Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657 - True Gold Must Be Refined Through Flames

These people’s arrival didn’t make the other side’s people become serious, it instead made some young experts’ eyes display radiance, becoming like starving wolves that saw delicious prey.

These were undisguised invasive looks, examining them. They were full of excitement, about to carry out a great slaughter!

The more people came out of Imperial Pass, the more it made the expressions of those on the other side become brilliant. It was because if they wiped them out in this battle, then those of the Nine Heavens would be forced down the path of destruction.

“Kill the supreme beings first, and then punish the small fry!” An elder spoke. In his eyes, the younger generation weren’t anything important at all. As long as they killed Meng Tianzheng and the others, then the great situation was set.

Even though the words were spoken like this, they still didn’t dare act recklessly, because both sides had immortal artifacts. Fighting to the death wouldn’t be good for either side!

That was shocking power!

“I think we should still start from the small fish. The younger generation wishes to take action, kill all of Imperial Pass’ so-called heaven warping geniuses, wipe out all of their elite disciples!” On the other side, someone said this extremely domineeringly.

That was a youngster. He had previously stood in front of the city, challenged Shi Hao, pointed at Huang with the heavenly spear in his hands, challenging him to a battle.

His long hair scattered down behind him, eyes releasing cold lightning, he came from one of the Emperor Clans. He was also a Self Release Realm expert, arriving here specifically to deal with Shi Hao!

Even though he was a great Self Release Realm expert, his face was still quite young.

Heh, I think it’s better if you let me go first, let me kill all of Imperial Pass’ so-called leaders. Leaving them behind really is rather irksome!” A middle-aged man spoke, powerful and intimidating, eyes carrying vicious light, hair thick, scattering down like a waterfall. He stood high up in the sky, overlooking the other side.

The supreme beings didn’t say anything, letting them continue with their ostentatious behavior.

Imperial Pass’ cultivators glared angrily. They were too arrogant, completely looking down on them.

Meng Tianzheng sighed. Even though quite a few people walked out from Imperial Pass, if they really were going to fight, they were likely going to suffer greatly.

He wanted to stop them, not willing for his own side’s middle and younger generation to fight.

However, there were some leaders who had extremely fierce natures, would rather die in battle than to cower back. They directly roared and stepped out.

If they were scared of death, then they wouldn’t have walked out of Imperial Pass. Those who dared come out long disregarded life and death.

Meng Tianzheng’s expression was grave, wishing to have those leaders return to Imperial Pass.

“I only wish to fight, prove that my bravery still exists. Even if I am not a match, I am still willing to fight! The clans in Imperial Pass won’t yield, we will fight bloodily to the end!”

A leader spoke up, walking forward with large steps.

The people behind opened their mouths, wishing to say something, stop him, but in the end, they all became quiet.

In Imperial Pass, the various clans’ cultivators all became quiet. The world immediately became silent.

Many people knew that he was doing this to prove that even if he died, he wouldn’t yield, speaking out in place of those that were weak and hesitating in Imperial Pass.

He was using blood to make those in Imperial Pass who were too hesitant and nervous stand up, for them to no longer cower back, to stir up their unyielding natures.

There were some who thought of him as stupid, but there were many who had complicated expressions as well, inwardly shaken. There were many cultivators whose eyes no longer wavered, now becoming firm.

Without a doubt, this indeed stirred up many people in Imperial Pass!

Heh, haha…” On the other side, everyone roared with laughter, extremely brash. They carried expressions of scorn, words full of disdain. “Truly laughable. Are you coming over to throw away your life? I’ll help you with your aim, I’ll turn you into dirt within five fists!”

Many people in Imperial Pass were furious, including those clans that weren’t willing to fight, even them feeling rage.

“Just take action. If you want to enter Imperial Pass, then you’ll have to do so while stepping over our bones. Meanwhile, fearless people like us number in the billions, every step you all take will need to be taken through paying a price!” That leader calmly said.

He came to fight with the resolution to die. Perhaps he might not be a match, but right now, he couldn’t let people be shaken!


This leader took action, immediately igniting his life potential, doing everything he could, erupting with resplendent divine light, slaughtering his way forward.

However, his opponent really was extremely strong. That middle-aged man, even though he looked to not be that old, he had cultivated for many years, an exceptional expert.

Otherwise, how could he have followed the supreme beings here, his strength was rarely seen in the Self Release Realm level!

Fists and palms collided, lightning interweaved, human figures flying about, clashing intensely, ringing through the great desert, at the same time accompanied by blood radiance.

During the decisive battle, Imperial Pass’ leader wasn’t a match after all, his arm cracking apart from the first fist exchange, blood dripping out from his mouth, being seriously injured.


Divine radiance flickered, powerful energy surging.

In the end, when the other side’s middle-aged man’s fist rushed over murderously, it blasted through all of this leader’s symbol protection light, a fist passing through his body, ending his life.


While accompanied by blood radiance, this leader was killed in battle.

The other side’s expert’s movements were fast like lightning, rushing over, removing his head, ending his primordial spirit. As for his body, it was turned into a bloody paste, becoming bloody mist.

“I already said that if someone like you comes over, it is nothing more than throwing your life away, no different from dogs and chickens!”

This foreign middle-aged man roared with laughter as he held this leader’s head. He revealed a mouthful of snow-white teeth, extremely cruel.

During this process, no one dared interfere.


Imperial Pass, on the city wall, countless people were screaming out, a wave of rage burning within them. All of them were set aflame, about to explode.

“Going to stake it all, kill that murderer!”

“Even if we aren’t a match, we have to fight bloodily to the end!”

Everyone’s eyes even became red, roaring out in anger.

Meng Tianzheng didn’t say anything, remaining silent. He knew that this leader wished to use his death to ignite courage within some people, demonstrate his sincerity in this way.

Heh, Imperial Pass’ creatures are too weak, killing like this doesn’t give me a sense of accomplishment at all.” That middle-aged man sneered, completely disregarding the public anger.

“Have you spoken enough? Come, a single move from me is enough to end your life!” Shi Hao spoke. He looked extremely calm on the surface, but right now, his mind was surging even more intensely than during his battle against Anlan.

“Huang, you’re mine!” On the other side, the youngster with the heavenly spear in hand spoke. He came from an Emperor Clan, at the Self Severing Realm, here specifically to fight Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, still looking towards that middle-aged man, saying, “If you don’t dare fight, scared of death, then fucking get lost, don’t show yourself in this desert!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Aren’t you Huang? Previously a prisoner on my side, taken captive in my world? Today, I will end you!” That middle-aged man said with an overcast expression.


Shi Hao took a step forward, pulling out the sword core, the sword energy immediately splitting the sky dome.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed. Even though he was a well-known figure at the Self Release Realm, a vicious individual who had cultivated for many years, right now, his heart was still shaking a bit.

“Huang, cease your arrogance!”

Some people from the other side spoke out, even supreme beings released cold looks, wishing to directly kill him.

“Which one of you dare move?!” Meng Tianzheng said coldly. The Ten Realms Diagram floated above his head, directly stepping out, wishing to take action here. Moreover, he asked, “Do you all not even have the courage to allow for a fair battle?”

“Who said we don’t? I am here to kill Huang!” The middle-aged man flew into a rage out of humiliation. He threw aside the head in his hand, using his most powerful ancestral method. He roared, rushing at Shi Hao.


Sword energy rushed into the heavens. Shi Hao didn’t say anything, directly raising the sword core, displaying the most powerful attack. It looked simple, but this strike contained great power.

The middle-aged man’s expression went rigid. He wanted to avoid the radiance, and then strike from the side.

However, immediately afterwards, he was in despair. There was sword energy everywhere, killing intent all around him. Shi Hao fully revealed his power, entire being like an immortal sword.

The middle-aged man couldn’t escape, as if he was the one who ran straight into that sword. It could only be said that the other side’s sword intent was too powerful, making even him who was at the Self Release Realm feel despair!


This wasn’t like a sword, more like a giant hammer that was as tall as the heavens.

The ancestral method this expert displayed collapsed, his body protecting divine light scattered. He was horrified, completely unable to stop Shi Hao’s rageful world-shaking sword radiance!

This was a heaven reaching sword. The sword radiance was thick, even the light that flowed out was thicker than a mountain peak, sweeping across the great wastelands.


The middle-aged cultivator was swept through by the thick sword radiance, suffering a heavy blow as expected. He exploded, blood spraying everywhere, and then he evaporated, not even bones remaining!

A single sword cut down a well-known Self Release Realm level figure on the other side!

This sword left everyone shaken, at the very least, the cultivators at the mortal dao realm were all shocked. Even the Emperor Clans’ disciples were shaken.

It was too domineering, a single cut enough to slaughter a powerful Self Release Realm expert!

“All who cannot accept this can come and accept their death!” Shi Hao spoke. He looked towards the Emperor Clans, wishing to slaughter them, end the Emperor Clans’ inheritors of this generation.


Imperial Pass, on the city walls, countless people roared out. Only, this time, it wasn’t a roar of sullenness, but rather a type of release, an eruption of suppressed emotions.

“Kill them!” On the city walls, many cultivators roared loudly.

“Imperial Pass will be broken through today!” On the other side, there was a supreme being who said. Many people took steps forward, immortal artifacts rising and falling above their heads, releasing a powerful pressure.

Meng Tianzheng and Immortal Wang moved as well, taking steps forward.

“What are you all in such a rush for? Didn’t much of the middle and younger generation come? Let them have their exchange first.” An old supreme being on the other side said.

It was because he also had some restraining fear. The other side had some complete immortal artifacts. Even though their number of supreme beings was low, the threat of immortal artifacts was great. The other side didn’t wish to pay too great of a price.

The old supreme being knew that his side’s middle and younger generation should be a bit stronger than Imperial Pass’. Apart from Huang, the others were lacking. He wanted to have the Emperor Clans make their move first, wipe out Imperial Pass’ middle and younger generation elites, shake Meng Tianzheng and others’ confidence.

“You think we are scared of you all? Just send all of your people over!”

This was Ten Crown King’s voice. He wanted to take action, right now pointing at the other side, full of confidence.

“Who wishes to fight with me?” Exiled Immortal also stepped out, walking forward, his temperament aloof and fleeting, but his eyes carried astonishing fighting intent.

On Imperial Pass’ side, the most powerful youngsters wanted to fight.

On the other side, a few people’s eyes became resplendent.

Heh, it really is exactly what we are looking for. We wanted to take your heads for quite some time, let’s see just how many moves it’ll take to slaughter all of you!” Someone said.

“Today, if I don’t take your head, then I will have let down the True Dragon, Qilin, and other inheritances!” Ten Crown King was full of confidence, his words inspiring.

His gait was powerful, presence intimidating.

“I also wish to fight. Who will face me?” At this time, Jin Zhan also spoke. He stood in the great desert, wishing to fight the other side’s experts at the same level, using this to prove himself.

“Those who are obscure and unknown aren’t worthy to be my opponent!” The one holding the heavenly spear who always wanted to fight against Shi Hao gave Jin Zhan a cold look.

Haha, nameless one, let me kill you!” Someone replied, laughing loudly. A young man walked over, a younger cultivator who appeared later, not a Self Release Realm Emperor Clan.

Jin Zhan was humiliated, face like blood. He roared, walking forward.

In the back, the white-clothed Wang Xi was watching, many people also watching.

In front of Imperial Pass, who was the most powerful, who could win? Only the most bitter and cruel bloody battle could reveal this.


The ground shook. Some young Prides of Heaven stepped out from Imperial Pass, not fearing death, wishing to fight here. True gold had to be refined through flames. They wanted to see if they had the qualifications to overlook those of their generation in this world.

“It really is lively.”

In the distance, a sigh sounded. Some more youngsters walked out, carrying mysterious auras. They were undead knights!

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