Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609 - Undying Interference

“Escaped while riding on a fish, are you all treating me like a fucking idiot?!”

Within Moon Demon King Clan’s ancient land, this clan’s number one young expert was sitting on a beast skin chair. Just now, he was still rather content, one leg propped up, eating a divine fruit.

However now, he threw the rare divine fruit away, the expression on his face overcast. He turned around to stare at the messenger, believing that his trust in this person was disrespected.

“I am not lying, it is absolutely true, something that is currently happening! More than one person saw this for themselves!” That servant disputed, solemnly vowing that what he said wasn’t false.

Moon Demon King Clan was the closest to Ocean Fall. This clan was also extremely powerful, just comparatively lower profile in recent years. Meanwhile, back then, they could rank within the top King Clans, terrifying beyond compare.

“Bullshit, give me another reason. Do you think I was born yesterday? What kind of nonsense is this?! Those who enter will all undoubtedly die.” Moon Demon Young Master’s face became more and more overcast, really wishing to slap this messenger to death.

That messenger servant was already about to cry, pointing to the sky and vowing, not hesitating to curse himself, swearing that this was the truth, that there wasn’t even half a lie spoken. Moreover, he invited Moon Demon Young Master to immediately head out, perhaps he could still see the fish’s tail.

Moon Demon Young Master’s hand smacked against the back of the servant’s head, having him lead the way. It was because he didn’t really believe it himself.

Moon Demon Clan’s always lived in this region, so they understood Ocean Fall too well. From the very start, they had never seen any fish swimming through it.

All creatures would die no matter who it was that went inside, swept to the limits of Ocean Fall, never to return. Now, a servant said that Huang ran while riding on a fish, wasn’t this too ridiculous?

Moon Demon Young Master felt that this damn servant was definitely possessed, that was why he dared deliberately trick him. He was going to beat the crap out of him later!

“Hurry and look, young master, look over there! Look how big of a fish it is!”

When they arrived before Ocean Fall and stood on a massive divine peak, that servant immediately cried out excitedly.

Moon Demon Young Master’s jaw almost fell off. He was originally seething with anger, wishing to beat his servant, but he really ended up seeing an inconceivable scene.

Huang, together with two other youngsters, was sitting on a large fish near the dorsal fin, currently braving the winds and billows, going against the heavens as they rushed up.

It was a fish, a ridiculously large fish!

Huang really ran away while riding on a fish!

This left him a bit stupefied. He had lived for this many years, yet never saw even a fish scale. How did such a big fish suddenly appear now?

This fish was just too big! It was definitely tens of thousands of zhang long. Wasn’t this a reincarnated Kun Peng, coming to pick Huang up?

“Someone, hurry and give the report that Huang escaped, about to leave my world!”

Moon Demon Young Master hollered out like a horn, suddenly shouting, using a King Clan sound wave technique.

In reality, even if he didn’t shout out, didn’t give out a report, there were long others who saw this in this region, the experts who had always been keeping tabs on Shi Hao.

Even though they wouldn’t get close, always watching from afar, right now, they had a bad feeling. Huang jumped into Ocean Fall, there was a chance that he… might successfully escape!

“Damn it all! This is Ocean Fall, how could there be fish?!”

Everyone was stupefied, as if they saw ghosts. This was too inconceivable, Huang escaped just like that? It was even in the way that was hardest for them to accept.

On the Ancestral Fry, Shi Hao and the two Golden Undead Knights treated this situation carefully, not daring to act carelessly at all. It was rumored that after entering this waterfall, one could easily lose their lives.

Even if they managed to live in the beginning, once they approached the end point, their bodies and spirits would still be erased.

“Grabbing this fish and following it can ensure our safety, perhaps even bring us great natural luck! Of course, the destination awaiting us might very well be the abyss of hell!” Sanzang said.


The big fish entered the waters, sinking to the Ocean Fall depths. Even the dorsal fin disappeared from the ocean surface, the three young experts also disappearing.

They supported a magical force light barrier, protecting themselves, trying their best to not let the water touch them in order to prevent something unexpected from happening. Only, they knew that later on, there would likely be terrifying external forces that would tear through their barriers, still drench them in the end.

The Ancestral Fry moved through Ocean Fall, following the ocean-like waterfall, going against the heavens, heading straight up, from time to time entering the waters, sometimes rushing above the surface.

At this time, a few people saw its massive body.

It had the head of a Tyrant Dragon, teeth sharp, but it also had a pair of black giant horns. It was even taller than a mountain, entire body covered in scales. The carp’s body was pitch-black like ink, occasionally flickering with dark red blood radiance.

It fiercely swung its tail, waves immediately striking the heavens, enough to submerge mountain ridges, stir up endless ocean sprays, purge the heavens clean.

There were some who wished to stop this, releasing ancestral methods, but when they entered Ocean Fall, they could only form small splashes, unable to strike that strange large fish.

There was a strange power in Ocean Fall that could neutralize all types of offensive symbols, protecting that Ancestral Fry. This place was like its nurturing tank.

“Hurry and report to the undying that Huang is about to escape!” Someone shouted loudly.

It was because they knew that the place where Ocean Fall disappeared into might very well break free from this world, able to enter a different place. This was extremely serious, needed to be reported quickly.

Huang was someone the undying kings wanted, yet he left just like that, it really was unimaginable. Once the kings were angry, the clans would all tremble in fear, the effects too great.

The only saving grace was that Ocean Fall was vast, it was hard even for that strange fish to directly disappear. Even though it rushed into the heavens, the waterfall was extremely long after all, still a set distance before the point of disappearance, not reaching the end point yet.

There were transport formations everywhere. Huang was going to escape! News was quickly transmitted out.

Undying beings in particular were asked to stop this, one of them immediately receiving the news. Otherwise, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.


At this moment, the World Tree moved. An undying took action, carrying out an offering, communicating with the World Tree, using a small branch to suppress towards Ocean Fall.

This undying being clearly couldn’t remain calm, or else he wouldn’t go this far. They went all out, not hesitating to use the World Tree.

“Not good!”

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He saw a branch appear in the heavens, upright and strong like a dragon, while the leaves were giant beyond compare, flowing with brilliant colors. It slowly descended.

He immediately felt as if judgment day was arriving. The giant tree crushed down, the pressure greater than even a starry sky, the pressure too great.

This was a World Tree, a star resting on every single leaf, massive beyond compare, carrying chaotic energy. This was the power of a world creating tree.


Ocean Fall shook, waves reaching into the heavens, becoming more and more boundless, engulfing all directions.

At the same time, the Ancestral Fry sunk deeper into the water, not clashing with the World Tree, going into hiding. In that instant, Shi Hao felt the pressure suddenly decrease.

This… was too strange!

This was but a World Tree, yet it couldn’t do anything to Ocean Fall?

“A step too late, they are already close to Ocean Fall’s point of disappearance. That region’s natural laws and fields are all strange and terrifying, not even the World Tree able to affect it.”

The undying being was still rather far, while the World Tree was rooted in the foreign side, branches complex, leaves luxuriant, branches extending into each land. The undying being used precisely this type of branch to suppress Ocean Fall, but he failed.

“He is courting death, this can’t be blamed on us!”

One of the undying existences said, voice cold and ruthless. He was going to display a certain type of method.

“Don’t! If he really dies, there is no way of explaining things to my side’s great ancestors!” Another undying being shouted.

Not long ago, the undying beings passed down a decree that guaranteed Huang’s safety, but that decree carried their imprints, six imprints in total that rushed into Shi Hao’s body.

Now, one of them was about to adopt extreme methods, destroy Huang.

“Can’t be bothered with that much anymore. If he leaves, what will he become like? He is just a younger generation small cultivator, how can he be allowed to come and go as he please? We have to give him a taste first!”

One of the creatures said, releasing undying radiance. He was seated in the void, hands condensing a strange magical imprint.


Between heaven and earth, primal chaos lightning immediately appeared in the world, tearing apart the heavens. All sides were alarmed, raising their heads.

Then, many people saw a fish fly towards the heavens, leaping out from Ocean Fall as if flying, releasing waves of dark light!

At first, Shi Hao felt as if doomsday had arrived, not knowing that the undying beings were dealing with him, nor knowing their omnipotent methods, but he sensed a danger of death.

However, this state was quickly reversed.

That fish leapt out, releasing mysterious dark light, all types of mysterious patterns appearing on its back. According to the two Golden Undead Knights’ words, this was one of the most ancient types of ancestral texts.

Then, that fish brought them away from Ocean Fall, flying up, as if leaping into the sky dome, figure becoming indistinct, about to disappear.

They entered what was known as Ocean Fall’s end point. Everything disappeared here, vanished, they were now about to leave as well.

“What? It can stop my secret method? What kind of creature is that?” The undying being was moved, feeling deeply shocked.

“A fish struggled free from that legendary river, breaking away from its fate!” An undying being said with an overcast voice, expression incredibly serious.

“More than a great era has passed, yet Ancestral Fry has appeared again, what is the meaning of this?!” The undying being’s face was grave and stern, extremely serious.

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