Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659 - Berserk

Jin Zhan lost, there was no suspense at all, easily defeated by the silver-robed youngster!

“Too weak, even someone like you is worth challenging me? No wonder the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were slaughtered again and again, no good as expected. Killing creatures like you isn’t a challenge at all.”

The silver-robed male sneered while stepping on Jin Zhan, lowering his head to look at him. He was arrogant and brash, continuously humiliating all the cultivators in Imperial Pass.

In the back, Jin Taijun’s face sunk. This made her look extremely bad. This was but Jin Family’s leader of the younger generation, yet he was defeated just like that, humiliated in front of everyone’s faces. Right now, she felt like she had no face at all.

Wang Xi’s expression was complicated. She opened her mouth, looking towards Jin Taijun. Was she not going to save him?

Jin Zhan was known as the heaven warping figure of a generation, unstoppable in the younger generation. If he suffered such a great defeat before everyone, trampled on beneath the feet of another, this really was a type of great humiliation.

Who was a hero among men, who was the genuine article, it was obvious from a single glance. Even though they hated the other side bitterly, they had to admit that they really were powerful.

“Let him go!” Jin Taijun said.

Heh!” A supreme being laughed, standing in her path.

This left Shi Hao shocked. He always suspected that Jin Family was colluding with the other side, now, it seemed like this wasn’t the case.

“You think I’ll let him go just because you said to? There is no point in leaving behind trash like him at all!” The silver-robed youngster raised his head, indifferent even when facing a supreme being, directly berating out.

It was because he knew that his side’s supreme beings could protect him, that he wouldn’t suffer any harm.


He pulled out a bone blade. It was extremely sharp, pointing it at the space between Jin Zhan’s brows.


Wang Xi shouted. After all, they were engaged, now that she saw Jin Zhan humiliated and stepped on, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore, shouting out. It was hard to imagine that the powerful Jin Zhan was actually defeated so easily.

Heh, girl, if you want to save him, there is a way, just come back to the other side with me. Staying by someone like this really does put a damper on your exceptional style. This person is too weak, not a good match for you.” The silver-robed youngster roared with laughter, extremely unbridled.

On Imperial Pass’ side, everyone’s expressions changed. This person bullied others too far, ridiculously flamboyant, mocking Wang Family’s fairy in front of everyone.

This wasn’t only humiliation directed at Jin and Wang Family, but even more so at everyone in Imperial Pass.

“You are too arrogant! Soldiers can be killed but not shamed, do you feel like you are unmatched under the sky?” Shi Hao said. He was far away, but his voice was extremely ear-splitting.

The silver-robed youngster was always extremely arrogant and prideful, looking down on Imperial Pass’ cultivators. However, when Shi Hao said this, his expression changed slightly.

He could look down on Jin Zhan, he could mock Wang Xi, but he definitely didn’t dare show Huang contempt!

It was because this was a terrifying peer who had glorious battle accomplishments. He had heard that Shi Hao defeated Chi Menghong, Scarlet King’s descendant, breaking through the time natural laws.

The most terrifying thing was that Huang even broke off one of Chi Menghong’s legs, roasting some of it in front of everyone, treating it as delicious food!

Towards someone as savage as Huang, he couldn’t help but feel restraining fear.

Wang Xi’s expression was complicated. She never expected that at the most crucial moment, it was Shi Hao who stood out, threatening that young man.

“Huang, you shouldn’t believe yourself to be infallible. This is my spoils of war, it isn’t something you should be concerned over!” Even though the silver-robed youngster felt restraining fear, his words were still unyielding.

Moreover, his eyes revealed ferocity, bone blade immediately piercing over.


Blood radiance flickered about, but even more divine multicolored light erupted, submerging that place.

With a weng sound, Jin Zhan disappeared from his original location. He suffered serious injuries, blood gushing out, but when death was imminent, a divine talisman he carried activated, releasing endless brilliance, wrapping around him and bringing him away.

This was a priceless treasure of Jin Family, actually given to him to protect his life.

Shi Hao walked forward, his gait light, not all that fast, wishing to face that silver-robed youngster.

“Don’t fight me over this one!” Ten Crown King spoke, long targeting this person.

“You should just leave this one to me.” Shi Hao said.

Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal both originally wanted to take action, but only for the sake of watching Jin Zhan and the silver-robed youngster’s decisive battle, did they finally stop.

Now, they were about to take action.

“Huang, the one who will kill you soon is me! Will you fight me or not?” On the other side, the male with the heavenly spear in hand said coldly.

“If you want to die that bad, I’ll help you with your aim. However, before that, I have to kill him first.” Shi Hao pointed at the silver-robed man.

“You… do you really think I am scared of you?” The silver robed-male felt like he had no face, shouting out loudly.

“Then just come, I am standing right here. If you can make me move even a single step, then I’ll just admit my defeat.” Shi Hao’s words were extremely calm, but there was a type of overbearing might.

This was attacking the other side. The other side looked down on Imperial Pass’ people too much, Shi Hao was now giving a powerful reply.

“You bully others too far!” The silver-robed youngster shouted. Even though he felt restraining fear inside, a bit scared, it still wasn’t good for him to cower.

“So what if we bully you?” Ten Crown King walked forward, looking like he wanted to kill.

“You... “ The silver-robed youngster immediately became fidgety, at the same time feeling humiliated. Huang alone was one thing, now, everyone wanted to kill him?

“You what you? Your skills are only ordinary, yet you dare look down on Imperial Pass’ cultivators, boasting shamelessly? I really want to take action and kill you right now too.” Exiled Immortal said.

He was aloof and otherworldly, as if a solitary immortal descended into this world. However, right now, his words weren’t that aloof and transcendent, a wave of real murderous intent spreading.

Haha…” The silver-robed youngster laughed loudly, now truly angered badly. Facing Huang was one thing, but now, there were others looking down on him in succession. “I want to see who can defeat me!”

“Let me kill him.”

“You should just let me.”

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and Shi Hao all wanted to kill him, the three of them stepping forward together. This made the young experts of the other side shocked. What was going on? Why were Imperial Pass’ cultivators so confident?!

In the end, Shi Hao walked over.

At the same time, Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal pointed forward, directly threatening that they were going to kill!


This triggered an uproar, making the foreign young cultivators all indignant.

“Arrogant! Even people like you dare look down on my side? Kill!” A few people roared out.

“Could it be that you’re scared? How about I only use a single arm to fight you?” Shi Hao smiled.

This was provoking the other side on purpose, making that silver-robed youngster’s face immediately become green and white. He originally wanted to step back, but now, he couldn’t do so without losing too much face.

He felt like he could fight, but he could back off while he was still ahead, withdraw after a few moves, and then let the true Emperor Clans fight.

“Huang, others are scared of you, but I am not! A prisoner like you, someone who had been locked up in my world, today, I will kill you!” The silver-robed youngster went for broke.


In the distance, Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal had already begun their fights.

Moreover, Great Xu Tuo, Little Sky King, Daoist Qi Gu and the others moved as well, choosing their opponents. Moreover, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi also walked up, wishing to fight.


Right at this time, blood radiance appeared in the battlefield.

A great dragon rushed through the sky, as if an immortal king made an appearance, roaring out. This was Ten Crown King, every move he made powerful. He fought with the enemy, using the True Dragon Precious Technique, blasting through a King Clan!

At the same time, blood radiance flickered about in another place. Exiled Immortal was spirited and aloof, behind him a pair of five-colored divine wings. When he rushed over, he cut off his opponent’s head.

Those were phoenix wings. Apart from the divine abilities others knew he had, he actually also grasped the True Phoenix Secret Technique!

In that instant, two King Clan experts lost their lives, killed under fair conditions!

This shocked a group of creatures. They always looked down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, yet in the end, it wasn’t Huang who took action, yet there were others who could kill them!

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, many people immediately cried out, becoming extremely excited.

Shi Hao was also speechless. These two really were rather full of life.

“Come, let me kill one as well. This one has never fallen behind others.” Shi Hao said in a deemphasized manner.

This made the silver-robed youngster’s expression change, about to go crazy.

“Egotistical! Die!” The silver-robed youngster released a great roar, slaughtering his way forward.

Shi Hao’s feet stood in place, not moving at all. Only when he saw the other side’s ancestral method arrive did he release a roar, an arm reaching out, incredibly massive, forming a Kun Peng Claw, tearing through everything.


The silver-robed youngster wanted to run, escape, but this type of great hand was too terrifying, covering everything, chasing after him like a shadow, continuously pursuing him.

This was especially the case when, later on, the great hand was like a Kun Peng Claw, but also like an Ancient Monk Bloodline’s World Within the Palm, massive beyond compare. Every single finger had celestial bodies revolving about it, everything was just that real.

The silver-robed youngster was sullen, he actually had to run after just a single exchange.


The silver-robed youngster wanted to run, but he couldn’t get out. He began to take action, continuously activating ancestral methods, divine abilities of all different types appearing, continuously erupting.

In the blink of an eye, he released more than ten types of divine abilities, one after the other, but nothing could stop that great hand.


When that large hand closed, that silver-robed youngster was immediately seized. The great hand closed, crushing him until his bones broke and muscles were torn. He screamed, blood spurting out of his mouth.

“You are too weak.” Shi Hao said quietly.

In reality, this individual really wasn’t weak, could be said to be extremely strong. However, compared to Shi Hao, he was still a bit off.

At the same time, Shi Hao also deliberately said this to bring the other side down a notch, acting domineering on purpose, saying that the enemy was too weak.


The instant the great hand closed, that person was crushed until all the bones in his body broke.

With a peng sound, he was thrown onto the ground by Shi Hao. Then, a foot stepped down, crushing him, blood splashing extremely high into the air.

This scene left many people shocked. Emperor Clan’s branch bloodline expert was crushed just like this, trampled to death? Everyone was horrified.

Wang Xi’s eyes carried complex emotions. The youngster in front of her was too strong. The enemy Jin Zhan wasn’t a match for didn’t last long at all before Huang, directly crushed!

Heheh, haha!” On the other side, someone laughed, voice becoming louder. It came from the one who held the heavenly spear.

“Huang, you are still alive! To be able to see you again, this really is too amazing!” At the same time, someone said through gritted teeth. It was Scarlet King’s descendant Chi Menghong. He was also approaching.

Apart from this, there were several other Emperor Clan youngsters who walked forward together, staring at Huang.

“Just come. Do you want to come at me all at once, or do you want to throw your lives away one by one?” Shi Hao said, even more brash than the other side’s people, directly asking domineeringly.

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