Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608 - Really Catching It

Fishing for fish? This really was ordinary!

Came all the way here just to catch fish? Who didn’t know that this place was special? This Ocean Fall didn’t have a starting point in the normal meaning, its end point also unknown. What kind of fish could you catch?

“Really are returning to the natural state, making us exclaim in admiration.”

However, Sanzang actually sighed like this, not holding back his praise, from the looks of it not fake, but sincere.

“Dao friend, you are frank and sincere after all, great dao like this, stronger than us!” Shenming actually put away her seductive appearance, beautiful eyes swirling about, the years flashing by.

Shi Hao was completely speechless.

He merely randomly said something, extremely half-hearted, yet it ended up being thought of as some most natural dao, returning to the true self, making him completely stupefied, not knowing what was good to say.

In the end, he could only smile, kindly accepting the praise without any excessive politeness, standing there, face not red, heart rate not speeding up.

Only, when he looked towards the figure who was like a clay sculpture, his mind fell. That was definitely a terrifying figure.

The inheritor of an undying king, known as one of the most ancient families, what this creature sought was the world’s unmatched dao. His will was firm, definitely a great enemy in the future.

“Do not act rashly, that person cannot be killed, he has undying secret treasures protecting him. Even if he is sitting there without moving, you won’t be able to kill him.” Sanzang said.

The two Golden Undead Knights seemed to be able to sense Shi Hao’s thoughts, understanding his will to take action. However, they spoke out to stop him, moreover saying that not even the two of them disturbed that person.

“He had already been sitting here for several years before we came, not moving, dao heart steady, objective unchanged. He is a terrifying individual.” Shenming said.

Shi Hao recovered his composure, not insisting on taking action. He became shaken up. This side was vast and boundless, strange people and exceptional cultivators everywhere, experts as common as trees in a forest.

“After you fish, how about we travel together?” Shenming asked.

Shi Hao didn’t immediately reply, instead feeling a wave of stupor. It was because he wanted to cultivate, walk his own path. Was there any meaning in traveling together with two Golden Undead Knights?

“By comparing with each other, perhaps there might be some unexpected gains. Moreover, we… perhaps we can lend you a helping hand.” Sanzang transmitted sound.

Shi Hao looked towards him, not saying anything yet.

“We know that you currently face a great disaster, and we really hope you can break out!” Shenming further said.

“Fine!” Shi Hao thought for a bit, and then nodded in agreement.

He was now a captive, even though he had his freedom, once the undying kings returned, then there would be no way out.

Did these two Golden Undead Knights really have a way?

Then, Shi Hao sat down in front of Ocean Fall, choosing a large limestone, quietly sitting on it. Then, with the spiritual great dao as the fishing rod, magical force as the thread, with divine abilities as the fishhook, he began to fish here.

Shi Hao had heard that Ocean Fall was an extremely special place, not even the undying beings able to explore it to its limits. It was rumored that there were undying beings who followed this river down to its source, but ultimately disappeared.

It was to the extent where there was an even more terrifying rumor.

Back then, after Immortal Ancient Great War, a seriously injured undying king who was on the verge of death, already seeing no hope for survival, dragged his own declining self to Ocean Fall, moving along it. Then, he was still gone forever, never appearing again!

Ocean Fall was three foot from the ground, unknown where the water came from, boundless and immeasurable, surging towards the heavens.

Meanwhile, in the very limits, which couldn’t be considered the end point, Ocean Fall directly disappeared into the void, flowing inside, accompanied by time fragments, the long river of time faintly discernible.

There were people who said that this was a tributary river to the ‘World Sea’, hundred rivers gathering into the ocean, all streams returning, that this was one of them!

It was rumored that even though this Ocean Fall was dangerous and strange, it could also be considered a wish river, sometimes able to satisfy some of one’s desires. As a result, from time to time, there were some creatures who came here.

At the same time, cultivating here in seclusion would result in some unimaginable things happening, sometimes extremely beneficial, sometimes extremely terrible!

Comprehending the dao in front of Ocean Fall was definitely a long process!

The two Golden Undead Knights had already been here for many days, only today did they plan to leave.

Shi Hao produced a few Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves, cooking a pot of tea, inviting the two of them to drink with him.

“Excellent tea!” Sanzang praised.

Shi Hao sipped on the tea, sitting before Ocean Fall, listening to the sound of his own dao seed trembling. To be more precise, it was the gates within his body that were rumbling with noise, clear splendor spreading through his body.

This was the gates within him cracking open!

Unfortunately, this type of dao comprehension, this kind of instantaneous return couldn’t allow him to advance, break into a higher level.

It was because he was breaking into the late stage of Self Severing Realm. If he wanted to break through again, it would definitely be extremely difficult, already not something the Dao Comprehension Tea could solve.

Drinking tea alone couldn’t truly create an outstanding cultivator, raise him to an inconceivable cultivation realm.

If such a thing really was possible, then the experts of different clans wouldn’t need to cultivate, just directly drinking Dao Comprehension Tea and it was enough!

Immortal tea leaves, it could serve as a type of supplement, assist one in comprehending the dao, help one break through, where the conditions are right, success will follow naturally, not forcing things.

Ei? Something’s biting!” Shi Hao was shocked.

He felt his arms move downwards, the fishing line made of magical force going taut. The fishhook condensed from precious techniques sensed a huge monster, precisely inside the waterfall ocean.

Shenming and Sanzang were speechless. This fella really did end up doing it? He was going to fish here? What kind of joke was this?!

What kind of place was this? It was Ocean Fall, its ending point unknown, even undying beings would disappear after going inside, what kind of creatures could there be inside? Did he really treat this as some fish pond?

However, what made their jaws drop was that Shi Hao was pulling on the fishing line with everything he had, as if he really did catch something.

Several thousand zhang away, in the air, a terrifying dorsal fin appeared on the water surface. It was incredibly big, sinister and terrifying, appearing in Ocean Fall.

“This, there really are… fish?!” Sanzang really didn’t know what to say.

Shenming’s face also carried a sluggish expression, a bit dumbstruck, her beautiful and fine face becoming a bit rigid.

How could this be? This was but an ocean waterfall, suspected to flow towards World Sea, no one able to trace it upstream throughout endless time, so how did he end up actually catching fish here?

“Hurry and help! This fish is too big, over ten thousand zhang in length I reckon! It really isn’t easy to catch!” Shi Hao shouted, having the two Golden Undead Knights help him out.

Shenming was roused awake, forcefully rubbing her beautiful face to make sure she wasn’t seeing incorrectly. There really was a giant faintly discernible creature in Ocean Fall, overturning in the waters, stirring boundless waves that could crush mountain peaks.

Sanzang was also dumbstruck, feeling dizzy and blurry-eyed. It was because this type of scene was too inconceivable.

Huang was currently pulling on the fishing line, tossed side to side, actually still… reeling in the fish, really like how someone normally acts when catching a large fish, extremely cheerful and lively!

“You… what are you doing?”

“Fishing! Hurry and help me! This one is so big, it is definitely full of essence, who knows how many tens of thousands of years it has swallowed world essence for, definitely a great mending medicine!” Shi Hao said without even turning around.

He ran back and forth in front of Ocean Fall, tugging on the giant creature in the water, tossed from side to side here, stirring up tremendous waves.

“Look it up! Hurry and see if there really are creatures in Ocean Fall!” Sanzang said.

Both him and Shenming produced a pile of jade ancient books, their appearances extremely old, some preserved for more than a single great era.

It was clear that they made ample preparations before coming to this world, bringing all types of artifacts from Burial Region, including history on their destinations.

This was especially the case with Ocean Fall, even more so attaching importance to this place, paying great attention.

“There really are!”

Suddenly, Shenming cried out in alarm, unexpectedly discovering something in a tattered jade book.

This was an anecdote, not all that trustworthy, stating that Ocean Fall has Ancestral Fry, coming from the source of Ocean Fall, extremely few in number, difficult to see one or two in a single great era.

A certain Burial King saw one, at that time, he still wasn’t a Burial King, previously disappearing for some time with the Ancestral Fry!

Just these newly hatched fish alone were tens of thousands of zhang in length, so just how large were the real ancestral fish?!

Ei, the fishing line is about to break!” Shi Hao had a bad feeling. Even the fishing line made of magical force was about to snap, because the force was too great, not easy to hold together.

“Chase after it! Go for broke, catch this Ancestral Fry! Perhaps it can shorten our Burial King paths!” Sanzang decided.

In reality, when Shi Hao heard about these things from them, he already began to take action.

He jumped suddenly, throwing himself into Ocean Fall, grabbing that giant dorsal fin, breaking through the boundless sea surface, opposing the heavens and going straight up.

The two Golden Undead Knights followed him, arriving on that dorsal fin, rushing together with Shi Hao. Where were they going? They had no idea!

It was rumored that only the Ancestral Fry could move through this Ocean Fall, return to their place of birth. That place was extraordinary, having tremendous karma, even more so astonishing secrets!

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