Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658 - Defeated

Undead knights, this clan appeared. There were men and women, all of them extremely young. They rode a black-gold war chariot, appearing from beneath the earth.

Burial Earth wasn’t that far from this place. They came along an undergoing ancient burial vein, adding a variable to the battlefield in front of Imperial Pass.

“Don’t misunderstand, we are only here to join in on the liveliness, no intention to take action. After remaining asleep for so long, we wish to see how strong the heroes of the present world are.” One of the youngsters said.

This was a wave of power that appeared suddenly. Who dared to relax in front of them?

The other side didn’t dare act carelessly either. Even though they were extremely strong, able to overlook the world under the sky, full of confidence, when faced with Burial Region, they were still full of restraining fear!

It was because not long ago, undying kings had personally paid a visit to Burial Earth, and also faced them with an extremely serious attitude, leaving for many days. It left everyone shocked.

How high up above were undying kings? They overlooked the flow of endless time, watching as the Prides of Heaven were exchanged generation after generation. It was hard for anything in this world to make their expressions change, yet when faced with Burial Land, they attached great importance to the other party!

“We will back up a bit. Everyone, please continue.” One of them said.

Shi Hao was rather surprised. It was because he saw familiar people so quickly. Sanzang and Shenming were also here, but they didn’t say anything all this time.

“We came to observe the battle on the orders of Burial Kings.” Eventually, Shenming revealed a sparkling smile.

These creatures were all Golden Undead Knights, among them, Sanzhang was holy, Shenming enchanting, all of them extremely eye-catching, difficult for them to not draw attention even if they didn’t want any.

In the past, their understanding of Burial Region was too limited, to the extent where those on Imperial Pass’ side didn’t even know of its existence, only recently did they learn some things.

The black-gold war chariot carried mottled traces of time. Even though there was a bit of Darkness Immortal Gold mixed inside, it was still corroded until it became dim, covered in cracks.

This was left behind by time, left behind over the years, releasing some type of ancient power, great dao traces engraved on its surface!

“We invite you to watch us break through Imperial Pass, roam this world together!” A supreme being spoke, not showing these youngsters any disdain.

This left everyone shocked!

Shi Hao had reason to suspect that when Anlan and Shutuo entered Burial Earth, they reached some type of compromise with the Burial Kings there.

However now, there was no path back to a long time ago. Was there anything worse than the other side invading?

Heh, Burial Earth friends, it is an honor to meet you all!” There were youngsters who spoke out, moreover from Emperor Clans, greeting them.

In terms of status and position, Golden Undead Knights were similar to Emperor Clans.

“You all should continue, pretend as if we don’t exist.” A female undead knight said.

“Fine, we will end things as soon as possible, quickly kill these people, and then meet with you all.” The Emperor Clan youngster with the heavenly spear in hand spoke. Then, he ordered, saying, “You all still aren’t going to kill them? Just a group of dogs and chickens, don’t waste time!”

It could be said that this was full of disdain, carrying humiliation, looking down on Imperial Pass’ people.

Heh, haha… let me go first. Who is this nameless person who believes himself infallible? Come over, I’ll start from you!”

In the other side’s direction, a young man walked over. He was dressed in silver battle clothes, incredibly heroic. However, right now, he was laughing loudly, extremely easygoing, not like he was fighting a great battle at all.

He was pointing at Jin Zhan, extremely brash, face carrying disdain.

“My name is Jin Zhan!’’ Jin Zhan said coldly.

He carried a wave of anger, really wanting to roar out. When had he ever been looked down on like this before? The other side wanted to kill him in such an easygoing manner?

This time, he came to rise up through fighting. If Imperial Pass became quiet, peaceful once more, then he would have obtained great contributions!

How could he let Huang monopolize the glory? He couldn’t accept it. Huang could continuously fight and continuously win, how much inferior was he? Back then, even though he was defeated by Huang, he was still filled with too much unwillingness.

Jin Zhan had confidence. He underwent a full transformation, far stronger than before. He could now shake the world with his power in front of Imperial Pass!

“What Jin Zhan silver cup[1] or whatever, just a dead person, there’s no need for you to tell me, I don’t have any interest in knowing, nor do I want to know. Either way, killing you won’t make me look any better.”

This silver-robed youngster was extremely impolite, directly sneering, looking at Jin Zhan with an ice-cold expression.

Even though Shi Hao strongly disliked Jin Family, right now, he also felt like the other side’s cultivators were going too far, ridiculously arrogant. Did they really think Imperial Pass was that easy to bully?

“Come, come, come, let me take your head.” The silver-robed youngster walked over.


Jin Zhan was mad. This type of humiliation made his face become red like blood, his long hair standing on end, expression ferocious. He charged murderously, using his clan’s great divine ability.

His bloodline’s physiques were powerful, most fond of body training. Jin Zhan immediately released a palm imprint, his strike producing hundreds to thousands of streaks of symbol light.

With a honglong noise, the great earth shook, the world’s great dao laws appeared. This was the appearance of Jin Zhan’s strength, right now, his comprehension in the Self Severing Realm was extremely deep.


A streak of silver radiance appeared. The other side’s youngster raised his hand, immediately slashing out. A blade imprint was formed, hacking into the void, cutting heaven and earth!

His actions were extremely easygoing, but the attack power was astonishing!


Jin Zhan’s palm imprint turned into flowing light, cut apart in the void.

“Nothing more than this, just this bit of skill?” The other side’s youngster said while laughing. 

In the back, Imperial Pass’ people were all alarmed. Jin Zhan was definitely strong, already a heaven warping figure among his peers, not many able to compare to him.

“This person is not simple, not an ordinary King Clan! He has a bit of emperor blood within his body!” In the back, someone said with a low voice.

This silver-robed youngster was extremely strong. When he operated magical force, a hint of Emperor Clan aura flowed out, making one feel great reverence.

Emperor Clans, regardless of which bloodline they were from, they were extremely rare, reproduction difficult. It was because if their numbers were great, then they really would be able to oppress the world!

Normally speaking, other clans would intermarry with Emperor Clans, if there were heirs, ninety percent of what was inherited would be from the Emperor Clan. Their bloodline was extremely tyrannical.

Of course, this was only normally speaking.

After endless years of reproduction, there would always be unexpected situations. There were some Emperor Clans whose physiques would worsen, and then possibly produce heirs of other clans.

This type of descendant had a bit of emperor blood within them. They couldn’t compare to the Emperor Clans, instead becoming branch families, but they were still stronger than other clans.

Jin Zhan was quite unlucky, encountering one of them!

However, from Jin Zhan’s perspective, he couldn’t accept this, feeling like he was shamed. It was because there were direct descent Emperor Clans, but they didn’t pay him any attention, only sending out a Self Severing Realm impure branch bloodline to fight him.


Jin Zhan roared out, completely erupting. Mysterious patterns appeared on his forehead, even producing a horn, the radiance terrifying.

At this moment, his aura surged, strength increasing, as if he shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones.

He wasn’t a human, everyone knew that even though Jin Family were human formed, they had other origins. Now, he displayed his innate abilities.


Heaven and earth collapsed. He wanted to restrict this silver-robed male, kill him.

Right now, Jin Zhan was terrifying. Patterns flew out from his forehead, continuously enlarging, every single one like a mountain ridge, suppressing forward.

He was forming natural laws, constructing a law realm in the sky. This was a domain of natural laws, surrounding all directions, able to subdue powerful enemies!


Moreover, a sparkling horn flew out from his forehead, tearing through heaven and earth, entering that law realm, sweeping through everything!

This horn was extremely special, lingering within natural laws. It could sever the dao, able to cut through order. It wanted to kill that silver-robed male sealed within the domain of laws.

This was extremely powerful. That law realm rumbled, really restraining the silver-robed male, making quite a few people on Imperial Pass city walls cheer.

Unfortunately, when that horn descended, about to strike the enemy, that person moved, suddenly breaking free. His entire body shone, erupting with world shocking war energy.

That was Emperor Clan blood, even though it was sparse, it could destroy everything in the way.


This silver-robed youngster brandished his fists, slaughtering his way over towards JIn Zhan, divine might powerful, blasting through this law realm.

The two quickly tangled about each other, this place immediately seemed as if an explosion happened here. Waves of rumbling noises sounded from the void, divine light resplendent, illuminating the great desert.

It had to be said that Jin Zhan really was ridiculously powerful, much stronger than before.

However, it was unfortunate. When their exchange reached thirty something moves, he was sent flying by a fist by the other party, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. It was because at this moment, the other side’s power increased, he could no longer withstand it.

It was emperor blood that ignited. As that silver-robed youngster exerted force, Jin Zhan was beaten until blood sprayed out from his mouth, his face pale white.

“You are too weak!”

The silver-robed youngster said coldly, pressing forward again.


The silver-robed youngster’s movements were like those of a ghost’s, too fast. He rushed over, continuously delivering heavy blows.

Jin Zhan was beaten until he staggered backwards, continuously sent flying, seriously injured.


The most terrifying thing was that in the end, the silver-robed youngster caught up, a foot stepping down on his chest, making all of the bones in his body continuously release pi pa noises, breaking apart.

His foot trampled Jin Zhan into the ground, looking down on him and saying, “Imperial Pass’ so-called heroic talents really are weak, nothing more than dogs and chickens!”

He forcefully grinded his feet. Jin Zhan’s chest caved in, blood gushing out.

In the back, a group of people berated angrily, Jin Family’s people panicking. Was Jin Zhan going to die here just like that?

Wang Family also saw this scene, releasing light sighs. The glorious Jin Zhan, the heaven warping figure of a generation was actually defeated so easily!

When they compared the two, thinking about Huang, why was there such a huge difference? Huang’s reputation shook the other side, defeating true Emperor Clans even when he was trapped in the other side!

Many people had heard that Huang had previously cut down Scarlet King’s descendant, defeating a Time Beast.

True gold had to be refined through flames. It was clear that Jin Zhan was defeated, unable to grind out a dazzling golden body, now about to be defeated!

In this cruel great world, he couldn’t prove himself, couldn’t rise up.

1. Jin is gold, the word for cup here sounds similar to the zhan in Jin Zhan’s name

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