Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654 - Heart Already Weary

There were some who said that Fire Mulberry Forest was in Fire Province, not in Sin Province. However, others would say claim that this was wrong, that in the very beginning, it was recorded in many places that Fire Mulberry Forest was precisely in Sin Province, that if they didn’t believe it, then they can examine the original texts. Only, during that period, there was a mistake, but back then, everyone definitely knew that what should be written was Sin Province’s Fire Nation’s territory.

The world became silent. Shi Hao stood there by himself.

Did everything end here? The battle of two worlds came to a conclusion.

However, the deceased, those who left, could no longer be seen. These would become a lifetime’s regret and sorrow. Shi Hao became completely silent, incredibly quiet.


Heaven Abyss had long cracked apart, flames raging there, a sea of redness, an ocean of natural laws. There were karma flames raging, separating the two worlds.

There were scripture sounds, sounds of explosions, as well as great shouts of killing.

Shi Hao was startled. He suddenly raised his head, looking forward. Within the sea of order, the original Emperor City exploded, flames blazing.

Apart from this, there was also an indistinct figure sitting there, chanting sutras, body becoming more and more dim until it completely disappeared.

The sole survivor of the seven kings also left the world, flesh becoming nothing, primordial spirit fading away. It was him who detonated this place. The original Emperor City fell, Heaven Abyss exploding, only then did they successfully carry out the final suppression!

It wouldn’t last for too long, perhaps only for a few hundred years, and then the sea of natural laws will disappear. Meanwhile, this was also the last thing he could do for Imperial Pass.

Shouts of war from a great army shook the heavens!

These were the undying heroic spirits of original Emperor City, the shouts and roars carried the past glory. When one looked back into the raging flames, all things vanished like smoke into thin air.

The original Emperor City was completely wiped out!

“The clansmen… all died.”

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, a group of children were sobbing. This was the last scene they saw. The ancient city that raised them was destroyed, all of their loved ones falling in battle.

From past until now, this city always protected at the very front, guarding Desolate Border. Now, it completely burned down, in all of its glory and brilliance… disappeared.

As long as the city still stood, the people would remain, when the city fell, then the people went down with it! These people, those families, fulfilled their final promise. All of their souls returned to the battlefield, the blood of heroic spirits scattering across the ruined city.

Shi Hao looked at all of this. He put away his own feelings of sadness, eyes becoming cold. The Fire Mulberry Forest was now gone, original Emperor City fell. This didn’t make him feel depressed, but rather filled him with incomparable fighting spirit.

“I want to become stronger!” This was what he was shouting inside. He wanted to become stronger, to soar into the heavens like a Kun Peng, rush into the heavens above.

He sighed, carrying weariness, carrying fatigue. Under Heaven Abyss, within the fiery red symbol flames, that final king disappeared just like that.

There was nothing left. The legend of the kings thus ended, never to appear again!

This was the conclusion of an age!

The past glory, the past brilliance!

In the past, a group of heaven warping heroes resided in Emperor City, granted the title of Kings based on their contributions, radiance illuminating the world under the sky, all clans holding them in high esteem.

Then, as the years passed, everything went up in smoke.These powerful clans all became dismal, fading away.

Those who previously achieved great merit all fell.

The conclusion of an age!

“I want to be granted the title of King!”

Shi Hao roared out. This wasn’t him being egotistical, but rather a type of conviction, a shout carrying killing intent.

Everyone knew that the so-called title of King he spoke of was to rebuild from the ruins, to seize the title by killing the enemy!

The clans all faded away, the descendants of the Kings now scattered across various lands, long no longer having their former glory. Many of them were labeled as sinner’s blood descendants, their radiance cut down.

Shi Hao’s roar represented his anger, his unwillingness, as well as his world devouring conviction.

Not only did he wish to kill the enemy, he also wanted to prove something, wash away the sinner’s blood humiliation. There were some who had to pay the price for this.

Those who attained great merit in the past, the creatures who protected this world back then, their descendants, the ones who inherited their bloodlines, how could they be viewed as sinner’s blood descendants?

There was something wrong, something incredibly wrong that had to be corrected!

Shi Hao walked towards Imperial Pass. He staggered, body extremely weak. The great battle not too long ago took a toll on him, even though what was used was the Embodiment Transformation Great Method, using the strength of another, he still felt a sense of weakness.

It had to be said that the Embodiment Transformation Great Method was heaven-defying!

At this time, Shi Hao was still thinking to himself, wondering just what kind of secret technique it was. It could actually grant others one’s own power, make it appear in the present world, it was simply unfathomable!

Crossing time, crossing space, to make it as if one was here in the present world, display unmatched technique, just how heaven-defying was this?!


On Imperial Pass, a streak of light flew over, surrounding Shi Hao, directly sweeping him into the city.

It was because there were many people who were worried that something unexpected would happen to him. After all, right now, that drop of blood disappeared. If an undying king went crazy, deciding to attack him again, then Huang would undoubtedly be in danger.

When Shi Hao appeared in the city, a group of people rushed over, cheering loudly. These were all youngsters.

Tuogu Yulong, Cao Yusheng, and others directly raised him up, roaring. This battle was extremely difficult, and also extremely terrifying. The undying kings were stopped, this was enough to be considered world shocking contributions.

Shi Hao was lowered. Many people gave him a firm embrace.

Now, even Qing Yi and the witch didn’t show each other anymore hostility, just like the others, not avoiding each other, all of them giving him a warm embrace.

Even Yue Chan stood there with a complicated expression, quietly watching.

Wahaha! You are too fierce! Are you really Shi brat, really Huang?” The Lunar Jade Rabbit cried out, suspecting that Shi Hao’s body was forcefully seized by another, pinching his cheek to see if it really was him.

Cheers erupted here, becoming incredibly lively.

Shi Hao felt happiness, but also soreness. Even though they temporarily chased off the undying existences, the disaster would arrive sooner or later one day.

Moreover, through today’s battle, he obtained some things, but also lost some things. There were some people who he might never see again in this life.

When he thought of these things, Shi Hao’s eyes became sour.

Even though he had long surged with battle intent, when he thought of Sin Province, about those people, thinking back to the Fire Mulberry Forest, he still found it hard to calm down, really wishing to roar into the sky.

He carried regrets, his eyes becoming sore, mouth dry. Shi Hao released a sigh, ascending the city wall.

He looked at those children. These were the survivors of the original Emperor City.

The children were crying, full of grief.

“Don’t cry, in the future, I am your relative. There is a pure land in the lower realm, a place called Stone Village. That place will be your home.” Shi Hao walked over, stroking those children’s heads.

The oldest were fourteen or fifteen years of age, the smaller ones couldn’t even stand straight, unable to walk that well. They were all already orphans, the descendants of warriors.

“You… are going to return to the lower realm?” Qing Yi turned around. She looked towards Shi Hao, her heart shaking slightly.

“I’m tired and weary, I want to go back. Now that this battle ended, I want to return to the place I grew up in.” Shi Hao replied.

Shi Hao really was weary, not only his body, but also his spirit. He left into the great wilderness when he was still extremely young, ascending into the heavens, going from the lower realms to the three thousand provinces, advancing boldly.

He experienced too much, his heart weary, a bit emotional, really wishing to return to the Stone Village filled with happiness and laughter.

On the city walls, many people became quiet, finding it hard to advise him against it.

It was because they saw what happened, knowing that Huang was tired. He watched as Sin Province was uprooted. He roared out, wishing to save the young lady in the Fire Mulberry Forest, yet was powerless to reverse the situation.

“Big brother…”

On the city wall, the group of children cried. They were all filled with sorrow and grief. For them, today was a day of darkness, their loved ones all died in battle.

Shi Hao put away his sorrow, trying his best to reveal a smile. He hugged these children one after another. They were the most miserable!

“Don’t cry, don’t feel sad. I will bring you with me. When the day comes and you all are strong enough, I’ll bring you all to take Anlan’s head, get revenge for your loved ones!” Shi Hao said.

“Okay!” The children rubbed their eyes. However, their voices were rather loud, and also extremely orderly.

“I will bring you all to glory!” Shi Hao said quietly, extremely calm, but also extremely firm.

On the city wall, many people were shocked.

The sinner’s bloodline, what kind of brilliance were they going to display?

Everyone was shaken up, quite a few powerful clans even more so found it hard to calm down. It was because there were some families who were involved in some things.

“Are you really going to leave?” Qing Yi asked. There were others who walked up, looking towards Shi Hao, wishing to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

Shi Hao looked into the distance. Heaven Abyss overflowed with karma flames, isolating everything.

That city would no longer appear. After protecting them for so long, in the end, it still fell.

On the city walls, many people also looked in that direction, only able to release a sigh.

The other side had been knocking on their door for many years. It was always that city that guarded at the very forefront!

If it didn’t exist, the great army would have invaded a long time ago!

After being attacked for many years, it really couldn’t hold on any longer, only the last king remaining. It was destined to fall in this era.

Being able to last until this age was already not easy!

“Undying kings, they paid a great price. The other side will need many years to recover.” On the city walls, someone said.

Without a doubt, Anlan and Shutuo had to pay the price. As long as they entered Heaven Abyss, they would receive a curse type corrosion, this type of effect a continuous one. They were going to be entangled within that type of karma force for many years.

This was also the main reason why in the beginning, only Anlan broke through, while the other undying kings waited in the back, not daring to rashly make contact!

“Is it over? Now that this battle is over, we can have several hundred years of peace, no longer have to worry about this.” Someone said with a sigh, carrying endless emotions, but also rejoicing.


Heaven Abyss shook greatly. The fiery red sea of natural laws surged like blood. A weapon that was simple and terrifying wanted to hack open that place, produce a path!

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