Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 - Time Beast

That sword was extremely intimidating. It cut through the furnace wall, and also removed that creature’s head, incredibly powerful, dazzling and brilliant, making many people’s souls tremble in response.

What kind of precious artifact was it exactly? Many people’s minds were shaken. One had to understand that the furnace wall had a strand of the Scarlet King Furnace’s aura, sturdy and imperishable, so how could it be pierced through?

Shi Hao’s fist was exceptionally terrifying, yet he couldn’t even do anything to the furnace wall just now, so now, how could a single blade pierce through the fiery red divine furnace so easily?

“I know, as expected, he… defied the heavens!” In the back, someone said with a light sigh. It was an Imperial Pass cultivator, guessing at something.

In Shi Hao’s hand, that divine sword was bright red and glistening as if carved from a blood diamond, dazzling like red coral. It was extremely fine, exceptionally beautiful.

However, it was also terrifying, flowing with bright colors, extremely gorgeous, shockingly beautiful, but it was just that dangerous!

It was precisely this sword that cut through the red precious furnace!

That figure spurted out blood, triggering a great dao noise. It was as if a pillar of heaven collapsed, the entire skies collapsing, as if a great age was being buried.

“This is…“

On the battlefield, everyone was shaken. They shifted their attention away from the scarlet divine sword in Shi Hao’s hand, looking towards that precious furnace, as well as that figure. How could things be like this?

After its head was removed, there was actually this type of world-shaking irregular scene being produced!

What was this? It wasn’t like the scene of an Emperor Clan youngster’s head being removed at all, instead as if an immortal was falling, the world in chaos, everything collapsing!

“Immortal king remains…”

From the other side, there were cultivators who were shocked, speaking these words, making everyone feel their blood run cold.

How could this be possible, the body of an immortal king? This made even one’s soul tremble!

Could Chi Menghong bring an immortal king’s corpse with him in battle? That was impossible! Moreover, if that type of unmatched magic body really did appear, it would make the heavens collapse and earth cave in, no one able to face it.

However, that type of aura really carried immortal dao feeling, a type of unmatched pressure spreading.

This was precisely the reason why it made the skies collapse, the world all around it breaking down. The black cracks were interweaving here, extending out who knew how many tens of thousands of li.

“Terrifying as expected, Chi Menghong had previously entered his clan’s blood pool, obtaining a baptism, resonating with the Scarlet King Furnace, obtaining some of the undying king furnace’s imprints, possessing some of its power.”

The other side’s creatures spoke like this. After speaking these words, many people understood.

That figure wasn’t Chi Menghong, and it wasn’t his head that was cut off either. These were all produced by the precious furnace’s inheritance, some of the immortal king’s imprints that appeared.

Chi Menghong didn’t die. He was the furnace itself. Even though he was cut through, it wasn’t destroyed, still existing.


Sure enough, the furnace body shook, releasing a great roar that made one’s scalp go numb. Blood gushed out from the furnace, horrifying to the extreme!

It was because the entire furnace was like a sea of blood, gushing out, the red color intimidating, scarlet multicolored light pouring out, extremely dazzling!

That was Chi Menghong, flesh turned furnace. This was his true self!

“Huang, you’ve angered me, unforgivable! I am going to refine you, turn you into the furnace’s slave!” Chi Menghong roared out. The precious furnace shook, backing up, blood radiance released from the cauldron opening.

That furnace body was closing. It shook intensely, releasing heaven overflowing scarlet light. It drowned the great desert, surrounding the heavens.

At this moment, immortal dao aura pervaded the air. There was a wave of unmatched force swirling about. The figure in the furnace who had its head removed stood up once more.

It didn’t have a head, but was now even more terrifying. It possessed world shocking might. With a qiang sound, a weapon appeared in its hand, the sharp point unrivaled!

“This is…”

In the back, everyone became stupefied. Imperial Pass, on the city wall, everyone felt their bodies become ice-cold.

They shivered all over, their souls actually shuddering. It was because that figure was too powerful.

“How could it be like this? He only has a bit of Scarlet King Furnace’s aura, only able to display a bit of the past immortal king’s imprints. Why is he able to produce this type of fighting strength?” Everyone was stupefied.

Imperial Pass’ cultivators felt worry for Shi Hao, inwardly feeling fear towards this.

Even the other side’s creatures were stunned. Wasn’t the Scarlet King bloodline too heaven-defying? An immortal king was buried within an undying king furnace, and Chi Menghong could even borrow this type of power?

One vaguely sensed a wave of fluctuations, an unmatched aura spreading outwards.

This type of power, who could resist it?

Forget about Huang, even if supreme beings took action, even that might not be enough. That might be power exceeding the peak of mortal dao!

“Huang, drag yourself over here, just become the furnace’s slave forever!” Chi Menghong roared.

The precious furnace shone, scarlet multicolored light like an ocean. The figure standing in the furnace was extremely powerful. With a peng sound, a head was recreated.

Even though its figure was blurry, when its eyes opened, the world trembled in response.


At this moment, that blurry figure that seemed to be standing in an abyss moved its right hand, brandishing the hazy weapon in its hand, hacking down on Shi Hao.

“How is this fair?!” In the back, Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others felt as if their hearts were raised up to their throats. This was already no longer a struggle between those of the same generation, but rather borrowing immortal dao power.

How was Shi Hao supposed to face this, how could he even defend himself?

Many people were stunned, feeling worry for Shi Hao. Could it be that he was going to be killed here?

Previously, he even dared brandish his blade against Anlan. If he died here, killed by the immortal king remains, then it really wouldn’t be worth it.

However, Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear!

“All a facade, if you really could borrow the power of a true immortal, how could you cross Heaven Abyss? Nothing more than a paper tiger!”

These were Huang’s words, extremely collected, not shaken at all.

Moreover, right at this time, he moved, his entire body shining. Divine chains of order shot out one after another. He was like a humanoid True Dragon who sprouted a pair of immortal wings, about to soar through the Nine Heavens above!

He was powerful to begin with, now, he became even more terrifying.

Shi Hao was gathering power. Even though he was fearless, he didn’t act carelessly at all. All types of precious techniques were released at the same time, covering him in a layer of precious light.


That scarlet divine blade trembled, becoming increasingly vicious. He rushed over, charging murderously.

Dang dang dang…

Sparks flew in all directions, divine might world shocking. The creatures in the surroundings all sucked in cold air. On Imperial Pass, the troops of various clans were even more shaken.

This was a world shocking clash, the collision making the world tremble, heavens collapse and earth cave in.

Shi Hao frowned. The weapon in that figure’s hand was too sturdy, actually able to stop his weapon.

Only, Chi Menghong didn’t think this way. That terrifying indistinct magic body’s weapon was shrinking, losing a portion with each strike. This left him horrified.

What kind of weapon did Huang have in his hand? It could even cut through the magical artifact condensed by an immortal dao void figure? This was too heaven-defying!

Ah… just burn! Scarlet King Furnace slave, kill him for me!” Chi Menghong roared out. Blood spurted out from him as the furnace, all of it pouring onto that person’s body.


That figure became more and more terrifying. It released a world shocking aura, making everyone tremble.

“How is he supposed to even fight? This is too unfair! He summoned immortal dao power!” The golden little Heavenly Horned Ant was shouting out, extremely nervous.

“There is no need to worry, that figure is only releasing that type of aura, but it isn’t able to reach that true level of power at all.” Meng Tianzheng spoke. He remained extremely calm.

The undying couldn’t cross over Heaven Abyss, this was fact!


The loud noise was ear-splitting. The scarlet sword in Shi Hao’s hands was unstoppable. It hacked through the screen of blood, piercing through the scarlet light, incredibly powerful.


That void figure was cut again. This time, his right arm was the part that was severed.

Shi Hao was exceptionally powerful, nothing able to stand in his path. He continuously attacked, the divine sword in his hand illuminating eternity. With a pu sound, that figure’s head was cut off again.

Ah…” Chi Menghong released a long roar.


Shi Hao released a low roar. He slaughtered his way forward. Wherever the divine sword passed, there was nothing it couldn’t pierce through.

With a chi sound, the sword light rusheed into the heavens and shook the earth. This time, he directly hacked through that figure, cleaving it into two. Blood gushed outwards, that body falling into the furnace.

For Chi Menghong, this was disastrous. He was seriously injured. Even though this wasn’t his body, it still affected him.

It was because his techniques and dao resonated with that body, thus making him suffer a rebound.

This time, he came for revenge, making ample preparations. He didn’t hesitate to sharpen himself by heading to this clan’s ancestral land, but unexpectedly received the Scarlet King Furnace spirit’s favor. After resonating with it, he obtained this heaven-defying method. However now, he was still in danger, about to be defeated!

“From you, I can see what Scarlet King wishes to do. He wants to seize the dao fruit of an immortal king, use the immortal king as a rebirth flame, and then allow himself to produce an unmatched core. However, in the end, as for who will help accomplish who, it is still hard to say!” Shi Hao said coldly.

This was his judgment. It shocked many people, including supreme beings.

In the past, it was always passed around that the Scarlet King Furnace buried an immortal king, becoming a ‘coffin cauldron’. Could it be that there were other secrets?!

“What kind of origins does your weapon have?” Chi Menghong couldn’t accept this. This time, he came with heaven-defying methods, but he still lost, about to be defeated miserably, leaving him furious.

Under everyone’s eyes, if he was defeated again, then what kind of face would he have left? How was he supposed to continue being an Emperor Clan descendant?

“Immortal Killing Guillotine, can cut all things nefarious in this world!” Shi Hao shouted.


He took action, scarlet multicolored light overflowing. If not because he sensed danger, experiencing immortal dao aura, he wouldn’t easily use this method.


That fiery red furnace was cut into, blood spurting out. A large opening was cut out.


Chi Menghong screamed out. His entire body shone, precious techniques displayed, fighting intensely against Shi Hao, resisting with this furnace body.

It was because in this type of state, he was stronger, sturdier than his own body.

Right now, the furnace body was hacked open, if he tried to resist with his flesh, it definitely wouldn’t be enough.


In the back, several people walked over with large steps, intimidating Shi Hao, all of them releasing terrifying auras, Emperor Clan creatures!

Heheh, haha…” Shi Hao laughed loudly, his gaze like lightning, aura like a rainbow. “Nothing more than this. Today, I will kill to my heart’s content. I’ll kill the Time Beast first, and then you all! Emperor Clans, all of you can just come at me together!”

Everyone was shaken. Was he crazy? He was going to fight several Emperor Clan individuals at the same time? His might truly devoured heaven and earth.

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