Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603 - Third Supreme Being Technique Matchless

The sudden fist’s power dominated heaven and earth, piercing through Chi Menghong’s chest, going straight through. Blood splashed out, the white bones dense, falling into a pool of blood.

Chi Menghong suddenly raised his head, his expression full of shock, not daring to believe what had happened. Right now, he was a bit dumbstruck.

In reality, everyone was stunned. What was going on? This was too sudden!

Chi Menghong had just stored up power, just produced the most powerful battle state, yet who would have thought that Huang would directly send a fist over, completely unstoppable, sending him flying?

No one expected Chi Menghong to obtain such world shaking strength after the candles were lit, about to display his ancestor Scarlet King’s unmatched glory.

However, at this crucial moment, when he gathered enough strength, preparing to destroy his opponent, Huang suddenly took action, interrupting his charging state!

This was like being kicked straight from heaven to an endless abyss, almost falling straight to hell!

This could be considered a shocking change, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Who didn’t know about the Time Beast’s most powerful ancestral method? One had to exceed the limit, an ultimate divine ability.

“Defeated, Chi Menghong was defeated just like this!”

Many people were going crazy, muttering to themselves, unable to accept this result. Even Emperor Clans were defeated, who in the same generation was still Huang’s opponent?

The various great King Clans were all hopeful, longing for victory, wishing for it to be in an upright and frank way. They wanted Huang to experience defeat before everyone’s eyes, for everyone to witness his head-on defeat.

However, in the end, even the dream of Emperor Clans fell at Huang’s hands, the undefeated legend ended so unreasonably in one blow.

Chi Menghong couldn’t accept this, felt too sullen. He was about to use his ultimate method, yet in the end, he was knocked flying by Huang, almost dying from that fist.


He spat out a mouthful of bloody suds. Towards this defeat, he was extremely unwilling. He had confidence that as long as he could display that type of evolved ancestral method, he could kill any enemy.

Success was already within sight, already about to kill his opponent, yet he ended up suffering such a miserable defeat!

Shi Hao really found this feeling too wonderful. At that moment, all of his blood surged, the bizarre blood wisps extending out, granting him unending power.


His strength had been multiplied many times, speed also like this, comprehensively increased by a great margin. In that instant, it was as if he was a completely different person.

That was why just now, the fist he released blasted through all types of defensive secret methods, piercing through his opponent’s body protecting screen, seriously injuring him.

He felt that when these bone texts matured, its power would become greater and greater. Right now, it was still not perfect, still a bit lacking, yet he could already see just how powerful it was.

Just a casual attack produced this type of divine might, it really made even he himself tremble inwardly.

Just now, the supreme being blood in his body clearly sensed external threat, stimulated by a type of powerful pressure, triggering its premature awakening.

Shi Hao didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing. He didn’t want any problems to appear during the third precious technique’s nurturing process, because he had great expectations for it.

Right now, he felt the blood within his body become boiling hot, bone texts interweaving, rumbling, many imprints rushing out from within, even engraving themselves towards his breastbone, forming bone texts in the truest of meaning.

In the past, his supreme being bones had continuously been removed, one obtained by Shi Yi, the other given to his younger brother. The third one didn’t wish to be produced like that, wishing to be nurtured in the blood.

However, today, it activated ahead of time. The blood uncontrollably poured over his breastbone, as if it was going to grow a completely different supreme being bone.

This made Shi Hao hesitate, thinking things over continuously. He didn’t know if he should interfere or let it do its thing.

He frowned, feeling like he released the power of the third type of precious technique a bit early, not knowing if this will cause some unexpected changes.

“Huang, I am unwilling. Do you dare fight me at my best?” Chi Menghong crawled up, his chest caving in, front and back connected, covered in blood.

He really couldn’t accept this. He was defeated just like this, leaving him a bit stunned. How could things be like this?

The power of burning time, he finally touched the boundaries, about to display it, yet he was forcefully oppressed by the other side, the candle flame scattered. It really left him feeling too sullen.


Shi Hao looked towards him, not immediately taking action.

Chi Menghong’s entire body shone, igniting his life potential. He wanted to take action again. Based on his intentions, he wanted to ignite the candle flames, release the most powerful time dao laws to fight Huang again.

Shi Hao didn’t take action, watching those candles.

Sure enough, time was burned, the power of time itself as the primer. It was as if an offering was being carried out, but also as if there were prayers, looking like he could communicate with the existences of the underworld.

“Kill, kill kill!”

Chi Menghong suddenly roared out, already going crazy. He was scared that Shi Hao would try to seize the initiative to attack again, so he was the first one to move, burning the candles, releasing terrifying magical force.

This secret technique possessed strange power, as if it could annihilate all creatures, ripple through the entire ancient realm.

The candle lights flickered about, representing time itself, the order of the heavens. Meanwhile, the candle fragrance was dancing about, rising in spirals, tearing apart the sky dome, displaying unmatched power.

The other side already took action, so how could Shi Hao still be overly polite? No matter how curious he was, wishing to see the greatest power of this divine ability, he wouldn’t wait stupidly.

This time, he still didn’t hold back, using the third type of supreme being again, because right now, his blood was boiling, bone texts flourishing uncontrollably, longing to be unleashed.


The noise was even more muffled, blood splashing high into the air. Chi Menghong was struck until half his body exploded. If not for his Time Beast primordial spirit rushing out at the critical juncture, he might have died.

It was because there was now even a bloody hole between his brows, the finger Shi Hao released at the final moments, incredibly vicious.

As for those candles, they were directly crushed by his fist strength, candle lights extinguished, smoke rising in spirals and scattering, ruined.

Ah…” While carrying several drops of essence blood, that Time Beast primordial spirit rushed into the heavens, releasing a furious roar, fleeing towards the horizon, carrying humiliation and endless anger. It wanted to run.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

Shi Hao reached out a hand, immediately covering the skies, grabbing forward.

However, a group of people stopped him, especially those elders who protected the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, all of them taking action, not letting him do as he wished.

It was because if an Emperor Clan young expert died and they did nothing, there might be great guilt placed on them!

Shi Hao laughed, no longer taking action. Ending with this situation was already enough. An Emperor Clan fled for his life, kings offering help, this could be considered an excellent conclusion.

Ha ha ha…” Shi Hao roared with laughter. In everyone else’s ears, it felt extremely ear-piercing.

It was because they were defeated again, moreover defeated when an Emperor Clan took action, almost killed in the process. The reason Chi Menghong could run away in the end was because of everyone’s assistance.

Was there anything even more aggravating than this? A single youngster challenged all of the geniuses of this side, yet it was still Huang who won in the end!

Yu Yu, Wu Kun and the others wanted to take action, but they didn’t want to do it right now, not willing to step up immediately after Chi Menghong was defeated. Moreover, they still wanted to seize Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

Shi Hao laughed loudly, basically undisguised provocation, looking down on the other side’s kings, making their faces fall ashen, extremely unpleasant.

On the ground, Chi Menghong’s body turned into a vicious beast, not all that large and tall, just a zhang or so long, entirely scarlet red, carrying ice-cold metallic luster, covered in bone spurs.

Its appearance was similar to its primordial spirit after all, this was the Time Beast’s original body.

Shi Hao walked over, his finger like a blade. With a pu sound, he directly removed a beast leg. Half of its body had been smashed, but there was still a half that was intact.

He chose a complete beast leg, carrying it in his hands.

“You… what are you trying to do?!” A King Clan expert shuddered. He gathered courage, berating from that place.

“I am collecting my spoils of war, what does it have to do with you? If you don’t want to die, then get lost!” Shi Hao’s eyes were ice-cold, killing intent surging like wisps of smoke, not hiding anything.

That King Clan expert immediately felt his entire body go taut, icy-coldness penetrating into his bones, feeling as if he fell into an ice-house. He didn’t say a single word more, not daring to open his mouth.

“Huang, don’t go too far.” A few people shouted, standing together, as if they were using each other as support out of fear of Shi Hao attacking them.

Shi Hao didn’t pay them any attention, sitting down, directly cleaning that beast leg. He lit a dao flame right there and then, starting to roast it.

In that instant, this place was dead silent, a few people’s jaws almost falling to the ground.

At first, they thought that he was purposely breaking Chi Menghong’s body, using this as humiliation. However, they never expected that he actually did this for food!

Ah, Huang, what are you doing?! You are inciting public anger!” Not far out, Chi Menghong’s servants screamed, truly frightened badly.

This was especially the case with the human race servant who had his body blasted to pieces, only a head remaining. It was not far out, too close to Shi Hao.

This human servant was shaking, convulsing, horrified to the extreme. His patron that he relied on even had his body cut up, how could he not be scared?

However, he still shouted, “Huang, you can’t do this! It’s too savage and cruel! They are but Emperor Clans, how could you eat him?!”

“You good-for-nothing slave, beyond saving!” Shi Hao gave him a cold look.

Then, he roasted that beast leg while saying, “The foreign creatures eat my human race, not wishing to speak any reasoning, because the weak eat the strong. As a human, this is all I can do, powerfully retaliate. All those who eat us humans, I will do everything I can to retaliate, kill and treat them as prey, seize back the glory of the human race that has disappeared through eating, wash away the humiliation. This is precisely what I am doing right now, eating a beast leg!”

Motherfucking… eating Emperor Clans? Even eating is a type of glory? It really frightened many creatures badly!

Wu, you obtained another Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf. Hurry and offer it up.” Shi Hao looked over, pointing at a King Clan’s people.

“You… you are robbing us!”

“Correct, you are absolutely right, I am robbing.” Shi Hao replied absent-mindedly.

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