Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 - Searching For the Path Back

A grave towered precisely in Desolate Border.

Shi Hao silently paid his respects, not saying a single word.

This was Meng Tianzheng’s tomb, located outside Imperial Pass. He was like a lonesome protector, even when asleep, dead, he wanted to remain where the battle previously happened.

In the surroundings, sounds of crying could be heard. It was because many people came. Regardless of whether it was the younger generation or the older figures, they were all extremely respectful towards Meng Tianzheng.

Great Elder had descendants in Imperial Pass, this bloodline always fighting here, just that few people outside knew about them.

Now, they had already chosen to be families of Imperial Pass. The war god of their clan passed away, for them, this was a tremendous blow, the most terrifying nightmare.

Sounds of crying gradually became greater. Finally, even Desolate Border was shaken, because there were supreme beings who came and went.

Immortal Academy’s old man, Sacred Academy’s elder, and others, these were all the most powerful experts left in the Nine Heavens. Some of them were silent, some of them shedding some tears before leaving in disappointment and frustration.

When they watched the heroes of a generation disappear, they were all sighing.

“We’re leaving!”

“Let’s go home, we are never coming back!”

In front of the grave, a few people said quietly. They were going to leave this place.

Towards Desolate Border, they carried too many complex emotions. They had undergone a test of life and death, a battle full of blood, yet in the end, when they faced supreme beings and undying creatures, they were all extremely helpless.

Imperial Pass, many of the Nine Heavens’ supreme beings died. There was also Meng Tianzheng who fought a great decisive battle while climbing the path of ascension, only then did they finally manage to protect this city.

After returning to Imperial Pass, Shi Hao found Meng Tianzheng’s descendants. He left the Imperishable Scripture with them, moreover telling them that if there was anything that happened in the future, as long as they gave the word, no matter where he was, he would definitely hurry back!

He was also going to leave. What was left here were blood, scars, even more so regrets and bitterness.

The great battle ended. Even though they won, Shi Hao found it hard to smile. So many people died, yet they only barely managed to protect this place.

Desolate Border’s Seven Kings were forever gone, the entire city, as well as those individuals in the city were all buried in blood and flames.

However, the sinner’s blood name still remained, even now not washed away.

No one was willing to mention this, nor did they have the heart to talk about this. Everyone wanted to rush home, wishing to immediately leave.

Even a few indigenous people inside the city planned to move, not willing to remain here.

Only a few needed cultivators were left here to continue protecting this place. Meanwhile, in the future, the various clans would take turns keeping an eye over this place.

For many powerful clans, this was a place of bitterness, as well as a place of suffering they weren’t willing to return to. If they had the choice, they weren’t willing to step foot here again.

Shi Hao looked at the powerful Imperial Pass, not knowing when he would return.

“The day will come when the bugle horns will sound. When that time truly comes, I will no longer be powerless, I will trample down the other side!” Shi Hao said to himself.

He led a group of kids, all of them the bloodline left behind by that destroyed city. He previously agreed to bring them to a peaceful pure land.

“Are you really going to leave?” Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong, and others saw him off.

The younger generations’ damage was severe, Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes only had two left. Tuogu Yulong was beaten miserably, Qi Hong’s body half ruined…

There were even more who died.


Shi Hao brought the children with him, giving Imperial Pass’ remaining people his goodbyes.

How was he supposed to return to the lower realm’s eight regions? This was the issue Shi Hao was wondering about.

It was because if he wanted to go back, it really was hard. Back then, it wasn’t easy for him to come up, and now, the path back was even harder.

The eight regions floated outside the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, a realm wall protecting the lower realm. It didn’t allow power that was too great to descend.

“Before leaving, I have to meet with some people.” Shi Hao said quietly, explaining to the children.

At the same time, he had to make a trip through the Nine Heavens, consult with some old monsters figure out how he could head to the lower realms’ eight regions.

Just now, everything was too rushed. He was too full of emotions, thoughts all over the place, not paying attention to this matter. He should have asked Immortal Academy’s elder for guidance.

“Go, we’re heading to the Nine Heavens, to Heavenly Deity Institution, or perhaps Immortal Academy. We should carry out one final gathering!”

Regardless of whether it was Great Xu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, or Princess Yao Yue and the others, they all invited him. It was because after this battle, everyone really might be separated for a long time.

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and the others all headed to the Nine Heavens as well, because the roots of their inheritances were all there.

Imperial Pass had a giant transport formation that could transport them to the Nine Heavens. The clans had long went on their way one after the next, leaving this glorious giant city.

“Are you really going to return to the lower realm? You should just stay here! That place isn’t suited to cultivation, I think you should just remain here!”

Along the way, many people tried to keep him here.

This was especially the case with Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, Lunar Jade Rabbit and others, who were even more unwilling to see him leave. If they separated like this, who knew when they could meet again.

Perhaps due to Imperial Pass’ peace, the other side could no longer invade, many people would forever be separated, never to meet again.

The transport formation was massive, the efficiency extremely great.

Soon afterwards, they arrived in Immeasurable Heaven. Shi Hao sent the group of children to Heavenly Deity Institution, had them calmly wait for him.

Even though these children’s clothes were tattered, like a group of beggars, Shi Hao knew that they were extremely precious seeds. In the future, they would be a powerful force.

“Are you really going to leave?” Qing Yi asked, the expression in her beautiful eyes complicated, carrying a bit of reluctance.

“Yes, I have to go back.” Shi Hao nodded.

Qing Yi sighed, nodding. She wanted to speak out to make him stay, but then shook her head. She knew that after Huang made his decision, he wouldn’t change his mind.

“If you want to go to the lower realm, I will be more than happy to entertain all of you in Stone Village.”

Then, Shi Hao gave his goodbyes to Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders, and then went to see Immortal Academy’s elder. He discovered that returning to the lower realm really was extremely difficult.

“This is a problem that has been left behind in history. The lower realm’s eight regions can be said to be a part of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, but could also be said to not be. A great individual in the last great era had set down regulations that has rejection properties.”

Immortal Academy’s old man explained to him.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t go back, but rather that it had to be during a certain time. During this period, the will of heaven was difficult to disobey, the realm wall hard to break through.

“There should be one or two ancient paths that can safely bring you to the lower realm.”

When he saw Shi Hao’s disappointment, Immortal Academy’s elder said. However, he wasn’t too clear on the concrete details, only speculating that there might be a few extremely ancient families that might have secret paths.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao paid Sacred Academy a visit, seeing that powerful old existence, also asking him about this issue.

In the end, the conclusion he reached was roughly the same, while this old supreme being also gave him some clues, telling him that if nothing unexpected happened, then there should be a way to head to the lower realms.

Even though nothing was certain, there were some clues. This made Shi Hao release a slight breath of relief.

The younger generation was originally going to hold one final gathering, but due to various reasons, it was continuously postponed. It was because after they returned to their clans, there were too many things they had to report on and explain.

At the same time, there were also many who needed treatment, even Great Xu Tuo and Exiled Immortal had hidden injuries, let alone the others.

Meanwhile, quite a few people from the younger generation had died in Desolate Border, what was left behind only the elites. After the great battle, they all became their family’s treasures. If nothing unexpected happened, they would become the clans’ future leaders.

While Shi Hao was sorting through the various clues in Heavenly Deity Institution, someone came to meet with him.

The first to appear was Princess Yao Yue. She also had injuries, almost dying outside Imperial Pass, but after she came back, she was treated by an elder, and then hurried over.

“The family’s elders really wish that you could stay. If you can, they are willing to help you with your concerns with the lower realm, find a way to bring your clansmen and others into the Nine Heavens.”

Princess Yao Yue’s long dress fluttered about, long beautiful hair soft and glossy, eyes extremely large and moving. She was a stunning beauty, not hiding it at all, representing her family in trying to rope Shi Hao in.

Her clan was a long life family, an enormous imperial court established in the Nine Heavens. Their ancestor was a true immortal, a family that made it through Immortal Ancient’s disaster.

Without a doubt, they had immortal dao secret texts, possessing the most shocking backing.

Even the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth that was Immortal Ancient’s flag belonged to this clan, previously generously lending it to Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.

Shi Hao shook his head. Right now, his heart was extremely weary, tired of all of this. He only wished to return to the lower realm, go back to Stone Village. All of this had nothing to do with him anymore.

Soon afterwards, Princess Yao Yue’s clansman, an elder, sought him out, tactfully expressing that they truly wished that he could remain here, willing to have Princess Yao Yue become his dao companion.

“You will definitely become the war god of a generation, go even further than Meng Tianzheng. The lower realm is lacking in spiritual essence, not suited to cultivating the dao, not a place you should stay in at all.”

The individual from the long life imperial court tried to convince Shi Hao, have him stay behind.

“I don’t want to fight anymore, already a bit weary of cultivation as well. Since the great battle has ended, the army returning home, then I am also removing my armor and returning to the village, perhaps never even returning to the higher realms again.” Shi Hao shook his head, carrying disappointment and frustration. His attitude on this was extremely firm.

It was clear that more than a single long life imperial court sought him out. There were other powers who also continuously paid him a visit.

Everyone saw his potential. In the battle of Desolate Border, he dared to kill Emperor Clans, moreover actually doing it. He even reached the Self Release Realm at such a young age, in the future, he would definitely be unstoppable under the heavens, overlooking the strong.

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