Chapter 165 - Little Devil Wine (Teaser)

Chapter 165 - Little Devil Wine

“To actually dare steal my divine medicine, have you all forgotten what happened to your ancestors?” This golden monkey was extremely overbearing. It pointed its golden battle spear forward and faced the opposing parties.

“Shitty monkey, hand over your life!” Fiery light overflowed into the heavens, and the entirely scarlet Mang Ox rushed over. Magma surged, and everywhere it treaded upon turned into boiling scarlet liquid, raising the temperature to an extremely high degree.

“A Mang Ox isn’t good enough to be my opponent. A small cow like you even wanna flip the wind and waves? You aren’t going to go after pure-blooded creatures, and instead have your eyes on me, you truly picked a route of death!” The divine monkey’s temper exploded. Golden light overflowed from its body in all four directions, and with a single leap, it directly rose several hundred zhang into the air. It used the golden battle spear like a large rod and thrashed out downwards.

With a dong sound, the scarlet magma on the ground surged like a huge wave, rising several hundred zhang into the air. The golden battle spear smashed with a kengqiang sound into a scarlet blade.

The demonic cow changed forms and stood up in human form. With a giant blood-colored blade in its hands, it fiercely collided with the divine monkey. However, it was actually forced backwards. After coughing out blood continuously, it shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Take down that monkey and the four stalks of divine medicine by the pure land’s spiritual lake will be ours!”

In the sky, rainbow colored divine light flickered. A huge peacock swooped down towards the depths of the mountain range. It did not participate in the fight, but instead directly rushed towards the spiritual lake to seize the divine...

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