Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605 - Abundant Harvest

Huang’s eyes were shining too brightly, as if there was green light released from them. He looked excited, his eyes scanning over everyone.

He felt like a wolf who had starved for many days, now finally seeing prey, about to hunt. Those vicious eyes were too similar, simply the same.

The group of people were all extremely uneasy. Being stared at by this extremely young fella made their bodies all become tense.

Yi, you all aren’t bad, obtained another tea leaf! Come here and pay back your debt and settle things.” Shi Hao looked towards one group of people.

Those King Clans’ faces immediately fell, feeling completely powerless, almost directly falling weak. Why were Huang’s eyes this vicious? They worked themselves to death, finally obtaining a third leaf, yet in the end, he noticed it again!

They were spiritually weary and physically exhausted, the price they paid too great. They finally obtained a third Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf with difficulty, yet in the end… they had to offer it up again!

They wanted to cry, really felt too wronged. These were there Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves, three chances to comprehend the dao, yet these chances were gone just like that.

Why did they have to provoke Huang? If they knew that things would end up like this, they really shouldn’t have listened to Chi Menghong’s order. Just interfering once resulted in having to pay this type of miserable price! These people wanted to cry.

“Just give it to him, it’s still better than losing our lives in the end, even Chi Menghong was eaten by him, us handing over three leaves can’t be considered shameful. Starting from the fourth, it will truly belong to us!” One of them said, trying to compromise, give himself a way out of this embarrassing situation.

Just like that, Shi Hao received another bonus, extremely satisfied.

He looked at the other creatures, but didn’t attack. Instead, he took action himself, attacking the earthen altar. It was because comparatively speaking, he could seize quite a few on his own.

This time, he used the Kun Peng Technique. A pair of giant claws brandished about, one golden, one pitch-black like ink. Yin and yang energies swirled about, clashing with each other, tearing apart the screen of light with a hong noise.

It was extremely simple, not paying that great of a price to obtain a Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf.

Then, the Kun Peng claws withdrew, and then smashed into the light screen again, tearing this place apart, seizing another jade container.

The second time was considerably more difficult than before, a bit strenuous.

Just like that, Shi Hao continuously obtained five containers of immortal tea leaves, and then no longer used this precious technique. Even though he could continue, if the exhaustion of magical force was too great, the losses wouldn’t make up for the returns.

It was because he was still on guard. There might still be great battles ahead!

At the very least, he wanted to rob some more, there was no way he would end things that peacefully.


Willow Deity’s technique appeared, but it was a variant. Shi Hao’s right hand turned into a golden divine chain, like a whip, thrashing the barrier of light, bringing out a jade container.

Just like that, he obtained five more containers with the Willow Deity Technique.


It was now the Reincarnation technique’s time. All sides raised their eyebrows, feeling great restraining fear. It was because natural laws that touched upon time were the most terrifying, especially when Huang had just defeated Chi Menghong.

Another five containers were obtained.

“Heaven Calamity Light!”

Afterwards, he used the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art!

After that, Shi Hao released a shout, an extreme point erupted from his abdomen, piercing through the earthen altar, magical force surging from the Sea of Reincarnation, obtaining more Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

Shi Hao tried all different things, even using his body as a seed, this time obtaining an exceptionally large amount, not tired even after exceeding five leaves.

In the end, Shi Hao obtained several dozen containers of immortal tea leaves, his rewards great, incredibly shocking.

Now, it was time to use them up. He still had forty-nine leaves on him, all of them sparkling and translucent, placed in the same jade vessel, a sweet fragrance spreading.

The crowd was stunned. This was just too much of a freak right? A single person obtaining this many leaves, how were others even supposed to live?

The group of young kings were all speechless. They joined hands, doing everything they could, every single clan only obtaining three or four leaves, yet Huang obtained that many alone.

They could only inwardly curse that this savage bastard was too much of a monster, his strength ridiculous. No wonder he could defeat the Emperor Clan’s Chi Menghong!

The most crucial thing was that his speed was too fast, not even stopping in between, seizing those immortal tea leaves in a single breath, obtaining them smoothly.

At this time, many people felt uneasy.

It was because Huang no longer attacked the earthen altar, instead truly starting to deal with them, clearly harboring malicious intentions.

“You, and you, right, and your clan, your hostility towards me is too strong. Ever since I came to this mountaintop, you all kept releasing killing intent, really wanting to immediately kill me. Don’t think that just because I’m restraining myself that I won’t react at all, I long remembered who you all were. Let’s have a talk, settle things, chat about just how I’ve upset you all.”

Shi Hao pointed out three clans in one breath, at the same time facing eight or nine elites. Those people came from three King Clans, all of them powerful young cultivators.

These people’s minds immediately sunk. In the end, Huang still targeted them.

“You misunderstood, we have always had no grudges between us, don’t owe each other anything.” One of them replied.

“Are you sure that I don’t owe you all anything?” Shi Hao asked.

“Yes!” That person nodded.

En, then I understand, it’s you all who owe me. How about this, each clan will offer up three leaves, and then we’ll just write everything off with one stroke.” Shi Hao said.

“You… don’t go too far!” A King Clan young expert shouted. He really was upset. They originally wanted to keep the peace, but they discovered that the other side didn’t appreciate their kindness at all.

“Huang, don’t be too overbearing. You have to know that this is our world, stirring up trouble won’t bring you any benefits! Be careful of the consequences!” A King Clan spoke even more powerfully, threatening like this.

“I loathe being pointed at and threatened the most. Ever since I came to this side, I never planned on returning. Since you feel like your clan can subdue me, then why don’t you give it a try?” Shi Hao said coldly.

Then, he decisively took action, not hesitating at all, extremely direct. With a hong noise, a fist smashed outwards, heaven and earth shaking.

Lightning Fist, hundreds of thousands of streaks of lightning, each several dozen zhang in length rushed out, powerful and domineering!

Shi Hao’s fist was wrapped within lightning, releasing a terrifying rumbling noise. The grand fist crushed the sky dome, lightning radiance endless, brilliance intimidating, impossible to look at directly.

It was just that direct, because he predicted that after the undying kings returned, there was no good ending for him.

That was why he didn’t feel any restraining fear. Either way, he didn’t have much time left. If he was going to die, then he might as well let loose one final time!

The King Clan who threatened Shi Hao’s face immediately became miserably pale. He never expected Huang to take action as soon as he said he would, no hesitation at all, not threatened in the slightest.

Even though he was somewhat prepared, all types of ancestral methods shooting out, the protection light screen was still immediately blasted through, and then the Lightning Fist slammed into his body.


It was just a single fist, tearing through his body, producing large amounts of lightning radiance, extremely domineering!

Then, his body exploded with a peng noise, leaving behind an expanse of bloody mist. However, soon afterwards, it was burned to ashes by the electrical radiance, body and spirit erased.

This type of domineeringness, this type of exceptional sharpness deeply shocked everyone. This place was completely silent, just too quiet.

A powerful King Clan elite died just like that.

That creature was thirty something years of age, possessing astonishing potential, yet before Huang, it was like a straw man, easily killed.

“That is but a King Clan! Yet he was so easily… simply and directly erased by Huang?”

Coldness surged within their hearts. It wasn’t that they didn’t know Huang was formidable, after all, they had witnessed his great decisive battle with Chi Menghong.

However, now, this result was still hard for them to accept. When facing a powerful King Clan, a single fist from Huang ended the battle, too fast and powerful.

“These immortal tea leaves are yours!” Finally, someone couldn’t hold on anymore, no longer daring to have an ego. There was nothing more important than remaining alive. This Huang was too savage.

In the end, the three King Clans all compromised, offering up nine leaves in total. They swirled with brilliant colors, the leaves extremely brilliant, making their hearts bleed.

“Many thanks!” Shi Hao cupped his fist very modestly and respectfully, expressing his thanks.

Fuck off! Those people really wanted to scream out, but they held themselves back, all of their faces darkening, feeling absolutely horrible.

Sigh, can’t be helped. There’s only fifty something immortal leaves, not even enough to drink.” Shi Hao said.

The others immediately wanted to swear when they heard this. Fifty something isn’t even enough to drink? How do you want the other King Clans to endure this? Wouldn’t they feel too poverty-stricken?!

Then, Shi Hao looked towards the other creatures. There were quite a few King Clans here, all of them more or less having some rewards, some even obtaining six or seven immortal tea leaves.

Those King Clans immediately looked towards Yu Yu, Mo Xian, Wu Kun and the others, hoping to see how they felt. In the end, the Emperor Clans didn’t say anything, leaving them rather disappointed.

Right now, Yu Yu really wanted to take action, but ever since he saw Shi Hao drink the Dao Comprehension Tea from the tree, successfully advancing to the Self Severing Realm late stage, he endured it.

It was because he hadn’t reached that stage yet, his cultivation lacking a bit, needing to return and break through in seclusion!

The others didn’t have any intention of making a move either, because Chi Menghong had just suffered a great defeat, they didn’t want to immediately get mixed in the muddy water. Right now, the most important thing was drinking the Dao Comprehension Tea, to break through as fast as possible.

When they broke through another checkpoint, strength became greater, everything would be easier to deal with!

The great King Clans were disappointed. This was especially when they saw Huang looked towards them, all of them frightened, feeling like they had been targeted by the darkness’ prehistoric colossus.

“There’s no need to be scared, he is just one person! Don’t tell me we can’t subdue him if we work together? Everyone, go up together!” Someone secretly encouraged.

Shi Hao immediately gave his reply. With the body as the seed, his spiritual senses sharp, he had always been staring at these people. He immediately noticed who it was that was secretly transmitting sound.


An afterimage was left where Shi Hao was originally standing, throwing himself over.

Blazing radiance erupted, resplendent divine radiance rushed into the sky dome. Shi Hao’s fist carried terrifying radiance, tearing apart the skies, a fist rushing past, blasting that person to pieces.

This was too terrifying!

Many people trembled. They were but King Clans! That young creature was extremely strong, yet in the end, he was killed with a single strike!

Many people’s confidence collapsed, expressing that they were willing to hand over three Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao obtained another dozen or so leaves.



At this moment, chaos erupted. There were some King Clans who wanted to break out, escape from this place.

Shi Hao took action, extremely decisive.

Soon afterwards, he obtained more than a hundred and twenty leaves, his harvest abundant!

Then, he didn’t have any more chances, because the elders who guarded the ancient tree interfered, stopping this chaos, not wishing for there to be greater casualties.

This place was a mess, the wounded everywhere. In that instant, everyone witnessed Huang’s terror, really unstoppable within these kings, invincible!

“Thank you everyone, I invite you all to eat the Time Beast, this really is a great mending medicine! After it is roasted golden and the meat fragrance spreads, it should be able to compensate for your losses.”

Shi Hao revealed a warm smile, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth, doing his best to express his harmlessness, calling out to everyone.

A few people were tempted, but they still really wanted to curse out!

They really wanted to eat it. After all these years, how many dared to eat an Emperor Clan? Yet here… there was a foodie who really did this!

However, right now, they wanted to curse at him, did he even have any sincerity? Inviting like this, who would accept it? If anyone went over, they would be on Scarlet King bloodline’s blacklist sooner or later, killed!

Their eyes really became red, really wishing to have a taste. Even if these kings hated Shi Hao, they really did long for the Time Beast’s delicious meat. Unfortunately, none of them dared actually take action!

“You all are too polite, why are you regarding me as an outsider? Look how great this mending medicine is, yet you all aren’t coming to enjoy it. Sigh, then don’t blame me for being insincere! The leaves I got from you all, I originally wanted to stew with the meat, but you all don’t want any. Then things are settled!” Shi Hao said righteously.

Motherfucker! Everyone wanted to beat him!

“After drinking a pot of dao comprehension immortal tea, I hope I can break through again, become a Self Release Realm cultivator!” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

There was another line he didn’t say, which was that when he broke into the Self Release Realm, he wanted to try and kill a supreme being or two. If that happened, then he would be content.

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