Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 - Long Life

The Fearless Lion was this savage, it made all of the plant cultivators in Demonic Sunflower Garden shiver in fear. That was an elder, yet a single slap struck him until his body was in tatters, terrifying to the extreme.


The palace shook, releasing rumbling sounds. It was because Shi Hao was uprooting it from the ground, not leaving anything behind, even the foundation dug up. He was going to bring away the entire thing.

This type of plundering was just too thorough, right? Everyone in Demonic Sunflower Garden was stunned. They had never seen someone be robbed like this, to pack everything up and bring it away.

“What are you looking at? Stop wasting time, the main gate, palace, pavilions, pull up everything, I’m bringing all of it with me into the lower realms.” Shi Hao gave the golden lion a kick.

This lion grimaced, incredibly furious. Even in a place like the other side where experts emerged in great numbers, no one dared to treat it like this, not even Emperor Clans.

The Fearless Lion bloodline always enjoyed extremely high status, no clans daring to look down on it or treat it with humiliation.

Yet now, it really became a mount, becoming a servant.

“If you behave yourself, I’ll return you your freedom one day. Mo Dao is your role model.” Shi Hao said.

The golden lion immediately behaved. It definitely didn’t want to carry Huang for the rest of its life. Even though this person was ridiculously strong, it still really didn’t want to be his mount.


Many bejeweled jade palaces in Black Orchid Mountain were uprooted, even the comparatively better formation cores were seized by the golden lion.

These people are lunatics! The plant cultivators all cursed silently, crying out inwardly. This was truly unbelievable. Were the man and beast pair locusts? Not even a blade of grass was left wherever they passed!

“Just how impoverished is your lower realm, even needing mountain gates and palaces?” Even the golden lion felt a bit ashamed of its actions, too embarrassed.

“Does that mean you have quite a few good things on you, that you are looking down on Demonic Sunflower Garden?” Shi Hao swept it a look.

“No! Everything on me has already been looted clean by you!” The golden lion shook its head with everything it had, refusing it, moreover putting even more energy into this, grabbing everything it saw, throwing them into the spatial containers.

“Bandits! Robbers! This is basically completely emptying out our Demonic Sunflower Garden!”

There were elders whose eyes became red, but they could only cry out inwardly, not daring to really express this out loud, because there were two murderous disasters right before their eyes.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, this great sect known to be the residence of the Demon Lord definitely had shocking treasures after accumulating for millions of years. It was worth completely bringing away.

He no longer did it himself, handing it all over to the golden lion. Meanwhile, he himself had his hands behind his back, carefully examining this place.

Through the formations, through the great dao aura, he already roughly estimated Demonic Sunflower Garden’s true strength. It was indeed a well-known great sect in the three thousand provinces.

Black Orchid Mountain’s Great Elder’s status was extremely high, second only to Demon Lord, at the later stage of Self Severing realm. If that other old demon lord wasn’t included, then he should be this sect’s number two.

“The Demon Lord should be similar.”

Shi Hao came to this type of conclusion. Comparatively speaking, this was a top level inheritance. At the very least, it was extremely formidable in the three thousand provinces.

It was because in a normal small sect, those at the Heavenly Deity Realm could already become sect masters.

Most sect masters were at the Void Dao Realm, these were the main force.

A top level sect like Demonic Sunflower Garden, these types of old inheritances, their sect masters were mostly at the Self Severing Realm late stage, close to the Self Release Realm, this wasn’t anything too surprising.

Only, Shi Hao never expected there to be another old demon lord, this individual seemingly extremely mysterious.

He carefully searched here, seriously sensing his surroundings. In the end, he didn’t discover that greater sect master’s aura!

Could it be that the old demon lord didn’t return often?

When Shi Hao left, Black Orchid Mountain was gloomy. They had never encountered a disaster like this before. All of Demonic Sunflower Garden was emptied out!

The man and beast were completely deranged, bringing everything away, even the main gate, the palaces, and everything else. Seizing the medicinal field was one thing, but even those divine springs were dug up!

That spring dried up, because even the divine vein underneath was seized into the golden lion’s spatial artifact.

Everyone in Demonic Sunflower Garden was stunned, already about to cry. Was this robbing or ending their inheritance?!

The only fortunate thing was that demon king like youngster didn’t unleash a great slaughter, not blood purging this place.

Who could they blame? Back then, the Demon Lord wanted to kill Huang, in the end provoking this type of great disaster.

They sighed, unable to hate him that much even if they tried. It was because the Demon Lord and Huang were life and death enemies. For them to be able to retain their lives now was already quite benevolent.

Shi Hao and the golden lion thus left into the distance, hurrying to Five Elements Province, wishing to enter Immortal Mountain!

This was where his parents, his loved ones, as well a group of people who didn’t get along with him were.

He left, but what he left behind definitely couldn’t remain at peace. Huang ruined Demonic Sunflower Garden, digging up the entire place, looting them clean. News of this spread to all regions.

The people were in an uproar, many cultivators stupefied, truly shaken.

“He didn’t unleash a slaughter, but completely cleaned out Demonic Sunflower Garden’s millions of years of accumulation?”

When some sect masters heard this, they were all alarmed, and then became a bit speechless. Huang’s natural disposition really was hard for them to fathom.

Some people became worried. What if Huang ended up knocking on their gates? How were they supposed to resist?

Now, there were some people who knew of Huang’s glorious achievements in Desolate Border, shocking the Nine Heavens through a single battle, slaughtering the other side’s Emperor Clans. This was enough to shake up the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

This triggered a huge commotion. Demonic Sunflower Garden was so powerful, yet Huang directly marched in!

Five Elements Province, this territory was vast, extremely boundless.

If it was a normal cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to reach this place even if they flew their entire lives. However, Shi Hao was now completely changed. At the Self Release Realm, he could overlook a region.

However, he still kept a low profile, traveling through more secluded, uninhabited mountain ranges on the golden lion’s back.

“I’ve arrived at this place once more.” Shi Hao released a light sigh.

Five Elements Province, this place had Qin Family’s Five Phase Mountain, as well as Fiend Island. The reason why this province was named five elements was related to the Qin Family. That place had Immortal Mountain, which was also called Five Phase Mountain.

“Just how many years have passed already?”

Shi Hao’s expression was complicated. He didn’t have many good feelings towards Immortal Mountain, but his mother and father were in Qin Family, so he really had no way of directly slaughtering his way in.

However, back then, Qin Family had troubled his grandfather -- the Great Demonic God Shi Zhongtian, actually sending him to Fiend Island’s mines, almost killing him.

“Is father still here?” Shi Hao felt extremely conflicted, because he heard that Shi Ziling ended up leaving this place out of rage.

He was close, finally approaching Immortal Mountain, which was also Five Phase Mountain.

In the past, he never came this close, because he was still avoiding Qin Family, so there was no way he would walk straight into a trap.

However, now, things were entirely different.

Even so, Shi Hao didn’t dare act carelessly, because he was deeply aware of how extraordinary Qin Family’s Five Phase Mountain was. It might very well be related to immortal dao, a supreme treasure!

This time, apart from coming here to see his parents, he also wanted to get to the bottom of some of Qin Family’s secrets.


Before he made a decision, when the golden lion approached, it first released a great roar, shaking up this ancient place.

Up ahead, the scenery was majestic, palaces everywhere, mountain peaks majestic, silver waterfalls crashing down.

“Who dares create a disturbance before Qin Family?” In the distance, someone shouted.

“Not good, the mountain inside has immortal dao energy!” The golden lion was shaken. Originally, it thought that it could do as it pleased in the three thousand provinces, able to overturn an inheritance with just a single claw.

But now, it knew that it was wrong, that the three thousand provinces were definitely extraordinary.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, carefully thinking to himself. This was Five Phase Mountain, it carried immortal energy, hazy and indistinct, situated at the innermost depths of Qin Family’s ancient land.

“My younger brother has an immortal bone within him, seemingly found from the vast uninhabited region, but who knows what really happened.” Shi Hao said to himself.

Qin Family had a majestic mountain, beautiful islands floating above, springs releasing purple energy. This was a precious land.

A sigh sounded through the skies, transmitted from the depths of Qin Family.

Then, a figure appeared, extremely young, walking on the void, extremely aloof and transcendent.

Even though there was immortal dao aura, he wasn’t old, instead extremely young, looking extremely handsome like a twenty something year old youngster.

However, Shi Hao knew that this person had lived for an extremely long amount of time, that he was an old freak. It was because he was Immortal Qin, someone he had previously met.

Shi Hao revealed a strange look as he faced Immortal Qin. He couldn’t help but recall the Nine Heavens’ Immortal Wang, their names similar, even temperaments alike[1].

They both had the words long life in their names, apart from this, their appearances were both young, handsome and youthful.

“Have you met Immortal Wang?” Shi Hao suddenly spoke up, rather abrupt, and also extremely direct.

The lord of Five Phase Mountain, someone who had red lips, bright teeth, appearance young, was first momentarily distracted, and then released a light sigh, saying, “It seems like you feel like I ought to be acquainted with him. The ones with long life in their names aren’t just me and him, there is one other named Immortal Mu, someone who might be even stronger.”

Shi Hao was a bit stunned. There was even an Immortal Mu?

1. The immortal here, translated literally, is long life

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