Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686 - Goodbye

During these days, there were people with great influence who continuously paid visits to Heavenly Deity Institution, trying to rope in Shi Hao. Their objectives were clear, which was precisely to turn him into their sect’s protector.

Everyone knew that in the future, he would definitely have that type of power, that he would become an undefeated war god!

However, everyone failed, unable to make him stay. They all already knew about his resolution.

During this time, Shi Hao continuously obtained new information. He asked around, collecting all types of valuable clues, making preparations for when he returned to the lower realm.

“Are you really going to leave? Sigh, the Nine Heavens aren’t even that bad, the environment suited for cultivation. You leaving like this makes me feel a bit reluctant.” The golden little Heavenly Horned Ant said.

He settled down in Heavenly Deity Institution, because there was an immortal cave underneath, which was his home. The Heavenly Horned Ant suggested for it to cultivate with him, that there was no need to fear supreme beings coming to attack.

However, Shi Hao shook his head, not agreeing.

“What is so good about the lower realm? Everyone is saying how impoverished it is, not suited to cultivation. If you return like this, you’ll be applying shackles onto yourself, your cultivation speed will become slow.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit said.

After several years had passed, her appearance still didn’t change at all, just like how it was when they first met her, around thirteen or fourteen, complexion fine like jade. Her silver hair hung down to her waist, glossy like a mirror, large eyes like rubies, sparkling and translucent. Her entire figure was beautiful like a porcelain doll.

“Are you going to return? Don’t tell me you really are going to return to a civilian life, going into seclusion just like this?” Cao Yusheng asked.

Chang Gongyan, Feng Wu, and the other old friends came, chatting with Shi Hao. Then, even the witch appeared.

“I want to ask for your help.” Shi Hao said.

Before leaving, he wanted to spend a great deal to buy some things, for example -- divine medicines!

“Divine medicines?”

These people were stunned. Even in the Nine Heavens above, this type of thing was extremely precious, extremely difficult to find.

“Don’t you have a Void Sky Divine Vine, Heavenly Deity Tree, and others on you? Why do you still want more?” They were confused.

When Shi Hao was in Imperial Pass, before leaving to the other side, he gifted out the immortal sword core and other artifacts, but then his friends returned them. They knew well what he had on him.

Of course, there were some things Shi Hao directly gifted to them, not taking them back again.

“You all have already said that the lower realms are deficient, a place that is extremely barren. I want to bring a few stalks of divine medicine down with me and plant them in Stone Village, let my clansmen live a bit longer.” Shi Hao said.

For ordinary people, even if they didn’t eat divine medicines, just breathing in the fragrance of the medicines and living where the divine medicines existed could slow down their aging.

“Alright, what do you plan on using to purchase them?”

“I have some Immortal Gold fragments here, even more so a powerful mount.” Shi Hao said.

When he spoke up to here, everyone turned around. A golden lion was currently glaring at them angrily, releasing a low roar. Its entire body was golden, lion mane brilliant and thick, extremely intimidating.

This was the Fearless Lion, moreover one who retraced its ancestry. Its blood was pure, extremely strong, originating from the other side.

Back then, it had chased after Shi Hao together with the young Emperor Clan Suo Gu, chasing down Shi Hao in Heavenly Beast Forest. Later on, he was subdued into a mount, brought back to Imperial Pass.

Everyone knew that this mount was too special, that it was extremely strong. Moreover, it came from the other side, having too many secrets.

One could well imagine that a few great powers really wanted to obtain it. Moreover, with those long life families’ backing, they might even have methods to force it into submission, obtain its inheritance.

This was, unless it was too ferocious, immediately choosing death.

However, it followed him all this time precisely because it didn’t want to die. It even wanted to one day climb over Huang!

“This lion is extremely formidable. When it was in Imperial Pass, it had previously fought with Jin Zhan, extremely astonishing, indeed can be sold for a good price.” Cao Yusheng nodded.

Hou… The Fearless Lion seemed even more angry.

Soon afterwards, news went out that Huang wanted divine medicines, secret texts and others. The price he offered was definitely worthwhile, including Immortal Gold and a pure-blooded foreign Fearless Lion.

The Fearless Lion originally belonged to the Nine Heavens, a member of the ancient monk bloodline, but it later defected to the other side.

After all these years, there were still many people who remembered them!

“It seems like Huang really is dead set on leaving! This is in preparation to bring those divine medicines into the lower realms.”

There really was someone who brought over divine medicine, it was quite shocking. However, she didn’t take Shi Hao’s Immortal Gold fragments or the Fearless Lion, instead directly gifting them.

This was someone from Sky Severing Dao, belonging to the witch’s sect.

The three thousand provinces had the Sky Severing Sect, in the Nine Heavens above was the Sky Severing Dao, similar to Qing Yi’s sect, the two having antagonistic relationships, didn’t get along with each other.

“Little friend actually wants to go to the lower realms. After we part today, I wonder when we can see your unmatched glory once more. What is a single stalk of divine medicine worth? Just treat it as our parting gift.”

That middle-aged woman was extremely generous, gifting it like this and then going into the distance.

Soon afterwards, Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy’s people also came, each gifting him with a stalk of divine medicine.

Sigh.” Immortal Academy’s elder sighed. Meng Tianzheng died, now forever gone. They didn’t even have divine medicines here.

“Back then, when I attempted the body as a seed, Senior Meng spared no expenditure, how could it lack divine medicines? Too many great treasures were used up.” Shi Hao said.

When he thought of these things, he wanted to leave all of these divine medicines in Heavenly Deity Institution, but he was rejected.

“How about I just leave this lion here, have it watch over the academy!” Shi Hao decided to just leave the Fearless Lion behind.

“Forget it, now that the world is at peace, Heavenly Deity Institution is different from the other two academies, it won’t exist for long. It is best if you just bring it away. Moreover, this is a vicious individual, when it grows up, not many can subdue it. If it is left here for a few hundred years to a thousand years, once ten thousand years, hundreds of thousands of years pass, it might very well become a disaster.” An elder said.

What he was trying to say was that a vicious beast at this level was very suited as a mount.

The others all felt that this was reasonable, nodding. Someone who could kill Emperor Clan individuals naturally needed a vicious beast as his mount.

The Fearless Lion was resentful. It came from the other side, so how could it become a mount? Moreover, why did that Mo Dao recover his freedom?

Mo Dao was Mo Xian’s younger brother, later on subdued by Shi Hao. Now, he already recovered his freedom.

Not long afterwards, a white-clothed beauty entered Heavenly Deity Institution, coming to pay Shi Hao a visit. It was actually Wang Xi!

She came with a piece of information, Immortal Wang who was recovering had her send a message. He was willing to pass on the Chaos Calming Art to Shi Hao!

This information was too shocking! This was the Chaos Calming Art, known to be one of the most powerful attack methods, definitely one of the world’s greatest techniques.

Moreover, this method possessed extraordinary significance for Shi Hao, because this was a method that targeted cultivation of the primordial spirit, able to temper an unbreakable primordial spirit sword core, making his strength increase greatly.

He had the Imperishable Scripture that focused on the body, if he added the Chaos Calming Art, then wouldn’t that be the making of an unequalled existence?

Shi Hao sighed. In the end, he refused, obviously in a tactful manner.

For Wang Xi to appear here meant that Wang Family also had interest in getting him on their side. Otherwise, Wang Xi who he had many previous conflicts with wouldn’t have appeared.

However, Shi Hao didn’t want to go there, didn’t want to go into Wang Family.

When Jin Family heard the news, they were extremely dissatisfied. Regardless, Jin Zhan was still alive, yet Wang Family sent Wang Xi to meet Huang, what was the meaning of this?

Several days later, the last gathering of the younger generation happened.

Quite a few people arrived at the academy. When they saw Huang, they asked him to stay, but there were also some who only came to drink and chat merrily, have one final gathering.

After the Desolate Border battle, many clans wanted to return. As for those young experts, they were all going to return to their homelands as well. They came from different places, scattered across the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Normally speaking, unless it was a supreme being or some great powers, travelling between these different ancient lands was extremely difficult.

It was to the extent where there were some places that were extremely difficult to even enter.

This meant that once some people left, they might not meet again for many years.

The last gathering was extremely peaceful. Many people came, for example Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, and Daoist Qi Gu.

Even Imperial Pass’ Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong, and others, these people who never went far from Imperial Pass, left their homes during this period of peace.

“We are missing many people.” Someone said with a sigh.

There were some formidable geniuses who would never appear again. They already died in battle.

For example, Sacred Academy’s Yi Yi, stunning and brilliant, yet ended up being killed outside Imperial Pass, body directly exploding, not even a corpse remaining, dying extremely miserably.

There was also Lan Xian, her condition unknown. Her body was destroyed in Desolate Border, but the perfect seed shone, bringing some of her flesh and spirit away.

However, after many days had passed, there were still no news about her.

There was also Jin Zhan, even though he was rescued by the clan’s secret treasure, recently, Jin Family’s people had always been extremely worried. His dao foundation had been injured, whether or not he could recover was really hard to say.

Sigh!” Tuogu Yulong released a light sigh.

There were too many who died. Even someone as strong as him, after that battle, he was almost crippled. That day, someone’s spear impaled his body, making half his body explode.

What left him the most emotional was that his fiance died, one of Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, actually killed before his very eyes, her blood as if still flying before his eyes.

Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, after that battle, they only had two left.

After that battle, the Nine Heavens’ young outstanding talents only clashed briefly with the other side, yet they lost half of their numbers!

These casualties really were extremely shocking.

At first, it was still extremely calm, drinking lightly. Eventually, everyone finally let themselves go.

It was because they all knew that the great battle had finished. From here on forth, they would live apart from each other, hard to say if they would meet each other again in this life.

In the end, a few people became drunk.

Many of them were laughing, crying, revealing their true emotions.

Sigh, my brother died too miserably. He gave up his life in front of Imperial Pass to save me.” A youngster wept.

“Wei Min, that day, it was because I was impaled by someone’s spear that you ran over out of worry. In the end, you were the one who died! It really is hard for me to find peace!” Tuogu Yulong blamed himself. He felt like his fiance’s death was largely because of him.

These were the repercussions of war. Many people were unable to break free from that battle.

Some people cried, some people laughed.

There were others who were full of fighting spirit. In that instant, many familiar people wanted to exchange pointers with Shi Hao, for example, Ten Crown King, as well as the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun.

However, he refused them all.

“Everyone, take care of yourselves. Goodbye!” In the end, Shi Hao got up, taking large steps into the distance.

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