Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667 - Supreme Being Confrontation

The Emperor Clan supreme being agreed so easily, this really was quite surprising.

However, Meng Tianzheng instead frowned, because only one of the Emperor Clan supreme beings nodded. The other one remained indifferent, not saying anything.

“My side’s experts are many, why should we accompany you in a decisive battle?” The second Emperor Clan supreme being refused after all.

“Then we’ll just fight one by one. Whoever can make it past me, I won’t stop them, nor will I have the strength to stop them!” Meng Tianzheng calmly said.

He was going to stop the other side alone first, fight them one on one.

“I’ll give your Imperial Pass one opportunity. When you two go at it, the two side’s supreme beings will exchange pointers one by one to ensure fairness. We won’t rely on using numbers to overwhelm you all.” The second Emperor Clan supreme being said.

The situation was greater than the person. The other side’s experts were too many. What Imperial Pass could rely on was only their advantage in immortal artifacts.

Meng Tianzheng looked towards the people behind him, releasing a light sigh. The people on their side were too few, not having any advantage at all.

“Can we use immortal artifacts?” He asked.

“For the sake of fairness, we won’t use immortal artifacts. Of course, if both sides have them, and both parties agree to fight with them, then there’s no harm.” The second supreme being said.

In the back, Jin Taijun’s expression wasn’t all that great. It was now time for supreme beings to face each other! They didn’t have many people on their side, so she definitely had to go up.

Immortal Wang nodded, expressing his agreement.

The other supreme beings from Imperial Pass also nodded.

In the end, this decided things.

Meng Tianzheng sat down across from the Emperor Clan supreme beings, a great distance separating them.

The so-called seated confrontation was playing a black and white great dao chess match, struggling for victory and defeat, deciding life and death.

Simply speaking, this was a great dao confrontation, but it wasn’t fighting with weapons, but rather deducing natural laws, using the dao to carry out a contest.

This looked like a civil battle, but it was actually even more dangerous.

Meng Tianzheng sat down. In that instant, black and white lines extended, forming patterns like a great dao chess board.

That were yin and yang energies, the most fundamental energies of this world. They could portray the great dao, even more so able to derive life or death, simple yet complex.

Black and white met, the great dao chessboard majestic, rising and falling here!

On the other side, black and white energies appeared in the Emperor Clan supreme being’s surroundings. Yin and yang swirled, displaying great dao natural law power.

With a honglong noise, great dao power clashed between the two, forming a grand and complete chess board. In reality, these were natural laws, magical force, the embodiment of the dao.

Only, it would give one the misconception that they seemed to really be playing a game of chess.

“Before heaven and earth were opened, there were endless tribulations…” The Emperor Clan supreme being was chanting, entire body surrounded under the radiance of great dao, indistinct and terrifying.

With a honglong noise, he moved his finger, a chess piece flying out. That was a type of technique, a type of divine ability. It erupted in the void, forming a flower, flickering about.

“Tribulation flower blooms, endless calamity begins.” The Emperor Clan supreme being said quietly.

“Change the world’s eighty thousand methods, cross endless tribulation.” Meng Tianzheng said calmly, pointing his finger out. A chess piece appeared there, turning about, suppressing forward. Endless great dao symbols were produced.

Only, that tribulation flower was extremely mysterious, looking gentle and soft. However, there were natural laws everywhere, multicolored lights swirling about, constructing a great mortal realm.


The piece Meng Tianzheng produced shone, directly cracking. A humanoid creature walked out from within, a divine ape. It entered that world of mortals, personally facing tribulation.

The two great supreme beings seemed like they were creating a new heaven and earth, deriving the fates of all life, constructing a great dao law domain. There were creatures who rose and fell inside.

The Emperor Clan supreme being raised his hand, the second type of method about to be derived. A simple and ancient symbol flowed about, forming a chess piece once more, flying towards Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.


Only, when it was still in midair, it turned into a great imprint. This was formed from the Emperor Clan’s interweaving natural laws.

In reality, even if it was just a simple and ancient symbol, it was the embodiment of a supreme inheritance’s essentials.

Great Elder also raised his hand, releasing a streak of light. It turned into symbols, clashing with the other side’s great imprints!


Immediately afterwards, they turned into white and black chess pieces, clashing, continuously surging.

What Great Elder used was the Imperishable Scripture’s symbols, forming the second chess piece, clashing with the Emperor Clan’s unmatched inheritance’s profound meanings.

“Everyone, have you all decided who will be sent out first?” The other side’s supreme beings spoke, looking towards Immortal Wang, Jin Taijun, and the others.

A battle was going to begin, the final great confrontation!

“Come, come, come, who will fight with me?” A supreme being stepped out from the other side, carrying black mist, as well as a hazy great dao aura, standing there.

“Who will go out?” jin Taijun asked the ones with the qualifications to take action from Imperial Pass.

“This one is the first who stepped out, definitely not the strongest. Jin dao friend, you should go out and face him.” Immortal Wang spoke.

He spoke it extremely tactfully, but his meaning was already direct enough. The one who went out first should be the one with the weakest strength.

“Fine, I’ll go!”

Jin Taijun clenched her teeth, stepping out. It was because hiding wouldn’t accomplish anything. There weren’t many people here, every person here was going to have to step out sooner or later.

Heh, dao friend, it seems like your heart isn’t at peace, not all that calm. You just might die here!” The foreign supreme being spoke.

Dong!” Jin Taijun’s walking stick shook, making the void tremble. She berated out, “Less nonsense!”


A great battle began. Jin Taijun activated her secret method, displaying precious techniques, fighting an intense battle with this person.

It had to be said that those who could become supreme beings were all the most talented individuals, heaven warping talents, strength unimaginably powerful.

Even if the other side was warlike, every individual bold and brave, generally speaking, their strength was still greater than that of the Nine Heavens. However, there were no weak individuals among those who could reach this level.

Jin Taijun was extremely strong, fighting intensely with that person.

In reality, at that level, they were all dragons among men, all of them unmatched beings in their respective generations.

In the Void Dao Realm and Self Severing Realm, the other side’s creatures’ best seemed to be able to overwhelm the Nine Heavens’ side’s young cultivators, but at the supreme being level or higher, there were no longer any overwhelming advantages.

It was because supreme beings represented the limit of the mortal dao.

The massive Nine Heavens Ten Earths, from past until present, there were only just these supreme beings left. After experiencing endless trials, only this many were produced.

This was the choice of great dao!

The other side might have produced more creatures at this level, but that didn’t necessarily mean that they were stronger!

The choice of dao represented a type of result. They were all the most powerful in the mortal dao, whoever was stronger or weaker no longer that apparent.


The great dao rumbled, lightning was deafening. A great magical projection filled this world, the two able to seize down the sun and moon with a single raise of their hand, fighting intensely.

However, in the end, Jin Taijun still wasn’t a match.


She was struck in the back by a palm, her entire person sent flying, smashing into outer space. A mouthful of blood sprayed out, a great expanse of stars forever becoming dim, destroyed by supreme being blood.

Honglong! At the most crucial time, great dao rumbled.

On the black and white life and death chessboard, Meng Tianzheng sighed. He pointed out lightly, a dazzling streak of light stopped the other side’s chess pieces.

At the same time, the great dao chessboard enlarged, covering heaven and earth, surrounding outer space. This was done deliberately to protect Jin Taijun, allowing her to live.

“Dao friend, you are going for too much, actually daring to be distracted.” That Emperor Clan supreme being said coldly.


On the life or death chessboard, chess pieces appeared one after another, all of them original great dao profound meanings, currently suppressing toward Meng Tianzheng.


Then, Jin Taijun escaped the chessboard, sent back by Great Elder, escaping death.

“We lost this round.” Immortal Wang stepped out, stopping the pursuer, protecting Jin Taijun.

It was extremely dangerous. If he was a step too late, without Meng Tianzheng’s chessboard, without Immortal Wang stepping out, Jin Taijun would have definitely been killed.

“Dao friend, your cultivation maturity seems to be lacking.” The other side’s supreme being didn’t seem to be too upset, carrying a faint smile, thus withdrawing.

It was because he knew that unless something unexpected happened, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ supreme beings would all be slaughtered. There was no rush.

“Who will fight with me?” Immortal Wang stepped out, walking over one step after another. He looked extremely young, his appearance that of a sixteen or seventeen year old young man, extremely delicate and handsome.

“I’ll go!” On the other side, a woman appeared, extremely pretty, but also extremely cold. Her pair of eyes were deep like a starry sky.


The two rushed into the heavens, fighting an intense battle in outer space.

On the ground, the other side’s cultivators stirred restlessly, especially the younger generation, some of them unable to sit still. They glared at Imperial Pass’ side like tigers watching their prey.

“How about we also exchange some pointers?” A foreign young creature provoked, walking out. Of course, he avoided Shi Hao.

If Shi Hao took action, then it would definitely be Without Death’s descendant Hao Feng who faced him.

“Fine, this was exactly my intention!“ Shi Yi calmly spoke, long wishing to fight.

Hehe, haha…” On the other side, someone laughed loudly, saying, “I admire you all greatly, actually really daring to accept our challenge. Where do you all get the confidence? Do you all think you are Huang?”


Almost in that instant, there were a few creatures who rushed over, striving to be the first. Their eyes flickered with divine light, as if they saw the most delicious prey, scared that others might get to it before they did.

There were some who couldn’t wait any longer, rushing forward and attacking.

Of course, they weren’t that reckless, avoiding Huang. They definitely wouldn’t throw their lives away.

At the same time, they also avoided Ten Crown King, because they had seen him directly send Suo Gu’s ancient pagoda flying with that precious tree.

A few threw themselves at Shi Yi and Exiled Immortal, because they were at the very front.

Heheh, human child, I’ll help send you to the afterlife, you thing who doesn’t know the difference between life and death!”

There was a King Clan individual who laughed, eyes sinister. Several people moved at the same time, rushing towards Shi Yi, viewing him as the first prey. They wanted to immediately kill him as a statement.

“Dual pupils open heaven and earth, never witnessed defeat from past until present.” Shi Yi said quietly, extremely calm, not all that forceful, even a bit overcast, lacking a type of grand and powerful feeling.

It was because he was a bit regretful that he wasn’t able to display the most powerful eye technique back then when he was defeated, instead using the supreme being bone that didn’t belong to himself, losing to his cousin.

Honglong! Following his shout, his eyes changed, becoming dual-pupils, completely different from how they were normally.

Weng! Blazing radiance erupted, primal chaos radiance surged, astonishing to the extreme, a horrifying aura surging out.


At this moment, two swords actually emerged from Shi Yi’s eyes, carrying chaotic energy. Then, they crossed, forming mysterious light, hacking forward.

Pu pu pu pu!

Several light sounds rang out, blood radiance gushing everywhere, heads tumbling. The individuals who rushed over all had their heads removed by the two intersecting blades, their headless corpses collapsing onto the ground.

Moreover, their primordial spirits were even more so directly killed within their heads, unable to escape, extinguished by the chaotic sword radiance.

Dual-pupils opened heaven and earth, actually revealing two swords, leaving everyone shocked.

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