Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610 - Leaping Out From the River of Fate

Huang escaped!

These news erupted like thunder, ringing through the skies of this world, leaving the cultivators of all clans stupefied. This was just a young man, a prisoner, yet he actually calmly withdrew from this ancient world where experts were as common as clouds in the sky.

This was too absurd, hard to believe.

Meanwhile, what was ridiculous was that many people had heard the rumors that Huang escaped while riding on a fish. This really left everyone shocked.

When they obtained news, everyone’s reactions were the same, it definitely couldn’t be believed, it was too preposterous!

What kind of place did he treat this world as? Riding a fish into the skies, leaving just like that?

This type of thing made one feel as if a cow was blown into the heavens.

“Calling it bullshit is too much, there are definitely inner details. Letting Huang go, and then purposely making up a reason, this is too laughable!”

Haha, what did I hear? Huang escaped while riding on a fish? This joke isn’t all that funny, a bit cold.”


Many people couldn’t believe it. This matter was too ridiculous.

However, more and more news spread, gradually indicating that this was true. The creatures of all different clans were all stunned.

“This is inconceivable! A Self Severing Realm young creature fled from our world alone?”

Everyone was stunned, all of them wanting to curse out, feeling the urge to swear. There were many cultivators from different clans who hated Huang to death, yet in the end… he escaped.

If they knew this was going to happen earlier, a supreme being should’ve just directly crushed him to death!

A great disturbance was produced in the other side, difficult for everyone to calm down. This was especially the case with the younger generation. This terrifying demon king’s hands were bloodied, they finally captured him, yet he ended up escaping?

This was something many people couldn’t accept!

“What Ancestral Fry? What kind of damn thing is that? Never heard of it before! Did we have rats on our side, purposely letting Huang go? Hurry and investigate this!”

“I can’t accept this! My side’s undying beings can sweep through Imperial Pass’s creatures, so how could this type of thing happen?”

From this day on, a storm stirred up in this side, creating a huge disturbance.

It was clear that Huang’s unexpected escape left them extremely shaken.

In reality, this really was the case. It wasn’t just the young creatures of different clans who were stirred up, the enmity difficult to erase.

Even the older generation couldn’t calm down, leaving even the higher levels worried.

Someone the undying kings wanted escaped just like that, not staying behind. This was a huge matter! The words of those types of existences couldn’t be gone against.


Imperial Pass, this place had been quiet for many days.

It was because after Huang was handed over, the atmosphere of the entire city became a bit strange, everyone uneasy.

However, during these two days, some news spread that change the atmosphere a bit, because it was related to Huang.

Someone first brought news that Huang was crippled in the other side, becoming a prisoner, enduring torture, making everyone in the city become silent.

Qing Yi, the little rabbit and the others were even more so inwardly grieved, silently shedding tears.

Who was the one that caused all of this? Who could be blamed?

It was them who handed over Huang. Originally, his contribution towards Imperial Pass was great, killing many foreign experts, even bringing back the rotten wooden chest the undying kings wanted.

However, in the end, there was this conclusion.

Many people’s emotions were complicated. Qing Yi, Chang Gongyan, and the others even more so felt bitterly disappointed, carrying resentment, really finding this hard to accept.

However, soon afterwards, there was more news stating that Huang recovered, his strength advancing, defeating the Emperor Clans in the other side, slaughtering the younger generation until they didn’t dare face him, completely unstoppable.

“Is this true?” When the Lunar Jade Rabbit heard this, she immediately jumped in excitement.

These news undoubtedly left everyone elated and excited. The old friends who were close to Shi Hao all became overjoyed, feeling extremely happy.

There were some who wondered just how heaven-defying Huang was. After becoming a captive, could he still stir up any disorder in the other side? This was a bit hard to believe.

“Big news! Huang has escaped, already escaping from the other side, on the way back. Let’s prepare to receive him!”

This very day, an even more shocking pieces of news was transmitted back, leaving everyone stupefied, ringing in their ears.

Huang fled back? How could this be possible? How did he do it?!

The other side was powerful, not needing to set up defenses in Desolate Border, not like the Nine Heavens who set up Imperial Pass to block the way. Comparatively speaking, when some things happened, it was easier to spread here.

Shi Hao defeated a Time Beast, news of his great prestige rushing over like a tide. Moreover, there was more secret information, stating that he escaped while riding a giant fish.

“This… is this real?”

Even Imperial Pass’ creatures were a bit speechless. Defeated an Emperor Clan was something they half believed, but if they were to say that he rode on a fish and ran, then this was a bit absurd.

At the very least, this side didn’t see him return!

“Not good, there is news that Huang already defected, surrendering to the other side!”

The same day, this type of information appeared.

This naturally triggered an uproar, leaving many people alarmed.

He was handed over despite obtaining great contributions, sent to the other side, turned into a prisoner, making his heart go cold. If he defected, it was something easy to believe and accept.

It was to the extent where a few people had these thoughts, if it was themselves in his place, they might as well just directly change sides!

“Execute those who are spreading rumors!”

The same day, Meng Tianzheng gave out this order, that if anyone dared speak randomly to stir up public sentiment with false statements, then they would be killed without exception.

“I believe that Huang really has started to return, the other side’s creatures are purposely splashing dirty water to mock him, inciting quarrels. This way, once he appears, we will produce suspicion!”

Indeed, Huang escaped from the other side, so some began to spread targeted rumors, purposely spreading them to Imperial Pass’ side.

All types of rumors were spread through Imperial Pass, all types of news spreading, hard to even say which one was true!

Some believed that Huang was unstoppable in the other side, defeating Emperor Clans, treating the Time Beast as food, his achievements extremely glorious.

But there were some who felt like they should be a bit more realistic, that this type of achievement wasn’t too realistic. Perhaps Huang really did defect out of anger, his heart no longer with the Nine Heavens.

Was Huang a hero, full of righteousness, or did he defect out of anger, becoming a demon king?

For some time, not one dared to speak too much openly, but they discussed things privately, even arguing over this!

Where exactly was Huang?

Right now, he really did enter a strange world, one that was beyond the outside world’s imagination.

The Ancestral Fry jumped with everything it had, struggling free from Ocean Fall. Everything became indistinct and dark, leaving this ancient realm.

In the other side, many kings knew that the limits of Ocean Fall were extremely terrifying, recklessly approaching would result even in one’s bones disappearing, body and soul eradicated, vanishing from this world.

Right now, Shi Hao experienced a type of rather be dead than alive type of torment.

The surface of the fish’s body shone, becoming ike a black heavenly sun, withstanding some type of mysterious power. Its own body quickly shrunk.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao and the others faced a tremendous pressure, their bodies releasing endless pi pa noises, all of them breaking!

How could it be like this? Shenming’s face lost color. Even someone as powerful as her, a Self Release Realm Golden Undead Knight, right now, was about to die.

Sanzang was the same, entire body in tatters, holy aura declining, entire being about to be crushed to pieces!

As for Shi Hao, his situation was worrisome, about to die at any time.

It was because he hadn’t reached the Self Release Realm yet!

However, this place was strange, the pressure it brought exceeding one’s limit, as if it was some type of special test.

Soon afterwards, their expressions changed. The Ancestral Fry’s entire body was bloody, badly mangled, looking like it was about to collapse. One had to know that this time, they were using it to leave the other side, was even this fish going to fall apart?

“Look, the ancestral patterns on its body have dimmed, about to completely shatter! This means that it has lost the protection!” Shenming said.


After a great shaking, they all went unconscious. They could only retain a small bit of consciousness during this process, hearing some vague sacrificial sounds.

It was as if they were in a dream, extremely unclear.

The Ancestral Fry used the ancestral texts as a flame, its own blood as the offering, igniting itself. It leapt out from the river of fate, about to enter a different place.

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao woke up, hearing the last syllable of the sacrificial voice, as if some type of ceremony really was carried out, moreover ending just now.

He was in an extremely miserable state, but he survived.

All of his bones were broken, flesh badly mutilated, but this could still be endured. When he sat down, Shi Hao’s body continuously released noise, all of his broken bones starting to heal.

Not far out, Shenming and Sanzang were even more miserable, their bodies in pieces, split up, almost completely destroyed.

Only after a long time had passed did they open their eyes. However, they were incredibly pale, primordial spirit flames dim, about to go out.

The two had bitter smiles on their faces. This was too bitter, their condition an absolute mess. If they wanted to recover, they needed time, even more so needed to pay a great price.

“You… weren’t affected that much?” When they pieced their bodies together again and saw Shi Hao’s state, they were both moved, extremely shocked.

“Worthy of being Huang!” Towards this, Sanzang only had this evaluation.

“I really am considering making you my dao companion.” Shenming was even more direct, enduring the pain, blinking her eyes charmingly, releasing a life overturning temptation, seducing the soul.

“What’s wrong with this fish?” Shi Hao looked towards the distance.

That fish’s body was now much smaller, only a few hundred zhang in length, covered in blood, in tatters, even its skull completely shattered, from the looks of things won’t be able to live.

However, there was a piece of ancestral patterns that didn’t go out. Right now, it flickered, releasing blinding light, extracting its essence blood, starting to display might.

Under ge beng ge beng noises, this strange fish underwent a strange change, shrinking once more, becoming ten zhang in length. Its corresponding shattered bones healed, tattered body recovering, life returning.

This was the same as exhausting all of its blood energy, shrinking its body to recover

It was clearly weaker than before.

The most shocking thing was that its form also began to change, the tyrant dragon head and the bull horns changed, turning into a bird state.

Its head became more like a peng’s, golden and resplendent!

It still had a fish body, not changing too much, but patterns were being produced, extremely complex and profound.

Shi Hao was immediately shocked, inwardly shaken. These patterns were a bit similar to Kun Peng symbols! He understood this type of species.

How was this possible? Was the Ancestral Fry going to turn into a Kun Peng?

In the end, the peng head disappeared. It turned into a black fish, but its body clearly contained a peng aura, different from before.

“After leaping out of the river of fate, this Ancestral Fry underwent a strange change, becoming immeasurable.” Sanzang said.

Shi Hao frowned. What exactly was going on with the so-called Ancestral Fry? How many were there exactly? Don’t tell me this was how the Kun Pengs were created?

Soon afterwards, they calmed down, starting to worry about their own safety, observing the surroundings.

Just what kind of place was this exactly? It was too spacious, lacking the slightest bit of aura, like a ruined ancient world, an abandoned place, too spacious and lonesome.

They clearly left the world they were in before, struggling free, entering an expanse of mysterious ancient heavens.

“Look, there are a few Ancestral Fry swimming over there!” Shenming said.

Only, those fish were all quite unlucky, all already dead, some ten thousand zhang long, some only a dozen zhang, their transformations failed, unknown just how many tens of thousands of years ago they died.

Apart from this, this place was just too desolate. Was this an abandoned ancient universe, a ruined remnant earth?

Suddenly, ripples transmitted over from the distance. Moreover, a grand prayer sound could be heard, even more so a type of sacrificial voice, as if the ancient people were sobbing in grief together, praying.

“There are people here?!”

Their party widened their eyes, noticing several hundred creatures crossing the quiet sky, arriving in an orderly manner.

Shi Hao was immediately stupefied, his entire body shaking from alarm. It would raise an uproar if even one or two of these creatures appeared in the real world, yet hundreds of them appeared here at once?

The most important thing was that they carried a grass woven mat, a person lying on it!

The sobs of grief were from them, as if they were offering sacrifices to a great emperor who had died endless ages ago!

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