Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607 - Burial Kings’ Path

Shi Hao didn’t say anything immediately, instead looking at them. He found it really hard to calm down, but he was still able to conceal it.

Even though he felt like what these two said was a bit too absurd and unrealistic, he didn’t retort. At the same time, he knew that these two were extraordinary, having outstanding areas.

At the very least, they were undead knights!

Moreover the most mysterious Golden Undead Knights with the most shocking origins!

This type of status would only be greater than Chi Menghong, Yu Yu and the others’. Their backgrounds might be a bit more special, even more respected.

These were two dangerous figures!

Shi Hao never looked down on them, because from the moment he met them, he already knew that these were two Self Release Realm Golden Undead Knights!

Their degree of danger far exceeded Chi Menghong!

At the same time, Shi Hao had some misgivings, even some concerns, all of them because of these two.

That day, they explored Burial Abyss together, facing a mysterious chest known to be the Origin Ancient Artifact. Even though they managed to survive after utmost difficulties, these two seemed to have become a bit different.

Shi Hao previously heard the undead knights say that endless years ago, there were Burial Kings who explored Burial Abyss, when they returned, they were completely different, as if they were a different person!

To be more precise, the original Burial King disappeared, instead, a new Burial King appeared. The outer appearance was the same, but his will was completely different!

One could imagine just how terrifying the Origin Ancient Artifact was. Not even Burial Kings could approach it!

Meanwhile, Shi Hao previously saw the limits of the darkness there, seeing primordial spirits struggle free from the black cracks. It was extremely similar to the place he had previously experienced -- Prison of Darkness.

When he cultivated the second strand of immortal energy, his primordial spirit had left his body, disappearing into the world, entering endless darkness. There were many prisons and long rivers of time, endlessly mysterious. That time, he almost died, barely managing to return to the real world!

Shi Hao was confident that Burial Abyss had a small opening connected to the Prison of Darkness. After endless years passed, it might open once, a few primordial spirits able to rush out.

Now, when he saw Sanzang and Shenming, he no longer believed them to be purely Golden Undead Knights, always feeling like there was something off.

Meanwhile, if it was just like his suspicions, their statuses… might be world shocking, shake up the worlds!

Perhaps even if the undying came, they would still feel restraining fear.

“My friend, why did you come here as well?” Sanzang asked with a warm smile. The fishing up an instance of reincarnation, so-called three burial three eradication, three world reincarnation was extremely similar to his name. Was this a coincidence?

It had to be said that his appearance really was good, golden hair like morning multicolored light, extremely brilliant, scattering down his shoulders, face pure white like jade, like the most holy deities.

Many beautiful young ladies would feel ashamed of their inferiority before him, feeling like standing with him was a type of blaspheme, because he was just too exceptional.

Shi Hao inwardly sighed. This was an undead knight, someone who lived in the underground ancient tombs, yet he was this pure and holy, was there even any heavenly reasoning left?

He had to admit that this young man was prettier than him, too handsome. His skin was like fine jade, possessing exceptional good looks, really not a single flaw to be found.

“I’m currently wandering around, taking a look. This place is quite special, so I came for a visit.” Shi Hao replied.

“Huang, one parting and many days have passed. Your style seems to be greater than the past.” Shenming said with a smile. She long put away her serious expression. Right now, she had the countenance of a flower, face like the moon, her smile enough to topple cities.

It had to be said that this really was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Under the divine brilliance, her beauty could cause the downfall of a city, every frown or smile able to move hearts. Her skin was snow-white like jade, sparkling and supple, carrying a moving brilliance.

This was especially the case with her large eyes, vivid and full of life, charming souls. Her eyelashes were extremely long, nose tall and straight, red lips extremely bright-colored, extremely seductive.

Her teeth were snow-white, shining like pearls, gently nibbling her red lips, absolutely captivating.

This was a flawless woman. Her figure was tall, legs straight and long, figure seductive, currently in her golden years. Her swan neck was snow-white, charming with every movement.

She was a Golden Undead Knight, but she looked even more elegant than an immortal, holy splendor released. At the very least, this was the case when she was quiet.

At the same time, she was alluring, as soon as she moved, everyone would lose their minds. When her eyes swirled with radiance, she was absolutely captivating.

These were two contradictory natures, yet when she moved versus when she was still, she would seem entirely different.

“How can my style be comparable to Fairy Shenming? Completely an ordinary person before an immortal realm pearl.” Shi Hao spoke modestly, also praising the other side.

He felt more and more restraining fear towards these two, because he just felt like they were even more extraordinary than when they first met.

“Fairy? Haha, do I look that holy and outstanding? There really aren’t many who praise me this way.” Shenming’s smile was brilliant, large eyes moving, increasingly charming. Her head of fiery red long hair was bright and smooth, scattering down over her large chest and smooth back.

Shi Hao was shaken, what kind of attitudes did burial knights have towards immortals? Was describing her like this a type of taboo? Exactly what kind of relationships did they have with immortals? Were they enemies, or were they completely isolated from each other? It was hard to say.

“Of course your beauty exceeds that of a fairy, young miss Shenming is peerless, transcending above this world, rarely seen in this world.” Shi Hao said.

“Is that so? Then in that case, it seems like we share good emotions. If I invite you, would you be willing to join our bloodline?” Shenming giggled.

“We are friends, speaking too much would be like treating me as an outsider.” Shi Hao replied.

“Then that really is too great, let’s travel together. Wu, I am lacking the most intimate companion you know? Perhaps you are the best choice.” Shenming smiled, her tongue moving slightly, passing over her lips. This was an undisguised seduction.

Shi Hao laughed, not refusing. At the very least, on the surface, he didn’t wish to get into conflict with these two. These were two extremely dangerous individuals.

They were undead knights, so why did they come out from Burial Earth, enter this world? What was their objective?

Could it be that it was just like they said last time, that they were going to wander the world? Or was it to say that it was because some strange things happened in Burial Abyss, so these two are looking for something?

“My friend, now that we meet again, I feel that you are a bit reserved. Could it be that you feel some suspicions towards us?” Sanzang said, still gentle like warm sunlight, making one feel greatly at peace.

A man this beautiful, if it was a group of little girls he was facing, it would definitely possess fatal destructive power. Meanwhile, Shi Hao felt like he was becoming more and more dangerous.

However, that type of pressure instantly disappeared, the other party seemed to be easing up a bit, giving up on these thoughts that couldn’t be called all that warm. This made Shi Hao’s mind tremble.

His intuition was extremely sharp. Just now, he really captured some things, really having that type of feeling.

“It seems like there is a bit of misunderstanding between us. You are suspecting if we are still ourselves?” Sanzang was extremely formidable, actually directly stating Shi Hao’s suspicions.

Shenming released a deep sigh. She was also helpless, putting away her world toppling charm. Her eyes swirled about, as if endless time moved past the depths of her pupils, granting her a type of more serious beauty.

“When this path is taken, there will always be a bit that is lost, but a bit gained in return. There always has to be a price, but I can say that we are still ourselves!” Shenming said.

“What path?” Shi Hao asked.

These two were too mysterious. He didn’t ask too much, only stating the most crucial question.

“Path of Burial Kings!” Sanzang said.

These words left Shi Hao deeply shocked. They walked the path of Burial Kings! This was too terrifying. At the same time, they were also too direct, actually telling him just like that.

The reason these two entered this world was to take the path of Burial Kings?

“Why are you telling me this?” Shi Hao asked.

“This is because this was related to too much. Once the undying beings knew, they would most likely attack, do everything they could to interfere. After all, they probably wouldn’t wish to see new Burial Kings appear in Burial Earth.

“There is only one reason, to cherish every single being who can accompany you to the end of time, regardless of if he is an enemy or a friend.” Sanzang laughed.

“If there is a day when this world is buried, this earth even disappearing, all life no longer existing, everything gone forever, at that time, even meeting an old enemy is a type of fortunate thing.” Shenming smiled, expression also incomparably complicated.

There was even this type of saying?

What was the meaning of this? That there will be unimaginable great changes in the future?

“Perhaps you should know a bit, that the most terrifying era is about to arrive. How many of those who you are familiar with can remain? There really aren’t many who could accompany you to the end, to the extent where there might not be any.” Sanzang said.

Shi Hao found it extremely hard to calm down, greatly shaken. It seemed like the world was changing, the creatures of all lands sensing it, even the lifeless Burial Region feeling this way.

“You believe I can continue living?” Shi Hao asked.

“Perhaps. After all, you were able to keep your life even before Origin Ancient Artifact. Those who are unaffected, they are all exceptional regardless. You give me quite the strange feeling, my human friend.” Sanzang said with a smile.

It seemed like they had long become aware that he was human, not a Golden Undead Knight. Great waves stirred in Shi Hao’s mind.

“The path of Burial Kings, what did you all experience? Why do I feel like you all are different? Are you really still yourselves?” Shi Hao asked.

“We are!”

At this time, Shenming walked over, intimately grabbing his arm. The two shone, as if they were ascending immortals. A rain of light scattered down, divine and flawless.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao saw a scene. There was a different Shenming, the left part of her face incredibly seductive, carrying a brilliant smile, exceptionally enchanting, right side of the face carrying tears, as if imprisoned, weeping and sobbing in grief.

Shi Hao was a bit frightened. Were these her soul imprints? Why were there two different natures, two feelings?

“Gain and loss, it will always be equivalent. I am still me, letting you see can also be considered a sincere reflection. This is a portion of the price the path of Burial Kings needs to be paid.” Shenming said.

Shi Hao wanted to struggle free, because he felt his back become a bit cold, but Shenming didn’t let go.

Only after a while did she loosen her hand.

Shi Hao was already sure of one thing, there really were some changes that happened to them, an astonishing transformation.

“My human friend, are you willing to travel with us?” Sanzang asked.

“What you all seek is the path of Burial Kings, while my path is different from yours.” Shi Hao replied.

“There are intersecting paths, who knows, in the future, we will come call for you, gather once more in Guidance Ancient Palace, or maybe it is you who will summon us.” Shenming said.

Shi Hao felt his head throb. These two were too mysterious, hard to see through them.

Yi, what is he fishing?” Shi Hao changed the topic, because there was another creature in front of Ocean Fall, not that far from them.

“He wishes to angle for an unequaled in the great world.” Shenming replied.

“Who is he?” Shi Hao was moved.

“One of the most ancient undying kings’ inheritor.” Sanzang replied.

Shi Hao was shocked. He looked towards that youngster. He sat in front of Ocean Fall, as if completely frozen, not a trace of movement or sound.

“What did you come here to angle?” Shenming asked.

“I came to… fish for fish.” 

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