Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 - Immortal Tomb’s Changes

A’man, this was a name that was extremely familiar, yet also extremely distant. She had previously accompanied him when he was young, taking care of him extremely well, helping the him who was dying manage to survive.

Shi Hao’s eyes were slightly red. Back then, the entire world abandoned him, his supreme being bone gouged out, his body crippled, no one believed he would survive.

At that time, there was only a little girl who never left him. She was bullied by everyone from the other courtyards, yet she still protected him, took care of him.

Shi Hao took a deep breath, having himself calm down. He examined this place in a collected and cool-headed manner. It was because this place was incredibly sinister.

Grandpa Fifteen’s eyes were closed, not moving at all, never waking.

Meanwhile, A’man sat on a mountainous yellow earth great tomb, next to her a jade coffin, also appearing extremely strange. Both of their eyes were closed, clearly in an unusual state.

A long river flowed through the void, silver radiance dazzling. Meanwhile, on the river, there were specks of faint golden radiance. Was that gathered lightning, or was it caused by the Demonic Sovereign’s blood?

Now, the entire river was flowing into the great grave, while the end of the river disappeared!

The great yellow earth was filled with heaven reaching divine light, this place incomparably dazzling. It was because differently shaped lightning surrounded this place, even many stars here, all of these things created from lightning.

There was even immortal dao energy here, true immortal dao arcs that appeared, dispersed throughout this place. Was this residue from the past tribulation?

Shi Hao was extremely careful, no longer disturbing those two. It was because he always felt like there was something strange going on with this place!


Suddenly, a mysterious roar sounded, deep and terrifying, as if it penetrated into one’s soul, as if an unmatched malicious spirit was howling.

Shi Hao’s body trembled. What kind of creature was this? Where was it? He actually didn’t discover it ahead of time!

After searching around carefully, he still didn’t end up with any results.

He stared at the yellow grave, could it be inside the tomb?

Only, there were no fluctuations that came out from there. Moreover, his Heavenly Eyes were ineffective here, unable to see through the yellow tomb!

Shi Hao’s expression became serious. There were two people who were extremely important to him here, so he had to be extremely cautious!

He examined every inch of this place carefully. There were some plants left on the yellow earth, all of them great medicines, tens to over a hundred of them. They carried dazzling symbols, glistening with life.

It was to the extent where there was a fragrance that reached out, wafting through the powerful lightning.

A’man seemed to be sitting there, but in reality, her legs were buried in the tomb!

The roaring voice disappeared. It was an indistinct and mysterious cry, as if it was warning him, but also as if it was intimidating all of the creatures in this world.

Shi Hao’s eyes erupted with divine radiance. He carefully looked over this place again and again, watching A’man.

It was because there were changes happening to her!

Her beautiful black hair was bright, forehead sparkling white, reflecting a deep radiance. Her beautiful eyes were closed, fine nose straight. Her face was exquisite and beautiful, but there were wisps of sinister patterns that gradually extended across her face, as if the demonic markings were attaching themselves to her face.

What was going on?

These weren’t patterns, but rather some type of true great dao symbol, like demonic patterns, but also like immortal dao symbols. There was a divine aura, as well as a strangeness flickering on her face. 

Shi Hao’s mind was pounding as he stared at A’man. That snow-white, swan-like neck also had dark red patterns extending downwards.

Apart from this, A’man’s snow-white fine hand was placed on the jade coffin. One could vaguely see deep light flickering about.

Half of that jade coffin was inside the earth, half exposed. It was sparkling and brilliant, but also mysterious. Were the changes happening to her body related to it?

Or was it to say that there were things in the grave that triggered the appearance of the  dark red patterns on A’man’s body, making her look so different?

Shi Hao didn’t dare act rashly, because his grandfather and A’man both had strange changes happen to their bodies, in a certain state of equilibrium.

Grandpa Fifteen didn’t move at all. He sat in front of the tomb, black hair scattered about. In his surroundings, drop after drop of blood gathered from the river, from the grave and from the sky, entering his body.

This transformation was too terrifying, truly making one shiver inwardly.

Shi Hao was fully aware that this was the Demonic Sovereign’s place of death. This was someone who was close to achieving immortality, the tomb of someone who might have already stepped into the immortal dao domain.

Whose blood was this? Everything pointed towards the Demonic Sovereign! When he thought of this, he found it hard to calm down.

Shi Zhongtian was his grandfather, while A’man was someone close to him that he ought to protect. Right now, they were both undergoing strange transformations, producing a shadow over his mind.

In the end, Shi Hao took a step forward. He had to take a risk here regardless, see what exactly was affecting these two.


Shi Hao lightly called out, not daring to disturb him too loudly.

However, there was no activity there, not the slightest bit of activity.

At the same time, when he approached, terrifying power attacked him. This was curse power, corroding his flesh and also hacking at his primordial spirit.

This place attacked cultivators of all cultivation levels, powerful cultivation level alone not enough. As long as one set foot here, everyone would face the threat of death.

It was to the extent where in this place, those who were stronger might die even quicker!

In the past, some of the three thousand province’s great figures were unconvinced, coming here to examine this place. In the end, they all fell along the way, unable to reach the tomb at all.

Shi Hao had strange symbols flicker about his body. They were extremely dazzling, the result of the curse power reaching the extreme.

However, he still didn’t die, standing there stably. His entire body shone, releasing a hundred and eight divine rings, brilliant and intimidating.

If he was looked at from the distance, he would seem like a heavenly emperor from when the heavens were created, overlooking all things, extinguishing the worries and grief of the common people, universes within his palm. Many starry streams evaporated in his pupils, the cosmos collapsing and then being recreated.

This was a type of extremely strange transformation!

It was to the extent where Shi Hao discovered that he himself had entered a type of powerful and dazzling state of sublimation, as if he had truly arrived at the age of creation, overlooking all things.


His foot stamped down, crushing the void.

He had himself calm down, his consciousness withdrawing from the limitless expansion. It was because in that moment, even his primordial spirit seemed like it was going to burn, as if it was going to resonate with the dao, merge with heaven and earth.

“What a mysterious aura, it almost made me resonate with the dao, transform into the dao here!” Shi Hao was startled.

The so-called transforming into the dao, putting it nicely, was to unite with the great world, but speaking about it more strictly, it was passing away, will returning to heaven and earth, becoming a part of the natural dao laws.

This really was terrifying, this place seeming more and more strange. There was no one fighting him, yet he was already headed towards self destruction.

Moreover, it was something he was almost perfectly happy doing, feeling like he was sublimating, becoming stronger, about to step into the most profound great dao.

“Is this the curse power producing these changes?” Shi Hao said to himself.

He stared at his own grandfather and A’man. How did these two reach this place, how did they withstand the inauspicious curse power?

This was especially the case for A’man, actually sitting on the grave. One had to understand that the great grave’s curse power was the most powerful!

Back then, Shi Hao crawled on it to pick medicines, but he really did barely manage to survive, the process exceptionally difficult.

“Grandfather has the Demonic Sovereign’s blood on him, able to reach this place, it isn’t that strange for him.” Shi Hao felt this made sense.

As for A’man, some things definitely happened to her, or else how could she sit on the Immortal Tomb, her face full of sinister mysterious patterns?

There was also that jade coffin. It looked ancient, the patterns complicated, as if it wanted to inform those of the later world about something. It definitely had some terrifying ‘past’.

“It isn’t like a coffin of this great era. Those patterns, those words, I… don’t recognize them.” Shi Hao frowned.

He felt that the coffin belonged to something extremely ancient, even more ancient than the age of the Demonic Sovereign’s existence.


Suddenly, as Shi Hao approached, a great wave of power was released. There was some kind of creature that appeared, walking out from the great grave, staring at him coldly.

Shi Hao was shaken. This great grave really wasn’t ordinary, able to cut off all auras. Even though he was always on guard, always sensing his surroundings, he wasn’t able to detect it ahead of time.

“You… should just leave.”

That creature’s voice was hoarse, weak and dispirited. It didn’t seem to match the viciousness from just now.

This was an elder holding a walking stick. The clothes on his body were already rotten, only heaven knew how long he had been buried for. His skin released a rotting smell.

His face was a waxen yellow, carrying a morbid complexion. It could even be said that these were the signs of a dead person. His eyes were turbid, entire body like skin and bones.

This was really looking like a corpse!

It was because even his skin and flesh were falling apart, rotten without luster, lacking vitality. It really was frightening, making one not want to face him.

“Who are you, why are you here?” Shi Hao asked.

That elder smiled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. They didn’t match his decaying body, terrifyingly white.

His clothes were all rotten. Right now, he looked at Shi Hao in an extremely concentrated manner, a hint of expression appearing in his turbid eyes. He spoke like a ghost or malicious spirit.

“Ridiculously great aptitude, however, there is something wrong with you.” He spoke like this. A cold wind swept about, making one’s soul become cold.

“Demonic Sovereign?” Shi Hao asked. He felt like there was a high possibility!

“Before me, who dares claim to be a sovereign?” The elder said. Even though he was like a malicious spirit, there was still a type of domineeringness, extremely fierce.

“Then, who are you?” Shi Hao’s face became expressionless, facing this elder seriously.

“After the Age of Emperor Collapse, my rotting body wandered beside the netherworld, watching as great eras passed one after the next, seeing the great world change. As for who I am, I’ve already forgotten.”

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