Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664 - Suppressing Emperor Clans Alone

Huang stood in the air, bathed in the true blood of an Emperor Clan. He was like a reincarnated war god. A long roar sounded, wind and clouds all around him stirring!

His body was resplendent, flowing with dazzling brilliance. Right now, every strand of his hair was sparkling, eyes like electricity, making him look heroic and intimidating.

Sou sou sou!

The three Emperor Clan experts all arrived, fighting with him. Their faces were all cold, carrying killing intent, as well as a wave of unsuppressable rage.

It was because after today’s battle, regardless of whether he won or lost, Huang’s name would definitely resound through both worlds, perhaps enter the records of history. He was just one person, yet he challenged four great Emperor Clans alone, moreover killing one. Just how dazzling of battle accomplishment was this?

Meanwhile, they all became the accompaniment that made him look even better. Even if they defeated Huang now, it would still be difficult for them to appear brilliant. For three people to join up together, it was completely an unfair advantage.


Qing Kun shouted, the first to move. Right now, he had a human form torso, but his bird characteristics also appeared. He had a bird heard and black wings that covered the sun and sky, diving at Shi Hao.

The other two also displayed ancestral techniques, killing intent surging.

However, at this moment, the most shocking weren’t them, but rather an ancient pagoda. It abruptly appeared out of the void, falling down above Shi Hao’s head, suppressing downwards.

That aura and that type of power would definitely make Self Release Realm cultivators’ faces go pale. It carried wisps of supreme being aura.

This was a magical artifact. It was extremely astonishing, despite not being a supreme being artifact, it wasn’t far off!

The pagoda body flowed with brilliance, metal aura rich, carrying a bloodiness. It was a great vicious weapon.


It was too sudden, crushing down just like that, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao below.

It was because its level was extremely high, exceeding the cultivation levels of those here, possessing immeasurable power.

“I was waiting for you!”

Shi Hao didn’t panic, actually speaking like this. With a zheng sound, a sword core flew out from his body, releasing ascension light, killing intent endless!

With a dang noise, this sword core hacked down on the ancient pagoda, making it shake, sending it flying into the sky.

This was the Everlasting Sword Core, an extremely strange artifact. It never took the initiative to display power, becoming powerful only when it faced the strong! When Shi Hao obtained the Imperishable Scripture back then, encountering He Wushuang, he was actually able to use it to hold off the Immortal Smelting Pot.

Now, he activated the sword core, sending that pagoda flying.

“Suo Gu, you can die already! Your last hope of survival has been squandered as well.” Shi Hao said coldly.


In the sky, it was as if primal chaos thunder rumbled, making everyone’s ears feel intense pain, their souls trembling.

That was a sword core exerting power, turning into an expanse of radiance, hacking down fiercely towards the ancient pagoda!

Everyone was stupefied. Wasn’t Suo Gu Killed?

However, everyone quickly understood that Suo Gu’s body had been torn apart, primordial spirit destroyed but he hadn’t fully died yet. There was still a trace of true spirit that hid within his weapon.

This pagoda was definitely extraordinary, able to suppress all those of the same generation.

Not long ago, Suo Gu had berated Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, and others, moreover activating this pagoda to suppress them. At the crucial moment, Ten Crown King took action, using the World Tree Sapling to send it flying.


That pagoda shook intensely, rumbling after being hacked at by the sword core, releasing dazzling brilliance.


Wu Kun, Yu Yu and Qing Kun roared, moving together. Now that they saw a chance to save Suo Gu, they naturally went all out to stop Shi Hao from dealing the killing blow.

 As long as Suo Gu’s true spirit could be preserved, with an Emperor Clan’s methods, it should be able to bring him back to life. This was especially the case when even though his flesh had been ripped in half, it was still there, able to further nurture his divine consciousness.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Even though the three great experts were providing assistance, they already couldn’t change anything.

Shi Hao released a roar that shook the world. From him at the center, endless golden flames raged, burning viciously, wreaking havoc here.


Lightning rumbled, resounding through the clouds.

This wasn’t golden fire, but lightning. Shi Hao erupted, displaying the lightning divine ability to its limit. There was a lightning pool that rose and fell within, releasing the power of destruction.

The lightning was golden, when it gathered together, it was like a flame, burning heaven and earth.

The Everlasting Sword Core hacked down, forcing out Suo Gu’s true spirit, making it separate from the ancient pagoda.

After all, that was only a remnant will, not a complete primordial spirit. Using words that are a bit more unpleasant, it was similar to a lone soul, so how could it stop that type of power?

The sword core forcibly blasted it out from that weapon!


Suo Gu’s true spirit screamed, devoured by the golden flames. This was lightning dao power, for spiritual consciousness type entities, it posed the greatest threat, directly killing the true spirit.


This true spirit shook. It was in the form of a beast, Suo Gu’s original appearance. In the end, it was instantly swallowed up by the golden flames, burned to ashes.

Suo Gu still died, unable to escape his fate.


That pagoda rumbled, sent flying by that sword core. In the end, it smashed into the great desert, releasing endless raging waves, sand flying into the heavens.

“It’s now you all’s turn!” Shi Hao’s black hair was dyed in gold, entire body covered in resplendent symbols, carrying raging flames, heaven overflowing killing intent. He slaughtered out murderously.

Even without him provoking them, the three of them had long activated extreme secret techniques, going all out.

This was a great battle, one that shocked heaven and earth.

The Emperor Clans joined hands, three heroes fighting Huang.

They all risked it all, not like before. It was because even Suo Gu died, if they continued to hold back, not releasing their full power, then that would be unforgivable.

Earlier, they still felt that attacking Huang from all sides was an unfair advantage, their pride stopping them from going all out, but now, they flung all those thoughts aside, fighting until their eyes went red, soaring like dragons and tigers.

This was a great battle, a clash to decide who was the most powerful in the younger generation.

The Emperor Clans made their appearance in the world, fighting a decisive battle with Huang.

In the past, whenever an Emperor Clan fought, it would be recorded, used as a textbook war example for others to study.

Now, three Emperor Clan experts appeared at the same time to fight a single person, this was naturally even more rare, worth recording.


Qing Kun roared, his massive demon bird body devouring the sun and moon. When he opened his mouth, the meteorites in outer space were all swallowed into his mouth, melted down into essence energy to replenish himself.


Great dao laws were released. It was like a great black sun, entire body covered in symbols, wings pitch black, flowing with black light. Right now, he released the most powerful aura.


As he roared, black symbols pervaded the air, filling Shi Hao’s surroundings, melting down this place.

“Heaven Devouring Emperor Clan, able to refine away all things!”

Someone released a light sigh. This type of method was heaven-defying, able to burn away an enemy in the void.


Shi Hao produced a barrier of light, as if impervious to all methods. Behind him, a small golden tree shone, branches extending endlessly, scattering down, forcing back the dark light.

Yu Yu attacked from the back, his palm enormous like that of a world splitting giant. When the palm descended, the sky dome cracked apart, stars trembling.

That was his magical projection, his real body was about the same height as Shi Hao’s, but his projection’s aura was world shocking, terrifying beyond compare.


Shi Hao pointed out. Streak after streak of divine chains of order flew up, released from the little tree behind his head, piercing through the void, stopping that palm, about to stab through.

“Hand over your life!”

Wu Kun roared, his figure robust and sturdy, a zhang in height. His muscles swelled, as if small snakes were crawling all over his body, bronze skin flowing with precious light.

Right now, his head of purple hair danced about chaotically, pupils contracting like crosses, extremely terrifying. An extreme aura spread over.

Right now, he was ferocious, and also tyrannical, every move powerful, fighting intensely against Shi Hao. His palm blades were like rainbow light, continuously hacking down, blade energy able to cut through the sky dome.

Shi Hao resisted, fighting a great battle against him.


Without a doubt, the current Wu Kun was the most vicious. Apart from his ancestral methods being astonishing, his magical force powerful, his physical body was also ridiculously strong.


Wu Kun activated a weapon. Above his head floated a violet-gold divine bell. It rumbled with noise, with each shake, ripples would fly out, wishing to blast Shi Hao to pieces.

Apart from this, there was a long blade in his hand, dazzling white and intimidating. Each time it swept out, the blade energy would be like a sea, drowning the skies.

He activated two secret treasures with his powerful flesh, attack and defense as one, fully displaying his Emperor Clan inheritance as he attacked Shi Hao.

In the skies, Qing Kun spiraled about, black feathers moving. Streak after streak of dark light continuously shot down. It provided support attacks, greatly interfering with Shi Hao’s attacks.

Yu Yu also continuously released heavy blows, moreover carving symbols in the void, wishing to seal this place, put Shi Hao in a dangerous situation.

Shi Hao’s eyes erupted with divine light. The Kun Peng wings behind him shook fiercely, all types of precious techniques surging around him, symbols concentrated like an ocean wave.

This heaven and earth thus became dazzling to the extreme!


During this process, he constructed a great bow out of lightning, producing three heads and six arms, fighting against Wu Kun, stopping Yu Yu, and most importantly, wishing to shoot down Qing Kun.


Wu Kun roared out like a demonic god. He turned into a thousand hand demonic sovereign, palm imprints flying out, crushing the void, smashing murderously at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao released a light shout. The golden little tree behind him released endless branches, sparkling and replete. Then, they all suddenly went taut, all of them turning into spears, stabbing forward.

He used the Willow Deity Technique, simultaneously restricting Wu Kun and Yu Yu, and then focused all of his strength on shooting down the Heaven Swallowing Emperor Clan expert Qing Kun.


The great bow was made from lightning, strong and powerful, flickering with lightning radiance. A terrifying aura spread from it.

With a wave of his hand, thousands of streaks of lightning flew over, gathering at the tip of his finger, turning into a divine arrow. It was placed on the bow, and then it was forcefully drawn, shot into the sky.


Heaven and earth directly collapsed from being shot at!

This type of scene was unimaginable, truly shocking!

Everyone was stunned. It was like a real precious artifact, the power perhaps even greater. Shooting at a demonic bird in the sky like this really was a bit too shocking.

“No, this is heavenly tribulation, he actually drew down a true instance of lightning judgment!”

In the distance, someone cried in alarm.

This was the basis of the weapon Shi Hao forged from lightning. Right now, he pushed his own strength to the peak, actually guiding down heavenly tribulation.

Thus, he gathered all of his power, displaying the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, deriving heavenly punishment like this, shooting at the demonic bird in the skies.

“I am from an Emperor Clan, not even heavenly tribulation can stop me!” Qing Kun roared out. It beat its wings, tearing apart the sky dome, resisting the thunder radiance.

Emperor Clan, every single one of them were extremely powerful, naturally able to cross heavenly tribulation.


Shi Hao roared out. The power of that arrow made the sun and moon lose brilliance.


He shot down the sky dome, an arrow shooting past, actually blasting through Qing Kun’s body, blood splashing extremely high into the air.

Everyone was stunned. It was just a single arrow, yet it was going to shoot down Qing Kun?

“Carrying out judgment in place of the heavens?” In the distance, someone cried out in alarm.

“He merged many methods, not just the lightning dao, there are other secret methods. It contains the most powerful attack!” A supreme being said, revealing the truth.

However, what was surprising was that this time, none of them stopped it, quietly watching them fight.


Qing Kun roared furiously, blood surging. His body was shot through!


In the skies, the arrows were concentrated. Shi Hao quickly fired arrows, shooting out twelve arrows in succession. Among them, three directly hit the enemy.

Qing Kun was furious. This was a great humiliation. As a member of an Emperor Clan known to be able to devour everything, today, he was actually shot at by someone, treated like an ordinary bird! This was unforgivable.

Only, those arrows were too terrifying, carrying many types of great dao natural laws, difficult to evade, locking down heaven and earth.


He was struck again, his chest penetrated. His heart blood gushed out, suffering from the most terrifying blow.

“I’ll kill you first, and then take the other two’s heads!” Shi Hao shouted.

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