Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 - Extravagantly Advancing

Those King Clan cultivators’ faces immediately became green, feeling a headache. They were all furious, inwardly cursing Huang. You really are going to be just this direct?

Robbing, doing it so openly and without fear, stating like this was only normal, it really made others want to vomit blood, wishing to smack him. However, they weren’t his opponent.

This clan wanted to ask for help. They looked towards other creatures, but no one paid them any attention, completely ignoring them.

“I don’t want to hear nonsense, and don’t waste my time. It was precisely you all and Chi Menghong’s servants who interfered with my Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf acquisition process. It’s now time to collect interest!” Shi Hao said.

He sat on the ground, carrying a large beast leg in his hands. It was more than half a person’s height, a strand of dao flames surging from it, currently being cooked repeatedly.

The fiery light was extremely bright, dao patterns interweaving. These were flames produced by dao laws.

“You already took a leaf from us!” One of those King Clan cultivators braced himself and said. He felt great shame, this wasn’t the first time they were being robbed, now, it was even so direct. If they were strong enough, he really wanted to go over and fight!

“Of course I know this. After robbing you guys, I settle a debt with Chi Menghong.” Shi Hao said calmly.

However, in everyone’s ears, these words weren’t calm at all, instead surging like great waves. What was Huang trying to say? Was this a death threat and warning?

It was because after settling the debt with Chi Menghong, the Emperor Clan young experts almost died, their primordial spirits escaping with difficulty.

“Take it!”

After a moment of silence, those young experts gave up. One of the King Clan experts walked over, handing over a sparkling leaf in an extremely sullen mood.

“Thanks buddy!” Shi Hao expressed his thanks.

Those people’s faces darkened. Thanks? Thanks my ass!

Shi Hao proficiently turned the beast leg over the flame while accepting the tea leaf. It was already cooked, carrying a bit of golden luster, a rich meat fragrance spreading.

Meanwhile, during this process, Shi Hao continuously added seasoning to the beast leg, his movements practiced and quick, full of experience, as if he often did this type of thing.

This made the crowd’s jaws drop, looking at him with strange expressions. Don’t tell me this fella often did this type of thing?

“My skills are getting a bit rusty, been some months since I’ve been able to gorge myself.” Shi Hao muttered.

Motherfucker! A group of people wanted to curse out, all of them furious. He was a cultivator, yet he cared about some cooking skills? However, from his appearance, they knew that he definitely wasn’t of the good sort. In their eyes, this youngster definitely had a black heart and vicious hands, definitely roasting quite a few of his opponents, swallowing them whole.

“We… should just leave!” After those King Clan cultivators discussed things, they came to this decision, faces green. It was because with this vicious Huang here, they definitely wouldn’t get anything.

They were worried that they would get robbed each time they obtained a leaf.

“Slow down, you all still owe me a Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf.” Shi Hao stopped him.

When they heard this, those people immediately staggered, almost falling.

Of course, the most annoying thing happened. These people wanted to speak out in anger, but they were scared that Huang would act out, this really was… completely absurd. Their expressions changed, becoming incomparably gloomy.

“This is an instance of natural luck, why are you all in such a hurry to leave? I need three dao comprehension tea leaves as interest, the rest are yours to keep.” Shi Hao said.

Those people looked at each other in dismay, feeling so much hatred the roots of their teeth were sore. At the same time, they really didn’t want to leave. Based on their calculations, they could still obtain one or two leaves.

Soon afterwards, this place became intense again, many people taking action, blasting the altar, seizing the leaves.

Meanwhile, during this process, Shi Hao cooked that beast leg, the color golden, fragrance spreading,. There were also many time fragments floating about.

This type of meat quality was clearly great mending medicine, carrying dao law energy, flowing with chains of order. This was the essence of the Time Beast!

“This… really is too delicious!”

When Shi Hao took a bite, his face was full of expression, eyes closing, completely infatuated. Symbols flickered endlessly between his lips and teeth.

When the others saw him, they were beyond fed up with him. This hateful Huang, while others were working their asses off seizing dao comprehension tea leaves, he was eating and drinking heartedly.

Of course, many people felt jealousy. Even though they really wanted to curse him, they were envious inside. That was but a Time Beast! Who dared eat such a thing?

Since the ancient times, Time Beasts were always unmatched clans. With Scarlet King overseeing this clan and their innate skills, which clan dared offend them?

Emperor Clans, from past until now, when had they been treated as food?

Now, someone did it, roasting Chi Menghong, eating a leg in front of everyone, looking incomparably satisfied, leaving others speechless.

Under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, those elders actually didn’t stop him, only watching coldly.

“He really… ate it!”

In the distance, those creatures said with trembling voices, as if they had seen a ghost. This Huang was too savage, daring to eat even an Emperor Clan!

“I want to see who can protect him! When Scarlet King comes out of seclusion, even if the other undying kings want to keep his life, it will be hard!” Under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, an elder said coldly.

Regardless of what these people thought, Shi Hao really did eat the Time Beast. He felt like he made some progress in his Reincarnation Divine Ability, seizing many time fragments from the fine meat, the power of natural laws.

Soon afterwards, the entire beast leg was finished.

Wu, that really was delicious. The heaven and earth essence stored within this type of leg is comparable to several hundred years of cultivation effort!” Shi Hao sighed with praise.

It was a type of great mending medicine even for him.

Emperor Clan, who dared eat them, who could eat them? This was completely taboo. Even if there were some creatures who inwardly swallowed their saliva, they still felt a type of alarm. Huang was too terrifying, too much of a freak.

Then, Shi Hao wasn’t polite at all, seizing the rest of Chi Menghong’s body. This was a vicious beast, extremely ferocious and sinister, with a Flood Dragon head and lion body. The surface of its body was covered in bone spurs.

Shi Hao brought it over, soon afterwards fishing out five jade containers from its body. There were five Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves there. He smiled, his rewards this time were quite abundant.

“A cup of tea after a good meal, and then a nap.” Shi Hao said. He put the Time Beast’s body away.

Then, he began to gather the snow water from the distant frozen peak, starting to brew tea.

The five leaves were all used in one cup, all found from Chi Menghong’s body. They were cooked together, extremely extravagant.

When everyone saw this scene, their eyes all opened wide, really wanting to loudly berate this wastrel, so jealous their eyes became red. These were Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves! This was just like an ox chewing on peonies!

Shi Hao didn’t pay them any attention, just that easygoing. After the tea water was prepared, fragrance wafted out, waves of great dao shining, making him feel clear-headed and refreshed.

Then, he drank it with a single mouthful, not even enjoying it sip by sip.

This clearly made everyone feel more and more uneasy, really wishing to beat him up, suppress him!

Shi Hao closed his eyes, carefully experiencing this. His body felt clear, sensing heaven and earth natural laws, lingering within great dao order, comprehending the real meaning of cultivation.


An expanse of brilliance surged from his body, and then another wave was released, symbols flickering about again and again, the brilliance resplendent, as if there were many suns here.

The great dao aura was extremely rich, truly astonishing!

No matter how unwilling the great King Clans were, one point where they couldn’t refute was that Huang was indeed just that heaven-defying in his path of cultivation, leaving them jealous and envious.

Everyone knew that he obtained great benefits again.


It was like bone cracking sounds, but also like lightning flying past. This entire world trembled.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s body also shook, then he opened his eyes. This was all because he broke through!

The five leaves merged into one pot, turning into dao liquid, allowing his comprehension to reach a deeper level of profoundness. Now, he successfully advanced.

Self Severing Realm late stage!

He broke through just like that, becoming stronger and stronger!

In reality, when Shi Hao drank a cup of Dao Comprehension Tea before, he already sensed that he was a step away from Self Severing Realm’s late stage.

However, he knew that sometimes, half a step of distance was like a heavenly moat, also like a path to the sky, which was why he didn’t hesitate to brew the five Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves together, drink it in one gulp.

As a result, he directly gained enlightenment, smoothly advancing!

Shi Hao stood up, stretched out his body, sensing the power of his body. With power came more confidence. His cultivation realm increased, dao skills improved, strength extremely horrifying.

The other creatures were actually a bit stunned. He ate a Time Beast’s leg, drank a cup of tea, and he already experienced a great breakthrough? Was there anything more absurd than this?!

They were all screaming inwardly, this world was too unfair. Why was this savage fella this much of a freak?!

Everyone was speechless. Huang broke through again, meaning that he became another bit stronger, even harder to contend against.

Who could still fight against him?

Everyone was stupefied, furious, unwilling, at the same time a bit frightened. Huang really was too terrifying. Just how old was he? Yet he wasn’t far from the Self Release Realm!

At this age,with this type of cultivation speed, it was definitely enough to break this great era’s records!

Many people began to lack confidence, because in their opinion, Huang’s eyes were extremely bright, currently looking around, sizing up everyone!

What was the meaning of this? Was he going to rob a large group of creatures?!

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