Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655 - Without Death

A war halberd that was extremely thick and also extremely cold hacked through Heaven Abyss, cutting this place apart!

This scene happened too suddenly, and it was also too frightening. Heaven Abyss shook, a sea of natural laws surging, red waves striking the heavens. The entire great desert was shaking.

This was especially the case with that wave of aura, even though there was Heaven Abyss separating them, as well as Imperial Pass blocking the way, it still made everyone’s hearts shake, their souls shudder!

Everyone thought that the great battle had already ended, that they would have hundreds of years of peace, yet when they had just turned around, a world shocking overlord’s great halberd hacked over.

Many people were horrified. This was definitely the attack of an undying king, or else how could the power be this terrifying?

How could it be like this? They were going to be attacked again!

Many people were stupefied, feeling a chill run down their bodies, from head to toe. Could it be that after all of that, they still couldn’t stop the other side from crossing over?

There was a sea of karma there, an ocean of natural order, a heaven wall specifically for dealing with unmatched experts, difficult to cross. If one wished to forcefully break through, a tremendous price had to be paid.

When the original Emperor City exploded, the last king turned into a rain of light, merging with Heaven Abyss, that type of power became even more astonishing, Heaven Abyss becoming a restricted land.

Not long ago, Anlan had only stepped foot within for an instant, yet his arm turned straight into bone!

This was especially the case when this type of effect was continuous, difficult for it to disperse for hundreds of years. It greatly threatened undying kings!

The destructive power, that type of tremendous harm was already proved, so why was there still someone taking the risk?

This was a bronze war halberd. It was extremely simple and ancient, and also extremely heavy, It hacked open Heaven Abyss, just that close to cutting through the border of the sea of natural laws, about to arrive before Imperial Pass.

Streak after streak of radiance flowed about, endless scarlet multicolored light shining. The red sea of natural laws submerged that great halberd!

The bronze great halberd was ice-cold. It rushed over, allowing the divine chains of order to attack, the sea of laws to corrode it. It didn’t even move, only releasing killing intent!

Everyone shivered inwardly. On the city wall, it immediately became dead silent. This was different from what everyone imagined. The battle still didn’t end!

“Heaven Abyss has already taken form, completely activated, the natural laws able to corrode undying kings, so why is he taking this type of risk?” Someone asked with a trembling voice, almost in despair.


The great halberd shook, wishing to break through Heaven Abyss, truly hack its way over. It produced heaven overflowing murderous intent, lightning pouring down crazily.

Chi chi chi!

Scarlet multicolored light shone endlessly, blood red symbols burning fiercely, submerging the great halberd, suppressing it, not allowing it to break through that blood-colored great screen.

Heaven Abyss became more powerful than it was before, now displaying its effects!

“Specially for dealing with undying kings!” Everyone cheered, letting out a breath of relief inside.

“Will it corrode his weapon?” A few people were hopeful. They stared at Heaven Abyss, hoping that the blood-colored sea of natural laws would destroy this undying king weapon.

At the final crucial juncture, even Anlan’s arm was corroded and dried, flesh disappearing, so it only made sense for this weapon to be destroyed as well!

However, what was unexpected was that the bronze great halberd wasn’t damaged. Moreover, it was releasing a faint light, resisting Heaven Abyss, neutralizing the sea of natural laws’ power.


Right at this time, the great halberd shook intensely again. It forced back the blood symbols, scattered the sea of order, leaving every single person deeply shocked.

In that instant, in Imperial Pass, on the city walls, many creatures shivered in fear, their entire bodies going ice-cold.

What kind of power was this? Not even Heaven Abyss could display its effects?

“I… know what is happening. He is that person, the legendary unmatched expert!”

Someone said with a trembling voice, face becoming pale. He spoke a name, but he didn’t dare speak those words together, instead saying them separately.

It was because he didn’t wish to bring danger upon himself.

Undying kings had unmatched and mysterious abilities. When their names were called, they could appear here, it was beyond compare.

Even though they were divided by Heaven Abyss, that person still didn’t dare speak the full name.

Without Death!

However, everyone also understood. Who was this existence? It was the well-known Without Death!

There were just too many legends tied to this unmatched being. Even in the other side, everyone would feel fear, making them tremble.

It was because he was too powerful, and also too ancient, rumored to possibly be half a generation older than even undying kings, his status respected, incredibly terrifying.

Without Death Clan, this was one of the most ancient Emperor Clans!

Without Death, this was the clan’s ancestor, he had always lived, already more than a single great era, magical force unmatched, unmatched below the heavens. He was a truly incomparable individual.

With a bronze war halberd in hand, he was known to be an invincible figure who slaughtered his way throughout the world under the sky!

“It’s him, it’s actually him!”

Right now, even the voice of the old supreme being inside Imperial Pass was shaking. This was someone who wouldn’t bat an eye even if divine peaks collapsed before him, yet now, he was behaving so unnaturally.

Without Death, this was someone with an incredibly vicious reputation. In Immortal Ancient War, he was someone who had massacred too many, breaking the equilibrium!

“Magical Immunity, all techniques impervious, this is that unmatched king!” Someone said with a sigh.

Without Death, his reputation was too great, name shocking past and present, as feared as the heavens itself. When one reached a certain level, everyone knew of his past glory.

It was because this clan’s secret technique was too astonishing, too domineering, known to be unmatched and incomparable!

Immunity Divine Ability, all methods impervious, this was the ability he was most proud of. It was innately undefeated, no one able to compete against it!

When Shi Hao faced attacks from those at the same level, he could display Magical Immunity effects, but the amount of time was limited, only having an instantaneous opportunity.

Meanwhile, he always knew that this type of unmatched secret method was extremely well-known in the other side. It originated from an ancient Emperor Clan, they grasped this type of method.

Now, he truly saw it. Undying King Without Death personally brandished his weapon!

No wonder the bronze great halberd remained unbreaking, able to move through Heaven Abyss, even hack open a path and cross realms.

This was Without Death’s weapon, so it could naturally display Magical Immunity!

“Could it be that… Imperial Pass is still going to be broken though in the end?” There were some who were about to fall into despair, feeling like their lives became incredibly dismal.

“The so-called Magical Immunity, divine ability ineffective is only a relative effect, it is not absolute. At the very least, Heaven Abyss can stop him, he cannot cross over!” Meng Tianzheng spoke. He had remained quiet for a long time already.

“Correct, if he really can be immune to divine abilities, he would have attacked a long time ago, why would he have to wait for so many years? It is only a relative effect!” Another person nodded.

Everyone calmed down, knowing that they scared themselves.

If the red sea of order was not effective against him, then that unmatched king definitely would have crossed over a long time ago!

“Look, the bronze great halberd is starting to crack apart!” Someone with sharp eyes saw that scene.

Sure enough, the great halberd’s blade revealed cracks, extremely eye-catching!

“He had never entered Heaven Abyss before, not corroded as Anlan. As such, right now, there is even less of a chance of him risking his own life now!” Meng Tianzheng said.

Many people released a breath of relief after hearing this.


However, just as they were relieved from their burden, Heaven Abyss shook intensely, a great halberd shining, a vast and immeasurable power surging powerfully, rippling through this world.

“That is…”

“Not good, it is opening up a path! Is an undying being going to be sent over?!”

A few people’s expressions changed, feeling greatly shaken, faces becoming pale.

On that great halberd, a creature walked over, releasing heaven overflowing power from his body. It wasn’t an undying king, but it exceeded the limits of mortal dao power, extremely terrifying.

An undying being, this was a type of powerful existence.

Using the Nine Heavens’ levels, that was a true immortal!

“Heavens, it is an immortal dao level expert!”

“How are we supposed to face him?”

A few people became scared, now completely panicking. In the final moments, when everyone thought that the battle had already ended, an undying being crossed over.

Everyone knew that this was caused by Without Death. His weapon opened up a path, his unmatched ancestral method resisting Heaven Abyss to send an undying being through the pass, destroy Emperor City.

In the present world, the Nine Heavens side lacked true immortals. This type of undying existence was enough to suppress everyone.


However, when his feet left the bronze halberd, crossed towards Heaven Abyss’ border, he suddenly coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, staggering backwards, unable to cross over.

He failed to cross realms!

It was clear that Heaven Abyss stopped him, because this was a restricted place originally meant for stopping the undying, as well as even higher level kings.

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, cheers sounded.

The enemy’s misery and defeat were their great fortune, their brilliance.

Unfortunately, their smiles soon froze. Everyone stared in Heaven Abyss’ direction.

Silently, several dozen figures appeared, arriving along the bronze great halberd, every single one of them grave and terrifying, like demonic gods who returned to this world after breaking through the shackles of hell.

Moreover, they crossed Heaven Abyss, arriving before Imperial Pass.

They weren’t immortal dao level experts, not undying beings, but the weakest were at the Self Release Realm. These were mostly supreme beings, now appearing on the great desert.

“I knew things wouldn’t have ended this easily. There is another vicious battle to fight!” Someone said with a sigh.

Immortal Wang and Jin Taijun were also here, their expressions grave. There was still a supreme being battle that had to be fought!

It was because Heaven Abyss suppressed the undying existences, but didn’t suppress those at the peak of mortal dao level. It was like before, they were able to cross Heaven Abyss.

Now, this group of experts appeared, arriving in a group!

“Huang, do you dare come and fight?!”

Below, there was someone who shouted, someone with a young face. There were some creatures around him, the men heroic, women stunning.

“Emperor Clan!” 

These two words sounded from Shi Hao’s mouth, extremely cold, and also extremely ruthless.

“Aside from depending on that drop of blood, what else are you good for? Do you dare fight or not? I’ll take your head!” Someone shouted.

At the same time, there were supreme beings who coldly transmitted sound, inviting the unmatched beings in Imperial Pass to fight.

Heh… haha!” Shi Hao laughed, his voice a bit cold, and also a bit excited. His eyes flickered with brilliant radiance.

“Before I leave, there are actually people who want to gift me accomplishments one after the next? Emperor Clans, you all are courting death. I’m going to kill you all!” Shi Hao roared domineeringly.

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