Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669 - Bloody Battle

Shi Hao’s objective was Hao Feng, currently staring at him. This was a Self Release Realm level Emperor Clan, impervious to all methods, dao law immunity. He was the most terrifying young expert in the great desert.

The two didn’t immediately exchange attacks, only standing opposite of each other. Between them, divine light overflowed!

“Hand over your life!” On the other side, Suo Ming was furious. As someone from an Emperor Clan, being mocked was one thing, but he was even struck by that precious tree, making him feel extremely ashamed.

However, what faced him was another attack. Ten Crown King was unstoppable, with the World Tree Sapling in hand, he really was terrifying, already prepared to fight a vicious battle.


In the surroundings, there were King Clans that were directly swept through by the World Tree Sapling until their bones broke and muscles snapped. Moreover, Suo Ming took another blow, staggering backwards.


Furthermore, at this time, Exiled Immortal took action. In his hands was a horn, hidden within the simple and ancient appearance was a terrifying killing intent.

Honglong! An ancient horn appeared in his hands, the corners of his clothes fluttered about. The world was torn apart, all of the nearby foreign cultivators intimidated, some of them blasted to pieces.

This horn seemed like it was able to break through everything, as if it possessed endless weight behind it. When it swept across the sky, a few people were directly crushed.

Even the Emperor Clans felt it a bit hard to endure, only able to move out of the way when this horn’s power swept over. Suo Ming didn’t dare face it head-on, really feeling some restraining fear. It was because that horn was too dangerous.

In the distance, the golden little ant cried out, greatly moved, but also feeling a bit sad. This was a horn from its race, belonging to the Heavenly Horned Ants!

This was a secret treasure, the power terrifying.

Exiled Immortal had previously obtained the Heavenly Horned Ant’s inheritance in Immortal Ancient Remains, also obtaining this horn.


Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King were all fierce individuals. Even though one was aloof and otherworldly while the other was like a monarch, when they truly moved, they were decisive and incredibly ferocious.


Ten Crown King attacked, a fist blasting apart an enemy, blood splashing high into the air.

At the same time, he brandished the World Tree Sapling, making Suo Ming stagger backwards again, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips.

Ten Crown King was majestic and powerful, running after Suo Ming.

Exiled Immortal released a long roar, True Phoenix wings appearing behind him. He soared into the sky, also taking action. That horn moved, splitting heaven and earth, making his opponent’s expression change.

A few people exploded, dying in front of him, not even bones remaining, turning into a bloody mist.

Right now, it wasn’t a one on one battle anymore, but rather a chaotic battle. Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal didn’t hold back, using their most powerful precious artifacts to unleash a great slaughter.

They were the main force, daring to fight even against Emperor Clans!

It was clear that in this type of situation, it wasn’t suitable to fight great decisive battles one on one with Emperor Clans, all of them instead trying to find a way to kill their enemies in the shortest amount of time possible.

As a result, Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal didn’t act too politely, using the precious tree and ancient horn in their hands, unleashing a great slaughter. Whoever stood in their way, whoever they would kill.

Even if it was someone from an Emperor Clan, when faced with the World Tree and the Heavenly Horn, they could only move out of the way, full of restraining fear.


At this moment, there was no Emperor Clan around Shi Yi. His pupils contracted, firing shocking multicolored light accompanied by chaotic energy. Great dao symbols surrounded the void.

Those two swords appeared again. At this time, they hacked towards the enemy, blood splashing out, the scene extremely terrifying.

Shi Yi went crazy. When his eyes opened and closed, streak after streak of light shot out, sword radiance flickering, shocking heaven and earth.

A great chaotic battle erupted, blood splashing outwards!

“Are you all looking to die?!” Hao Feng shouted. He took action even though there were supreme beings who previously ordered him that he shouldn’t act recklessly, that he shouldn’t rashly fight a decisive battle with Huang.

However, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, he wanted to get rid of Huang, and then kill all of the young experts in Imperial Pass.


In that instant, the two sides shook. Magical Force Immunity, unaffected by dao laws, the most terrifying aura erupted here. This was a great clash of physical power.

The two fought intensely!

Soon afterwards, in Shi Hao’s surroundings, lightning appeared. He wanted to cross tribulation, enter the Self Release Realm during the baptism and transformation, and then kill his opponent.

However, this opponent was extremely terrifying, a Self Release Realm great cultivator, as well as someone from an Emperor Clan. In the past, he always defeated all of his opponents.


Shi Hao was distracted. A fist smashed out, striking towards the other party’s allies, blasting a few youngsters until their bodies exploded. Under his full powered strike, even Wu Kun, Yu Yu, and the others were killed, let alone these people.

This was to protect Great Xu Tuo, Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, Daoist Qi Gu, and others.

In this chaotic battle, even though those from Imperial Pass’ side surged with hot blood, their strength was still inferior to the other side in the end. Shi Hao was always paying attention, scared that there would be deaths here.

That was why at the crucial moment, he directly rushed over murderously, forcing back the enemy!

Ever since he fought with Anlan, obtaining that momentary power from the drop of blood, even though he lost it afterwards, Shi Hao’s benefits were great, his combat awareness becoming astonishing.


Shi Hao shouted, calling Cao Yusheng, Heavenly Horned Ant, Chang Gongyan, and others back. In the end, their strength was still less than the other side’s, so if they continued fighting, it would only increase the casualties.

He didn’t want to see the young individuals of the Nine Heavens’ side die miserably one after another!


Shi Hao himself was charging forward, attacking murderously until heaven and earth shook, great dao divine sound rumbled. Moreover, he guided down lightning and thunder; this was heavenly tribulation.

Hao Feng released a long roar, charging over to fight him. Even though Shi Hao was covered in lightning radiance, he still remained fearless, wishing to use this chance to kill Shi Hao, not allowing him to truly consolidate the Self Release Realm cultivation.

Shi Hao was like a berserk humanoid True Dragon, terrifying beyond compare. As he moved, his fist strength was world shocking, smashing the surrounding foreign cultivators until they screamed miserably, people continuously dying.

Shi Hao went crazy, wishing to break through while still keeping his eyes on this battlefield, making sure to protect those on his side. His head of black hair danced about chaotically, murderous energy overflowing, eyes even standing up.

At this moment, Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King were undoubtedly terrifying, also protecting the people by their side, murderous energy surging.

Shi Yi was bathed in blood. Wherever his eyes passed, a few experts would break apart into bloody mist, all of them killed by him, powerful and shocking.


Great Xu Tuo’s arm was cut off by someone. He staggered backwards. This was a great expert from the Nine Heavens’ younger generation, but he was still seriously injured.


A war spear flew over, piercing into Daoist Qi Gu’s chest, almost nailing him onto the ground.


The golden little ant suffered serious injuries, because it was too eye-catching, everyone knowing its clan’s identity. A few King Clans wanted to take this chance to prevent it from ever growing up.

The situation was dangerous!


Shi Hao roared, doing everything he could to activate heavenly tribulation. Moreover, he continuously brandished his fist to kill the other side’s experts, give Imperial Pass’ cultivators a path of life.

“Huang, today, I will kill you!” Hao Feng roared. He was trying to interfere, chasing after Shi Hao, wishing to kill him today.

Right now, there was nothing else in his eyes, no longer saving the cultivators of his side, only wishing to eliminate Shi Hao.


Some of the youngsters on Imperial Pass’ side died, but in this great clash, the other side also had quite a few casualties, mainly because of Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal’s power. With secret treasures in hand, they even dared chase down Emperor Clans.

Moreover, Huang also went crazy, crossing tribulation while slaughtering his way forward, his head of black hair dancing about chaotically, eyes like cold lightning. He killed the cultivators of all clans, unleashing a massacre.

However, his situation wasn’t all that good either. Because he wanted to take care of Imperial Pass’ side, he took a blow from Hao Feng who continuously followed him, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips.

“Back up!”

Cao Yusheng roared. He felt like they couldn’t let Shi Hao be distracted.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao’s aura surged, guiding down even more powerful heavenly tribulation, cleansing his body, he fully entered the Self Release Realm and then faced Hao Feng!

Hang Feng was a terrifying figure after all, someone who left others with restraining fear.

It was because after he displayed his innate divine ability, this place became different. All natural laws became nothing. This was his Magical Force Immunity!

Fortunately, Shi Hao’s body was incomparable, and he was also proficient in the terrifying Magical Force Immunity himself. Even though he could only maintain it for a short period of time unlike his opponent, it was still already enough!

Shi Hao crossed tribulation, entire body covered in electricity, eyes releasing cold lightning. He stared at the incoming Hao Feng, wishing to fight a great battle against him.


In the distance, Suo Ming roared in anger, carrying pain and unwillingness.

Everyone looked over, couldn’t help but turn their heads. A rain of blood gushed out, dyeing the skies bright red.

Suo Ming was going to die!

It was because at the moment Ten Crown King sent him flying with a precious technique, the horn in Exiled Immortal’s hand moved out, almost cleaving him in half!

It had to be said that though Exiled Immortal looked aloof, his methods were fierce and vicious. He was extremely sensitive at seizing opportunities, directly delivering this fatal blow, cold and unfeeling.

The most crucial part was that in the final moment, Shi Yi just happened to arrive here. His dual-pupils opened, attacking Suo Ming at his weakest state.

Two swords emerged from Shi Yi’s eyes, intersecting, carrying chaotic energy. They were like dragon shears, with a pu sound, Suo Ming was chopped apart, body now completely cut into two pieces, falling onto the ground, blood dyeing the skies.


Ten Crown King smashed down viciously, fist and precious tree descending at the same time, powerful and oppressive, blasting Suo Ming into a bloody mist!

Another member of an Emperor Clan actually died!


The eyes of the other side’s creatures immediately became red, frantically counterattacking, rushing at them.

Imperial Pass’ youngsters were clearly in a difficult situation now. Some of them immediately burst into blood, dying here.

It was extremely miserable, the great battle cruel, blood dyeing this battlefield.

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