Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652 - Fire Mulberry Trees Falling and Withering

A province was erased, sinking, becoming lifeless.

The white bone large hand moved across the sky, continuing forward. This was a scene that left one in despair. There were many stars in the sky dome above. They looked extremely small, nothing before that great hand. They were like specks of sand, falling down one after another.

An unmatched aura surged. Wherever it passed, all life would fade!


The white bone large hand appeared in another great province, appearing in the skies above, crushing down on the world. An unmatched aura surged, the great earth rupturing open again. Many creatures instantly turned into a blast of bloody mist.

This scene left everyone horrified, every creature’s soul shaking, completely unable to resist.

At this time, even the creatures in other provinces were in fear, feeling as if doomsday had descended, sensing a type of world destroying aura.

This was especially the case for some cultivators, a few great experts, their faces all becoming deathly pale. Even when separated by endless mountain ranges, millions and millions of li, they could already sense the smell of destruction.

This was the last phase of an age, the final calamity!

How could it be like this? Some cultivators cried out in anguish. It was just too bitter, they couldn’t escape at all!

Even if they got onto altars, instantly able to cross millions of li, even tens of millions of li, they still couldn’t avoid it.

It was because that large white hand carrying wisps of blood swept over, directly covering a large half of the province. It was just too large. Wherever it passed, mountains would collapse, seas would dry up!

“Who can save us?” Even a few great cultivators felt despair, unable to hold back their cries. For them, this was a natural disaster, long no longer something they themselves could contend against.

As for ordinary creatures, there was even more so not the slightest margin of choice; they could only await their deaths.

A few children cried out. They shouted, cried, throwing themselves towards their parents’ embrace.

There was a little girl whose body trembled. She threw herself into her parents’ arms, eyes carrying tears, and then in the next instant, she turned into a blast of bloody mist together with her loved ones.

This was a catastrophe. The world was in chaos, the scene of doomsday.


Anlan’s white bone palm crossed millions and millions of li across the void, continuously passing through five great provinces, the destruction unimaginable. It was unknown just how many creatures died here.

Scarlet land stretched out endlessly. Wherever the great hand passed, nothing would remain. All creatures would inevitably explode, forever disappearing.

Only when it passed through the ninth great province did that great hand restrain itself a bit, putting away its undying king aura, no longer acting without restraint, instead becoming more calm.

Even though the bone hand was giant, releasing the aura of destruction from time to time, when all of the fluctuations were controlled, it no longer easily leaked out.

Sure enough, when the seventh province was passed, the great earth cracked apart, mountains and rivers caved in. Even though there were casualties, there were still many creatures who were able to survive, not dying.

Then, the great hand became slower and slower, the aura no longer berserk, instead being more peaceful.

Anlan controlled his own power, having some misgivings, or perhaps to be more precise, he was scared of startling something.

Later on, a white bone palm reached across the sky dome, covering the sun and moon. Even though it pressed over powerfully, it didn’t bring about any destruction, even the mountains and rivers no longer shaking intensely.

The undying king intentionally held himself back, not letting his own aura destroy all things.

This was precisely an unmatched expert. Once his aura was naturally released, the world would fall, stars collapse.

Finally, he approached a certain province!

Everything happened in an instant, speed extremely fast, no delays along the way.

For an undying king, crossing millions and millions of li, crossing a realm wasn’t an issue at all, something that could be completed quickly.

This was especially the case when outside Imperial Pass, Heaven Abyss collapsed, the sea of natural laws surged, currently corroding Anlan’s true body fiercely, he had to end things in the shortest time possible and then decisively return.

Otherwise, even if he was an undying king, a huge problem would arise!

Sin Province, vast, but sparsely populated, an extremely barren ancient province.

In this territory, there were several dozen clans that were exiled here, guilt placed on their bodies, looked down on by other clans, shown contempt, unable to easily leave this place.

Among them, there were some clans, for example, Stone Clan, Fire Clan, and others that were even more comparatively well-known.

These people, these clans, in certain parts of history, were known as the sinner’s bloodline, having guilt attached to their ancestry!

Their situation was extremely bad, for example, Stone Clan was pretty much wiped out already, at the very least, the Stone Clan ancestral land in Sin Province was already in ruins, no clansmen to be seen.

Fortunately, they were still prospering in the lower realms’ eight regions, leaving behind heirs, spreading their branches and leaves. Otherwise, if their clan was wiped out, that would definitely be this clan’s greatest regret!

No one expected Anlan’s white bone great hand to actually reach above Sin Province, appear here!

Why did he come here? What was he looking for? No one knew!

“Sin Province…”

A great voice sounded, ringing above the sky dome, shaking the millions and millions li of mountains and rivers. The ground began to shake, the mountain ranges swaying, great rivers about to divert paths!

Anlan’s divine will was too terrifying. It was just a single sentence, yet it rang through the world beneath heaven, mountains and rivers trembling in response!

Undying kings, these were existences who shocked past and present. This wasn’t just empty praise, they truly had that type of power.

“The age when kings were bestowed their titles, that glorious age, it has already been too long since then. It… is perhaps in the hands of the descendants of those kings!” Anlan’s divine will rippled out, rumbling like thunder.

The age where kings were given their titles he spoke of was the most glorious age of the ancient times!

Unfortunately, after endless time passed, those clans fell one after another. Stone Clan, Vermilion Fire Clan, and others all became sinner’s blood descendants, banished here.

Anlan came precisely for them. He suspected that there was something buried in this great earth.

“Only by finding it will there be a chance of finding that real thing!” This was what Anlan said.

It was clear that what he was looking for here wasn’t the ultimate object, but rather some type of clue.

In reality, if one thought about it, it made sense. It was because throughout all of time, the other side fought, always looking for something, yet didn’t obtain anything, only knowing that it was in the Nine Heavens, so how could it be so easily found now? 

One had to understand that back then, they had previously wiped out this world, already winning, yet they still didn’t obtain what they were looking for!

After endless time passed, only now did they obtain some clues, taking action in Sin Province.


The great white bone hand descended. It became large once again, even more vast than all of Sin Province, more majestic. The white bones crossed the skies, descending slowly, grabbing towards Sin Province.

What was going on? What was that?!

On the ground, between mountains and rivers, inside the various clans’ residence, all creatures raised their heads, trembling in fear. They were all horrified, couldn’t help but tremble.

Right now, cries of alarm sounded in Sin Province, screams ringing through the air. After that bone hand descended, the world was covered, the scene too terrifying.

Everyone found it hard to protect themselves. They were surrounded by the tremendous pressure, unable to resist at all.

However, the bone palm flowed with multicolored light. All of the killing energy, viciousness, and everything else disappeared, completely restrained. As it approached, it seemed more and more calm.

Only then did the creatures on the ground calm down. Otherwise, they would have all fallen weak onto the ground, all of them shaking in fear, moreover bowing down in worship.


However, even though it was extremely peaceful, lacking killing intent and pressure, in the end, the scene was still frightening, incredibly shocking.

After the white bone hand descended, it actually grabbed all of Sin Province from the ground, forcibly pulling it out, making it separate from the three thousand provinces, rise up into the sky.

The great hand shone, surrounding an area of millions and millions of li, wrapping around this desolate land of exile, this vast great province, bringing it into the sky dome above just like that.


Then, that bone hand started to move back, not stopping for too long, heading into the distance. It tore through the void, heading towards the uninhabited region, and then towards Imperial Pass’ Desolate Border.

It was too fierce, and too sudden.


During this process, the bone palm increased speed. It was because it didn’t have much time left. Heaven Abyss’ red sea of order was boiling, about to melt away that bone hand.

Even for an undying king, it was still extremely exhausting, dangers happening.

In reality, everything happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, able to be instantly completed.

From the time the great hand reached towards the three thousand provinces to when it returned to Imperial Pass, it happened in the blink of an eye. Such a shocking thing happened just like that.

“That is…”

In Imperial Pass, the cultivators of all clans were shocked. The bone hand broke through Imperial Pass, headed to the three thousand provinces, it was precisely to seize this piece of vast land?

“Not good, don’t tell me he found what he was looking for?!” In Imperial Pass, a few important figures’ faces became pale white.

The old supreme beings always believed that the reason why the other side attacked the Nine Heavens, the most fundamental reason was definitely because there were some secrets leaked out in the past, that they were searching for something!

Now, did Anlan obtain it?

“I don’t think he did. When Immortal Ancient was wiped out and they occupied our world, they still didn’t discover anything. Today, there is no way they could have found what they needed so quickly.” Someone said.

However, everyone was still scared. The strength of an undying king was too terrifying, breaking through Imperial Pass just like that, crossing over, seizing a great province.

Just how horrifying of a thing was this?

Which province was this? Everyone was trying to identify it!

“Sin Province, the land sinner’s blood descendants reside in.” Someone with sharp eyes quickly recognized.

Anlan didn’t stop. He left through Imperial Pass’ opening, not attacking with full force, only wishing to pull back as soon as possible.

Right now, on this land, many creatures were screaming, shouting, wishing to escape, leave, but they couldn’t break free.

Anlan didn’t destroy them, but instead seized them together with the entire province to preserve its original state.

His actions shocked everyone. The hand pulled back from Imperial Pass, after it entered the great desert, it even more so quickly backed up.

Shi Hao who was bathed in blood suddenly turned around, seeing this scene. His current power, even though it declined, weakening, it was still enough to fight with undying kings.

As such, Shi Hao’s eyes were extremely sharp, spiritual senses astonishing. He recognized with a single glance that this was Sin Province.

Shi Hao’s eyes immediately became red, releasing a great roar. His head of black hair flew about chaotically, frantically slaughtering his way forward.

The other two great experts, one with a cauldron floating above his head, one with a nine-layered pagoda, also rushed out, going all out here, wishing to fight while bathed in blood.

“Anlan, hand over your life!” Shi Hao roared out, his voice ringing through Desolate Border, also shaking up Imperial Pass and the other side.

His hair danced about chaotically, eyebrows standing on end, eyes becoming scarlet red, slaughtering his way over without any fear of the consequences.


In order to do this, he didn’t hesitate to take a blow from Shutuo, as well as face the attacks of five decrees. The most powerful ancestral methods shone, submerging his body, making him cough out blood, his body fly out.


Even though Shi Hao coughed out blood, his body flying out, he still activated the sword core, releasing a world shocking attack, hacking at that great white bone hand’s wrist, wishing to cut it down in front of Imperial Pass.


A deafening noise sounded. The great white bone hand was cut into, sparks flying in all directions. There was a terrifying wound opened, making it shake intensely.


In the bone hand, that majestic land was greatly shaken. Even though it wasn’t destroyed, it still trembled like an earthquake, the land cracking, Moreover, there was earth and stone that fell from that bone palm.

This type of scene left everyone shocked, also leaving them shaken.

That was a corner of Sin Province, shaken off from Shi Hao’s attack.

“Leave it behind!” Shi Hao roared out, brandishing the sword again, hacking out.

At the same time, the creature who had a cauldron floating above him attacked Shutuo, while the one who controlled the pagoda withstood the law decrees.

Unfortunately, he was less capable than desired, far from being as powerful as before.

Shi Hao went crazy, going all out, attacking without any fear of consequences. The sword core brandished about, exceptional sword radiance tearing apart the heavens, hacking down.

Dang dang dang…

Sparks flew in all directions. In the end, that wrist bone was actually cut open, the bone palm quickly breaking off.

Just how terrifying of a thing was this?

During this process, Anlan naturally took action as well, just that the red sea surged, making him suffer the powerful attacks and suppression of Heaven Abyss’ natural laws.


Anlan erupted with power. While surging with blood radiance, even though his arm cracked apart, his wrist was healing, bones recovering. He grabbed Sin Province, decisively pulling back to the other side.

The sword core in Shi Hao’s hands erupted with endless brilliance, the aura exploding out, blasting down great stars one after another, making them explode in midair. The sword radiance completely hacked towards Anlan’s arm.


The great hand shook, the cracks in the wrist becoming greater, but in the end still not cut off, only trembling greatly there. There were mountains and rivers that cracked apart, earth and stones falling off of the bone hand.

In that instant, Shi Hao saw an expanse of dark red.

That was an expanse of Fire Mulberry Trees, resting on a corner of Sin Province. The entire tree was fiery red, flower petals wilted, scarlet red like blood, scattering down.

It was as if he saw a young lady leaning against a mulberry tree, looking at him from the distance, the distance just that far away.

Ah… Anlan, leave it behind!” Shi Hao roared.

He went crazy. The sword core became resplendent, simply about to explode. Sword energy rushed into the heavens, shocking past and present, energy radiance cutting open the sky dome, just too terrifying.


Anlan’s spear, shield, and Shutuo’s weapon, as well as the five decrees released ancestral methods and other things, displaying power at the same time, blocking his world shocking sword radiance!


Anlan’s bone palm grabbed that province, entering the sea of natural laws, withdrawing towards the other side!


Shi Hao’s furious roar rang through the heavens, frantically chasing after them!

However, he was powerless to reverse the situation, because that drop of blood’s power was declining, the process becoming greater and greater. He couldn’t cross that blood-colored sea of order.

“Come back!” Shi Hao roared out. He reached out a hand, wishing to grab something, but everything was too far already.

In the sky dome above, there were large amounts of fiery red flower petals that fell, fluttering about, one after another, sparkling and translucent.

The Fire Mulberry Trees wilted, floating down.

This bright red rain of flowers could only move where the winds took them.

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