Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666 - Forcing Back Emperor Clans

Shi Hao was delicate and handsome, but right now, he was intimidating, body carrying the blood of Emperor Clans. His tall and slender body was surrounded by symbols, waves of holy light surging!

His fist carried blood. It penetrated Wu Kun’s body. After gently pulling that arm out, that corpse fell from midair.

It was dead silent. The battlefield actually entered a short period of silence. This result was too shocking, four great Emperor Clan young experts, Suo Gu, Qing Kun, Yu Yu, and Wu Kun, all died.

A clash this intense, battle this terrifying, it made everyone’s eyes dazzle with radiance, feel deeply shaken.

If Chi Menghong from earlier was added, Scarlet King’s descendant, then Shi Hao killed five Emperor Clan experts in total. This type of battle accomplishment could definitely be considered dazzling.

After hundreds of glorious ages, tens of thousands of years, in this great era, this type of battle accomplishment had never happened. It was just too brilliant!

He won just like that, ending the battle!

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, after a moment of silence, sky shaking cheers sounded. Many people shouted out, excited and moved.

A single person killed four Emperor Clan experts. He was definitely an undefeated legend!

From the past until now, in this great era, Imperial Pass was always the one being pressured, intimidated by the other side. Each time, Imperial Pass always had to act extremely passive, had to pay the price of blood and lives to defend itself.

Now, in one battle, several Emperor Clans were killed in succession. Shi Hao altered the flow of history.

For the other side, this feeling was bitter and terrible, unimaginable. This kind of result actually appeared.

Five Emperor Clan heroes died one after the next, moreover all killed by a single person! Even the four great experts attacking at the same time weren’t enough, only able to die in the end.

Huang, how could he be this terrifying? Was he going to establish an unmatched legend?

“He was previously taken prisoner in my world, yet now, he continuously killed our Emperor Clans…” Someone said softly, voice shaking. He felt shock and anger at the same time, as well as a type of worry.

Huang, how did he become this powerful? A single person killed five great Emperor Clan experts!

Shi Hao descended, extremely calm. He quickly collected several corpses, including a demonic bird body, giant beast body, feathers dyed in blood, scales and horns brilliant.

This was Emperor Clans’ flesh. For other creatures, they wouldn’t even dare think about it. Who could kill Emperor Clans, who dared touch them?

Now, a youngster, as if he had carried out a hunt, wiped out Emperor Clan heroes, moreover putting away their bodies.

Apart from Yu Yu who was of human form, directly blasted apart, even if the others were in pieces, he still collected their bodies.

“Now there’s enough to eat.” Shi Hao muttered.

This more or less shattered his image somewhat. Just now, he was heroic and powerful, aura intimidating, but now, he actually talked about eating.

Of course, in some people’s ears, it made him seem savage, actually seeing Emperor Clans as food. In all these years, who dared to do such a thing?


Finally, from the other side, a long roar sounded, full of grief. Many creatures howled, carrying powerful killing intent, engulfing the battlefield.

These were from cultivators related to Emperor Clans, erupting into anger one after another, expressing their resentment. They really wanted to immediately kill Huang.

This battle left the Emperor Clans without any brilliance, dealing a heavy blow. They, who were always unmatched, suffered a crushing defeat today.

On the battlefield, when the other side’s supreme beings opened and closed their eyes, it was deep and cold, lightning radiance shooting in all directions. They didn’t take action, but were instead full of killing intent.

Not far out, Meng Tianzheng held the damaged great banner in hand, precisely the Immortal Ancient war flag that had been soaked in the blood of immortal kings, condensing that era’s battle intent and killing energy.

Apart from this, above his head, the Ten Realms Diagram rose and fell, facing the creatures on the other side.

If they fought a fierce battle, then the effects would be too great. If someone like Meng Tianzheng was defeated, then that would mean that Imperial Pass would fall, completely collapse.

The city gateway was in ruins, right now was Imperial Pass’ weakest state after endless years. An immortal artifact could be used to blast it open.

“Huang, you are extremely strong, not bad. However, if you think you are unrivaled in the same generation, then you are still far off!”

Right at this time, a youngster walked over from the other side, heroic and intimidating, a heavenly spear in hand. His body was slender and powerful like a Flood Dragon, carrying a type of presence as if only he was supreme.

This person was extremely arrogant, and also self-confident. His entire body carried brilliance, surrounded by a divine ring. He was like the son of a celestial emperor as he stood there, becoming the center of the world.

He was extraordinary, head of long hair brilliant. It was as if demonic imprints were engraved between his brows, flowing with intimidating power. A pair of sharp and long eyebrows extended into his temples.

This person was precisely the young man who claimed that he was going to kill Shi Hao before. He held a heavenly spear in hand, pointing it at Shi Hao from the distance, challenging him. He was at the Self Severing Realm.

This person was a level higher than Wu Kun, Yu Yu, Chi Menghong, and the others. If not for members of the Six Small Emperors coming out, he would have long fought a decisive battle with Shi Hao.

A Self Release Realm Emperor Clan youngster!

Without a doubt, he was a leading figure of the other side’s younger generation!

“I will give you time to rest, you can take all the time you need to reach your peak state!” This youngster shouted, battle clothes brilliant. They were thin like cicada’s wings, flowing with great dao symbols.

This person’s pupils shone at this time, producing symbols, horrifying to the extreme!

He was a powerful creature, a Self Release Realm Emperor Clan, definitely terrifying. He carried the aura of great dao, as if a child of the celestial emperor appeared in this world of mortals, about to sweep through time itself.

Right now, when his battle intent was released, his body became too brilliant. He was surrounded by a hundred and eight rings of light, already becoming the most dazzling brilliance between heaven and earth.

Nearby, many youngsters were horrified, feeling waves of fear. It was because after this youngster released his powerful aura, they actually shivered, their own great dao suppressed.

What was going on?

“Oppress ten thousand dao, all methods impervious!” Someone said with a light sigh, revealing the reason.

“He… is Without Death’s descendant!” On Imperial Pass’ side, an important individual carried restraining fear and helplessness while saying this.

Without Death, not long ago, his heavenly spear cut across Heaven Abyss, wishing to send over an undying existence. That was an unimaginable ancient existence, tyrannical beyond compare.

The clan’s innate talent was the most terrifying, Magical Force Immunity, impervious to all methods, powerful to an inconceivable level!

“Hao Feng!”

The descendant of Without Death, he was recognized, his name Hao Feng.

Shi Hao turned around, looking at him coldly. “Do you feel that you can suppress me just because you are at the Self Release Realm?”

He didn’t stop, actually walking forward, releasing killing intent, erupting with astonishing battle intent, wishing to fight another battle. Meanwhile, this time, he faced an even stronger enemy.

Hao Feng’s cultivation period was definitely longer than his, also older than Wu Kun, Yu Yu, and the others, a Self Release Realm great cultivator, his strength terrifying.

“If you want a fight, then fight! I will similarly cut you down!” Shi Hao said.

When these words sounded, many people were stupefied. The other side’s creatures were furious, feeling like Huang was just too unbridled. What did he treat Emperor Clans as?

Could it be that he could even fight a great battle against Emperor Clans while skipping levels?

This was impossible!

In everyone’s eyes, Emperor Clans could crush the great clans of the world, there was no way anyone could skip cultivation levels to fight them.


Streak after streak of lightning appeared in the sky dome above, flickering in Shi Hao’s surroundings. This was the power of heavenly tribulation.

Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, the power horrifying.

This lightning carried chaotic energy, carried dazzling and terrifying brilliance. It floated in the air, about to pour down on Shi Hao.

“He wants to face tribulation, enter a higher cultivation realm!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out.

Huang was too heaven-defying, actually daring to do this right in the middle of the battlefield. It really was too brazen, making one feel great admiration.

Shi Hao could have entered the Self Release Realm at any time, but he was always tempering himself, not in a rush to break through. It was because recently, his cultivation advancement speed was too fast.

With his age, reaching the consummate level of Self Severing Realm was already world-shaking. At the very least, it had never happened before in this great era’s Nine Heavens.

Shi Hao wanted to train himself for another period of time before breaking into the Self Severing Realm to prevent his dao foundation from being unstable.

Now, Hao Feng wanted to fight, so Shi Hao wanted to break through here, become a Self Release Realm existence. Even though he could still continue to sharpen himself as a Self Severing Realm cultivator, the maturity was pretty much there. He could then use heavenly tribulation to refine his dao body.

In the past, he always cultivated to a consummate level, and then exceeded the original cultivation realm. When he broke through like that, he felt like his base was stable, dao foundation strong.

Today, he didn’t want to fight a bloody battle. Even though he could cross levels and fight a bloody great battle, forcefully face Hao Feng, the price he would have to pay would definitely be too great. After all, the other party had already entered the Self Release Realm for many years.

Moreover, he was likely not at the beginning stage of the Self Release Realm. Shi Hao felt like he had to quickly break through, kill this person with the cultivation of Self Release Realm.

“Hao Feng, back up. He is going to face tribulation, if you get caught up inside, it wouldn’t be good.”

A supreme being spoke, not letting Hao Feng fight, ordering him to return.

In reality, the other side’s cultivators were a bit worried, fearing that once Huang entered the Self Release Realm, he would still be terrifying and vicious. If If his cultivation level immediately became profound, his strength would be incomparable.

If that happened, something unexpected might happen.

In short, the other side’s cultivator was scared that the Self Release Realm Huang would defeat Hao Feng.

That type of result would be unacceptable.

The other side’s younger generation had already been defeated miserably enough. If Shi Hao defeated Hao Feng as soon as he advanced, then that really would leave the Emperor Clans ashamed, with nothing to say.

This type of thing definitely couldn’t be allowed to happen. They had to stop him.

Hao Feng wasn’t convinced, wishing to fight, but there were one or two supreme beings from Emperor Clans present as well. Their faces sunk, ordering him to withdraw.

“You should back up. The ones who will decide the fate of Imperial Pass are us. Even if the younger generation is entirely slaughtered, if we cannot break through the ancient city’s walls, it is still useless.”

“Slaughter all of Imperial Pass’ supreme beings, and then everything is easily solved.”

The two Emperor Clan supreme beings spoke one after the other.

Hao Feng backed up, not saying a word. Thus, another fight with an Emperor Clan didn’t happen.

Heh, haha…” Shi Hao roared with laughter.

Moreover, with a honglong sound, the lightning above his head completely disappeared, the tribulation forcibly stopped by him.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, feeling shaken. The heavenly tribulation was already about to descend, yet he could still stop halfway?

“Worthy of being someone who cultivated the Lightning Emperor Technique, moreover someone who obtained a lightning pool before. He is just this extraordinary!” Someone in Imperial Pass released a light sigh.

Shi Hao didn’t take action, but he pressed towards the Emperor Clan’s creatures.

“It is now our turn. Who will fight against me?”

A supreme being walked out from the other side, taking steps forward.

Everyone knew that the true great decisive battle had arrived. It now depended on whether or not Imperial Pass’ creatures could stop them.

Meng Tianzheng walked out, saying “Slaughtering left and right really is tiring. Why don’t we just decide life or death, one battle to decide victory or defeat?!”

“Fine!” An Emperor Clan supreme being replied!

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