Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 - Fishing Reincarnation and Time

Of course, this was his own wishful thinking. No one could say for sure when the undying kings would return!

Moreover, after he stirred up this disturbance, this side’s undying beings might change their attitudes. The longer things were dragged on, the worse his situation would be.

Under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, the elders’ expressions changed continuously. There were several times along the way when they wanted to take action, but they always held themselves back.

“Was that saying true?” One of them asked quietly.

“Without wind, there cannot be waves. Otherwise, why would the undying beings establish the decree, allow him to move freely?” Another elder replied, his expression grave and stern.

It was because they heard some astonishing information. If their statuses weren’t high enough, there was no way they would be able to hear about these things.

There were rumors that the undying kings wanted Huang for other uses, not to kill a genius prematurely, but rather to raise him up!

This was definitely shocking news. When the secret information was passed about, the higher levels of this side were all shaken, some of them petrified, even a few old monsters completely speechless!

That was why the undying decree was passed down, the matter of Huang’s pardoning happening. Otherwise, how could their attitudes change so greatly?!

This was secret information, few people knowing of it.

That was why the elders protecting the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree were hesitant. They wanted to viciously deal with Shi Hao, but in the end, they all endured.

It was to the extent where they hoped for Shi Hao and Chi Menghong’s confrontation to raise an even greater storm, and then see if Scarlet King would directly slap him to death when he comes out of seclusion in the end!

“I don’t think it’s trustworthy. Why would my side’s unmatched great ancestors foster an enemy child? Isn’t this just indulging our enemy, asking for trouble?” Under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, an elder was doubtful.

Another released a light sigh and said, “You’re wrong, in the eyes of the undying kings, no matter how heaven-defying he is, so what? He would still be an ant. Even if he is fostered into a true immortal, they could still kill him easily! Never try to evaluate my side’s great ancestors through your own way of looking at things, every single undying king is majestic and heroic. Even if a person is raised for an entire great era, if they want to kill him, they won’t even need to frown, just quickly kill them. There were past examples of this!”

“There is another saying, my side’s great ancestor is raising bait, the ones they are trying to fish out aren’t Imperial Pass’ creatures, but rather prehistoric giants!” Another elder suddenly said.

When they heard this saying, everyone closed their mouths, not saying too much. It was because they touched upon a taboo topic, not daring to speak too much.

There were some people who already knew that this era was destined to be extremely glorious, but also extremely dark, full of blood and cruelty. It would involve not just a single great era, but rather settling things on a larger scale.

The Dao Comprehension Tea Ceremony ended extremely suddenly. There was no brilliance like before, because this entire event was thrown into disorder by Huang.

Yu Yu, Wu Kun, and the others’ expressions weren’t all that good. If it was in the past, in the end, there would be a great battle, even chaotic warfare possible, seizing Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

In the end, a single Huang disturbing the entire event concluded the distinguished meeting prematurely.

Even though there were chaotic battles, only a few kings fought with Huang, the Emperor Clan young experts didn’t even get a chance to participate before it ended!

Everyone got off the mountain. There were creatures everywhere, clogging up the stairs. However, normally, no one flew out of respect towards Dao Comprehension Mountain, this sacred land.

However, at Huang’s side, few people approached. It was as if there was a label stuck on him, no one willing to get close, or else they might just get crippled.

After this event, his vicious reputation spread.

Of course, in the eyes of the foreign kings, it was better to call him infamous!

When everyone arrived at the bottom of the mountain, they were still gnashing their teeth in anger, feeling like Huang was too hateful, taking away more than a hundred and twenty tea leaves by himself, making everyone’s eyes go red.

This was especially the case for the clans who were robbed. They really wanted to fight with him again to the death.

However, they endured it, not wishing to throw their lives away.

At the foot of the mountain, an old woman’s face was pale, lips quivering, protecting the children with her arms. She was worried, scared that the King Clans would treat her like food.

It was because the cultivators who came down from the mountain all carried killing intent. Whenever they looked over, the looks in their eyes would always make her shiver inwardly.

That pretty little girl hid behind her, fear covering her face, tears falling from her large eyes, feeling extremely helpless.

The other children were extremely numb, forgetting to even cry, because they really were scared badly. How could they endure the killing intent?

“Do you all want to die?”

Right at this time, a voice sounded, extremely cold, making the cultivators of all clans shiver, and then quickly leave.

The old woman was shocked. The King Clans were actually chased away? She raised her head, immediately stupefied. That was a young man, his name Huang. He came down from the mountain peak alive!

They were all humans, yet he was actually this strong, just a single person, yet he shouted back at the cultivators of all clans. The old woman was moved. After all these years, even humans could be this powerful?

“Big brother, did you come to save us?” The four or five years old little girl said, tears hanging from her face, asking weakly. She raised her head, small face filled with hope and longing.

After all these years passed, when this little girl grew up, becoming a ‘heaven reaching tree’ herself, when she recalled the past events, recalling the Huang of this era, she would carry gratefulness and strong emotions.

It was because that day, this young man named Huang single-handedly tore through the dark sky above her, granting her hope and a new dawn, allowing her to take a different path.

Shi Hao squatted down, rubbed the children’s heads, and then raised the girl, quietly consoling her, telling them not to be scared!

Then, with a light shout, he directly scared off all of the surrounding King Clan young cultivators, no one daring to stare over again, look in this direction.

Shi Hao waited at the foot of the mountain. Only when Mo Xian came down the mountain did he lower the small girl, greeting her.

“With both of us being humans, I believe that you definitely have a soft spot within your heart. Please bring these children with you.” Shi Hao said.

This was Mo Dao’s older sister. Through Mo Dao’s nature, Shi Hao felt that Mo Xian shouldn’t be an emotionless sister.

“You trust me this much?” Mo Xian stood there, her beautiful face incredibly delicate, not having a single flaw, as if the lunar goddess descended here.

“I do.” Shi Hao nodded.

In reality, the main reason was because he had no way of bringing these children away himself. He was a foreigner, a captive to begin with. Bringing these children with him would only harm them.

“Alright.” Mo Xian nodded. She lifted up that little girl, and then said, “I hope my younger brother is also well.”

She actually spoke this line. Then, without stopping for a moment, she brought the old woman and children to leave.

“Wait!” Shi Hao shouted.

With a wave of his hands, he produced a jade container, within it ten immortal tea leaves, gifting it to Mo Xian.

Nearby, the kings’ eyes widened. Huang actually took the initiative to gift out dao comprehension leaves! This demon king robbed them, yet he actually gave them away too

A few people lamented, some jealous, expressing inequality. They were furious, but carried helplessness.

It was because they really didn’t dare provoke Mo Xian.

Mo Xian, even though she was human, she was regarded as important by a certain ancient Emperor Clan, always fostered by them, at the same level as the Emperor Clan’s direct line of descent, her status terrifyingly high.

“Aren’t you the generous one.” Mo Xian said calmly. Her beautiful eyes flickered with divine radiance. She didn’t reject him, accepting it.

“Let me ask you a question. Which places in this side are special, suited to cultivation and comprehending the dao?” Shi Hao asked. He obtained so many immortal tea leaves, so he naturally wished to use them as soon as possible.

“There is a place that isn’t too far from this place named Ocean Fall, you can go there. However, don’t be too curious, or else you might just throw your life away, not even the undying kings would be able to save you if they go.” Mo Xian replied, moreover seriously warning.

When Shi Hao heard this, he began to walk in the direction she told him.

“Big brother, you have to promise that I can still see you again!” In the back, the little girl Mo Xian carried was full of tears, extremely pitiful. She fiercely brandished her little arms, her large eyes entirely red.

“Goodbye!” Shi Hao didn’t turn around, his back facing her while waving his hand, walking into the distance.

Hundreds of thousands of li out!

Ocean Fall, it was just like the name, it really was like this in appearance.

This was an ocean that stretched out endlessly, boundless and immeasurable.

It was gray-colored, an extremely strange body of water, roiling as it moved, ocean waves ear-splitting!

At the same time, it wasn’t on the ground, but rather in the sky, like a majestic waterfall, really too grand! An ocean suspended in the sky above, really an ocean waterfall!

The strangest thing was that Ocean Fall didn’t fall to the ground, but rather flowed from the ground towards the sky like a boundless great river suspended in the starry skies.

On the ground, there was no ocean source, it just appeared suddenly from the surface as if it came out of thin air. It actually roared towards the heavens, forming an ocean waterfall!

It was three feet from the ground, not any more, not any less. There was no water within these three feet, while if one went beyond it, it was a sea that surged into the heavens.

Meanwhile, above the sky dome, there was no limit visible, the source unknown.

It was because at the highest point, there were time fragments dancing about like the most beautiful flower petals, fluttering about. One could vaguely make out long rivers of time accompanying it!

This place was definitely special!

From the moment Shi Hao saw this, he was inwardly shaken.

When he arrived before Ocean Fall, Shi Hao saw some creatures. They didn’t release great magical force fluctuations, but they were all extremely important, all closing their eyes, quietly sitting there, every one of them having a fishing rod before them, angling. Meanwhile, they themselves were petrified like stone.


He saw someone familiar, actually recognizing this person.

There was a woman with fiery red hair, incomparably pretty, scarlet-gold armor covering her body. This was an exceptional beauty, enchantingly attractive.

There was also a man with long golden hair, extremely brilliant like that of a sun god’s, possessing the most holy and pure traits.

This male and female were people Shi Hao recognized, he had met them in Burial Abyss!

The male was named Sanzang, the girl Shenming. They were extremely pure and holy, carrying exceptional auras, like the most noble deities!

However, Shi Hao knew that they were undead knights, the most powerful Golden Undead Knights!

Right at this time, the two of them opened their eyes. When they saw Shi Hao, they were all a bit surprised, and then they revealed smiles.

“It really is a small world.” Sanzhang said, extremely bright and open, golden multicolored light pervading the air.

“What are you all doing?” Shi Hao asked.

“Angling.” Sanzang said.

Shi Hao stared blankly.

“We are fishing a segment of time. Darkness surrounds the great earth, blood covers the endless ancient graves, a chaotic time.” Shenming said, her expression serious.

“I am fishing for a set of reincarnation, three burial, three eradication, three world reincarnation.” Sanzang said.

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