Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602 - War God

It was because their side had already won many times, moreover, they were more arrogant and wild in nature to begin with, always looking down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Yet now, the King Clans couldn’t injure Huang after they moved out, too many to count killed by him instead.

That was why they longed for victory, wishing to defeat Huang head-on, but they kept failing. This already became something that kept gnawing at their minds, a problem they couldn’t solve!

Now, many people were extremely nervous, fearing that Chi Menghong would be defeated. This was an Emperor Clan, a younger generation top level figure. If he was defeated, then that would mean that there really weren’t any people who could defeat Huang.

Unstoppable in the younger generation!

This type of title was something everyone thought about, but not everyone had the right to fight for it. Meanwhile, the two fighting right now were definitely contenders. The current struggle was related to who was the true supreme being!


Shi Hao’s fist collided with the other side’s magical imprint, brilliant colors immediately overflowed, time power surging. There was a river of time that was faintly discernible, rising and falling there.

Space was no longer stable, the power of time spreading, worn down by corrosion of time!

The two individuals’ bodies both became indistinct. In that instant, it was as if they disappeared from this world, heading into the ancient times, moving towards the desolate wasteland, becoming creatures of history.

This was a strange phenomenon created by the power of time!

Everyone held their breaths, continuously backing up, standing in the distance, scared of being caught up in their battle again, giving them a sufficiently wide battlefield.

“You also understand time natural laws?”

Chi Menghong was extremely shocked. This was their innate wondrous technique, who would have thought that this opponent also grasped it?

Moreover, the two set out from different starting points, his was to restrict the other party, seal him in place, while the other party wished to sever time, remove his lifespan.

“Time Stasis!’

Chi Menghong roared, truly angered. The other party was fighting him in his own most proficient domain, this was provocation, even more so a type of contempt.

In the distance, many people trembled. That clan’s ancestral technique was exceptionally powerful. Back then, when time stopped, all things became still, all time interrupted. This was known to be an ultimate secret method!

In this world, which divine abilities could be known to be unmatched? This Time Stasis was definitely one of those unmatched techniques!


Shi Hao shouted out. That fist became even more resplendent than before, flickering with imperishable brilliance of endless generations, lighting up Dao Comprehension Mountain, clashing with those unmatched techniques.

Time came to a standstill, all things were fading away, coming to a standstill.

Only a single youngster was brandishing a fist, resisting. Shi Hao wanted to break through this situation with Reincarnation, make this secret technique collapse!

It had to be said that the other side’s divine ability was too terrifying. After Shi Hao used this type of Reincarnation Fist, he still felt his body go rigid, being restricted.

However, this time, he wasn’t in as passive of a state as before, because he was already mentally prepared, not fearing the other side.


Chi Menghong shouted, supporting his ancestral technique, raising its power to the greatest.

The world became dark, or perhaps it could be said that it returned to the origin. The world was full of primal chaos, displaying the most basic source.

Chi Menghong was forming imprints, creating a time prison with primal chaos as the metal pillars, time as the chains, locking down Shi Hao, restraining him here.

That cage wasn’t that large, only about ten square zhang. It was located on the mountain peak, absorbing the time fragments of all sides, gathering all power here, forming a prison.


Chi Menghong roared out, wishing to suppress Shi Hao with the prison.

“It is actually about to succeed, Huang trapped in the time prison, really about to be killed!”

“The undefeated Huang is finally going to lose today! The Emperor Clan is going to capture him! Worthy of being Scarlet King’s descendant!”

Nearby, many people were moved, carrying expressions of joy, cheering. They stood far away, scared of being involved. Now, they were all cheering with excitement and joy.

Huang really had become a sore point for a few King Clans. If he couldn’t be defeated in public, then they would always feel like they let down their reputation as warlike clans.

The time prison was extremely sturdy. Time was condensed, wishing to crush Shi Hao, this prison simply like the underworld. In the eyes of others, Huang didn’t have any chance of surviving.

It was because this was a prison derived from ‘Time Stasis’, it was definitely terrifying.

Only, Chi Menghong frowned, because it didn’t immediately kill Huang. He was still there, moreover attacking, resisting this prison.

A figure continued to brandish his fists, not hurried or too slow, having his own rhythm, still able to move!

The entire prison contracted, but it couldn’t crush Shi Hao. He was like a war deity, an unmatched war deity who walked over from the ancient times, heaven and earth difficult to extinguish. He brandished his fists, blasting the skies, just that unyielding!

Reincarnation Divine Ability, seizing time, it was extracting time fragments from the time prison, breaking it apart!


Chi Menghong shouted out, stirring forth all of his body’s power to control the cage, suppressing Shi Hao.

Their battle reached a crucial point!

Shi Hao had a choice. He could use the Magical Immunity super ability, something the other side couldn’t defend effectively against, and then suddenly slaughter his way over to kill him.

It was because right now, he had freedom, able to move, not completely suppressed by time.

However, in the end, he still held back, not using this secret technique, because he had previously heard that there was an Emperor Clan who grasped this power, known to be one of the most ancient families. Perhaps the other Emperor Clans also had corresponding methods to deal with this.

At the same time, Shi Hao didn’t want to reveal all of his trump cards either, he still wanted to try some other methods, use other secret techniques to crumble Chi Menghong’s most powerful methods.

At the very least, right now, he could withstand the other side’s skills!


Time power surged. Shi Hao poured in lightning power, guiding over lightning dao power, blasting the prison.

He continuously swung his fists, really looking like a reincarnated war god, possessing a type of unmatched loftiness.


Finally, that prison was broken through, he struggled free. The Reincarnation Fist absorbed time fragments, lightning dao natural laws pierced through the prison, breaking through the other side’s time domain.


Chi Menghong immediately coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, suffering a backlash. In that instant, the hair on his temples grayed, the effects of reincarnation force, seizing some of his time.

“No!” A few King Clans cried out, inwardly alarmed, panicking. Even the Emperor Clan Chi Menghong was going to be defeated? This left all of them shocked.

Shi Hao was like an unchained vicious beast. Right now, he possessed a terrifying aura, endless lightning and time fragments smashed over.


Chi Menghong received a heavy blow, blood gushing out from his mouth again, entire body flying out. The backlash was too serious, making it really hard for him to retaliate.

Right now, at least a large half of his hair became white. Lightning pierced his body, reincarnation corroding his soul, this was life-threatening danger.

The crowd was stunned. Wu Kun, Yu Yu, and the others were all stupefied. Mo Xian’s beautiful eyes flickered, seemingly not foreseeing this result either.

It was because Chi Menghong excelled precisely in time laws, yet in the end, he was injured in his own domain, life force seized by time. This was definitely unusual.


A beast roar tore apart the silence.

The mist between heaven and earth all disappeared. When Chi Menghong flew out far enough, he stabilized his body. Moreover, his head of white hair became black again, recovering.

Yi?” This made many people shocked!

“Huang, you made me feel humiliation. I’ve endured for too long already! It is time to end things!” Chi Menghong said coldly.

A fist-sized blood beast appeared, floating above the crown of Chi Menghong’s head. This was his primordial spirit, as well as his original appearance, extremely vicious and sinister.

It had a Flood Dragon head and a lion body, but it wasn’t skin and armor that covered his body, but rather scarlet bone spurs. They were sturdy, flickering with ice-cold radiance.

Even though it wasn’t large, it was still extremely dangerous, known to be one of the most terrifying species!

This was a Time Beast. It was incredibly powerful, from past until now, there were no especially effective ways to deal with it. It was also known as an undefeated clan!

Chi Menghong was precisely a Time Beast!

Right now, the scarlet primordial spirit appeared, stopping above his head, gathering the most terrifying power.


The primordial spirit of a Time Beast was roaring. Candles appeared one after another in his surroundings, all of them lit, becoming bloodcolored, smoke rising in spirals.

“He actually fully cultivated this ancestral method?” Many people were shocked, including Emperor Clan’s Qing Kun, Yu Yu, and the others, all of their pupils contracting, staring there.

It was still time power, but the meaning was now completely different. One had to reach a certain cultivation realm first, evolve the original time ancestral method in order to display it.

It could be said that this type of thing wasn’t an inherited secret technique, but rather needed to be comprehended by oneself, only then could it be evolved to a world shocking vicious method!

The candles flickered, smoke rising in spirals, candle light fluttering about, extremely mysterious.

What was burning was time, summoning the power to extinguish ten thousand spirits!

This was a sublimation of the time dao laws. Normally speaking, before one reached the Supreme Being Realm, it was too hard to experience, this type of technique couldn’t be understood!

Chi Menghong succeeded, able to use this type of divine ability at his age, summoning time candles, burning time itself, summoning the power to extinguish all things.

Shi Hao frowned, feeling a wave of unusual pressure, a life-threatening danger. Burning time, this was definitely a world shocking killing method.

Should he use his trump cards? He frowned. He had a few methods, perhaps it was time to use them.


Suddenly, he was moved. A few strange blood wisps shone, flowing towards his limbs and white bones, his body full of a strange power.

The third supreme being technique!

It actually revived at this time, displaying its unequaled power.

Shi Hao had a feeling that this type of precious technique was about to mature. It had already been nurtured for so long within him, bone patterns becoming more and more clear, about to emerge!

A wave of irresistible urge welled up within him, making Shi Hao unable to hold back a great roar. He couldn’t hold back anymore, directly taking action!


His fist smashed over, fist radiance astonishing, as if lightning hacked across the dark cosmos, illuminating this ancient boundless world, rising and falling with it. At this moment, all of it was crushed under this fist’s might!


Chi Menghong was struck through, the bloody hole in his chest connected from front to back. He was sent flying, blood dyeing the skies!

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