Chapter 160 - Dual Pupils (Teaser)

Chapter 160 - Dual Pupils

“This youth is truly too powerful. For a human to reach this level, it truly is inconceivable, and rarely seen on this earth!” The Mischievous stone muttered while flickering with crystalline luster in the little guy’s hair.

The little guy’s face was full of concentration. Shi Yi’s accomplishments in symbols were extremely terrifying and profound, making it extremely difficult to gauge exactly how powerful he was now.

The surrounding geniuses were all gasping in admiration. Even though they were all proud and arrogant, when they saw this type of heaven warping and divinely blessed individual, they all couldn’t help but lower their heads, because the disparity was too large.

“It’s the fifth time he defeated the Demonic Crack Butterfly. I wonder if it will surrender now?”


Space began to distort, and the stripes over the Demonic Butterfly’s entire body became brilliant. With a flap of its wings, it flew several hundred zhang[1] instantly. It sliced into a hill, penetrating through it.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. That divine bug was too powerful! With just a single flap of its wings, precious light would fill the sky. If it wasn’t Shi Yi that fought it, who else could do so?

The Demonic Butterfly landed on a mountain peak. Its entire body emitted light, as if it was harmonizing with qi through its breathing. Following that, it evoked a resonance between heaven and earth. Countless essence energy frantically rushed towards it, setting it ablaze.

Finally, the Demonic butterfly began to flap its wings before flying over once again. Its two wings flickered, and shocking lightning surged. Electric...

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