Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665 - Destruction


Another arrow shot out. This time, everyone felt it deeply. It was because they saw that it wasn’t only lightning, but rather also contained time fragments!

This was a culmination of Shi Hao’s precious techniques after all, merged together to release immeasurable divine might.

In the skies, the black demonic bird shrunk. Qing Kun didn’t dare make its magic projection too big, because that would only make itself too big of a target. Even if its movements were fast like lightning, it was still hard for him to dodge.

However, this time, he still couldn’t evade it, still dyed in blood, its body shot through!

It was because the arrows contained reincarnation symbols and time fragments, interfering with time-space. It was hard to avoid.


Blood splashed outwards. Qing Kun was absolutely furious.

“Left, right, up, down, front back, my power can devour the universe!” The black demonic bird released a long cry. Qing Kun exerted power, all of his black feathers burning.

Grand scripture sounds rang out. He was displaying secret methods, isolating Shi Hao, making him feel as if he entered a swamp. The surrounding void was melted, disappearing.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was naturally about to be melted away as well. This was the secret method of Qing Kun’s clan, able to devour heaven and earth.


Right at this moment, Wu Kun broke free from the Willow Deity branches formed from natural laws. The heavenly blade in his hands hacked down.

“Huang, hand over your life!” At the same time, Yu Yu also shouted.

Qing Kun moved his wings, joining forces with the other two great experts, going all out against Shi Hao.

Shi Hao was in a bad situation. The scripture symbols of three great Emperor Clans surrounded him, submerging him underneath. The three great experts didn’t hold back in the slightest, using the most powerful forbidden methods.


Inside Shi Hao’s body, clear light swirled about, releasing a wave of special power. This was his abdomen, the Sea of Reincarnation and the potential the gates within his body released.

He supported a screen of light, protecting himself, using the body as a seed. He fully activated the power in his body, moreover displaying magical force through several types of the most powerful precious techniques.

Shi Hao faced these attacks head-on. Then, he still chose to attack Qing Kun, as if he wouldn’t stop until he was dead. For the sake of achieving this, he even took a blow from Wu Kun’s blade energy, his body staggering backwards.

He drew his bow, determined to shoot down the other side.

Qing Kun was furious. Did Huang think he was easy to bully? That he was a pushover?


Qing Kun roared angrily, many black feathers appearing on his body like sharp swords. Then, they released zheng zheng noises, shooting towards Shi Hao.


However, what left him stunned was that Huang actually rushed into the heavens. Kun Peng wings moving behind him, lightning symbols flickering about his hands, reincarnation symbols covering his chest, a golden small tree appearing behind him. Shi Hao targeted him, not hesitating to take on the other two’s heavy blows during this process.

Huang was like a banished immortal, powerful and intimidating, erupting with the most dazzling radiance.


All types of precious techniques Shi Hao possessed were activated, as if he was an imperial monarch who looked down on all under heaven. He carried a threatening power, displaying the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art.

He blasted aside Wu Kun and Yu Yu’s blockade, directly slaughtering his way into the heavens, focused on eliminating Qing Kun.

He merged many types of precious techniques inside, opening the six paths of dao, making time move in reverse, lightning interweave, Kun Peng power tearing apart the heavens.

Shi Hao used all of his cultivation to fight that demonic bird.

“Where do you think you are going?!” Wu Kun shouted. The long blade in his hands brandished out, blade radiance surging, hacking into Shi Hao’s back. However, it was stopped by an expanse of symbols, his body not cut in half.

Yu Yu shouted and his palms smashed out, releasing deafening noises. It was as if great imprints crushed down, also striking at Shi Hao’s back.


By Shi Hao’s back, resplendent brilliance erupted, protecting him, resisting these two individuals’ attacks. However, he still coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His body swayed back and forth, but he endured it. He pressed forward, fighting a bloody battle with Qing Kun.

Right now, Kun Peng wings appeared on Shi Hao’s back, making him look like a vicious bird. Only, his wings weren’t real, but rather constructed from interweaving magical force.

Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was released, the power who knew how many times greater than before.

As Shi Hao’s cultivation became more profound, his understanding towards this type of heavenly art became increasingly refined.

“Just an ancient heavenly art, yet you want to suppress me?!” Qing Kun released a low roar, He used an Emperor Clan secret method, his body’s surroundings turning into a true black sun.

Right at this time, it also produced its own weapon, a heavenly spear that was pitch-black like ink, attacking Shi Hao.


Heaven and earth trembled. The two’s powerful collision made this place explode to pieces.

“Huang, where do you think you are going?!”

Meanwhile, right at this time, Wu Kun and Yu Yu chased over, surrounding him again.

However, the situation became a bit different. Blood flowed out from the corners of Qing Kun’s mouth. After truly clashing, he was seriously injured from the blow, body contorting slightly.

“Precisely this drop of blood!” A drop of blood appeared on the corners of Shi Hao’s fingertip; this was Qing Kun’s  essence blood.

Then, he released a roar. Symbols covered everything in his surroundings, several divine arrows appearing at the same time. There was one condensed from Kun Peng magical force, one created from lightning, one constructed from Reincarnation symbols….

He smeared that drop of blood over the arrows, and then fired.

“Vow of death, shoot him down!”

Shi Hao released a low roar, activating his body’s cultivation. Then, he produced several arrows, all of them full of Qing Kun’s aura.

“Six Dao Reincarnations, kill!”

Shi Hao released a loud shout. The six arrows spun about, no longer fired through a great bow, but rather out of six black holes, flying at Qing Kun.

Then, Shi Hao no longer paid him any attention, turning around to fight the other two.

“How could it be like this?” Qing Kun was horrified. He couldn’t escape at all, the body protecting barriers were useless. When the first arrow flew over, then pierced through his body, something terrifying happened. It exploded!


A Kun Peng exploded by Qing Kun’s shoulder, blasting off an arm, turning it into a bloody mist, crippling him.


Then, a second arrow flew over, shooting into his chest. An expanse of time fragments danced about, erupting there, making him quickly age, the hole in his chest connected from front to back.

“Six Dao Reincarnations, it was actually derived to this extent!”

In the distance, there were people who were shaken.

Huang was too strong, able to support these precious techniques to this extent with the Six Dao Reincarnations at such a young age. It really was terrifying.


Qing Kun roared out. He was struggling, trying to escape, but he just couldn’t.

Another arrow flew over, exploding there. It turned into a willow tree, the branches like silk, wrapping around him.


Then, another arrow flew over, penetrating his body, blasting him apart.


In the end, the six black holes suddenly merged, becoming one, covering Qing Kun within, imprisoning him.


Shi Hao shouted. The black hole exploded, erupting with endless divine might, blasting Qing Kun until he was split apart into pieces.

This was especially the case when, under pu pu sounds, six divine arrows appeared there, flickering about. They flew past in the void, all of them shooting into Qing Kun’s head.


He died a violent death, head turned into a blast of bloody mist, the headless corpse falling down from the skies.

Qing Kun was killed!


On the other side, Wu Kun and Yu Yu were furious, eyes widened as they watched this scene. They actually had no way of stopping this.

The Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was derived to this extent, completely not what cultivators at this cultivation level should be able to release.

“It’s you two’s turn!” Shi Hao said coldly.

His body had blood on it, but it wasn’t his, all of it blood from his enemies that splashed onto his body.

He activated several types of secret techniques, attacking with the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms.

The three of them tangled about each other, all of them fighting for their lives.

Shi Hao wasn’t all that better off. A strand of blood flowed out from the corners of his lips, because just now, when he killed Qing Kun, his consumption was too great. For the sake of killing the other side as quickly as possible, he almost sucked his magical force dry.

Meanwhile, he still had to deal with Wu Kun and Yu Yu, which was why the pressure he faced was so great.

Fortunately, with the body as a seed, his potential was endless. After just adjusting himself a bit, his body surged with spiritual energy again.


Great battles happened continuously, a life and death clash carried out.

From the start until now, over a thousand moves had already been exchanged.

Fortunately, Shi Hao already killed two of the Emperor Clan experts.


When the battle reached more than two thousand moves, Shi Hao released a low roar.

At this moment, when he used the Solitary Buddha Eight Forms, his palm suddenly erupted with brilliance. He integrated the Imperishable Scripture, flesh immediately becoming powerful to the extreme.

With a pu sound, Yu Yu’s magical imprint was blasted through, palm becoming badly mangled, unable to match Huang.


At the same time, Shi Hao’s fist smashed through Wu Kun’s long blade, bare-handedly forcing it back. Moreover, with a dong sound, it smashed into the violet-gold great bell above Wu Kun’s head, the bell waves released splitting the sky dome.

Wu Kun’s body staggered, backing up.


Shi Hao released a low roar. He targeted Yu Yu, slaughtering his way over again.

 Wu Kun was shocked. Even though he was blasted flying, he immediately charged back. He really was scared that Shi Hao would kill another Emperor Clan.


Another intense clash was carried out. The three individuals continued to tangle about each other.

However, the battle still came to an end. When Shi Hao pushed the Imperishable Scripture to the limit, his flesh became terrifyingly great, his fist radiance especially tearing apart the sky dome.


Then, his fist blasted through Yu Yu’s chest, making him explode!

In the sky, a rain of blood scattered down, the scene extremely terrifying.


Yu Yu roared out, full of unwillingness. He quickly reassembled his body, flesh and essence blood flowing in reverse, piecing himself together.

However, before he had time to roar out again. Shi Hao’s right fist carried a domain, smashing over.

Peng! Shi Hao’s fist descended, blasting that person apart. This time, he could no longer reassemble his true body.

It was because Shi Hao’s fist fully destroyed his primordial spirit with this attack, the flesh bursting apart.

“I don’t want anything human form!”

Shi Hao said, not leaving his body behind.

“It’s now your turn!”

Shi Hao stared at Wu Kun. Several types of precious techniques erupted, protecting his body. Meanwhile, the Imperishable Scripture’s symbols appeared on his arms, unstoppable. He slaughtered his way forward.


In the end, Shi Hao bare-handedly stopped Wu Kun’s long blade, shattering the blade body.


Meanwhile, the most terrifying thing was that he blasted through that violet great bell with a single punch as well, shattering Wu Kun’s defensive magic treasure.


Shi Hao roared. His fist flew over, penetrating Wu Kun. Blood flew everywhere. He killed the last of the four great Emperor Clan experts as well!

He was like an unmatched demonic god!

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