Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693 - Return to Fiend Island

Qin Hao became anxious, rather agitated, insisting on going. He felt like he had been too stubborn and proud before, hurting his grandfather, so he now wanted to make up for it.

However, Shi Hao still shook his head, refusing, not letting him go. There was only one reason, it was extremely simple; when the place was too dangerous, they could only afford to send one of the brothers. His words were clear, there had to be one by their parents’ side. If Qin Hao went, then he would stay behind.

Qin Hao lowered his head, agreeing with great reluctance.

Shi Ziling and Qin Yining both immediately became nervous, extremely worried, scared that something dangerous would happen to Shi Hao again.

Towards their eldest son, they always felt ashamed. Now that they saw him return safely, they were always rejoicing, always praying, not wishing for anything unexpected to happen again.

“Child, we know that your cultivation level is now profound, long exceeding the range of even a heaven warping genius. However, that place is the place where the Demonic Sovereign fell, you… you must be careful!” Qin Yining said while shedding tears.

Shi Hao fought a great battle by Desolate Border, defeating the Emperor Clans. His return left her with incomparable joy, these two days, she had always been extremely excited. However now, they were going to separate again.

If not because they were searching for Grandpa Fifteen, their loved one, they definitely wouldn’t have left Shi Hao leave no matter what.

“Don’t worry, I have confidence. Back then, I had already made a trip there, ascended great tombs. Now, there is even less of a need to be scared.” Shi Hao said.

Back then, he had previously picked lightning attribute great medicines, these medicines allowing his lightning dao divine ability to advance greatly.

Immortal Qin sighed in the distance. Sometimes, he couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. For a youngster to be this heroic truly was a bit unimaginable.

That was the place where the Demonic Sovereign fell, who could even approach that grave? Not many people could reach that place, not even him, Immortal Qin, dared take the risk.

However, many years ago, this youngster was still in his teens, yet he already dared to head there, moreover succeeding.

“The fact that he could fight gloriously in Desolate Border, sweep through all his enemies, isn’t entirely without reason! There were already signs foretelling this!” Immortal Qin sighed to himself.

“Father, mother, you all don’t need to worry. Wait for my return!” Shi Hao said.

They already made arrangements to head back to the lower realms together, return to Stone Village!

Before leaving, Unaging Heavenly Sovereign Immortal Qin appeared, sending over an armor. It flickered with silvery radiance, carrying a great dao aura. It was extremely exceptional.

Shi Hao was going to head out to look for Grandpa Fifteen and A’man. Shi Ziling, Qin Yining and the others all hurried over out of worry, warning again and again for him to be careful.

Many people from Qin Family were shocked. They never expected Immortal Qin to gift out this set of armor.

“Big brother, you should just wear it. It can improve your strength, protect your body. I believe that after you wear it, there won’t be many people in this world who can match you.” Qin Hao said.

This was the armor he wore, known as Long Life Battle Armor, something that belonged to Unaging Heavenly Sovereign.

Shi Hao already learned about this armor many years ago, knowing that this armor could raise one’s cultivation by an entire great cultivation realm!

It really was extremely terrifying.

Perhaps it could be said that it was extremely heaven-defying!

Was there any armor that was more domineering than this? It could forcibly raise one’s strength by a great cultivation realm, this was the same as crossing some type of heavenly moat!

This was especially when used on someone like Shi Hao, immediately increasing a great cultivation realm. His strength would be shockingly great!

“Just wear it, it can protect you.” Immortal Qin said.

“This thing really can raise an entire cultivation realm?” Shi Hao was quite curious about this silver-white armor. He received it, carefully examining it, even within, trying to take it apart.

Immortal Qin and Qin Hao’s faces immediately darkened. This might end up destroying the armor!

“You know that this world cannot be defied, nothing can exceed the supreme dao and the rules of the world. This armor is no exception.” Immortal Qin explained.

The armor was indeed heaven-defying, but it was only limited to below the supreme being level. It could increase one’s strength, but there was no way it could limitlessly help one break through the world’s restrictions.

In this world, no one could become an immortal. Even if one was a supreme being, after wearing this armor, there was no way the mortal dao shackles can be broken through.

It was to the extent where even after Self Release Realm cultivators wore it, it would still be difficult for them to break into the Supreme Being Realm, only increasing their strength by a limited amount.

Of course, for individuals of lower cultivation level, this armor really could increase their strength by an entire great cultivation realm!

“Turns out it was like this.” Shi Hao nodded. There were some laws that couldn’t be gone against, impossible to break through.

It was clear that the Long Life Amor and Little Sky King’s azure armor were similar, both of them having a set amount of restrictions.

“The treasures senior has collected are indeed extraordinary.” Shi Hao put on the armor, carefully examining himself. His strength was increased, making him feel more powerful than ever before.

His body became silvery-white, bright and chilly, metallic luster intimidating. Shi Hao was wrapped within the armor, appearance like a war god, incredibly heroic.


He removed the armor, putting it away again.

“It is all because of that bone.” Immortal Qin said with a sigh. Only him and Shi Hao knew what had happened, the others didn’t know the details.

When he saw Shi Hao wanting to ask more, he shook his head, transmitting mentally, “We’ll talk more should the chance present itself.”

Shi Hao nodded, and then left. It was because compared to this armor, he was actually more interested in Five Phase Mountain. That was most likely an immortal dao supreme treasure!

There were definitely secrets behind this, old stories.

The green warship and all of the children were arranged to stay with Qin Family, even the golden lion was left here, not brought with him.

This time, he only awakened the Emperor Butterfly.

He had two creatures on him, one was the Emperor Butterfly, the other the Divine Striking Stone, both of them were basically sleeping beauties!

The Divine Striking Stone was one thing, because it had already slept for many years without waking once.

However, the Emperor Butterfly woke up in Imperial Pass, yet it was still fond of sleeping, normally not moving, liking to remain still, shrinking into a light golden sphere.

Back then, in Imperial Pass, Shi Hao left it in Stone Clan. Before leaving, he brought it with him again to the three thousand provinces.

This was done through the Emperor Butterfly’s consent. It came from the lower realms, so it always wanted to go back and take a look, search for its race’s past traces.

It was because the Emperor Butterfly species was too mysterious. In the three thousand provinces and Nine Heavens above, there wasn’t even a clan that belonged to them, long disappeared.

It was to the extent where there were supreme beings who said that even during Immortal Ancient, there weren’t many Emperor Butterflies. They might belong to more ancient great eras!


Fiend Island, located at Five Elements Province’s border.

This place was extremely mysterious, full of dangers.

This was the place where the Demonic Sovereign fell, a place that carried an inauspicious aura.

Shi Hao hurried over, gazing outwards.

Fiend Island, even though it had the word island, it wasn’t located in water, but rather floated in the sky.

In this region, gray mist spread everywhere, this place extremely hazy. It was difficult to see through even with Heavenly Eyes.

“Youngster, are you heading towards the island?”

In the distance, a boatman called out to him, driving a boat.

This place was extremely strange, mist shrouding it, unable to fly through. Eight hundred li outside of Fiend Island was known as a forbidden land, the void extremely difficult to cross.

Back then, Shi Hao and a group of geniuses hurried there. In the end, quite a few people didn’t believe in the supernatural, forcefully flying, but they all ended up being eaten by strange ancient beasts or dropped out of the sky, flesh and bones disintegrating.

“There’s no need.” Shi Hao shook his head. Then, his figure flickered, directly entering the great gray mist.

“What in the world… he can fly inside?” The boatman sat on the small boat, deeply shocked.

Yi, he looks a bit familiar, I think I saw him back then. Right, he’s… Huang!” The boatman said in shock.

It was because that year, Huang stirred up a great disturbance, his reputation just too great. They all saw his portrait.


A streak of clear light flew over, hacking at the center of his primordial spirit. He was momentarily distracted. When he woke up again, he forgot what he saw.

Shi Hao was extremely careful, not willing to provoke any trouble, because his grandfather was here. If there were enemies here and a great battle erupted, it would place him in an extremely unfavorable situation.

Even though Shi Hao was now extremely strong, he still couldn’t help but frown. Fiend Island was strange after all, a powerful domain here that locked down space, affecting flight.

Of course, there was no way he would be bound now. He rushed through like a hot knife through butter, stirring on lightning, rushing straight in, crossing hundreds of li and ascending Fiend Island.


Lightning radiance erupted. A mountainous silver fish glared out with its crimson eyes, diving down from the void, opening its mouth to swallow Shi Hao.

It wasn’t a fish in the water, but rather an ancient beast that moved in the void, bloodthirsty and cruel.

If it was in the past, when facing this type of giant beast, Shi Hao would definitely run, but now, he only pointed out with a finger, and then this ancient beast crumbled apart, exploding in the void.

Shi Hao got onto the island, directly rushing towards the innermost depths.

It had to be said that this island was too large, even more so like a continent without end.

Along the way, there were many vicious creatures who lost their sense of self, their eyes scarlet red, attacking intruders ferociously.

The island was dark, shrouded in mist year-long.


When faced with hindrance, no matter how giant the ancient beasts or vicious birds were, Shi Hao only needed to point out, and then there would be no creature who wouldn’t fall, nothing able to stop him.

In the end, he reached his destination, arriving in the island depths.

In this place, there was endless lightning flashing and interweaving about. The scene was horrifying, lighting up the dark sky dome.

There were some who said that when the Demonic Sovereign achieved immortality, blasted by immortal dao lightning, in the end, there was some lightning that was forever left here, which was why there was electricity flickering about.

Of course, this wasn’t the strangest thing.

The most shocking thing was the river that flowed in the sky, silvery-white and brilliant. Lightning radiance curled about, extremely brilliant and sparkling. Meanwhile, the river carried specks of golden light.

It flowed in the void, not along the island.

Shi Hao’s expression became serious, he was approaching his destination!

It was rumored that this river was formed from the remnant power of immortal dao lightning, others saying that this was the Demonic Sovereign’s blood that flowed through the void.

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