Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653 - Divided by Two Worlds

The Fire Mulberry Tree Flowers bloomed, fluttering with the wind.

The sky was covered in a red-colored rain of flowers, the flower petals sparkling like crystals, bright red like blood as they scattered down.

Shi Hao reached out his hand, wishing to grab something, yet his fingers only closed around empty air, unable to grasp anything. The dark red flower petals descended, and then directly shattered, turning into a rain of light.

In front of Heaven Abyss, in the great desert, under the aura of undying kings, what flower petals, what Fire Mulberry Trees? All things would disintegrate.

Shi Hao released a long roar, like a wounded beast. His head of black hair fluttered about, eyes completely red. There was a wave of grief and indignation surging within him, bursting out.


He roared out, powerful and intimidating, entire being turning into a stream of light, shaking the entire world!

At this moment, his aura was world shocking, powerful, incomparable. Even though his fighting strength was declining, he could still fight with undying kings!

“Anlan, hand over your life!” Shi Hao shouted out, his aura swallowing ten thousand li, releasing an aura of destruction.

A sword hacked out, cutting through the red sea, about to enter the chaotic Heaven Abyss, wishing to intercept Anlan, seize back Sin Province.

That place had sinner’s blood descendants, had the descendants of kings, even more so people he cared about!


Shi Hao erupted with everything he had, a sword cutting apart Heaven Abyss, just too ferocious and powerful. Only, the price he had to pay in order to achieve this was also great, after all, this was a sea of natural order.

The natural laws of the heavens, sky-covering divine chains interweaved, forming a bright red expanse, as if it was a roiling sea of blood. As soon as he approached, he immediately suffered a great backlash.


Shi Hao coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Even though he cut open Heaven Abyss, saw Anlan’s rear figure, he himself also paid a price.


The great cauldron moved through the sky. Next to him, the creature who had a cauldron suffused with all life source energy above his head formed seals with his hands. The power was unstoppable, supporting an expanse of the sky dome, severing the chaotic sea of order.

He was offering Shi Hao protection!


Shutuo and Anlan retaliated. They wanted to return to the other side, now that they saw Shi Hao rush over, they immediately attacked with full strength.

Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that the five decrees shone, releasing unmatched pressure. Those were displayed by the ancestral methods of undying kings, enough to shock past and present.

There were undying kings hidden in the other side, their bodies not approaching, but their greatest divine abilities had long been converted into imprints, sealed within the law decrees. When ignited, it wasn’t much different from when they were truly here.

The reason why they didn’t appear was because they wanted to escape the curse-like backlash. It was because Heaven Abyss was prepared precisely for dealing with them.

The nine-layered pagoda appeared, rising and falling, flowing with an aura that had existed throughout time. It was as if it came from the Age of Emperor Collapse, splitting the heavens and arriving. It erupted with endless power.

It was protecting Shi Hao, also surging with power!


Shi Hao fell out, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, his body flying out.

Heaven Abyss was mysterious, and the undying kings were powerful and tyrannical. Now that he was attacked from several sides, he was powerless to pursue them!


Shi Hao roared out like a mad demon, his head of hair flying about chaotically, pitch-black like ink, eyes cold like lightning radiance.

At this moment, he released everything he had, standing before Heaven Abyss, reaching out his hand again. Symbols raged and immortal light burned, drowning him underneath.

Moreover, at his body’s sides, those two great experts were also making moves, separately stirring on the great cauldron as well as the nine-layered pagoda, also erupting with power. Symbols ignited, unmatched magical force released.


The heavens collapsed and earth cracked, ghosts wept and deities howled. Heavenly winds blew about, the entire world in great turmoil!

It was as if the world was going to be erased. The great desert surged, Heaven Abyss collapsing.

Shi Hao released a low roar, turning into an unmatched demonic god. He rushed into Heaven Abyss again, hacking towards the scarlet sea, slaughtering his way towards Undying King Anlan.

This was staking it all!

Only, low roars also sounded from the other side’s direction. It was as if there were several unmatched kings who were waking up, releasing heaven reaching earth moving power.


Lightning flashed and thunder roiled. Several streaks of blood radiance directly rushed into the heavens. These were the five decrees that shook, all of them shattering, starting to burn, releasing the aura of undying king blood.

The imprints left behind by the unmatched experts were activated, five decrees set aflame, about to be destroyed. This would also be the final attack, the most powerful one.


Heaven Abyss shook intensely, the red sea sweeping out, waves heaven reaching.

The most dazzling light erupted, terrifying natural laws interweaved. Even the heavens were shaking. Beneath the heavens, all creatures shuddered in fear. This was an aura of eradication.

A great magical force storm erupted here. It was incomparable, surpassing the past.

Regardless of whether it was Imperial Pass or the other side’s great army, nothing could be seen anymore. None of them knew what happened at the heart of the battlefield.

If not for the red sea of natural laws submerging this place, blocking everything, Imperial Pass definitely couldn’t be preserved, definitely would have turned into ruins. Meanwhile, the other side’s endless army would also be turned to dust.


The final strike seemed like the splitting of heaven and earth itself. All things between heaven and earth became blurry, chaotic energy spreading.

After who knew how much time passed, everyone saw that in front of Heaven Abyss, there was a blood covered figure who was on the verge of collapse, staggering backwards.

That drop of blood’s strength was now completely exhausted. The figure with the nine-layered pagoda floating above him flickered about continuously, while the mysterious expert who resonated with the cauldron also became blurry.

In front of Heaven Abyss, Shi Hao’s mood fluctuated fiercely. He couldn’t hold himself back, roaring towards the heavens like a lone wolf howling towards the moon. He had all that world-shaking magical force for nothing, still unable to reverse the situation!

He couldn’t break through, Heaven Abyss separated everything. Those undying kings stopped him, and now, the red sea of natural laws isolated the two worlds.

“Huo Ling’er!”

Shi Hao clenched his fists, eyes scarlet red, black hair scattered about, feeling unwillingness and despair.

Not long ago, he vaguely saw, at the edge of Sin Province’s vast land, numerous Fire Mulberry Trees. A figure stood at the edge of the forest, leaning against a fiery red ancient tree, shaking with it. She reached out her fine hand, but couldn’t reach this side of the shore.

Right now, his magical force was unmatched, able to fight against undying kings, compete against the most powerful, truly glorious and brilliant!

However, he couldn’t even protect that girl, watching just like that as she was snatched away by that giant bone hand, lost to the other side together with Sin Province!

She stood in that Fire Mulberry Tree Forest alone, morning dew touching her clothes, basked in the glow of sunset, picking mulberry leaves, quietly waiting for his return. The years passed one after another, yet she wasn’t able to see that person return.

When Shi Hao thought of these things, he clenched his fists, couldn’t help but want to release a long roar. After being separated for so many years, he really wanted to meet her again, yet he never returned all this time.

Today, was that her? He only got a hurried glance, yet they were so far apart, now separated by two worlds, unable to meet again.

For Shi Hao, this was a tremendous regret. After exchanging a single look from afar, they could never meet again!

How could it be like this?!


Shi Hao released a great roar, feeling inwardly sore, carrying great regret. He really wished he could rush into the heavens, fight a heaven-splitting battle.

They were now separated by two worlds. Even if he could rush into the heavens one day, display the Kun Peng battle intent, as the years went on, time erased all, what could he still redeem? He was powerless to change anything.

Heaven and earth collapsed. Shi Hao brandished his sword, splitting the sky dome, sword energy released in endless streaks, cutting through the cosmos!

However, in the end, he could only stand in the same place, mentally and physically wan and sallow.

The world was in chaos, the Pride of Heaven falling. All competed over the mandate of heaven, flames of war overflowing.

This was destined to be the most intense great era!

Shi Hao stood in place, eyes burning with endless flames. He had never desired power as much as now, wishing for the ability to decide heaven and earth.

Shi Hao released a low roar, eyes becoming blood red. He was like a wounded wild beast, continuously roaring, arms forcefully clenching, finger joints all becoming white.

The Fire Mulberry Flowers all scattered, his loved one gone!

The age of turmoil was coming, war about to engulf the worlds, what place under the heavens could he call home?

Shi Hao roared, the fiery light from his eyes burning down the void. The ‘sinner’s blood symbols’ on his forehead split the sky dome, making him look like a reincarnated demon lord, heaven reaching killing energy surging around him.

A seed was planted. He wanted to transform, kill undying kings, even more so face that impending age of darkness!

When he calmed himself down, the nine-layered pagoda and great cauldron both disappeared, those two experts thus disappearing, scattering into a rain of light.

The Embodiment Transformation Great Method lost effectiveness.

In the other side, Anlan’s white bone great hand already regrew flesh, his eyes ice-cold like an immortal sword, piercing through Heaven Abyss, staring at the other side.

Then, he reached out a palm, wishing to cross through Heaven Abyss!

“You cannot! The sea of order has begun to stir, the destructive force reaching its greatest level. It cannot be touched any more, this is a natural law sea specially for dealing with you and me!” Shutuo advised.

However, Anlan didn’t listen, because he saw Shi Hao’s Embodiment Transformation Great Method dwindle, the fighting strength fully withering away. He could now kill Huang.


The great hand reached over, the red sea surging.

The most terrifying thing was that the original Emperor City’s fragments fluttered about, accompanied by a seated figure, chanting scriptures there. Then, it exploded.


Inside Heaven Abyss, natural laws interweaved, becoming eternal!


Anlan released a muffled groan, spurting out blood from his mouth. The flesh covering that arm completely came off, instantly revealing withered bone. He quickly retracted it.

However, he still suffered a serious blow. There was a thread of karma, extremely brilliant, shining as it extended along that arm bone, wishing to enter his body.


Anlan coldly and decisively produced a blade imprint with his other arm, scraping his bones to remove the karma thread, and then treat his body. With a peng noise, that expanse of light was cut off.


Heaven and earth shook greatly, with Heaven Abyss becoming an expanse of fiery red sea, millions and millions of symbols burning!

Undying existences wouldn’t be able to cross for hundreds of years. This was, unless these flames of karma were completely extinguished.

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