Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660 - Flesh As the Furnace

Heh, haha…

On the other side, loud laughter sounded, the voice enough to split metal and stone, making even one’s bones about to crack apart.

Luckily, everyone here was strong. If it were other cultivators here, they would likely break down before this laughter, their bodies exploding here.

The laughter was ear-splitting, incredibly penetrating. It was as if extreme Immortal Gold was being refined, releasing kengqiang noises. Streaks of electricity flew out, the destructive power shocking!

The one who laughed loudly carried a grudge, carried hostility as he walked over step by step.

He wore scarlet armor, his figure extremely tall and straight, looking extremely heroic. There was a wave of fierce and pressing aura, his handsome face in particular somewhat sinister.

When he walked over, natural laws chains shone brilliantly around him, falling down streak after streak from his body. They were like phoenix plume feathers, gorgeous and brilliant.

He was, without a doubt, powerful. He arrived while stepping on the void, everything becoming blurry wherever he passed, caving in. Even the sky dome was shaking!

He was like a True Phoenix, bathed in endless splendor, dressed in brilliant feathers, surrounded by natural law divine chains, gorgeous and intimidating!

He was Chi Menghong, a direct inheritor of an Emperor Clan, Scarlet King’s descendant. He was extremely powerful, unstoppable.

His grudge with Huang was etched into his bones, because previously, the two of them fought because of Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves, that battle world shocking. In the end, Chi Menghong was defeated, moreover extremely miserably.

That day, Huang cut off one of his legs in front of everyone, and then roasted it, treating it as food!

Who was he? He was Scarlet King’s descendant, someone with the bloodline of the most powerful. His clan was known to be unmatched throughout the heavens above and earth below, yet he was actually defeated so miserably.

Last time, he was almost ruined, but because he was an Emperor Clan descendant, his clan naturally had heaven-defying treasures, helping him recover.

Moreover, under the help of a powerful existence in his clan, he underwent an astonishing great transformation. This time, he crossed Heaven Abyss precisely to get revenge on Huang.

“Huang, every minute, every second, I have always been wondering what it will be like once we meet again!” Within Chi Menghong’s pupils, auspicious multicolored light blossomed, his body becoming brilliant like an immortal core.

His long hair scattered about, every strand sparkling, face handsome, extremely outstanding. His entire being was like a war god surrounded by divine chains of order, appearance exceptional.

“You will end up as foodstuff!” This was Shi Hao’s reply, extremely direct, and also extremely domineering.

There was already no need for him to hold back anymore, fully displaying his intent to kill an Emperor Clan’s direct line of descent, no intention of hiding anything!

Chi Menghong laughed, extremely cold, and also extremely intimidating. The scarlet armor released kengqiang noises, it was as if scarlet dragon scales were moving, red multicolored light brilliant, filling the skies.

“Huang, you are dead for sure! Today is the day I will expunge my past disgrace. I am going to extract your soul, pull out your bones, get revenge for that day!” Chi Menghong’s words were extremely cold.

As someone from an Emperor Clan, when had he ever suffered such humiliation before? He constantly thought about his revenge, how he was going to make Huang pay the price of blood.

“Moreover, you better hope that Imperial Pass isn’t broken through, or else I will personally eradicate Stone Clan, eradicate all of the remaining evil behind you!” Chi Menghong’s eyes were deep.

With a teng sound, Shi Hao’s body erupted with baleful energy. A wave of powerful killing intent spread from where he stood. In addition, his entire body was like a furnace, erupting with sky reaching blazing radiance.

He was furious. No one dared threaten him like this before. Stone Village, the loved ones behind him, this was his bottom line!

“Of course, aside from your clansmen, there is also that group of evil creatures!” Chi Menghong continued, looking towards the large group of children from the original Emperor City on Imperial Pass’ walls.

“I guarantee you that your hopes will amount to nothing. This time, you can’t run, this isn’t the other side, no one will step out for your sake. I will kill you, turn you into food, bring it back to the village!” Shi Hao said.


Immediately afterwards, both sides seemed to have roared out at the same time, as if they were two blazing suns, illuminating the sky dome. They both released a powerful strike, irregular scenes shocking.

They fought intensely the moment they encountered each other, using the most powerful secret methods!


In that instant, both of them erupted with endless light even while extremely far away from each other. Fist imprint and palm imprint clashed, the power incredible, making waves of golden sand rush out from the great desert into the heavens, submerging the sun.

That type of scene was too terrifying. Sand and rocks covered the endless battlefield, everything within hundreds of thousands of li greatly shaken.

In the sky, everything cracked apart. Large black cracks interweaved, extending out into the endless distance, heaven and earth exploding. Under the two’s most powerful confrontation, everything was destroyed.

This type of scene was horrifying, as if the world itself was going to be obliterated!

Was this an Emperor Clan? Imperial Pass, on the city wall, everyone was shaken, this the case even for Self Release Realm great cultivators, developing a feeling of terror.

Only Shi Hao would dare call an Emperor Clan food, right? This type of creature was too terrifying!

Peng peng peng!

The two’s fists interweaved, as if heavenly drums were beating, shaking the sky dome until it collapsed, the void exploded to pieces. Two figures quickly moved about, tangling about each other, fighting with utmost ferocity.

Shi Hao was shocked. His opponent definitely far exceeded how he was before, his cultivation advancing greatly, a good amount stronger than before!

It was clear that a few things had happened to this opponent of his.

It was just as Shi Hao suspected, Chi Menghong underwent an instance of transformation, equivalent to experiencing a rebirth.

Last time, he left in defeat. When he returned to his clan, he was sent into a blood pool by an undying being, allowing him to undergo a full transformation, reborn like a phoenix, rebirth through flames!

The current Chi Menghong was terrifyingly powerful, no more weaknesses!

It was because the blood pool was left behind by Scarlet King for his descendants, inside of it some true blood. That blood had all of its murderous energy refined away, only the essence left behind, able to smoothly nurture a world shocking magical body.

“Huang, hand over your life!” Chi Menghong shouted. After the exchange, he was full of confidence, vowing that he was going to kill Shi Hao.


Right now, Chi Menghong’s state was extremely strange, becoming completely different. His entire being flowed with hazy blood radiance, releasing an aura that made even the expressions of supreme beings change.

This type of aura was too intimidating, as if an immortal was about to appear in this world.

“What is that?” Someone couldn’t help but cry out.

Chi Menghong, he was transforming, turning from a human form to a furnace, bright red like blood, scarlet multicolored light splitting the heavens!

Why was there this type of transformation? His outer form’s transformation was too astonishing, crushing down from the sky murderously towards Shi Hao.

Scarlet King Furnace!

Some people realized with a start. When this bloodline was mentioned, nothing was more shocking than Scarlet King’s war achievements. He had previously killed an immortal king, refining away his blood and corpse.

Furnace burying an immortal king, nurturing the supreme treasure!

This was the legend that spread through the world, and this was also what really happened. There was also a type of strange secret method that was passed down.

Now, Chi Menghong was currently displaying it, becoming different from before, no longer showing a magical projection, but rather using himself to produce the furnace body. This was extremely bizarre and strange.


When Shi Hao struck the furnace wall, there was actually a clear metal sound that rang out. This was shocking, was that flesh or a real furnace?

“Flesh Into Furnace, refine corpse spirit!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out on the other side.

Even the cultivators who came from the other side were extremely shocked. They thought of a legend, that there were some people from this clan who cultivated this secret method, the source directly tracing back to Scarlet King’s former battle.

The so-called Flesh Into Furnace was a secret method obtained from when Scarlet King merged with the cauldron, using his own physique to turn into the Scarlet King Furnace.

Of course, this wasn’t the main thing. The most shocking part was that this could bring one along a terrifying path, which was refining a corpse spirit.

The so-called refining a corpse spirit wasn’t nurturing the body and spirit, but rather imitating Scarlet King’s heroicness, cut down immortal kings, cut down oneself, and then produce an even stronger primordial spirit.

Back then, after that battle, Scarlet King never showed himself again, no longer appearing in this world.

It was rumored that it was because he was cultivating an unmatched mysterious technique. Back then, after killing an immortal king, the price he paid was great. However, it was also an opportunity.

He used the Scarlet King Furnace to bury immortal king furnaces, at the same time, he also entered the furnace himself without leaving, using the corpse to temper himself, cut down his own primordial spirit, wishing to reconstruct an even stronger spirit.

“After Chi Menghong was injured by Huang last time, he entered a blood pool, unexpectedly encountering the Scarlet King Furnace, resonating with it, obtaining this great method!”

Someone said quietly, leaving everyone shocked.


The scarlet furnace flowed with metallic luster, possessing imperishable power, releasing kengqiang noises.

The most terrifying thing was that the furnace body shone, releasing blood energy from within. Moreover, someone stood up from within the furnace, reaching towards Shi Hao, wishing to drag him into the furnace.

En?” Many people were shocked.

It was because that person was extremely terrifying, damaged armor covering his body, figure tall, possessing a horrifying aura, as if a true immortal descended into this world.

“Turn the enemy into a corpse, using the corpse to house a spirit, suck him inside!” That red furnace shone, wishing to collect Shi Hao inside. That creature reached out its arm, terrifying to the extreme.

This secret method was terrifying as expected, leaving everyone shocked.

Everyone knew that after Scarlet King Furnace buried an immortal king, he enslaved him, also using that corpse to temper himself.

Chi Menghong merely temporarily resonated with that furnace, yet already produced such irregular scenes, obtaining this strange secret method, one could imagine just how strange and terrifying the ancient furnace and Scarlet King himself would be.


Shi Hao’s body shook. He released precious light, tearing open the sky dome. He was resisting, but the arms that reached out from the furnace really were terrifying, as if there was immortal dao aura.


The scarlet furnace trembled, about to suck Shi Hao inside.

No one expected for victory or defeat to be decided so soon, the battle this intense.

“This is Scarlet King Furnace’s aura! It has condensed in his body, this… how are you supposed to resist it?”

Everyone was moved. To carry the aura of the most powerful existence to fight an enemy at the same level, this definitely gave them a huge advantage.

Chi Menghong had previously resonated with that ancient furnace, obtaining unimaginable benefits.


Shi Hao raised his hand. At the end of his fingertip, sword radiance surged chaotically!

An expanse of scarlet multicolored light actually shot out, horrifying to the extreme.


Immediately afterwards, blood radiance surged. When Shi Hao raised his finger, it actually directly pierced through the fiery red furnace body, the sword radiance tearing apart the furnace wall, this scene terrifying to the extreme.

What was that? Everyone was shocked. Why was Huang able to tear open the bright red furnace just by raising his hand? Just now, he couldn’t break through it even with his fist!


Chi Menghong screamed, clearly suffering serious injuries.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao raised his hand. At the end of his fingers, a scarlet divine sword appeared, formed from red multicolored light. He held it, sweeping it over.

The figure who was standing on the furnace had its head removed with a pu sound.

“Impossible! What kind of sword is this? What kind of technique?!” Many people from the other side cried out!

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