Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 - Glory Through Slaughter

The magical imprint was powerful, as if an undying mountain was crushing down!

Yu Yu attacked from the front, his palm and fingers transforming. They reached over from the distance, turning into a great mountain that seemed to support the heavens, one that seemed as if it was the everlasting backbone of heaven and earth.


This was extremely strange. It was clearly a palm, yet in the end, it turned into a great mountain along the way, many times more vast than a true great peak.


He shouted out, his voice ringing in all directions. The great hand crushed down, covering the heavens, absolutely horrifying.


Right now, the expression on Shi Hao’s face was calm, completely unflustered. His right hand produced a fist imprint, and then directly sent it smashing over.

The two clashed, the sky and earth turning upside down, immortals weeping and devils sobbing, a rain of blood pouring down on this world. Many scenes of gods and devils falling appeared.

This was like the last phase of an age, this scene a result of their exchange. That mountain was like the backbone of heaven and earth, smashed apart by a primal chaos god, collapsing, heaven and earth capsizing!

As a result, the universe split apart to pieces, the clans of the heavens scattered, eradicated.

This was Yu Yu’s inheritance, the unmatched divine might of his clan’s undying king. He had previously used a palm to wipe out a great realm, leaving behind an inextinguishable imprint. Now, when a descendants displayed this divine ability, scenes of the past would appear.

Shi Hao was powerful and heroic. He raised his hand to face this Emperor Clan’s inherited ancestral method, facing it head-on.

The massive divine mountain collapsed, blasted back.

On the other side, Suo Gu’s fist arrived, five-colored brilliance spreading outwards. Among them, golden light was the most brilliant, as if a monarch rushed across the sky, striking at Shi Hao’s back.

This fist was too domineering, terrifyingly ferocious. Heaven and earth collapsed, disintegrating under that fist, that area entering a state of silence.

Fist intent reached into the heavens!

Suo Gu was extremely direct, displaying an unmatched ancestral method, all of it displayed on this fist, fully releasing his clan’s brilliance!

Shi Hao didn’t turn around, only naturally backing up, and then in a decisive and resolute manner, he sent his right elbow backwards!


Resplendent divine light erupted, electricity overflowed. This was the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, displayed by him. It smashed towards Suo Gu’s fist.

This type of arrogance and this type of judgment were extremely astonishing.

One had to understand that this was an Emperor Clan’s attack, yet he didn’t even turn around. After facing Yu Yu head-on, he dealt with Suo Gu’s attack with his back towards him.

In that instant, lightning overflowed. A lightning pool appeared, releasing endless lightning along Shi Hao’s right arm towards his back.


Suo Gu’s fist collided with that elbow, the power shocking the heavens and moving the earth, interweaving, raging flames burning the nine heavens. It was just too dazzling!

Nobody could see the situation there, because this was a clash of natural laws between the most powerful, moreover a confrontation of the physical body, chance of blood flowing at every turn, deciding life and death.

Under the fist radiance, between the lightning, Suo Gu was bathed in divide radiance. He released a roar, his other hand also moving, turning into a terrifying sharp claw, grabbing towards the top of Shi Hao’s head.


However, Shi Hao seemed to have expected this. His back was still facing him, but his other hand was long waiting there. It carried time fragments, activating the Reincarnation Divine Ability, grabbing towards that claw with a reverse grip.


Five-colored brilliance erupted between the two. Lightning and time fragments danced about, making this place explode.

Then, like two streaks of lightning, they separated, each rushing in a certain direction.

“Hand over your life!”

Wu Kun arrived. He was a zhang in height, his body covered in tough muscles, extremely imposing. Long hair was scattered behind him, making him look like a world-shocking demonic god, eyes cold like sharp blades.

His palm blade was covered densely in symbols, moreover with sacrificial sounds coming from it, the voices of all clans, from past to present, worshipping undying kings. This was the embodiment of the clan’s ancient ancestor’s glorious dao, some of it revealed even through his descendants.

This scene was extremely shocking. Wu Kun’s palm blade split the heavens, tearing through everything, unknown just how many tens of thousands of li in length the blade radiance extended. It cut through everything here like it was dividing a world into two.


When faced with this attack, Shi Hao remained completely composed. His right arm moved out, with a light brush, the blade radiance actually scattered. There was a type of impervious to all methods type of might.

Solitary Buddha Eight Forms, he was using this type of divine ability. It was glorious and dignified, precious appearance divine, as if an immortal buddha descended onto this world, wishing to transcend above all things.

Shi Hao struck out towards Wu Kun, continuously exchanging blows with him.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s entire body shone, time fragments erupting. He wouldn’t hold back when facing the Emperor clans’ young experts, going all out, using the Reincarnation Divine Ability.

Wu Kun’s head of purple hair flew about, making him look like a fiend. He was berserk and incomparable, roaring out, blade energy moving heaven and earth, about to cut through time, see the everlasting.

This was extremely shocking. He was actually cutting time fragments with blade energy, leaving all sides intimidated.

A low roar sounded, the void warping. Qing Kun arrived. He exposed a portion of his original body, a bird head, black wings moving about. The heavens collapsed and the earth split, even though he had a human race torso, the bird race’s distinctive traits appeared.

This was especially the case when he released a long roar, wings moving, diving over, everything around him collapsing.

This black demonic bird was like a giant black sun, crossing the sky dome. When it opened its mouth, its bird beak swallowed the heavens, even sucking in some meteorites from outer space, entering its mouth.

This scene was horrifying. There were even moons that directly disappeared because of this!

It could swallow the sun and moon, refine away the universe.

Wherever it passed, the sky became blurry, eaten by it.

The Nine Heavens had descendants of this clan, but their bloodlines were not pure at all. After countless generations went past, the ones known as Heaven Swallowing Sparrows, compared to it, really weren’t worth anything.


Heaven Swallowing Emperor Clan, this clan was unstoppable. In the ancient times, it had devoured an entire great world, destroying all life!

Qing Kun slaughtered his way over, refining meteorites, moons, and others, producing a sea of essence energy. Even the void was being swallowed and melted down. It displayed the power of all things in the world.

The more it devoured, the more it could released!


All things in heaven and earth, the sea of stars in the heavens, right now, it all appeared together. This clan’s divine might was unmatched. Even though he was only a young creature, he still possessed shocking talent.

One could imagine the might its ancestor displayed when it swallowed a great realm.

Back then, the reason the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were broken down was precisely because of this clan’s great ancestor. It had previously swallowed it in one go, moreover refined it, but was then stopped.

A great battle started. Shi Hao fought four enemies alone!

At this time, his body shone, divine chains of order shooting out in all directions, divine bravery unmatched. Every move he made was powerful, not backing up at all, carrying out a world shocking confrontation with them!

Everyone was moved, eyes shining brilliantly. A single person was fighting four Emperor Clans, just how astonishing was this?

How many years had it been since such a glorious battle had reappeared? There were only legends of such things from the last great era, in this world, where did they ever see something like this?!

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, everyone was shaken!

It wasn’t that they didn’t know Huang was strong, but only today did they realize just what kind of level he had reached. He could actually face the Emperor Clans with his own strength.

This was a legend among legends, a true undefeated legend!

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others were talking quietly, muttering. This result exceeded their expectations, making them stirred up.

Even the Wang Family who bore hostility against Shi Hao became quiet, the Nine Dragons not uttering a word, Wang Xi’s beautiful eyes focused, her mind a bit shaken.

This was a world shocking battle accomplishment.

On the other side, the cultivators of all clans were stunned. These were Emperor Clans! They were the symbol of unrivaled, able to command the world under the sky, who dared to show them disrespect?!

In their generation, as long as they appeared, who could contend against them?

However, right now, there was someone over there, facing four great Emperor Clan inheritors alone, invincible, fighting intensely against them, as if a prehistoric legend had reappeared.

This was too shocking. Many people on the other side were moved. The youngster’s body even more so became rigid, only his soul trembling.

It was because this was too shocking, toppling everything they knew!

Emperor Clans, the unmatched clans, were challenged today by someone. Regardless of whether Huang won or lost, he had already slaughtered out his brilliance, his unique unmatched glory!

Shi Hao was attacked from all sides by four great enemies, fighting a life and death struggle, yet he didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear, instead being excited, war blood ignited. He wanted to test out his own dao results.

He temporarily threw aside all other thoughts, only wishing to fight this battle, see the limits of his own potential, and then kill the four great experts.

This was a type of conviction of being unequalled. If others knew what he was thinking, they would definitely become stupefied.

Being attacked from all sides by four great Emperor Clans, what others would hope for was to survive, yet he wanted to prove what he had learned, moreover kill all of his enemies!

A bird cry sounded. The demonic bird Qing Kun turned into swallowed the heavens and earth, sucking Shi Hao inside with a single gulp, refining him there.


Shi Hao erupted, his entire body blazing with symbols, becoming brilliant and dazzling. A fist smashed out, about to blast apart that giant bird’s beak.

Qing Kun immediately opened his mouth, a sea of divine chains sprayed out from its mouth. They were like hundreds of thousands of divine spears, covering heaven and earth, unleashing the most deadly attack.

Dang dang dang…

In the deafening sound, Shi Hao withstood the attack, sparks flying in all directions; he was cutting down the divine chains of order.

At the same time, Wu Kun and Yu Yu also slaughtered their way over, surrounding Shi Hao, wishing to kill him on the spot.

Light was released in endless streaks, Emperor Clan experts attacking from all sides, all of them using the most powerful divine abilities.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s situation was extremely dangerous, the slightest carelessness would result in death.


Sure enough, during this battle of life and death, when attacked from all sides by four great experts, even someone as powerful as Shi Hao felt extremely strained. At this time, Suo Gu obtained an opportunity, releasing a ferocious attack.


Shi Hao didn’t move out of the way this time, taking the hit from the back. Blood flowed out from his mouth. This triggered everyone’s shock.

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, everyone’s hearts were raised to their throats.

Meanwhile, the other side’s cultivators cheered, becoming extremely excited.


Shi Hao rushed into the heavens, symbols covering his body. He was like a resurrected war god, world shocking killing intent overflowing into the heavens, becoming even more terrifying than before.

“That is…” Everyone was stupefied.

It was because the moment Shi Hao rushed into the air, many people discovered with shock that Suo Gu also followed. His fist was stuck to Shi Hao’s back, not separating.


Everyone was stunned. Then, they discovered that there were many divine chains on Shi Hao’s back. A golden willow tree appeared on his back, binding Suo Gu, preventing him from immediately withdrawing.

Did Huang take this blow on purpose? A few people were shocked, asking skeptically like this.

“We should settle things! Back then, when we were competing over the rotten wooden chest, you even chased after me. Today, it’s time to decide things!” Shi Hao said with a sunken voice.

Back then, when he was in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, at the borders of Burial Earth, a young Emperor Clan expert had fought with him to seize the wooden chest. That was precisely Suo Gu.

Moreover, Suo Gu, together with many other foreign cultivators, had even chased him into Heavenly Beast Forest, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

Today, now that they met again, it was time to settle an old debt.


Shi Hao released divine multicolored light. All types of precious techniques appeared, beautiful feather-like natural laws covered the sky, rushing out from his body. He was like a reborn True Phoenix rising into the sky.

They fought intensely. Even though the other three great experts rushed over, they couldn’t stop Shi Hao’s berserk frenzy.

He was like a world shocking demon lord. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared, splitting the heavens. His body bathed in lightning, time symbols surrounding his body. A small golden tree appeared behind his head, Willow Deity Technique activating, protecting his body.

Right now, Shi Hao’s techniques all appeared, impervious to all methods.


In the final moment, him and Suo Gu tangled together. With a vicious tear, a pu sound, blood radiance splashed out, forcibly ripping this Emperor Clan youth’s body in half!

The great desert shook, all clans shocked.

Under this type of situation, Huang actually killed an Emperor Clan! This was while he was surrounded and attacked!

The other three great experts were furious, attacking crazily. Just now, they actually couldn’t break through Shi Hao’s defenses, only able to watch as Suo Gu was killed, blood raining down.

Shi Hao released a great roar. While bathed in Emperor Clan blood, he flung aside the two halves that were torn open. Like an unrivaled demonic god, cold lightning shot out from his eyes, locking onto the other three great experts!

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