Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601 - Viciously Beating Emperor Clan

This was just too violent! It was crude and direct, stepping on Chi Menghong’s face just like that, the strength terrifyingly great, the space around that kick directly exploding!

All of the creatures felt their scalps turn numb. This was but an Emperor Clan! Yet he was stepped on by a foot just like that, firmly and powerfully, making one’s mind tremble.


In the surroundings, great void cracks spread outwards. Pitch-black gorges appeared in the air, the scene terrifying, as if it was connected to the underworld.

Without a doubt, Chi Menghong suffered a serious blow. His face immediately caved in, bones breaking, blood flying out, this scene extremely cruel.

A glorious Emperor Clan suffered an unimaginable injury!

If it was a normal person, that area would have definitely exploded, his skull might not even be able to be preserved, definitely explode to a bloody mist, body and spirit obliterated!

This was not enough even if it was a King Clan, their bones would definitely break apart inch by inch, dying miserably on the spot, killed just like that!

However, Chi Menghong wasn’t an ordinary person. His dao skills were profound, flesh having undergone repeated refinement, known to have an unbreaking body among those of his age, shockingly sturdy.

Even though he suffered a serious injury, he didn’t die, but rather made it through.

An expanse of badly mangled flesh remained where his cheek was, the bridge of his nose, the bones of that side, eye-socket, and other parts completely caved in, pretty much completely crushed by this kick.

This could be considered a fatal blow!

Even someone as strong as Chi Menghong released a muffled groan, body bending back, flying outwards, primordial spirit unstable, almost dying!

Many parts of his skull split apart, the space between his brows even more so dripping with blood. This was the most terrifying injury, danger of his primordial spirit being destroyed at every turn.

This was something worth rejoicing over, because his primordial spirit, that fist height blood beast, was not in his head, but rather floating in the air, displaying the time domain.

When Shi Hao’s foot smashed over, it quickly withdrew, moreover protecting his body with time fragments, escaping backwards.

However, the blood beast had no way of stopping that kick, the body taking a heavy strike.


Chi Menghong’s body shook greatly. As he flew out, the blood beast returned to his skull. In that instant, all of the bones in his body erupted with noise. He was beyond furious, restoring his wounded body.

No one had ever injured him like this. He actually almost exploded to pieces just now!

Even though he avoided disaster at the crucial moment, his injuries weren’t light. His cheek was even destroyed, how terrifying of a thing was this? It could be considered a great humiliation.


Heaven and earth trembled, divine force breaking through the clouds!

It was because this matter wasn’t finished, the battle far from finished.

Shi Hao pressed forward, shockingly vicious, fists smashing over one after another, the void even collapsing under his blows, the sky dome shattered. All of it smashed into Chi Menghong’s body.

Now, his extreme strength already blasted through the time domain, struggling free from that cage, recovering his freedom, occupying the advantage again. There was no way he would let the other party go, wishing to kill Chi Menghong here.

Everyone was dazzled. Huang was too domineering, suppressing Chi Menghong, continuously bombarding him with attacks just like that, about to beat him to pieces!

Right now, everyone recovered their freedom, able to move again. Previously, they were also within the time domain’s restriction, entering that terrifying frozen state, imprisoned.

The time domain was terrifying beyond compare, known as an unmatched great dao law, couldn’t be defied, simply impossible to be freed from!


Shi Hao’s fists smashed down again and again, his fists sparkling, unstoppable, powerful to the point where even Chi Menghong felt great pain, his expression changing!


Chi Menghong’s arms were crossed before him, stopping Shi Hao’s endlessly domineering fist imprints. His entire body was releasing great dao law symbols, blocking these world shocking attacks.

In that instant, his fists felt numb, as if they were going to break.

It was because he was a step behind, losing the initiative, in a passive state, completely locked down. He had to passively defend himself, unable to face the enemy in his greatest state!

It was just like at the very beginning, when he used the time domain to restrict Shi Hao, in that moment, the other side was on the defensive, almost suffering a disaster, now, he also entered a predicament.

Shi Hao’s precious techniques were terrifying beyond compare, suppressing Chi Menghong’s body until it was about to split apart. It was because his ancestral technique was subdued, momentarily unable to be completely released!

Everyone was shocked. How did Huang do it? He actually freed himself from the time domain, struggling free, now instead suppressing his opponent. He was ferocious after all, a dominating figure in this generation.

Right now, after Shi Hao recovered his freedom, he was powerful like a dragon or tiger, entire body having endless power, continuously attacking Chi Menghong.

Once he struggled free from that type of predicament, his various miraculous methods could all be displayed. This was why blasts of light appeared one after another, released by great dao symbols, completely bombarding his opponent.

At the same time, this also placed him in an alert state, reflecting over the source of his danger just now.

Restricted by time domain, losing all of his magical force and world shocking divine abilities, unable to display them, restricted there made him almost no different from a cripple.

In the past, even though Shi Hao had been forced on the defensive, his hands weren’t bound like this.

He should have been more vigilant before!

“Huang, go to hell!”

Chi Menghong roared. Being suppressed and beaten like this, how could he just accept this? This wasn’t his style, it was always him who advanced unstoppably, killing his opponents, yet today, it was completely the opposite!

A furnace appeared within his body, merging with his heart, bright red and shining. Now, it immediately rushed out, continuously enlarged, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

This furnace wasn’t a material body, but rather something made from blood energy. After being supported by heart blood, magical force became boundless, the power great, as if the universe was crushing down.

Even though it wasn’t that large, it still had a type of undefiable power.

Scarlet King Furnace!

His ancestor -- Scarlet King, was known to be the most vicious undying king, someone who directly refined an immortal king into bloody paste, buried within a precious furnace.

Later on, the Scarlet King Furnace and secret method merged, producing an unmatched ancestral technique and bloodline, passed down like this to later generations.

What Chi Menghong displayed right now was precisely the matchless vicious technique of the past!


He wanted to send Shi Hao flying, moreover collect him inside of this scarlet blood furnace, refine him into a bloody paste through his own dao flames, recreate his ancestor’s unmatched divine might.

Only, Shi Hao’s current situation was too fierce, impossible to suppress, unable to be collected into the furnace.

He was like a war immortal who came from the distant past, gods or buddhas similarly cut down, domineering beyond compare. A fist smashed down on the Scarlet King Furnace, the noise ear-splitting, divine sound intimidating, sending it flying out.


Shi Hao grabbed Chi Menghong’s shoulder with a single-handed grip, wishing to grab his neck. His other hand formed a fist, fiercely smashing down.

Chi Menghong roared furiously, entire body shining, great dao symbols flickering like the stars of the heavens, covering the surface of his body, fiercely resisting, wishing to send Shi Hao flying off him.


Shi Hao subdued him, viciously rushing down, sending him smashing straight down from midair down to the mountaintop, crashing into the ground flickering with metallic luster.

Traces appeared one after another on the mountain top, flowing like molten iron. This was the great formation left behind from Immortal Ancient times. It protected this mountain, ensured that it wouldn’t break.

Otherwise, the aftereffects of these two’s battle would be enough to tear apart the divine peak!


Chi Menghong released a light shout. Not far out, the furnace that flew out, with a kuang dang noise, opened its furnace lid, releasing scarlet multicolored light, wishing to suck Shi Hao inside.

Moreover, the strangest thing was that a pair of arms reached out from inside, carrying traces of blood, covered in ruined battle armor, as if it was reaching out from hell itself.


Those arms were too fast. They grabbed Shi Hao, about to drag him inside the furnace, refine him away.

“The arms of an immortal king?!” Many people were horrified, chills even running down their spines.

Everyone knew that the Scarlet King Furnace had refined an immortal king before, moreover mutated because of this. These imprints had been passed on through the blood of later generations!

Now, the innate ancestral method Chi Menghong used was precisely this type of embodiment!

Of course, for him, there was no way he could activate an immortal king’s power. However, for his cultivation realm, it was still a great murderous technique that could sweep through all enemies.


Shi Hao brandished his fist, striking out with all his strength, wishing to break these arms!

Only, those arms were too sturdy, difficult to break through. They were just that terrifying, wishing to strangle Shi Hao to death, drag him into the furnace to refine him.

“Just because this old tiger doesn’t display my power, you treat me like some sick cat?!”

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance. With a honglong noise, a lightning pool appeared at the center of his palm. Then, he slapped down, the lightning pouring down like silver streams, striking those arms.

Moreover, peng cries sounded. A Kun Peng appeared, its golden feathers covered in golden spots were completely released, like a hundred thousand heavenly swords cutting down a demon!

The two types of precious techniques merged together, with a honglong noise, those arms were forcibly broken, the Scarlet King Furnace sent flying.

Then, he overlaid the two precious techniques, attacking Chi Menghong.


With an unmatched attitude, Shi Hao suppressed Chi Menghong, slamming his body into the mountain region, straight back into the earth and rock. Moreover, terrifying Kun Peng fists tore through his defenses, placing him in a dangerous situation.


Time fragments flew about, carrying undefiable strength. Chi Menghong quietly released his time domain, wishing to suddenly deal a fatal blow.

“You still want to use this trick?”

Shi Hao sneered. He suppressed the other party, his right hand now shining. It wasn’t the Kun Peng technique, but rather Reincarnation Fist, similarly using time natural laws.

It was because previously, when his body was surrounded by time, his body restricted, the other party seizing the advantage, he couldn’t even use this technique. Now, it was different, he still had his freedom, able to use all of his techniques.

The two types of secret methods were both related to time. They now collided.


Heaven and earth broke apart, time fragments flying in all directions. A long river appeared, the power of time!

“Emperor Clan, are they going to be defeated today?”

“How could this be possible? The Emperor Clan’s younger generation unstoppable individuals, even known to be undefeated legends are going to be killed by Huang?”

Some people trembled. In the past, at most, the foreign side’s kings would be defeated, but now, the Emperor Clans have appeared, fighting against Huang, yet even victory or defeat were hard to say. This left many anxious and frightened.

They were praying, hoping for Chi Menghong to win!

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