Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662 - Striking Down Enemies From All Directions

“Hey, do you really think you are comparable to Great Ancestors Anlan and Shutuo when they were young? You vainly think you can suppress all of us alone? Haha…

On the other side, there were people who roared with laughter, but their expressions were extremely cold, because Shi Hao’s words were too ear-piercing. How exceptional were Emperor Clans? Who dared to look down on them?

From past to present, once Emperor Clans appeared, they would always overwhelm all their enemies. Regardless of what era it was in, the experts who came out of their clans would all be unstoppable.

As long as they appeared in the world, they would be able to subdue an entire era!

It could be said that once Emperor Clans appeared, all clans would become dim, all creatures of the same generation would lose their brilliance, no one able to face them head-on.

Now, Huang was going to challenge everyone alone, letting several Emperor Clan experts come at him together. Just how domineering was this? It made them all furious.

“Anlan? It’s not like I didn’t fight him before!” Shi Hao said in a deemphasized manner, calm and unperturbed. He took action again, about to kill the Time Beast Chi Menghong.

“Was that really you? If not for the drop of blood, producing an unimaginable existence, no one could stop Great Ancestor Anlan!” Someone berated.

Heaven Abyss stood in their way, the sea of natural laws in particular was especially terrifying, even the true bodies of undying kings couldn’t cross over, which was why even though their names were mentioned, no projections appeared.

“If you can’t accept it, then come over and accept your death!” Shi Hao’s words were simple and direct.


Sword energy rushed into the heavens, ripping apart the sky dome. The scarlet red divine sword hacked through the fiery red precious furnace. Shi Hao pressed forward with large steps, using a sword to cut down an Emperor Clan youth!


On the other side, Wu Kun, Suo Gu, Yu Yu, Qing Kun, and the others pressed forward together. They were all people he was familiar with, Shi Hao recognizing all of them. They were the so-called six small emperors.

Back then, they had been refined together in the same Gu Clan Yin Yang Furnace, those people borrowing Shi Hao to transform. They were old enemies.

Heheh, back then, in the other side, in your ancient world, I didn’t have any way to take action. However now, this time, I can kill as I please. I’ll slaughter all of you!”

Shi Hao roared out. He had previously been trapped in the other side, viewed as a prisoner, unable to fight an honorable battle. He always had a wave of fighting intent suppressed, and today, he could fully let it out.

While speaking these things, Shi Hao didn’t stop, the scarlet blade still moving. It hacked towards Chi Menghong, wishing to cut him down first.

At this moment, the tall Wu Kun, Yu Yu with the elegant appearance, and the others took action together, pressing forward. They wanted to stop Shi Hao, not letting him kill the Time Beast.


In the distance, Ten Crown King and others moved, taking large steps over, facing those people.

“You all dare stand in our path? Get lost!” Suo Gu shouted out, extremely domineering. When he raised his hand, a weapon appeared. The ancient pagoda moved through the sky, about to suppress the people here.

Everyone’s expressions changed. They all knew that this was an ancient treasure, one that was extremely terrifying. It was refined by an older generation expert!

Forget about everything else, just this treasure alone was enough to suppress the people of a generation!

“Get lost!” Ten Crown King took action. Multicolored light flashed in his hand, immortal light flowing outwards, illuminating the nine heavens!

A small tree appeared In his hands. It was less than a foot in height, sparkling and replete with moisture, astonishingly brilliant. It released chaotic energy and immortal mist, exceptionally dazzling.

That was a World Tree Sapling, the most precious tree in this world!

The other side also had one, that tree guarding that ancient realm.

Meanwhile, Ten Crown King had one on him, only, it was still a young one. For it to be able to transform into this type of tree, its past was definitely terrifying and heaven shocking!

honglong sounded. Ten Crown King took action. The World Tree Sapling sent the ancient pagoda flying into the distance.

Everyone was stunned. This young precious tree was astonishing after all!


At the same time, Shi Yi activated his dual-pupils, releasing sky collapsing energy, making the space before him shatter, leaving those people shocked.

Dual-pupils opened heaven and earth, it was known as an undefeated legend!

Back then, when Shi Hao fought with this cousin, he almost died. After that battle, he was crippled for more than half a year, recovering in Stone Village. That was the most bitter battle he had experienced.

Meanwhile, at that time, Shi Yi still couldn’t display the dual-pupils’ ultimate attack, instead using the supreme being bone’s power.

Others didn’t know about Shi Yi’s strength, but Shi Hao was deeply aware. This cousin who stood against him once was definitely deep and immeasurable.

The other side’s powerful beings were all shocked, feeling like they underestimated Imperial Pass, underestimating their cultivators’ strength.

At the very least, the male who held the precious tree was a threat. His movements were powerful, releasing an extremely dangerous aura.

That young man with dual-pupils was also extremely astonishing, the fluctuations that rippled outwards right now were intimidating.


A streak of sword light flickered past. That precious furnace was cut through, almost split in half. Blood gushed out. Chi Menghong was suppressed, about to be killed.

Those youngsters quickly rushed forward, while on this side, Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King also took action again, magical force boundless.


At the critical moment, the supreme beings behind both sides also moved, releasing divine light.

Meng Tianzheng was extremely decisive, using the Ten Realms Diagram, the war banner soaked in the blood of immortal kings and others, covering the high heavens.

“The other side is nothing more than this. You all can’t take a loss?” He shouted.


The supreme beings took action, great desert shaking intensely, void blasted open. The youngsters who wanted to rush over all backed up, not daring to approach.


Chi Menghong released a long roar. A fist-sized blood beast rushed out from the inside of the damaged furnace. It had a Flood Dragon head and a lion body, dripping with blood. Its body didn’t have hair, it instead had sharp spurs that pointed out. This was precisely the Time Beast.

Now, its primordial spirit rushed out, roaring at Shi Hao.

“Time as a Blade, eradicate the Pride of Heaven!” He went all out. At this point, with life and death threatened, he had nothing else, had to use his own divine ability.

The fiery red Time Beast roared there. That was a primordial spirit, displaying the most terrifying time natural laws, fighting bloodily against Shi Hao.

“Reincarnate the old world, bury and annihilate past and present, kill!” Shi Hao released a low shout. Time fragments danced about, revolving in his surroundings, and then they poured forward.

At the same time, the scarlet blade in his hand struck out with full power.


The collision was intense, noise terrifying, blazing radiance shining everywhere. This place was surrounded, completely erupting!

These were time symbols that were erupting!

Everyone was shocked, incredibly shaken.

In the end, the supreme beings didn’t fight, both sides remaining silent, watching these two fight.


Time fragments exploded. The two of them reappeared in this place. Chi Menghong flew out, returning to human form. His body was covered in blood, a bloody hole in his chest that was connected from front to back.

Shi Hao raised his hand, pointing the scarlet sword at him from the distance, walking over step by step.

Who was strong and who was weak, it was easy to see!


Some of the younger generation looked towards the supreme beings. Were they going to just watch as Chi Menghong died?

However, those people didn’t move, not taking action, remaining silent.

“It’s too late, Chi Menghong already can’t continue living. Huang is terrifying as expected.” A middle-aged individual said with a sigh.

Chi Menghong returned to human form, no longer a furnace. Blood dripped out from the space between his brows, head pierced through. Meanwhile, that primordial spirit, even though it was outside, not inside its body, there was a sword injury on it, covered in cracks!

“Even if he can’t live, he can’t be humiliated like this. We can’t just watch as Huang cuts him down!” Wu Kun said.

His head of hair was thick, figure sturdy like an iron tower. He walked over step by step.

At the same time, Yu Yu’s entire body shone, becoming resplendent like a blazing sun, floating into the sky. He also pressed forward, suppressing Shi Hao, wishing to stop him.

Suo Gu and Qing Kun also moved, heading there step by step, making the world tremble in response.

When he saw that Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, and the others were about to take action again, Shi Hao stopped them, saying, “Just let me test out these Emperor Clans’ divine abilities and ancestral methods alone first!”

This wasn’t empty talk, but rather that he really wanted to challenge them!

This time, the supreme beings didn’t interfere, all of them just watching.


Wu Kun and the others released powerful fluctuations, engulfing towards Shi Hao, wishing to suppress him. They definitely couldn’t allow Shi Hao to cut down Chi Menghong in front of everyone, let him bring him away like prey.

“Too late.”

Shi Hao spoke these two words. He lightly brandished the scarlet blade in his hands.

He didn’t attack, only casually making that motion.


Chi Menghong’s primordial spirit, that fist-sized blood beast directly exploded, turning into a rain of blood, and then disappeared.


Then, Chi Menghong’s head fell, blood gushing high into the air from his neck.

He didn’t even attack, yet the Emperor Clan’s younger generation lost his life just like that, falling!

Everyone turned pale with fright!

“In the intense exchange just now, Chi Menghong was already cut, but he forcefully condensed his spirit so he didn’t immediately collapse.” Another elder said with a sigh, feeling pity for Chi Menghong.

That was a heaven warping genius who came from an Emperor Clan, yet in the end, he was killed by Huang just like that.

Who dared fight him? At this moment, everyone shivered inwardly. Huang was indeed terrifying, saying he would kill an Emperor Clan and really doing it.

Shua! Divine light swept out. As soon as the Time Beast’s original body was revealed, it was collected by Shi Hao.

Right now, he was just one person, yet he actually broke out of the encirclement of young Emperor Clan experts, seizing his spoils of war.

Wu Kun, Yu Yu, Suo Gu and Qing Kun, the four of them had chilly expressions on their faces. Shi Hao cut down Chi Menghong right before their faces!

“Who is willing to go kill him?!” Wu Kun asked.

Being from Emperor Clans, they had their pride. They were extremely arrogant, naturally not willing to surround and attack a single person.

“You all should just come at me together, let me kill to my heart’s content.”

Shi Hao took the initiative to attack. Honglong! Precious techniques erupted, attacking the four great experts at the same time. Resplendent divine multicolored light surrounded all of them within!


Yu Yu shouted out, condensing a magic imprint, the first to make a move, rushing out murderously.

At the same time, Suo Gu’s face sunk. He rushed out from the back, sending a fist towards Shi Hao’s back, wishing to smash straight through him.


Wu Kun’s entire body released dark light, horrifying to the extreme. His body was like a steel pagoda, arriving from the air. His palm blade was like a rainbow, hacking towards Shi Hao, wishing to cut him down.

The four great experts actually all moved, taking action together. Magical force surged, the aura suppressing all creatures at this level. They attacked Huang together!

Even though they were arrogant, they wouldn’t be bound by any conventions. Since Huang was this domineering, then they’ll just use this chance to take his life.

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