Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685 - Gifting Wives

In just two short days, more than ten powers visited him, coming to Heavenly Deity Institution, tactfully inviting Shi Hao to join their influential ancient inheritance.

There was no lack of top level families among them, even more so long life families. It could be said that they were all some of the greatest powers.

However, Shi Hao turned them down one after another. He didn’t want to stir up anything, nor did he want to stay behind. He had long set the resolution that he wouldn’t agree no matter who it was that asked.

“Little friend, could it be that you have some misgivings inside, worried that you would be plotted against by the Nine Heavens, which is why you insist on leaving?”

Xu Family, which was precisely the long life imperial court Princess Yao Yue was from, continued to chip away at him. There were important figures who continuously kept in contact, not willing to leave. In the end, someone even spoke like this.

This elder felt like he already guessed at what Shi Hao was feeling, that he had some misgivings, which was why he always said he wouldn’t return to the Nine Heavens.

What about the truth? The elder believed that sooner or later, he would slaughter his way back up. With Huang’s nature, he wouldn’t remain dormant for too long!

Once that time came, he would be like a dragon who emerged from an abyss!

Shi Hao sighed. “Senior, you’re overthinking things. I really am tired, only wishing to spend the rest of my life in peace, stay far away from disturbance.”

“This isn’t like a young person’s nature at all! You are in your prime, in your age of glory, so you should have the will to devour the heavens! How could you be so listless and dejected?” The elder said.

Shi Hao shook his head and said, “I’m tired, weary, just want to return home. I left when I was young, continuously forging ahead, witnessed glory, the regrets of life and death parting, the dao and path of cultivators, witnessed too much. When I turn back now, what I sought all seems so pointless and insignificant. I only wish to go back and peacefully spend a period without conflict, staying far away from killing and conflict.”

The elder was a bit speechless. He felt like this youngster was just too pessimistic, not like a youngster at all, lacking that edge, that exceptional brilliance he had in Imperial Pass when his aura engulfed ten thousand li.

He really was at his wit’s end, unable to persuade the other party no matter what he tried, only able to take his leave again.

Of course, the imperial court behind Princess Yao Yue wouldn’t give up on him. They still had their own people come to Heavenly Deity Institution.

During this process, even though Shi Hao tactfully turned them down, from his interactions with the various powers, he learned how to safely return to the lower realm.

He asked all of those people how to head down those rumored ancient paths.

Unfortunately, none of them were able to provide precise information, at most a few clues.

However, Shi Hao now had some ideas, knowing what direction to focus his efforts at. As long as it wasn’t impossible, there was still a chance, then things weren’t that bad.

Then, an important figure from Heaven Mending Dao appeared, leaving Shi Hao a bit shocked.

This was the sect Qing Yi was in now, as well as where Yue Chan returned to, one of the Nine Heavens’ most powerful inheritances.

The lower realm had a Heaven Mending Pavilion, the three thousand provinces Heaven Mending Sect, while the Nine Heavens above had Heaven Mending Dao, continuing from the past until now. This was an extremely glorious and ancient inheritance.

“Little friend, we are fully aware of your matters. In the end, you still share some fate with my sect’s disciples Qing Yi and Yue Chan. No matter what had happened before, there is definitely a bit of good karma now.”

This elder’s smile was amiable, an extremely sincere expression on his face.

He spoke extremely directly. Heaven Mending Dao had a method that could bring everyone from Stone Village, even Stone Country’s higher levels directly up, saying that Shi Hao didn’t have to worry at all. As long as he was willing, they could immediately do this.

“Don’t you wish to return to your homeland? We can directly bring your pure land up here!” Heaven Mending Dao was indeed extremely strong, daring to make this type of promise.

“It is me who wishes to go down, not bring them up here.” Shi Hao shook his head. These were two different things.

How dangerous was it in the Nine Heavens above? No one understood this better than him!

Wang Family was always watching him like a tiger watching their prey, while Jin Taijun actually didn’t die yet!

The supreme beings were all wounded, almost dying. They were now all recuperating. Even though Jin Taijun didn’t have much lifespan left, for Shi Hao, this wasn’t some good news.

The most crucial thing was that this wasn’t the biggest issue. Before, who was it that defected to the other side? Which clan was it that betrayed the Nine Heavens Ten Earths? Even now, no one knew.

Moreover, this world still had immortals. He had heard secret information that there were creatures of that level who were struggling at death’s door.

The past Kun Peng battle, as well as the reason why the sinner’s bloodline was convicted of sin, these all signified that there was a terrifying power that couldn’t be overlooked!

Meanwhile, what was the most intolerable was that they had already fought to such a level in Desolate Border, yet the so-called immortals still didn’t appear, not fighting.

This led to Meng Tianzheng’s death!

The so-called sleeping immortals, the most powerful existences, if they were willing to come out and fight, Meng Tianzheng wouldn’t have had to leave behind such regrets!

No one went out to fight, so Great Elder had no choice but to sever his own future!

When he thought of these things, Shi Hao could only sigh and clench his fists.

That was why he decided to go far away into the lower realms, returning to his homeland. Even if that place was like a prison, the place where the Kun Peng ran away in defeat to, for him, it was a safe place.

He needed time to recover, wanted to lay low in the lower realm.

The time when he would rise like a dragon would come!

“Actually, it’s all the same. By bringing them up, it is enough as long as you all can reunite. The higher realms’ cultivation resources are so abundant, while the lower realms are too impoverished.” Heaven Mending Dao’s elder said.

“Does Heaven Mending Dao have any methods to directly send me down?” Shi Hao asked.

When the elder heard this, he was a bit embarrassed.

The difficulty of bringing people up versus sending Shi Hao down couldn’t even be compared.

Just how high could the cultivation levels of the people from Stone Village be?

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was now at the Self Release Realm, two entirely different levels of existence.

In the past, the three thousand provinces’ sect leaders barely managed to send down some Divine Flame Realm cultivators, all of them paying a huge price to do so.

Now, sending a Self Release Realm cultivator down really was just something out of a fantasy. This was something no inheritance could accomplish, an impossible mission.

Unless they found those ancient paths, there was no need to even think about it.

If they forcefully sent someone down to the lower realm, not only would Shi Hao die, the one who tried to do this -- Heaven Mending Dao and others, would also suffer tremendous consequences!

“I heard that you and Qing Yi share dao companion karma. Are you just this heartless, going to walk away, abandon everything?”

The elder had no choice, in the end bracing himself and actually speaking these words.

From this, one could see that they really wanted Shi Hao to remain. Even the powerful Heaven Mending Dao which had remained glorious throughout endless ages lacked a terrifying youngster like Huang.

Now, there was no need for anyone to say anything. Every clan in the Nine Heavens knew just how terrifying Huang was. In front of Imperial Pass, when he said that he would kill Emperor Clans, he didn’t show any mercy.

Meanwhile, in the Nine Heavens, how many people could accomplish this?

Emperor Clans were the most powerful powers, yet when fighting in a battle at the same level, they were still chopped up like vegetables, slaughtered until blood splashed across the great desert, corpses lying before Imperial Pass.

This was a war god sapling. If he was given a bit more time, he could definitely dominate the heavens above and earth below!

Perhaps he already couldn’t be considered a sapling, because he was now already a Self Release Realm cultivator. Moreover, he was only twenty something, breaking legends, exceeding all predecessors.

There was no Self Release Realm cultivator younger than him that could be found.

At the very least, there wasn’t a second even in this entire great era!

That was why as long as they could rope in Shi Hao, it was worth any price. If they gave this youngster another period of glory, he would definitely become unmatched under the heavens!

The ones who acquired Huang would be in an invincible position. This was something a few great powers all acknowledged, which was why they continuously visited him, doing everything they could to get him on their side.

“If Heaven Mending Dao really has these intentions, then at worst, Qing Yi can come with me to the lower realms. As long as she is willing, and you all don’t stop her, isn’t this also a share of good karma?” Shi Hao said.

“That is fine, there are no problems!”

This elder perhaps already knew that Shi Hao’s will was firm, actually no longer advising against it, instead directly nodding, agreeing to this suggestion.

Shi Hao was shocked. The other side really was decisive.

“However, you know that she is one with Yue Chan. If they are separated for too long, there will be problems.” The elder said.

Shi Hao frowned. It was because at his cultivation realm, he already understood a sufficient amount about a few ancient methods, deeply aware of some taboos and other things.

“They will merge together sooner or later, after all, the method she has cultivated is not complete. Otherwise, the dao fruit will be hindered, perhaps even damaging her soul. My advice is for you to head to the lower realm after they merge together in the Nine Heavens, continue on your path.” The elder advised.

Shi Hao laughed, not saying anything.

“Little friend, perhaps you feel like I am only doing this half-heartedly, but I am serious. However, I can say that you definitely can’t delay your decision. How about this, I will have a talk with Yue Chan, have her go together with Qing Yi with you to the lower realms, and then carry out that final merging in the so-called Stone Village.” The elder said.

Shi Hao was stunned, and then he laughed, saying, “Your respected self is gifting wives, moreover two at once?”

The elder got up and left. From his intentions, he actually really was going to return to Heaven Mending Dao, to start putting this into action.

Shi Hao was stupefied. He really found it hard to imagine what kind of reaction Yue Chan, who had always opposed him and showed hostility, would produce.

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