Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689 - Marching Into Demonic Sunflower Garden

The golden lion took in and sent out clouds of smoke, golden mist hazy as it surrounded everything, covering mountains and rivers. The scene was extremely terrifying!

It carried Shi Hao forward, crossing the clouds. Its body was strong, golden mane hanging down to its front claws, looking extremely ferocious.

This lion, forget about the three thousand provinces, even in the Nine Heavens, it was a great vicious being. It had a rare bloodline, because the Fearless Lions were already hard to find in this present age.

This species was extremely strong, how many people could have them as mounts?

Right now, this lion was full of anger. It was a glorious Fearless Lion who retraced its ancestry, a species who dared challenge Immortal Monk King back then. It was the inheritor of this generation, yet it ended up as the mount of another.


The golden lion released a roar. Even though it was overcast, it still shook the mountains and earth. If not for Shi Hao giving it a slap, making it restrain the terrifying great dao ripples, who knew just how much of the mountains and rivers below would collapse.

Despite this being the case, within a range of tens of thousands of li, mountain peaks shook, ancient trees snapped, crazy winds swept about. The scene was extremely shocking.

The holy land of plant cultivation -- Demonic Sunflower Garden, was right before them, already not that far away. Dark light was hazy, auspicious energy rising.

The Demonic Sunflower Race resided in this place, an extremely powerful species with mysterious origins. Normally, no one dared provoke them.

Even though it was named Demonic Sunflower Garden, it was inside a mountain, this place known as Black Orchid Mountain.

This was a place that had a great reputation in the three thousand provinces.

Demonic Sunflower Garden’s lord was called Demon Lord by some people. His strength was great, magical force deep and profound, an extremely terrifying existence.

However, those who were well informed were more scared of the old sect master behind him. That was the true old demon lord, his magical force world shocking.

Of course, not many people knew that this old demon lord was still alive.

The great mountain was majestic and imposing. They arrived at Black Orchid Mountain.

The mountain gate was vast, ancient trees towering inside one after another. There were sun-facing demonic sunflowers that flowed with black light, making the spiritual essence here shockingly rich.


The golden lion released a great roar upon entering here. Shi Hao didn’t stop it, descending from the heavens while riding it just like that.

Clouds and mist surged, spreading to this place. No matter how they looked at the golden lion, he seemed like a great vicious being. When it roared, the entire mountain gate shook endlessly.


When it landed on the ground, the limestone stairs in front of the gate completely collapsed, a few demon cliff steles all exploding, rubble rushing into the skies.

One had to understand that these were all divine steles that had magic force added to them, great formations laid around them. Even if meteors from outer space smashed down, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Yet now, when the golden lion descended, just the aura that leaked out already made the main gate about to explode, as if it was facing the fate of destruction.


In front of the mountain gate, someone shouted out. This was a group of experts in charge of protecting the gate.

Behind them were black divine rings. They were, without a doubt, the Demonic Sunflower Race, these were innate black flame rings.

“Hurry and retreat, don’t ask anymore!”

In the skies, a voice shouted. That was Demonic Sunflower Garden’s Second Elder, moving before the golden lion, wishing to escape back here, but what was embarrassing was that he was instead left behind.

Demonic Sunflower Garden’s plant cultivators were all freakishly strong. When they heard this, they were all shocked, all of them shaken up.

Even Second Elder was scared, who exactly was this person?

“Huang, he is the Huang from back then!” In the end, someone recognized him.


Shi Hao remained silent, but the golden lion advanced, the giant golden claws descended, crushing the mountain gate. The mountains cracked apart, rubble rushing into the skies.

It was like a matchless demon king. Wherever it passed, the limestone stairs would cave in, the great mountain at its side collapsing.

All of the plant cultivators were dumbstruck. This lion was too terrifying, its power incomparable. One had to understand that there were great formations protecting this place! Yet in the end, it was as if it was stepping on paper mache.

Even the mount was like this, didn’t this mean that the one on the golden lion’s back was even more terrifying?

The group of people were stunned!

The higher levels knew about Desolate Border’s events, already learning about Huang’s achievements, but those of the lower level didn’t.

Just how old was he, yet Huang was already this terrifying? The crowd were stunned, simply unable to believe the reality before their eyes.

Did Huang come for revenge? Was he going to unleash a massacre in Demonic Sunflower Garden? Who could resist?

“Where is the Demon Lord? Hurry and invite the Demon Lord out!” Someone shouted.

When they turned around, they discovered that Second Elder had long disappeared. Everyone was speechless. Even the higher levels acted like this, how were the rest of them supposed to act?

They all fled inside the mountain gate!

Shi Hao didn’t have any intention to willfully slaughter the innocent either, not wishing to blood purge Demonic Sunflower Garden, which was why he only sat on the Fearless Lion’s back, letting it advance.

However, this type of power still left everyone horrified.

Inside the main gate, ancient trees reached into the heavens, the palaces majestic. This was indeed a holy land, dark light spreading, spiritual essence rich.

“Huang, what is the meaning of this?”

A shout sounded from inside the mountain gate. Someone came out to stop him.

“Back then, your sect always wanted me dead. Today, I have brought myself here.” Shi Hao replied.

Huang retorted, just this directly. He invaded their main gate, leaving everyone in Demonic Sunflower Garden shocked. His growth speed was too fast!

“The Demon Lord is not here.” In the depths of Black Orchid Mountain, someone said coldly like this.

Shi Hao was stunned. He came precisely for this place’s lord, to see just how strong he was now, moreover settling the past grudge here. He actually wasn’t here?


Shi Hao landed, getting off the back of the golden lion. His foot trampled down, making the great earth crack apart. All of the mountain peaks shook intensely.

This made everyone’s expressions change again, feeling a wave of terrifying pressure.

“Self named Demon Lord, you really are quite bold. I feel like someone like him doesn’t deserve this title!” This was what Shi Hao said.

“Brazen!” Within the depths of Black Orchid Mountain, several shouts sounded at the same time.

“You dare shame my Demonic Sunflower Garden? Do not think that you are truly without equal under the heavens!”

“Now that you entered Black Orchid Mountain, we will not tolerate your wantonness!”

It was clear that as an inheritance which had dominated the three thousand provinces for many years, they had their own pride. Cold voices sounded one after another.

“Go and bring your Demon Lord out. Otherwise, I don’t mind razing this place to the ground!” Shi Hao said coldly.


At the same time, he didn’t hide his strength at all, releasing his aura. The world was immediately shaken, this place’s mountains and rivers all about to collapse.

Kacha. Many places released this type of sounds. Even if there were formations protecting this place, many divine mountains still exploded.

“Formation array -- God’s Dusk!” Someone shouted.

Many patterns appeared from underground. They flowed like molten iron, extremely dazzling, and also extremely terrifying. These were great formations arranged from the ancient times, able to kill gods.

However, when Shi Hao erupted with power, many formation cores here exploded.

Shi Hao didn’t hide his Self Release Realm cultivation. Blood energy poured over the sun and moon, divine force overwhelming Black Orchid Mountain. This world was rumbling, about to collapse.

One could see great cracks appear everywhere in space within hundreds of thousands of li, reaching straight into the sky dome. This scene was like that of the end of the world.

Right now, even meteorites from outer space fell, smashing into this place.


It really was heaven and earth in chaos. The entire mountain range was about to collapse, Demonic Sunflower Garden caving in.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao didn’t directly take action, only releasing some of his magical force fluctuations. The most powerful blood energy surged, just those fluctuations enough to hack down great stars.


Inside Demonic Sunflower Garden, the higher levels were furious. This was simply destroying their inheritance! This person was too vicious, they had to activate the ancient formation to seize the initiative.

They took action, operating the formation, surrounding and attacking Shi Hao.

Only, the effects weren’t that great. Even if there were heaven shocking killing formations, they couldn’t injure Shi Hao at all. He stood there, the gates within his body opening, clear light swirling about, forming a barrier around him, protecting his body like a divine ring.

Impervious to all methods!

Right now, Shi Hao was innately undefeatable. All attacks were neutralized by the light around him, suppressing all attacks.


When he glared out, not holding back, fully releasing his powerful magic force, those types of fluctuations turned into a domain, locking down heaven and earth, blasting through many formation cores.

Great banners that were flying at him exploded in midair one after another, blasted into powder.

Formation cores rose from the ground one after another, then turned into divine peaks before flying towards him, but they all exploded in the skies, becoming dazzling fiery light, the fragments scattering everywhere.

He was simply like an unequalled demon king as he stood there, black hair flying about even though there was no wind, breaking down all of these attacks, making the great formation explode.

Pu pu pu…

All around him, many people vomited blood, staggering backwards.

This was still the result of Shi Hao not wanting to carry out a massacre, the result of him controlling himself.

“Have your so-called Demon Lord come out to meet me!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Demon Lord and the old lord are both not here. They have gone out to visit friends, we do not know when they will return.” Someone said with a trembling voice.

Everyone was too shocked, truly scared badly. This type of power was just too terrifying, probably even greater than their Demon Lord, similar to their old lord.


Shi Hao released a cold snort. A great sleeve moved, powerful winds sweeping through this world. Many great mountains flew up, rushing into the horizon before exploding to pieces, the scene too frightening.

Many people were horrified. Then, specks of dark light shone, many people’s bodies going empty, magical force leaking out. They screamed out in fear.

All those who still showed killing intent after learning of Shi Hao’s identity discovered that their dao skills were declining, divine force weakening. It was because their divine seeds flew out.

Most of the plant cultivators here were Demonic Sunflowers, their divine power concentrated in the demonic seeds. Now, they lost them all, seized by Shi Hao.

“You dare?!”

In the depths of Black Orchid Mountain, an elder flew out, demonic energy overflowing into the heavens. He was at the late stage of the Self Severing Realm, cultivation extremely powerful, doing everything he could to resist.

This was Demonic Sunflower Garden’s Great Elder.


The golden lion roared out, facing this person, stopping him. The lion roar shook heaven and earth, making him cough out large mouthfuls of blood.

Everyone was stupefied. Demonic Sunflower Garden Great Elder’s cultivation was extremely great, yet he couldn’t even stop Huang’s mount! This was too frightening.


One of the Fearless Lion’s great claws pressed down on the elder’s body, one claw ripping out a huge hole in his body.

“Demon Lord and the old lord won’t let you two go!” The Great Elder roared out.

“You dare threaten me?!” The golden lion’s eyes revealed viciousness. With a pu sound, the top of his head was torn off. A claw reached in, smashing his skull, destroying his primordial spirit.

Thus, Demonic Sunflower Garden became dead silent. All of the plant cultivators were terrified, keeping quiet out of fear.

Shi Hao waved his sleeve, immediately collecting thousands of jin of black sunflower seeds. They were all sparkling and translucent, divine force essence, great mending goods.

He felt like bringing these back to Stone Village would be quite excellent gifts. Apart from this, the large group of children who followed him would enjoy them too, and it could also strengthen their blood energy and souls.

“I don’t want to slaughter the innocent for no reason, but if you provoke me too far, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Shi Hao said.

Then, he took action again, breaking through Demonic Sunflower Garden’s palace.

Immediately afterwards, forget about Shi Hao, even the golden lion’s eyes contracted. It was because there were too many good things. The various divine materials piled up like mountains were one thing.

Inside, there were many spiritual medicines, great medicines, even more so a few sparkling and translucent jade containers, inside of them sealed all different types of Demonic Sunflower Seeds.

“These were all left behind by our predecessors after they passed away in meditation, divine seeds, all magical force fruit of elder level cultivators.” Someone said with a trembling voice.

“Alright, I’ll take them. We’ll call my grudge with the Demon Lord settled. From here on out, your sect and I will mind our own business.” Shi Hao said.

These divine seeds were definitely good things. They could help geniuses establish their great dao foundation, able to improve a cultivator’s constitution, their bloodlines, souls, and other things.

Everyone in Demonic Sunflower Garden were ashen-faced, none of them daring to say too much.

“Young one, you are extremely strong, but my family’s lord also has a great background. Being overbearing like this, it might be too difficult for things to end nicely.”

Right at this time, an elder spoke.


A claw from the golden lion sent him flying, his body almost exploding, a larger half of his dao destroyed. This person was so scared he was shaking all over, not daring to open his mouth again.

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