Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656 - Chance for One Last Battle

Outside the pass, a row of people stood there, towering like great mountains one after the next. They weren’t all that large and tall, but their auras were powerful and intimidating.

Every single one of them was powerful and terrifying. They stood there, ice-cold like a frozen abyss, as if they slaughtered their way out from hell, breaking through shackles to reappear in the world of mortals.

This was a group of demonic gods, one more terrifying than the next, killing intent overflowing into the heavens!

“Come out and fight, I will take your head!” Below the city wall, a youngster shouted again. He raised the heavenly spear in his hand, pointing it at Shi Hao.

The great desert was vast and limitless.

These people walked out from Heaven Abyss, standing here, making even the void distort. This was caused by a powerful aura!

Heaven Abyss, it could stop the steps of undying beings, but for those at the peak of the mortal dao, it didn’t stop them, allowing for them to cross over.

Shi Hao was laughing, murderous intent behind his smile. Not long ago, he even dared fight against Anlan, would he be scared of these people under the city?!

On the city wall, there were some people who became quiet. They didn’t wish for the war to continue, hoping for a few hundred years of peace. It was because the other side’s ferocity and power were something anyone with eyes could see!

Now, everyone was hoping for reinforcements to appear after hundreds of years had passed, that those mysterious experts would descend once more, stop the other side’s creatures.

“You think we are scared of you all?!” Of course, there were some who were extremely vicious, immediately shouting, really wishing they could immediately leave the pass and fight.

Not long ago, they could only watch as Imperial Pass’ gateway was destroyed by Anlan. A large hand extended through the sky, causing tens of thousands of experts to instantly perish.

That type of tragedy made many people feel great pain, the casualties included their own fathers and brothers, their loved ones.

Only, a cruel reality was displayed before them. Even the lowest level creatures were at the Self Release Realm, the others supreme beings, at the peak of mortal dao.

Meanwhile, inside Imperial Pass, just how many supreme beings were there?!

Many people felt helpless. The difference in cultivation levels was too great. Even if they wanted to kill the enemy, they didn’t have the qualifications. Apart from this, a few people found it hard to calm down. Was that undying being going to cross over?

One had to understand that when the bronze great halberd was in Heaven Abyss, it wanted to open up a path, send an immortal dao level cultivator over.

On that great halberd was an undying being, lingering about. Even though he couldn’t cross Heaven Abyss, who could say for sure that he would still fail in the end?

“I am sure that unless he pays the price of blood, he cannot cross over at all. Heaven Abyss has sealed Desolate Border, undying beings cannot step foot here.” Meng Tianzheng spoke.

“What if he does?” Jin Taijun said.

“If he pays the price of blood to cross over, I can kill him!” Meng Tianzheng said.


This immediately lit a flame within everyone’s hearts. From start until now, even though Imperial Pass hadn’t been broken through yet, everyone still felt a great pressure, and also extremely nervous. Now that Meng Tianzheng said this, it left many people shaken, a wave of hot blood rising within their chests, about to erupt.

“Kill them!” There were leaders who shouted.

Heh, just a group of losers, only able to hole up in your city. Just watch how we break through the pass, slaughter all of you!”

Underneath the city, a supreme being spoke. He had a medium build, but his figure carried an astonishing presence, as if it was a demonic mountain that had suppressed the mountains, heaven and earth.

This person had green hair, a few dao laws and patterns appearing on his forehead, carrying chaotic energy, terrifying power seeping out. He wore green-gold armor, powerful beyond compare.

Supreme being, an extremely powerful cultivator. He stood at the peak of mortal dao, able to overlook the people of Imperial Pass.


Behind him floated a pouch refined from over ten thousand types of best skins. It could swallow up all things, able to open a world, immortal dao splendor released from it.

It was precisely the Heaven and Earth Pouch. It originally belonged to the Nine Heavens, but in the end, it was lost to the other side, becoming their killing weapon.

This immortal dao weapon came from the Nine Heavens, so it wasn’t suppressed by Heaven Abyss, could be brought over.

Imperial Pass’ gateway collapsed, city walls cracked, it was indeed the best chance to break through the pass. If the other side attacked with the Heaven and Earth Pouch, it really might be able to bring the other side’s endless army through.

Many people broke out in cold sweat. Originally, they thought that the great battle had ended, that the worst case scenario was that they just wouldn’t leave the pass, that it would be enough as long as they defended it.

But now, it seemed like it wasn’t as they had thought at all. The danger was still present, moreover, things seemed far from reassuring!

“Ants, the moment the city is broken through is the day of your deaths. The city will be purged, completely slaughtered!” Another supreme being proclaimed.

He wore black armor that flowed with dark light, his figure tall and sturdy like a black dragon. There was a powerful aura around him. He stood there, overlooking this side.

Another supreme being appeared. Above his head was a Violet-Gold hammer. Even though it was damaged, it was releasing immortal dao aura, flowing with unmatched power.

On the city walls, many people broke out into cold sweat, their bodies going cold.

Below that city stood a row of creatures. There were several dozen figures, Self Release Realm cultivators and supreme beings making up the main force. This was a force that made the cultivators of imperial pass sigh with astonishment.

Moreover, those people carried immortal weapons! Would they be able to stop them?

“Do you all dare fight?” 

Below, someone laughed loudly, extremely frivolous, looking down on Imperial Pass’ cultivators.

Even though Anlan suffered quite a bit not too long ago, facing an unimaginable retaliation, the other side’s creatures were still brimming with confidence.

It was because they knew that this was something unexpected. The Embodiment Transformation Great Method didn’t belong to this time. It was only a momentary power, and now, it had finally dissipated.

Now that they were directly invading, who could stop them?

Behind them, an undying being overlooked this place. There were even Without Death, Shutuo, and Anlan overseeing things, who could stop them? No one could!

“If you dare come out, then we’ll kill you all!” In the great desert, even those young faces were challenging Imperial Pass, pointing at the cultivators on the city walls.

It was one thing for supreme beings to be saying these things, but now, even the younger generation figures were provoking them, this made a few leaders on the city wall feel sullen. They really wanted to rush over and wipe them out.

However, the so-called younger generation really weren’t weak, to be more precise, they were all great experts at the Self Release Realm!


Right now, in front of Imperial Pass, a weapon shone. This was a damaged weapon, but it carried immortal dao brilliance, also attacking Imperial Pass.

The situation was extremely critical!

“Who is willing to go out with me and fight?” Meng Tianzheng spoke.

On the city walls, it immediately became quiet.

Meng Tianzheng was going to leave the city, face the enemy. This was definitely going to be dangerous!

Many people understood his intent. If they wanted to protect Imperial Pass, then they had to risk their lives. It was because the other side used immortal dao weapons, perhaps they really might be able to break through the now damaged city.

Even though the immortal formations in the city had already been activated, there would most likely still be dangers.

Meng Tianzheng did this to neutralize the disaster, to repel the enemy in front of the city.

“I am!”

Shi Hao said. He walked forward with large steps, the first one to break the silence. He was going to leave the city and fight.

Everyone looked over. Shi Hao had, without a doubt, established great contributions not long ago, stopping Anlan. This was an incredible achievement.

However, the drop of blood now disappeared, could he still leave the pass and fight? Was he not scared of being killed by the other side’s supreme beings?

Meng Tianzheng released a light sigh. He didn’t wish to bring Shi Hao out. He was scared that the genius would be killed in front of Imperial Pass. However, in the end, he didn’t advise him against it, because he planned to send Shi Hao back to Imperial Pass at the most critical moment.

After all, the other side also had some youngsters who stepped out, perhaps he could bring Huang with him for now.

“Is protecting the city not an option?” Jin Taijun spoke.

She had to say this, because the city’s supreme beings were limited, only a few. She was one of them.

“Fine, since we have been forced to this extent, I will go out and fight as well.” Immortal Wang spoke. He had the appearance of a young man, handsome and exceptional.

Many people were stunned, even Shi Hao was surprised!

In Shi Hao’s opinion, Wang Family was just as hateful as Jin Family, to the extent where he suspected that they might have harbored ill intentions. However, now, Immortal Wang was going to face the enemy?

“I am also going!”

An elder spoke. Normally, he remained by the Ancestral Altar, an unmatched supreme being of Imperial Pass. Now, he was going to take action.

Then, another elder walked out, wishing to fight the enemy.

This left everyone shocked. It was because no one recognized him. He was actually a hidden supreme being!

Jin Taijun frowned. In the end, she had no choice but to step forward. The others were already going out to face the enemy, she was one of the few supreme beings, so she had no reason to cower back.

“We are also going!”

A few great leaders roared, wishing to leave the city with them.

There were some Self Release Realm cultivators among the figures outside the city, not that much different from the cultivation levels of the leaders in the city. These people wanted to go out and fight.

“Shi Hao, here, the sword core!” Qing Yi called out to him, throwing the Everlasting Sword Core he left in Imperial Pass out, having him use it to protect himself.


An expanse of multicolored light flickered about. These people left the pass, entering the great desert.

Hehhaha, you all really dare come out! Isn’t this just courting death?!” There were people from the other side who roared with laughter, extremely brash.

In that instant, killing energy flooded heaven and earth, strong winds raging. A group of powerful creatures’ eyes became cold like beasts staring at prey. All of them were staring at the city gates.

“It isn’t that I want to criticize you all, but if you really fight a decisive battle like this, all of your so-called experts are nothing more than dogs and chickens, will be completely slaughtered!”

On the other side, someone said with contempt, full of arrogance. His words were extremely domineering.

Wasn’t this not putting Imperial Pass’ people in his eyes at all? He clearly had a low opinion of them!

“We are also going!”

In Heaven Abyss, a few people walked out, from elders to youngsters, all of them experts. There were people who Shi Hao recognized, and also those that were unfamiliar.

A few of them had blazing eyes, immediately staring at Shi Hao. They clearly came for him, wishing to kill him.

“Youngster, good fortune won’t always be on your side. Now that you came, you can forget about going back.” There was an elder who said coldly.

This was a supreme being, even someone of this level was going to take action, wishing to kill Shi Hao, not give him the chance to grow up.

“Come, come, come, before that, let me borrow your head for a bit first!” Meng Tianzheng spoke, pointing at that supreme being.

“Who wants to kill me?” Shi Hao asked.



In that instant, in front of Imperial Pass, a group of creatures spoke up.

From young to old faces, even supreme beings didn’t hide anything, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

“Those who want me dead, wash your necks and crawl over yourselves!” Shi Hao said, full of provocation, leaving Imperial Pass’ people stupefied.


Inside Imperial Pass. there were a few more people who walked out of the city, entering the battlefield.

There were some youngsters among them, all of them the elites inside Imperial Pass.

“Why did you come out?” Jin Taijun frowned, because she saw Jin Zhan.

“I wish to fight against those from the other side!” Jin Zhan spoke. He had conflicting emotions. Ever since he lost to Shi Hao back then, he had always desired a battle, wishing to prove himself.

Perhaps this was going to be Desolate Border’s last battle. Shi Hao had already established glorious contributions, while he didn’t even take action, never fought a great battle against the other side’s creatures.

If Desolate Border’s battle situation ended and they returned to the Nine Heavens just like that, what kind of face would he have left?

He was always viewed as an outstanding figure among the younger generation, fostered by Jin Family as a leader. If not for being defeated by Shi Hao, today, he might be the leader of the entire younger generation!

Now, he wanted to prove himself, fight gloriously in front of Imperial Pass!

Wang Xi also appeared, her white clothes fluttering about, arriving in the great desert.

Apart from this, Tuogu Yulong, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Great Xu Tuo, Little Sky King and others all came. The Prides of Heaven of the present age all wanted to carry out one last battle.

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