Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692 - Reunion

“Beneath Underworld Earth, there is a corpse that is extremely ancient. It doesn’t belong to this great era. Even though there are no indications of it being able to live, there are sound sources that say that it is laying in an extremely precious coffin and is being offered sacrifices.”

Immortal Qin then spoke of Underworld Earth, telling him that even though these places might not have supreme beings, they were extremely sinister. Once they really were provoked, it would truly be hard to say what will happen.

“Undead knight?!” Shi Hao was inwardly shaken.

When he was in Desolate Border, he already knew that there were undead knights who came to the three thousand provinces, currently staying in Underworld Earth. The Divine Dark Child he faced had quite the origins.

The chat between the two was quite agreeable this time, nothing too unhappy happening, not clashing.

Shi Hao thought to himself. He discovered that after learning all this information, he was most interested in Immortal Wang, or perhaps it could be said that he felt the most restraining fear towards him.

It was because this person was too mysterious!

This was someone who dared to face Meng Tianzheng head-on, yet he actually had these types of secrets. Just what kind of origins did he have?

“Near that snow-white infant was old cutin skin, as well as shed black fingernails. Were they all his?” Shi Hao felt like this was extremely sinister.

What exactly happened to Immortal Wang?

At the same time, he thought of a possibility. They all said that Immortal Wang pretty much lived a second life, could it be that it was precisely because of that blood swamp?

“I am quite worried for Qin Hao. Is there really nothing wrong with the immortal bone in his body?” In the end, Shi Hao became extremely serious, quickly asking Immortal Qin out of fear of something unexpected happening.

“I only wish to help him. If there really is something unexpected that happens, something ominous, it will definitely happen to me, and not another.” Immortal Qin sighed.

He was also known as Unaging Heavenly Sovereign. From past until now, his appearance had never changed, always remaining young.

This was all because a single slumber lasted a hundred thousand years. For him, it was as if only an instant passed, not feeling anything at all. When he opened his eyes again, the world had already completely changed.

Then, his outer appearance didn’t change.

“You are someone who personally experienced it, so what kind of abnormalities exactly were there in your body? Could you not detect anything at all?” Shi Hao asked.

“I could not, everything is extremely normal. There haven’t been any results in my investigation all this time.” Immortal Qin said.

However, he knew that things definitely happened in his body during those hundred thousand years. Under normal circumstances, the years should have left some type of life imprint on his body.

However, he didn’t detect anything after a hundred thousand years passed. There wasn’t the slightest marking of age, as if he really only slept.

“I think some changes did happen in my body, but this is only my own intuition, and not something proven.” Immortal Qin said.

Shi Hao was also speechless. This kind of fierce individual whose name shook the three thousand provinces actually had this side. A single slumber completely changed his life trajectory.

Of course, if news of this spread, it would definitely leave countless people envious.

He didn’t even have to cultivate, just sleeping for a bit was already enough to defy the heavens!

If normal people learned how Immortal Qin rose up, they would definitely become stupefied.

“The main reason why I came here is to meet my parents and younger brother!” Shi Hao said.

It had already been many years since he was separated from his parents, still having worries. Even though he knew that they were far safer than he was fighting at Desolate Border, in the end, they had been separated for many years after all, so he longed for them greatly.

As for Qin Hao, it hadn’t been that long since they saw each other. After all, they had both entered the Nine Heavens before.

Qin Hao also went to Desolate Border, but he was sent back not long afterwards. He was sent out of Imperial Pass together with some younger individuals as seeds to guard against the unexpected.

This was because Qin Hao was still too young, and he had great potential. If he died in Desolate Border, it really would be too much of a pity, thus, he was sent out as one of the seeds, brought back ahead of time.

“They are all well, your father is also here.” Immortal Qin said.

Shi Hao released a breath of relief, calming down.

However, soon afterwards, his eyes released brilliance, saying, “I have one other person I want you all to find!”


“A’man.” Shi Hao said.

He still recalled the memories of his youth. When he lost his supreme being bone, a young girl always remained at his side, taking care of him extremely well.

After thinking closely about it, if it wasn’t because of that intelligent and clever little girl, he might have died ahead of time back then.

The past Shi Hao really was pitiful, all of his blood energy dried up, even mind deteriorating, memory failing, forgetting everything.

Meanwhile, that little girl always cried, repeating to him that he was a natural born supreme being, that he had to remember who he was, that he couldn’t forget that she was A’man either.

Later on, Shi Hao was sent out to Stone Village, and he never saw that little girl again.

“A’man came to the higher realms together with my grandfather. You previously forced my grandfather into prison, and also made her stay here, troubling her!” Shi Hao’s expression was not kind.

“You should also understand that once a family grows large, there will be all types of people. The sun shines brightly outside the window, the fragrance of flowers wafting about, but there might be bugs as well.” Immortal Qin said.

Moreover, he further told him that back then, after Shi Ziling erupted with rage due to the torment Grandpa Fifteen experienced, he dealt with a group of people.

“What about A’man?” Shi Hao asked again, his expression still not good.

He had previously heard his own grandfather say that A’man’s natural talents were too great, forcefully taken as a disciple by Qin Family.

Back then, Shi Hao wanted to rush out more than once to save A’man. For him, that was the most important person of his childhood.

When he lost his supreme being bone, everyone abandoned him. His parents and grandparents weren’t at his side, only that kind little girl always took care of him, sobbing as she reminded him of who he was, that he couldn’t forget her.

“She is fine, her natural talents are exceptional, extremely quick-witted, fleeing a long time ago. Meanwhile, after I dealt with some people, she became even more safe. Later on, she had even returned, staying with your mother for some time. In the end, your grandfather paid a visit here, bringing her away.” Immortal Qin said.

Shi Hao finally calmed down. After all these years, he had always been worried, scared that A’man was harmed to death by others.

He knew that in the end, his parents’ lives weren’t in danger here, but as for that girl, it was hard to say.

“Father, mother!”

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao met Shi Ziling and Qin Yining, shouting out loudly.

“Son!” Qin Yining was the first to become dumbstruck. Then, tears burst out, quickly rushing over.

Shi Ziling was also fighting to keep his tears back. He walked over, firmly hugging his oldest son. The reason why he returned was because he learned that his two sons might both be here.

The grudge between him and Qin Family had long been removed, because the people related to it had already been dealt with by Immortal Qin, disappearing from this world.

“Child, it really is you. You left for so many years! I thought I would never see you again!” Qin Yining cried loudly, holding Shi Hao in her arms, tears continuously falling.

These were true emotions. She always felt like she let Shi Hao down. They didn’t spend much time together, always apart.

This was especially when Qin Hao was the first one who came back, telling them about his older brother’s deeds and achievements in Desolate Border, leaving her shocked and fearful.

“Child, you fought in Desolate Border, experienced so much bitterness, this is fighting with your own life on the line!” Qin Yining cried, not willing to let go of him, scared that he might disappear in the blink of an eye.

Shi Ziling was both sentimental and happy, because he already knew of Shi Hao’s accomplishments. He fought the young experts of the other side, sweeping through the enemy, this was simply a legend!

In his eyes, his eldest son walked an unimaginable path. In the future, he would definitely be an undefeated legend!

They cried and laughed, too many things to tell each other. This was definitely going to be a lively night of reunion.

Qin Hao also came, standing at the side. He felt extremely gloomy because he was sent out of Imperial Pass ahead of time, missing out on the final battle, unable to witness that world shaking great battle.

He had already learned that his older brother defied the heavens from Immortal Qin, killing Emperor Clans one after the next, to the extent where he did even more shocking things.

Even though he was always unconvinced, wishing to surpass his older brother, now, Qin Hao could only sigh. He knew that this older brother seemed to have slaughtered out this great era’s most glorious war accomplishments, that it would be extremely hard to compare to him now.

At the very least, a Self Release Realm cultivator this young was completely unheard of. He was the only one in this great era!

In the next two days, it was always Shi Hao speaking, because his parents had him tell them everything that happened, feeling happiness and worry for him.

During this process, Qin Yining was sometimes happy and excited, sighing in admiration towards her child’s shocking breakthroughs, from time to time shedding tears in grief, because Shi Hao’s path was too difficult. With glory, came an equal amount of tribulations.

“Father, mother, when grandpa came, where did he bring A’man?”

Shi Hao brought up this issue, because he had already stayed here for two days, now had to go out and look for those two. He just couldn’t completely relax.

When he mentioned this issue, this married couple’s faces clearly went rigid.

“What is it? What happened?” Shi Hao frowned, his heart immediately raised to his throat.

“You know that your father previously went to Fiend Island, obtaining the true blood of the Demonic Sovereign. Recently, there were some strange things that happened on his body, so A’man previously secretly made a trip to Fiend Island, wishing to find a solution. In the end, they provoked some strange things, both of them should be in Fiend Island again.”

“What?” Shi Hao was shocked, unable to calm himself down. He had to hurry over.

He understood more clearly than anyone just how terrifying the innermost depths of Fiend Island were.

Back then, even when he was there, he was cursed, barely making it out alive.

The most crucial thing was that in the depths of Fiend Island, there was a great grave, unknown if it belonged to the Demonic Sovereign or an immortal. It was too strange!

Shi Ziling sighed. He had previously been anxious and incomparably worried, hurrying there. As a result, he and Qin Yining almost died, returning cursed, ultimately needing Immortal Qin to personally take action to preserve their lives.

“I am going to Fiend Island!” Shi Hao said.

“I am also going to save grandfather!” Qin Hao said. After he returned, he didn’t learn about this. Now, he wanted to head out together with Shi Hao.

Shi Hao shook his head, not wishing to place him in danger. It was because that place was too strange, having some abnormal things.

In this great era, before Meng Tianzheng, there were a total of three individuals who were close to achieving immortality, or perhaps it could be said that they all achieved immortality, but ultimately nursed grievances. They were Ye Qingyu, Mo Wudao, and the Demonic Sovereign!

This time, Shi Hao wanted to get to the bottom of that place.

Now that he became stronger, he felt that he could head there and truly understand what happened.

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