Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668 - Huang’s Older Brother

Dual-pupils opened heaven and earth, primal chaos spilling out. Under this attack, several King Clans were killed. Their headless corpses fell onto the ground, blood gushing everywhere. This scene was extremely shocking!

Shi Yi stood on the battlefield, black hair fluttering about, eyes intimidating. Within his eyes, there seemed to be concentric circles, these dual-pupils, overlaying on top of each other, releasing terrifying beams of light.

In the past, no one on the other side knew of him, not knowing of this individual’s existence at all. However, after today, many people would remember him, hard for them to forget.

Kengqiang sounds rang out. Those two swords shrunk, becoming divine radiance, returning to his pupils, entering the depths of his eyes.

The chaotic energy entered as well, making his eyes become increasingly deep!

This left everyone shaken. Those were but dual pupils! They actually produced two swords, so sharp even King Clans couldn’t defend themselves, directly cut through!

How sharp were they? Those were two god killing swords, making all of them feel restraining fear!

“Who are you?” In the distance, someone shouted, examining Shi Yi carefully for the first time. Before, he definitely didn’t attach any importance to him.

In the blink of an eye, the eye radiance killed several King Clans’ well-known figures, and only then did a great commotion with Shi Yi at the center erupt

“Shi Yi.” Shi Yi spoke, extremely calm, not showing any particular emotions, speaking his name.

Even though he killed several experts in one breath, he wasn’t shaken at all, instead remaining calm, not feeling like it was a glorious feat.

It was because in his beliefs, the dual-pupils were undefeated!

Meanwhile, in this bloodline’s inheritance, the eye technique was unmatched, shouldn’t have any opponents!

This type of belief was already rooted in his soul, long becoming the root of his faith and conviction.

“Shi Yi? Never heard of you before!”

In the other side, there were some who said this to themselves. It was because this name was too unfamiliar, no information for them to review. For them, it was nothing more than a name. However, why was he so strong?

“Unknown one, you seem to have a bit of weight behind you.” Someone from the other side’s younger generation said.

They were prideful, and also arrogant. There were some King Clans, who, even though they knew Shi Yi was dangerous, still deliberately played him down, speaking with contempt.

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, many people were excited and stirred. Shi Yi, that dual-pupiled individual was actually this strong. Two swords emerged from his eyes, actually killing many King Clans.

Just how astonishing of a battle accomplishment was this?!

Now, when they heard the other creatures devalue Shi Yi’s feat like this, they naturally all felt discontent, speaking out to uphold his name.

“Never hearing of the dual-pupils before can only mean that you all are ignorant and inexperienced!”

On the other side, a few creatures immediately laughed after hearing this. Even though they knew that Shi Yi was extraordinary, a terrifying young expert, they still couldn’t help but speak out to mock him.

“What dual-pupiled individual? Never heard of him at all. Does he really think that by winning one fight, he is unstoppable in the world? Don’t think you are another Huang!”

The people on that side roared with laughter.

In short, they felt restraining fear towards Huang, but at the same wanted to put down and mock Shi Yi. It was because they indeed didn’t know his identity.

“So what if you have dual-pupils? When my side’s clans take action, you will definitely be killed!”

“Not everyone can be Huang. Moreover, not even Huang will live for much longer!”

The other side’s cultivators sneered, carrying arrogant expressions, as well as a trace of cold-heartedness.

Even Cao Yusheng couldn’t hold back anymore, shouting out and berating, “You never heard of the dual-pupils before? Then let me tell you, he is indeed not Huang, but he is --- Huang’s older brother!”

When this sentence was spoken, the other side’s cultivators’ expressions immediately became sluggish, becoming stupefied, extremely shocked, not knowing what to say.

A few people originally wanted to berate him and mock him. However now, after they stared blankly for a moment, they quickly shut their mouths.

Huang’s… older brother?

Was this real? From the same mother, blood brothers?

On the other side, a group of young creatures became dizzy. This relationship is too unordinary! They were dumbstruck.

Now, no one mocked him anymore, nor did they call Shi Yi an unknown individual.

It was because if he really was Huang’s older brother, they felt like he really had the qualifications to be treated seriously, had to be carefully investigated!

During this period of time, the blow Huang dealt to their minds was too great. Just now, he even more so killed five people in succession, five of the Six Small Emperors cut down.

Just how terrifying of a thing was this? The battle accomplishment was glorious, enough to be passed down for hundreds of generations, shake up an entire great era.

Now, Huang’s older brother stepped out, would it be another monster? This left all of them with great uncertainty, a bit dizzy.

Even the Emperor Clans’ expressions became serious. Their side attached great importance to bloodline strength, believing in the natural talent inheritance of a clan.

Even Huang was that frightening, his older brother… just how terrifying would he be?

Moreover, when they thought about it, that ‘Huang’s older brother’ was indeed terrifying, only widening his eyes and two world shocking sword cores fell out.

In that instant, he killed several powerful King Clan youngsters in one breath, clean and efficient, absolutely decisive!

In that moment, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi was deeply remembered by them, no one daring to look down on him anymore. They all revealed serious expressions, staring at him.

Huang’s… older brother!

The other side’s people no longer dared to mock him, instead directly adding a label, viewing him as a dangerous individual.

Their performance and their expressions naturally all entered Shi Yi, Great Xu Tuo, Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others’ eyes, understanding what they were thinking.

They were all speechless. Huang’s… older brother. This type of phrasing, these words actually became a shocking label and tag, making the other side’s younger generation treat them seriously.

On Imperial Pass’ side, a group of people became speechless. They wanted to laugh, yet nothing came out.

The original instigator of all of this -- Cao Yusheng, was also speechless. He only randomly blurted this out, yet the other side’s King Clans and even Emperor Clans attached such great importance to this.

“Huang’s older brother, it seems like I’ve disrespected you. I am willing to fight, do you dare accept my challenge?”

One person walked out, an Emperor Clan disciple, of the same clan as Suo Gu, both of them descendants of Shutuo. Now, he was going to attack with killing intent.

Huang killed his older brother Suo Gu. After sizing himself up, he felt like he wasn’t Huang’s opponent, if he stepped up, he would most likely similarly nurse a grievance.

That was why after learning that Huang had an older brother, Suo Ming wanted to fight a decisive battle with Shi Yi here, do everything he could to kill Shi Yi.

There was an Emperor Clan who issued a challenge, wishing to fight a decisive battle with Shi Yi. The atmosphere immediately became tense.

Even Cao Yusheng and the Lunar Jade Rabbit, these happy-go-lucky fellas’ expressions became serious, no longer speaking randomly.

“That’s fine. Come over and fight!” Someone spoke out.

However, this left everyone stupefied. It was because the one who spoke wasn’t Shi Yi, but that Exiled Immortal, leaving everyone stunned.

Wasn’t this challenging Shi Yi? Huang’s older brother was challenged, so why did Exiled Immortal now stand out? Even Imperial Pass’ people were a bit confused.

“Who are you? The one I want to challenge is Huang’s older brother!” Suo Gu’s young brother Suo Ming asked coldly.

“Naturally… Huang’s older brother!” Exiled Immortal replied.

The other side were stupefied. There was another brother of Huang’s? Who was he? Just how many brothers did Huang have? They were all a bit stunned.

Shi Hao was also a bit speechless. Exiled Immortal actually spoke these words.

The expression of Imperial Pass’ cultivators became a bit strange, and then they realized that Exiled Immortal was mocking the other side, doing this on purpose.

They all knew that Exiled Immortal’s origins were mysterious, normally aloof and remote, distant like an immortal. He was the one who was most transcendent, closest to immortal dao aura among the younger generation.

Normally, he was gentle, and also aloof. No one expected him to provoke the other party like this, actually having this side to him.

Those who knew about Exiled Immortal all knew that he looked aloof, but he was actually vicious, his methods exceptionally terrifying. He was an extremely dangerous individual.

Back then, in the struggle between the three thousand provinces’ geniuses, his hands were full of blood, battle accomplishments terrifyingly great, number of people he killed hundreds to thousands of time worse than Shi Hao and Ten Crown King!

“Who exactly is Huang’s older brother? Come over and fight!” Suo Ming shouted. He felt like he had been played.

“Fine, I’ll fight with you!”

At this time, before Shi Yi or Exiled Immortal attacked, Ten Crown King also moved, every move powerful, as if a celestial monarch attacked. Whenever he took a step out, there were great dao symbols that appeared beneath his feet, looking majestic and imposing, aura devouring mountains and rivers!

“You… who are you?”

On the other side, the crowd was a bit annoyed, especially Suo Ming.

“Huang’s older brother!” Ten Crown King said.

They were all speechless. Another older brother of Huang’s came over. This was clearly making fun of them!”

“You are courting death!”

On the other side, the group of young experts were all furious.

On Imperial Pass’ side, many people couldn’t help but roar out in laughter. They never expected the dignified Ten Crown King and the aloof Exiled Immortal would all have this side.

Even Shi Hao cursed inwardly. Even if those people were older than him, did they really have to step up with the status of Huang’s older brother? They were clearly mocking him!

“Who cares if you are Huang’s older brother or his younger brother. Do you dare fight me?” Suo Ming roared out in anger. He was truly annoyed.

On the other side, many people from the younger generation were similarly furious, feeling like they had been played. These individuals didn’t place them in their eyes at all.

“I’ll fight with you!”



At this moment, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and Shi Yi seemed to have taken action at the same time, erupting with endless symbols, taking action together, attacking murderously.

This was especially the case when Ten Crown King brandished the precious tree, a bit crude, not using any techniques at all, smashing it at Suo Ming.

The three great experts advanced together, striving to be the first to take action, agreeing by chance to attack at the same time. This was naturally extremely terrifying.

Of course, the most terrifying was still Ten Crown King’s attack. When he brandished the World Tree Sapling, a sea of great dao symbols surged, blasting Suo Ming, sending him flying out.

The precious tree sapling’s power was endless!

In the back, everyone’s eyes erupted with light, a wave of hot blood surging. They shouted out the word ‘kill’!

A few people rushed out, all of them slaughtering over, including Great Xu Tuo, Little Sky King, Lan Xian, Daoist Qi Gu, Yi Yi, Qi Hong, Tuogu Yulong, and others.

“There is also me! Huang’s older brother is also coming!” The golden little Heavenly Horned Ant and Cao Yusheng roared, also hollering as they charged with these people.

“There’s us, Huang’s older sis!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit, Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes and others shouted out, their voices incredibly sharp and clear.

The other side, the younger generation’s cultivators’ faces all fell. They knew that they had been played, mocked. They roared out ‘kill’!


Shi Hao released a cold snort. He rushed forward. A great chaotic battle erupted!

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