen. He wanted to bring these two away.

“Youngster, your request is too great. It is too late, they have already become the living dead, turned into servants.” The elder said.


Shi Hao didn’t say anything, directly walking forward, moreover wearing the Long Life Battle Armor. The silver armor was dazzling, making him look even more heroic, the divine halos around his body becoming even more resplendent.

“What? You still wish to take action here?”

With a honglong noise, the great tomb shook. A terrifying fluctuation transmitted out from within, making one shake in fear. It was as if a giant was resurrecting, awakening.

“You want to turn them into servants? Over my dead body!” Shi Hao said with incomparable conviction, expressing his intent.

“This isn’t good. Youngster, you really don’t know when to come and when to leave. Even if you can resist the curse right now, one day, you will come here on your own to become a servant.” The elder said, his expression becoming cold.

Even though he was like a living corpse, he still had some expressions.

Shi Hao didn’t stop, still advancing. His grandfather and A’man were here. Even if there was great danger, there was no way he would leave. How could he watch them lose themselves here?


Immediately afterwards, he even pulled out the Everlasting Sword Core.

Yi? This sword is a bit familiar?” The elder said. At the same time, it was as if his fine hairs stood on end, a layer of goosebumps appearing on his old skin.

Then, he quickly backed up.

This made Shi Hao reveal a strange expression. He pressed forward again.


The great grave was shaking powerfully, even an extremely terrifying aura rushing out, as well as a powerful fluctuation.


At the same time, another figure appeared, merging with the elder. He grabbed towards Shi Hao, that palm too large, terrifying beyond compare, carrying an overcast aura. The palm was rotten, bones exposed.

This power really was terrifying, as if it could make heaven and earth collapse, restrict all dao, destroy all things.

In that instant, many stars in this world seemed to have exploded, endless clans wailing in anguish. The entire world seemed to have countless creatures who died at the same time, becoming lumps of bloody mist.

All of this was too real.

It was as if a series of events were happening in this world, transmitted here!


Shi Hao released a cold snort. “Previously, you tried to make me transform into the dao, now, you still carry this type of delusion, still wishing to trap me?”

He remained extremely calm, long seeing through something. The Everlasting Sword Core stabbed forward without hesitation.


In that instant, the destruction of heaven and earth and withering of all life scenes disappeared.

That rotting hand was stabbed through by the sword core, but it didn’t break apart, instead retracting.


That elder shouted. At the same time, the most powerful aura transmitted over, rumbling with noise, extremely ferocious. Moreover, some yellow earth from above the great grave flew over, forming a yellow earth great imprint, suppressing downwards.


Shi Hao held the sword core in hand, fiercely waving it, directly cutting apart that yellow earth imprint!


When it hacked out, there was nothing the sword core couldn’t sweep through, as if it could suppress all of the strangeness in this place. With a pu sound, a portion of the decaying flesh on the elder’s hand fell.

Immediately afterwards, the elder turned around to run, wishing to enter the great grave.


The moment Shi Hao raised his hand, a stele appeared in his hand -- the Void Immortal Gold Stele!

This was something the undead knight Sanzang gifted him, brought back from Immortal Domain, suspected to be a wordless heavenly book from the Age of Emperor Collapse.

The stele flew out, used by Shi Hao as a brick. With a peng sound, it smashed into the back of the elder’s head, immediately making him stagger. Great dao symbols surged, making him roar in fury.

“Didn’t you say that when the ruined body appeared, even the skies would collapse and earth sink, that this great era would be buried, all life wither away?”

Shi Hao sneered. The Everlasting Sword Core swept out, sword radiance erupting. If not for him carefully controlling it, who knew how many tens of thousands of li it would fly out, possibly cutting apart the great grave.

“Don’t touch the ancient grave!”

That elder was alarmed, as if he felt incomparable fear, actually shuddering.

Shi Hao was moved, sensing something, having a type of intuition. He felt like if he really hacked open the grave, something incomparably terrifying would happen.

Fortunately, he always controlled himself, the sword radiance cutting into the elder, but not fully erupting with power.


The elder was cut in half at the waist, turning into two streaks of earthen yellow radiance. The two broken bodies entered the great grave.

Shi Hao examined this place carefully. There was a crack in the grave that could be entered.

At this moment, he was extremely brave, actually… following inside.


The elder was extremely shocked. Others would be corroded by the curse until not even bones remained here, dying disastrously, yet this youngster was too much of a monster, actually able to enter.

One had to understand that from the past until now, not many people could touch the great grave, because the curse power was too vicious.

As for entering the grave, that was something they didn’t even need to think about!

As long as it was entered slightly, flesh and bone would rot, the body completely corroded.

Shi Hao felt intense pain over his whole body, but he could still resist, entering. He gave the elder a cold look, wishing to capture him. It was because he had too many questions about this place.


The Everlasting Sword Core descended, striking the elder’s head.

He released a loud cry, immediately revealing his original form, landing on the ground. He actually turned into a piece of rotting flesh, within it a piece of ruined bone.

This was his true body? Shi Hao was stunned.

“What kind of origins do you have exactly, what kind of identity?” Shi Hao shouted.

“Stop, you can’t act randomly here! This tomb won’t tolerate your presumptuousness, or else both of our bodies and souls will be erased!”

“I am the one asking questions here!” Shi Hao shouted.

“I… am only a piece of rotting flesh and bone, don’t even know which age’s unknown expert I came from.” The elder said with a trembling voice.

He really didn’t have any confidence left, now directly telling Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao was quite shocked. According to what the elder said, he didn’t belong to this era. There was a creature who came to explore this place, and then he was struck by a streak of light here, leaving behind a finger bone; this was its previous body.

After endless years, this finger bone developed intelligence, having its independent consciousness, becoming him.

This type of expert, even a piece of decaying flesh and ruined bone could turn into such a strong elder?

It was because this elder really wasn’t weak, actually extremely domineering!

The most important thing was that the finger bone was in this cursed land, yet it was only rotting, not destroyed, moreover developing sentience!

“What kind of place is this?” Shi Hao asked with a berating voice.

“What I said before was real, this really is the place of rest for the strong. Endless years ago, the lord of the restricted region had come here to pay homage, that person previously said this.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was stupefied.

“What else?” Shi Hao asked.

“This place can’t be attacked. I heard that in the future, history’s greatest turmoil will erupt, the greatest settling of accounts carried out, while this place seems to have an existence who will emerge, participate in these darkest of times!”

“What?” Shi Hao was stunned.

“This is a corner of the bloody great turmoil, a leading figure of the future will return from this place, the gateway of a path.” The elder’s voice carried fear.

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