Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691 - Long Life Calamity

Shi Hao really was incredibly shocked. Why was there another person with long life in their name?

There were definitely some details hidden here. He looked towards the individual standing opposite of him, Five Phase Mountain’s lord -- Immortal Qin!

Immortal Qin had red lips and bright teeth, his figure surging with life force, his appearance that of a graceful and handsome young man. Compared to his true age, it really did leave one speechless.

If they were talking about family hierarchy, then Shi Hao had to respect him as his older generation. The two had a blood relationship, which was why right now, he felt extremely strange.

“This person is also a powerful individual, at least at the supreme being level. His cultivation years are most likely not any lesser than Immortal Wang’s.” Immortal Qin said.

When he spoke up to here, he reached out a hand, gesturing towards Shi Hao. He brought Shi Hao onto a floating island, this was one of Qin Family’s divine islands that were filled with spiritual energy.

He chose his actions carefully, not bringing Shi Hao into Qin Family’s depths, staying quite far away from Five Phase Mountain to express that he had no ill will.

It was clear that he also knew that this youngster didn’t have a favorable opinion of Qin Family, to the extent where he even carried hostility, which was why he did this first.

On the island, there were strangely shaped rocks spread about, beautiful trees verdant and lush, purple energy rich, spreading outwards. This was heaven and earth essence.

In front of a purple bamboo forest, the two stopped. There was a stone table and stone chairs here, as well as an intelligent white ape. It carried a jade plate, bringing over spiritual fruits and divine wine.

In the air, there were luan birds that flew over. Multicolored light scattered down, auspicious energy vigorous.

This place was like the immortal realm, spiritual and indistinct.

“This is a good place.” Shi Hao sighed in admiration.

“This is where I usually stay for meditation, the place where I often reflect and search the soul.” Immortal Qin said.

“Oh? With Immortal Mountain Lord’s power, do you still need to do this? Being so humble like this, is there some hidden trouble that is hard to mention?” Shi Hao was surprised.

“This world’s mysteries are endless, strange things numerous. There are many things even we cannot understand.” Immortal Qin sighed.

They went off-topic, so he returned to the main issue, talking about the long life calamity.

Correct, he believed that this was a type of disaster, one that always left him feeling uneasy, leaving him on guard, always vigilant against something.

When Shi Hao heard this, he felt that this was inconceivable. He merely asked this in passing, curious why their names were similar, not expecting to actually end up exposing this.

In the archaic times, Immortal Qin was extremely heroic, ambitions lofty, indeed a genius, slaughtering out his fame a long time ago.

He entered the uninhabited region, actually losing his way, but in the end miraculously made it out alive. He discovered that he was close to Imperial Pass, arriving at Desolate Border.

It was precisely at that time that his fate underwent a shift!

He still remembered stumbling into an ancient region. That place was hazy with immortal energy, incredibly pure and holy.

However, there was blood covering the ground as far as the eyes could see, blood-soaked mud everywhere, the scene horrifying.

There was a small marsh that was entirely dark red colored, a pool within that was bubbling about. However, what came out was all terrifying liquid that was bright red like blood.

When Immortal Qin entered, he immediately passed out. When he woke up, he already mysteriously left the uninhabited region, his body returning to the three thousand provinces.

However, ever since that time, he discovered that he became different. After closely examining himself, he found that there was an extra bone in his body.

“Immortal bone?!” Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed, finding it hard to calm down.

He thought of Qin Hao, how he had a piece of bone in his body.

It was rumored that Immortal Mountain had a piece of immortal bone that was obtained from the vast uninhabited region. Even after endless years passed, that bone still had life force, carrying bloody wisps.

Later on, many people knew that this bone, after endless years of nurturing, was completely activated, and then transplanted into Qin Hao’s body.

“Correct!” Immortal Qin nodded.

Shi Hao was immediately shocked. Could it be that it was different from the rumors?

“The bone has the words ‘long life’ on it.” Immortal Qin said.

He originally didn’t have this name, but ever since he experienced that strange experience, he felt like he obtained the care of the heavens, and only then did he obtain such natural luck.

During that period, there was always something in his mind telling him that changing his name was changing his fate, that he had to change his name to Immortal Qin.

“It really is laughable when I talk about it, or perhaps frightening. I was almost possessed, ultimately changing into this name without really knowing what was going on.” Immortal Qin said in self mockery.

“Changing names because of a bone…” Shi Hao sighed.

If one thought deeply about it, it really was a bit frightening. The bone had a name, which was ‘long life’, and through this influenced the present world Qin Clan’s powerful individual into changing his name.

Shi Hao’s complexion wasn’t all that good. This bone’s origins were different from what was circulated in the outside world, while now, it was even more so implanted into his younger brother’s body. This wasn’t some good thing.

“Then?” He asked.

“What happened after is only more frightening.” Immortal Qin sighed.

Then, he found an ancient cave, cultivating inside. He wanted to get to the bottom of this bone’s mysteries, but before he knew it, he sunk into a deeper state of dao comprehension.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Shi Hao said.

Immortal Qin laughed bitterly, saying, “ A single instance of dao comprehension and a hundred thousand years passed. When I emerged again, the world had already completely changed.”

“What?!” This time, Shi Hao was stunned.

What kind of dao comprehension was this? Why was it so distant? This wasn’t realistic at all!

It was because even if supreme beings went into seclusion, there was no way a hundred thousand years would pass in a single instance, at most a few thousand, ten thousand. If they remained in seclusion for tens of thousands of years, then they would definitely still wake up from time to time during that period.

After a hundred thousand years passed, many people and things would change.

However, Immortal Qin discovered that he was still young and full of vitality. In addition, his cultivation increased greatly, immediately becoming one of the three thousand provinces’ few powerful individuals.

However, when he returned home, he found that those he knew pretty much all died. Apart from a few Heaven’s Prides from the same generation who became powerful figures of their respective clans, everything else had already changed.

‘‘A close female friend of mine waited many years for me, but in the end, she was forced to marry another by her clan. After a hundred thousand years had passed, not even her grave could be found. I could only quietly stop in that area.” Immortal Qin was extremely sentimental.

It was clear that this matter had affected him too greatly. Otherwise, with his cultivation, why would he even mention worldly affairs from so long ago?

It was to the extent where Shi Hao could even imagine that scene. A youngster carried tears, standing in a familiar place alone, full of frustration and grief.

Only, soon afterwards, he felt that this was extremely absurd. This was but Immortal Qin!

In Shi Hao’s understanding, Immortal Qin was an incredibly vicious person, at the very least, his first impression of this person was extremely bad. He actually had this type of sensitive side?

It was because he discovered that after endless years passed, in that Immortal Qin’s eyes, there was still regret and sadness.

Vicious, but sentimental? Shi Hao could only give this type of evaluation.

The following words made Shi Hao’s body tremble, because it involved his mother’s bloodline’s blood inheritance.

“I do not have any descendants. After searching around, I found a bloodline, taking in an adopted son.”

When Shi Hao heard these words, he was a bit stunned. The disciple Immortal Qin spoke of was precisely the descendant of his past close female friend. Does this mean that Shi Hao and Immortal Qin didn’t have a blood connection?

“I viewed him as my own, and from then on, Immortal Mountain’s bloodline was produced.” Immortal Qin said with a sigh.

“Then?” Shi Hao asked.

“My cultivation skyrocketed, even without cultivating, just by having that bone, my dao skills would advance. Moreover, I am often in an absent-minded state, from time to time seeing some strange scenes.”

Immortal Qin spoke. Those scenes included immortal battles, blood seas overflowing into the heavens, dark cosmos everywhere. They were extremely strange.

The most shocking thing was that later on, there was someone who found him, someone named Immortal Mu. At that time, he was already at the Supreme Being Realm!

He told Immortal Qin that in the past, he had also visited that bloody swamp, moreover even saw Immortal Qin unconscious.

Moreover, that person himself also went unconscious. When he woke up, he saw a snow-white infant. There were three of them there at that time in total.

That infant was snow-white and sparkling, but beside him was cutin skin, as well as pitch-black fingernails, extremely terrifying.

Soon afterwards, that infant ran, directly disappearing.

Later on, Immortal Mu also left that region.

There was no extra bone in Immortal Mu, but there was some type of true blood that didn’t belong to him. In the end, his strength erupted, becoming a supreme being.

During that process, he changed his name to Immortal Mu, his name was not originally this.

“Immortal Mu told me that the infant is the Nine Heavens’ Immortal Wang.” Immortal Qin said.

Shi Hao was shocked. There was even this type of history, this type of bizarre thing. Back then, what exactly happened in that place? What kind of ancient land was it?

“I haven’t reached the supreme being level yet, because I got rid of that bone.” Immortal Qin said. It was because he became scared after learning about those things.

“Then why did you put it into Qin Hao’s body?!” Shi Hao was irritated.

“I had no ill will, let me explain.” Immortal Qin released a light sigh.

Later on, he implanted that bone into a servant’s body, carefully observing what happened in order to see what would happen.

He discovered that the servant’s strength became greater, and he didn’t experience the type of enlightenment he did, nor were there any strange experiences.

After many tests, he discovered that this bone could raise the strength of other creatures, but it wouldn’t make them change their names.

This was clearly beneficial. Through this, he helped several later generations, allowing their strength to increase greatly, become top level experts.

However, he himself didn’t dare implant the bone back in, never truly entering the supreme being level in this life.

Shi Hao was shocked. He didn’t expect Immortal Qin to actually have this type of decisiveness, able to resist such temptation, not the type to use any means possible to enter the Supreme Being Realm.

If it were others, they might have long merged with that bone, determined to advance by leaps and bounds.

“Three long life, all from the same place.” Shi Hao said to himself. “However, this still doesn’t make sense. Wasn’t the Wang Family a long life family? They have their own background.”

“This is why it is terrifying. Back then, that snow-white infant was actually able to possess various divine abilities of the long life Wang Family.” Immortal Qin sighed.

He didn’t look into this matter, it was a great taboo.

However, as the years passed, he learned some secrets.

“In the end, the two of us are still relatives, our relationship not normal. There are some things I want to give you a word of advice on, there are some inheritances that are best not provoked.” Immortal Qin said with a serious voice.

He told Shi Hao that even if he wanted to get revenge, he had to be careful, best if he didn’t get involved immediately. It was because there were some ancient sects that were definitely not simple.

“Perhaps, it can even be called a long life calamity.” Immortal Qin said.

According to what he said, Demonic Sunflower Garden’s Old Demon Lord had extraordinary backgrounds, a root from Desolate Border’s uninhabited region, later on brought out and revived by someone.

“What?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“It is suspected to be the root of some plant that doesn’t belong to this great era, but it has long lost its memories, cultivation level not in the Supreme Being Realm yet. However, this existence has a history, there are strange things tied to its existence, best if you don’t provoke it.”

According to what Immortal Qin said, that Old Demon Lord didn’t have its past memories, only restarting its cultivation from a root, turning into a complete stalk of Demonic Sunflower.

“Apart from this, Western Sect’s individual who cultivated the Zhang Six Golden Body is someone you have to pay attention to as well. There are rumors that after entering some ruins, he obtained a portion of the ancient monk bloodline’s inheritance, and that was why the present day Western Sect was created. In fact, there is solid evidence proving that he might be an existence who evolved from a granule of ruined cremated ashes.”

Immortal Qin warned him out of good intentions.

Shi Hao was stupefied. The three thousand provinces really weren’t simple. Were these all considered a long life calamity?

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