Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600 - Fierce Battle Against Emperor Clan

Huang’s actions were simple and ruthless, ostentatious and without restraint. This wasn’t like facing a formidable opponent at all, more like beating a subordinate!

A foot flew out, smashing towards Chi Menghong’s face, too easygoing, not that serious at all, as if he wasn’t treating the other party like a big deal, raising his leg and kicking out!

Chi Menghong’s eyes were ice-cold, even more terrifying than a vicious beast. He didn’t back up, instead moved his neck, avoiding this kick, moreover raising his shoulder.

With a peng sound, that shoulder that could raise great peaks and shatter moons smashed into Shi Hao’s leg, directly stopping this foot!

It had to be said that Chi Menghong’s eyes were too vicious, keenly seizing opportunities. Normal heavenly eyes couldn’t seize this type of speed, yet he directly raised Huang’s leg, and then his fist smashed towards Shi Hao!

The fist strength was world-shaking, ten thousand dao symbols exploding, power incomparable!

Everyone was dazzled. Chi Menghong was terrifying as expected, even under the other side’s attacks, under the powerful threat, he seized the opportunity, attacking violently.

Using offense as defense, moreover in such a vicious manner, he really was worthy of being an exceptional Emperor Clan young expert.

Many people released cries of alarm. Would the powerful Huang be defeated under a single strike? It was because he was in too passive of a state, carelessly raising his leg and kicking out, now, it was forcefully stopped in place.

This was extremely dangerous. Chi Menghong’s shoulder raised Shi Hao’s right leg, his body advancing powerfully, a fist directly smashing at Shi Hao’s chest, bringing shocking winds, raising roiling great dao law patterns. The surrounding void immediately exploded to pieces!

Was he going to deal the fatal blow here, destroy Huang’s body?

At this moment, many people held their breaths, watching nervously, quietly waiting for the result.

However, Shi Hao’s reaction was too fast. That leg shone, becoming extremely heavy, as if it weighed more than a star. A sea of radiance surged, splitting the skies.


That leg actually crushed down on Chi Menghong’s body, making him almost lose his balance, affecting his most powerful attack.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s leg went perfectly straight, left leg brandishing fiercely. With a weng noise, he rushed high into the air, entire body moving with his left leg. However, during this process, his right leg was still on Chi Menghong’s shoulder.


This was an extremely muffled noise. Shi Hao raised his left leg, thrashing out like a whip, also like a golden afterimage, lashing down on Chi Menghong’s other shoulder, the power extremely heavy.

Chi Menghong’s body moved, face incredibly cold. His fists shone, erupting like a volcano, berserk to the extreme, striking at Shi Hao.

At this moment, Shi Hao moved his body, two legs like divine whips, fiercely interweaving, wrapping around Chi Menghong’s neck.

In the surroundings, the crowd couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, their hearts pounding, incredibly nervous.

Shi Hao’s legs were like Flood Dragon shears, winding about Chi Menghong’s neck, about to snap it in half, vicious and terrifying!

During this process, his legs were releasing blazing divine radiance, as if two suns smashed into each other, divine might erupting, the sky covered in blinding light. These were streak after streak of divine chains of order, thousands upon tens of thousands, interweaving together, crushing down on Chi Menghong’s neck.


Chi Menghong swung his neck, moreover condensed a magical imprint. His fists were like True Dragons that rushed out from sea, incomparably domineering, blasting at Shi Hao’s body, about to blast him to pieces.

Shi Hao’s legs winded around his neck, actually spinning around his neck, avoiding this strike, moving towards his back.

However, what kind of person was Chi Menghong? He was an Emperor Clan expert, an outstanding figure from the younger generation, his battle awareness too terrifying.

His body moved, also rotating, fists smashing upwards, almost striking straight at Shi Hao. berserk symbols erupted, surging like a sea.

The skies immediately cracked to pieces, and then collapsed!

Shi Hao’s legs twisted one last time, and then his body rushed out, not taking this blow, the two separating.

Many people weren’t even able to see what happened clearly before they passed by each other. There were many people who didn’t know what happened, the initial clash ending like this.

Shi Hao’s expression was calm. This exchange didn’t effectively wound his opponent, but he was able to size up the other party’s strength. He was indeed formidable, worthy of being an Emperor Clan expert.

Chi Menghong’s face was cold, as if there was a layer of frost covering it, thick to the point where it wouldn’t melt. He wasn’t seriously injured, but he definitely didn’t look that great from that exchange.

It was because Huang was clearly still acting extremely brash, immediately raising his leg to kick at his face, then, he even wrapped his legs around his neck as if riding on him.

He was from an Emperor Clan, when had anyone dared act this way against him, sit on his neck, be humiliated like this?

Even if he didn’t suffer any injuries, this type of appearance made him even more indignant. The Emperor Clans couldn’t be defeated, even more so couldn’t be humiliated.

He felt that Huang was acting this way towards him on purpose, acting like this even if he was almost wounded in the process.

“Huang, you are courting death!” Chi Menghong’s pupils released two streaks of scarlet light, quickly charging forward, wishing to fight Shi Hao to the death.

“You thought too much, I just wanted to step on your face. It is you who thought I wanted to sit on your neck.” Shi Hao replied.

“Die!” Chi Menghong’s face became even more overcast. Regardless of whether the other side was mocking him or really meant this, it couldn’t be tolerated. He was going to personally kill the other side to expunge this humiliation.


An ancient beast rushed out from the top of his head. It was blood-colored, a beast species that had never been seen before. It was the size of a fist, like a vicious beast, but its entire body was covered in blood-colored bony spurs An ocean-like blood color surged forth, this creature immediately roared furiously at Shi Hao!

Everyone’s scalps turned numb, all of them in fear. Even the powerful cultivators who were really far away were deeply shocked, entire bodies going rigid, completely stupefied.

It was because they couldn’t move, locked down there, restricted by the sea of blood, hard to struggle free from.

What was going on? Many people were in fear.

As cultivators, their own bodies were the most important. They studied the internal profound mysteries, sensed the great dao, evolving their spirits to perfection, yet now, they couldn’t control their bodies. 

They couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, in a type of absolute stasis. All of them began to panic.

Only the Emperor Clans, Wu Kun, Yu Yu and the others had long made preparations, seemingly knowing Chi Menghong’s strength. They moved out of the way, avoiding this roar, not being affected.

Shi Hao’s expression became grave. He felt like he was standing in a time vortex. At this moment, time seemed to have come to a standstill, forever fixed there.

Was this a domain of time?

It really was astonishing!

Without a doubt, that blood beast was Chi Menghong’s primordial spirit, his original appearance. It was extremely ferocious as expected, grasping a type of  time natural law.

However, Shi Hao felt that these time laws had some problems, as if it was only imprisonment, not touching upon anything else like seizing time.

“Huang, just hand over your life!”

Chi Menghong roared. He was clearly truly angered, or else he wouldn’t directly used one of his clan’s restricted secret methods.

Shi Hao frowned. He really felt a type of death threat. Time seemed to have frozen still, difficult for him to even budge. He really was frozen in place.

This was something that had never happened before. No matter how powerful a young expert was, they couldn’t seal him in place. Even temporary restrictions would be immediately broken through.

So this was an Emperor Clan? They all had their own well-known restricted secret arts, unstoppable, known to be unequaled!


Chi Menghong didn’t waste this opportunity, directly slaughtering his way over. He condensed a fist imprint, smashing towards the space between Shi Hao’s brows. He was going to smash apart his opponent with a single attack!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

At this time, muffled sounds could be heard again and again, as if a prehistoric giant beast’s heart was pulsing, releasing great noises. It was even louder than thunder.

Everyone was stunned, this came from… within Huang’s body!

A few people who had heavenly eyes could see that it was as if there were furnaces inside his body, all of them surging with divine flames, releasing clear light that rushed out from their bodies.

These were blazing divine furnaces that erupted one after another, surging with heaven overflowing power. They worked together, resonating, forming a pulsating sound like that of a giant heart beat.

Those were Huang’s gates, the gates within his inner world!

However, outsiders couldn’t see through him, only feeling as if there were furnaces that erupted with incomparable divine force, all of them surging with power.

In reality, this was precisely the gates that were resonating, opened at the same time, erupting with a sea of power.

Shi Hao’s expression was serious. He was actually forced to this extent, needing to go all out, opening all of the gates within his body, not holding anything back to display his greatest power.

Now, he could move, recovering his freedom!

To explain it simply, it was precisely brute forcing his way through the dao!

He used his greatest strength, facing the time domain head-on, striking through it, tearing it apart, recovering his freedom.

However, Shi Hao didn’t move. Even though he could, he still waited calmly, restraining himself.

It was rare for him to encounter such a terrifying opponent, this person almost ending his dao, giving him the threat of death, so he was naturally going to return the favor.

Right at this moment, Chi Menghong slaughtered his way over. He saw that Shi Hao didn’t move, so his fist imprint rushed over murderously, about to blast through his skull.

Without a doubt, the current Chi Menghong was terrifying, ferocious!

Above his head, there was an ancient beast that was entirely scarlet red, not that big, only fist-sized in height, but it was extremely ferocious, its roar shaking mountains and rivers, restricting heaven and earth. It was precisely this little beast who grasped time natural laws, releasing the domain to imprison Shi Hao.

Everyone sighed with astonishment. Chi Menghong was terrifying after all, worthy of being Scarlet King’s descendant, possessing unmatched might.

Emperor Clans couldn’t be won against, they were undefeated under the sky! 

Even if it was a member of the Emperor Clan’s younger generation, they still left behind an undefeated legend upon successive generations, intimidating the world.

On the mountaintop, many people were completely dazzled, incomparably moved. They finally saw an unmatched Emperor Clan take action, about to defeat Huang, perhaps even end his life.

The other side was always looking forward to someone who could do his, properly defeat Huang. Now, this person appeared!


Suddenly, right when Chi Menghong was about to kill Huang, Shi Hao took action.

Under many people’s fervent eyes, while waiting for Chi Menghong to achieve a great victory, Huang… actually retaliated!

Moreover, this should be a fatal blow, even more so a reverse kill!


Shi Hao avoided that fist imprint. This time, it was just like before, his right leg rising, kicking towards Chi Menghong’s face.

This was the same position they were in when they first clashed, now, he did it again.

Only, this time, Chi Menghong didn’t evade, because he never expected the Huang who was restricted could suddenly move.


At this moment, many people were shocked, stunned, in disbelief. Huang produced such heaven overflowing might, the force of that kick tremendous, power shockingly great, smashing against Chi Menghong’s face!

Would he even be able to survive? Many people were stupefied. Huang’s world shocking divine strength was enough to shatter a moon!

Moreover, right now, it smashed viciously straight into Chi Menghong’s face!

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