Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694 - Cursed Land

At the end of the river was still the Immortal Tomb!

He was still quite far away, that area impossible to see. Lightning radiance interweaved about, strange fluctuations intense, interfering with one’s divine senses and perception.

The river water was sparkling, extremely dazzling, flowing over from the void, entering into the endless distance.

Back then, Shi Hao had walked many, many days in order to reach his destination, because this path was too difficult, full of dangers.

In this place, not only was there lightning power, there was also a terrifying curse power that corroded his flesh and spirit, extremely terrifying, impossible to guard effectively against. There was danger of dying at every corner.

Shi Hao rushed through the air, entering the skies. He tore through the lightning radiance, walking beside the river, carefully examining his surroundings.

It was because there were other things in this river. Occasionally, ancient corpses would flow along it, extremely mysterious and terrifying.

It was clear that what floated in this river were all divine corpses, none of them ordinary. They were all extraordinary experts in the past, individuals from the ancient years until now.

There were some corpses that were even more ancient, as if they came from some cemeteries before the start of the great era.

Shi Hao remained extremely careful, because this river had curse power. It was extremely terrifying. Back then, he almost had his dao severed, reaching the final destination after great difficulty.

Now, even though his cultivation level was who knew how many times greater than before, it was still useless here!

It was because the curse power would become more and more powerful as one’s cultivation realm became more profound!

The curse power here increased proportionately with one’s cultivation, dealing with all creatures.

That was why even though there were powerful individuals in the three thousand provinces, no one was willing to explore this place. It was because there were a few well-known old sect masters who died here.

In the river water was an ancient individual dressed in golden dao robes, vivid and lifelike, white-haired with a white beard. This person might very well have been a powerful figure in the past.

He could also see the Taotie and Taowu, these types of ancient vicious beasts. Their bodies were huge, blood energy like seas. Even now, they seemed to still have life force fluctuations.

In reality, they had long died. This river was strange, corroding all who intruded, but would occasionally still reveal the power of past experts.

After Shi Hao arrived here, he slowed down his speed, facing this seriously.

“It is time to wake up.” Shi Hao woke up the Emperor Butterfly.

Back then, this golden Emperor Butterfly had accompanied him through this path, tenaciously surviving. There was also that rock back then, the Divine Striking Stone.

The Emperor Butterfly mumbled like a child, really loving sleep, reluctantly muttering for Shi Hao to protect it, to temporarily not wake it from its dreams.

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied. He had two little fellas on him, one more unique than the next.

He continued along the river. Soon afterwards, he encountered an expanse of ruins that was originally a city. It was also in the sky, while now, only broken walls remained, debris everywhere, but it was still suspended above.

Apart from this, there was a monument!

This monument was extremely large and striking, visible even from far away, making one easily overlook the abandoned ancient city.

Shi Hao sensed that this monument was extremely special, able to examine a cultivator’s potential. He had previously left his name here high up above, the name Huang at the very top.

He didn’t stop here, quickly leaving, following the river.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It was terrifying to the extreme, difficult for normal people to withstand.

Shi Hao remained calm. Now, his lightning dao divine abilities had already reached mastery, even a lightning pool seized from the void, so he naturally didn’t fear electricity. He was like a deity, walking amidst blazing curtains of lightning.

It was as if a layer of armor was applied over his body, divine and transcendent, as if a lonesome immortal was roaming the world of mortals.

Shi Hao frowned. He could feel that as his cultivation increased, the curse power he received also increased, becoming increasingly frightening.

Compared to the past, the level of danger wasn’t any bit less!

“It really is strange!”

He released a sigh. He thought for a bit, but in the end stored the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly into spatial magical artifacts, and then stored them inside his own body.

These two sleeping beauties had already experienced this before, there was no need to specially temper them anymore. To be safe, it was best if they didn’t encounter any issues.


His body shone, resisting with all of his power, using his own dao skills to contend against it, using his magical force to withstand the curse power.

Soon afterwards, extremely malevolent looking patterns appeared on the surface of Shi Hao’s body. These were curse imprints that appeared on his body, making him feel a wave of terrifying power.

Eventually, every step he took was extremely strenuous.


The void was crushed under his feet. Under his steps, the soles of his feet released terrifying divine force to resist the curse, in the end crushing the heavens.

This river flowed along the void. Back then, he walked for many days, using up a lot of time. He gained enlightenment while advancing, silently experiencing the great dao here.

There was someone who achieved immortality here, but ultimately died.

It was unknown if it was because he was hacked by immortal dao lightning, or if something interfered, leading to the Demonic Sovereign nursing a grievance. Even now, it was a mystery.

In the past, there were all types of rumors, now already all legends. There were all types of interpretations, difficult to decipher what was true and what was false.

A day later, while Shi Hao silently comprehended the dao laws of this place, a honglong sounded. It was because his body was covered in glaring patterns. It was too strange.

One could imagine just how much curse power he endured, just how serious it was. It was extremely astonishing.

If it was any other creature, they would have long died, but Shi Hao could still hold on, not suffering any life-threatening corrosion.


Suddenly, a creature jumped out from the resplendent river. There were old corpses that were tens of millions of years old, their fingernails pitch-black, extremely long like iron hooks, incomparably sharp.

It rushed out of the river, actually throwing itself towards Shi Hao.

This really was strange. Since when could corpses in the river attack?

Shi Hao felt like these things had long died, so they shouldn’t have this type of reaction.


His fist smashed out, powerful and domineering, carrying a wave of dominant force. It smashed into the old corpse’s claws, smashing it to pieces, the damaged bones falling in the river.

It was just this direct. Now, Shi Hao was in the Self Release Realm, able to force his way through all enemies in this world, without any need to fear anything. He could just simply and directly destroy everything.

However, soon afterwards, he discovered an issue. After this old corpse broke apart, the nearby curse power erupted.

“It really is troublesome!”

Shi Hao frowned. There were all types of dangers near this river.


In the end, Shi Hao propped up a barrier. This was the brilliance of his Reincarnation Sea, shining. The gates in his body opened, releasing powerful potential that belonged to him.

At this moment, the curse power was stopped. He possessed the might of invulnerability to all methods.

This was related to him continuously opening his body’s treasury. His constitution, potential, and other things all exceeded the past. Even if the curse power was proportionate to his cultivation, he could make it through, face it head-on!


The surface of Shi Hao’s body shone, becoming extremely brilliant, as if a war immortal surrounded in a hundred and eight divine rings appeared, indescribably transcendent and powerful. He pressed forward.


Lightning-like noise erupted, yet this wasn’t lightning, but rather curse power that was erupting, bursting beside Shi Hao’s body, absolutely deafening.

However, this time, it didn’t injure him. Even though his body shook, he steadied himself, continuing forward with large steps.

Many years of tempering made his body and soul undergo qualitative leaps. Not only did his dao skills and magical force forge ahead, the potential within himself did as well.

This time, there was no shadow of death looming over him, more easygoing than last time.

In Desolate Border, even though this curse’s strength was proportionate to one’s strength, Shi Hao still didn’t feel fear, continuing step after step!

In the end, he arrived. He saw a great tomb in the distance. It was extremely tall, extremely large, looking like a mountain peak. The yellow earth looked ancient, but that place was not calm. There was electrical radiance, curse power, as well as a terrifying great dao aura!

This grave was too large, piled up from yellow earth.

That resplendent great river surged from the void. After it arrived here, it entered the great grave and vanished.

This was extremely strange. That great grave seemed like a world of its own, able to hold all things between heaven and earth.

The great river surged, carrying curse power, actually able to enter the grave.

Apart from this, on the mountain-like yellow earth tomb, there were a few plants, all of them rare great medicine. They carried lightning attribute, flickering with electrical radiance, releasing pi pa noises.


Suddenly, Shi Hao cried out. It was because he immediately recognized the elder in front of the great grave, precisely there, quietly sitting.

It was Grandpa Fifteen, he really was here.

Towards his own grandfather being able to reach this place, Shi Hao didn’t feel the slightest bit of surprise. It was because back then, when Shi Zhongtian was pursued, he fled next to the great river, enduring the curse power, yet still lived.

Meanwhile, Shi Zhongtian had the Demonic Sovereign’s true blood, so there was even less to worry about.

After many years had passed, Shi Zhongtian’s changes were great. He became younger, his hair black, extremely thick. Apart from that, his broken arm had long healed, as good as new.

The current Shi Zhongtian was full of thriving blood energy, looking extremely young, seemingly even younger than Shi Ziling, as if he was only thirty something years of age.

There were some things happening above his body. There were drops of dark red blood rising from the river and from the yellow earth great tomb, turning into a bloody mist and surrounding Grandpa Fifteen.

“Is that… A’man?”

Soon afterwards, he saw a young lady, actually sitting on the yellow earth tomb, accompanied by a jade coffin!

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