Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 - Rise

At the mountain top, the atmosphere immediately changed. The true crucial moment had arrived, the great decisive battle was about to start!

It was because this was the most exciting part of each distinguished meeting. There were so many Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves, even if only a small half were divided in the end, it would still be over a thousand leaves!

Who would give up a chance to comprehend the dao? One leaf represented the heavenly opportunity of momentary enlightenment. Forget about the other clans, even the Emperor Clan’s youth’s eyes were red.

In that instant, murderous energy pervaded the air, the various clans all completing their preparations!

Even the clans that previously always remained quiet were now gathering power. They were going to take action together, needing to seize one share of natural luck no matter what.

Dao Comprehension Mountain, this place was extremely majestic. The earth and rock on the mountaintop all carried faint metallic luster, extremely sturdy, because there were astonishing great formations established here, protecting this place from being destroyed during the intense battles.

Now, streak after streak of patterns lit up, flowing through the gorges like molten metal, shockingly hot. The great formation was being activated!

The green meadow was soft, but no one sat down anymore. Even the Emperor Clans like the wild and ruthless Scarlet King descendant Chi Menghong and the others already got up, their pupils like small suns, accumulating vital energy.

The Dao Comprehension Tea Tree was completely bare, not a single leaf left on it, but it still possessed endless life force. One could see immortal mist spreading through the air, swirling between the upright and strong branches.

Its branches were extremely large and thick, old bark folding outwards like the scales of an azure drake.

Underneath the tree, on the earthen altar, rows of jade containers shone, hazy brilliance released. They carried immortal dao auras, moving one’s mind.

Shi Hao’s legs went taut, body bending slightly, looking like a vicious human form dragon who was about to attack, ready to shoot out like electricity at any time. He cared quite a bit about these Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves too.

“You all should wait at the bottom of the mountain.” Shi Hao turned around, speaking to the people he saved.

“Okay, big brother, you have to be careful!” That little girl’s eyes blinked, replying intelligently. Then, under the old woman’s lead, the children hurriedly left the mountain, still quite nervous and fearful.


Under the ancient tree, an elder spoke out.


There were immediately people who rushed over to seize immortal tea leaves, cutting across the sky like lightning. They were too fast, only leaving behind some afterimages. These were Emperor Clans’ people. They directly took action, releasing great magical force towards the altar.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. They were attacking that place?

His speed was also extremely fast. Instead of wasting time, he should arrive earlier. Originally, he wanted to reach out his hand to grab them, but now, he discovered that something didn’t seem right, because the other clans were all attacking.

Soon afterwards, he understood. This was the only way!

A screen of light surged around the altar. That earthen ancient altar looked rather short, not all that grand and divine, but it had a type of mysterious power, blocking all of these powerful individuals.

There was a protection barrier!

The earthen altar was extremely ancient, producing many strange symbols, surrounding that place, preventing one from directly seizing the immortal tea leaves.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao understood that he should change his methods.

“In the past, even undying kings came here, treating the altar as a side table, sitting around it and enjoying immortal tea. Just how astonishing was that type of distinguished meeting? It really is fascinating. Will such an event ever reappear again?” An elder yearned for this.

From the ancient times to the present, time hurriedly passed, the long river of time flowing past, many creatures and great events were gone forever, making those of later generations reminisce about those times.

“Why is it this tough?” Shi Hao frowned. That barrier was sturdy beyond his expectations, shaking up his arm until it was a bit numb. As expected, it wasn’t easy to break through.

He took a deep breath. It seemed like without using some true methods, it would be difficult for him to obtain any returns. His right hand shone, slowly drawing out. A lightning pool immediately appeared, resting on his palm, the scene astonishing. A sea of lightning flooded this place.

His palm wasn’t large, but the feeling it gave off was as as if it could capture the sun and moon, crush mountains and rivers, all things remaining within his palms and fingers.


Shi Hao struck out. Between his fingers, that lightning pool was definitely terrifying, carrying a whirlpool, releasing endless streaks of lightning radiance, nothing it couldn’t overcome. This was the utmost yang aura.


Outside the earthen altar, a crack was produced by Shi Hao’s strike, ripped open by him.

In the surroundings, a group of people sucked in cold breaths of air. This Huang was too powerful, right? Only those who personally participated knew just how sturdy the barrier was. It was too hard to break through!

Many King Clans joined hands, long striking out more than ten times, but they weren’t able to damage the barrier in the slightest!

Suddenly, several hands reached out, wishing to reach in through the crack Shi Hao opened. They were formed from magical force, the embodiment of dao laws.

This was trying to get results by borrowing others’ work, seize his opportunities.

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. He released a cold look, there was an old servant under Chi Menghong among them, as well as other reckless individuals from other King Clans.

He knew that these people might not necessarily want to take advantage of his work, but rather just wanted to disturb him, provoke and ruin his mood.

Shi Hao’s right hand gently pressed down into the void. That lightning pool trembled as a result, releasing an endless amount of sparkling water from within, suddenly erupting forth!

That wasn’t normal water, but rather a lightning sea. Now that it was released like this, it was incomparable, simply like a small heavenly tribulation!

In the sky, those hands were all surrounded by lightning, as if they were bound by metal chains. Then, they exploded, blood radiance appearing, splashing outwards. That place exploded.

Those large hands were all pierced by lightning, becoming bloody and badly mangled, white bones appearing, all seriously injured, palms broken.

Even though this was produced by magical power, not their true bodies, it was similar, vivid and lifelike.

At the same time, even though they weren’t true palms and fingers, those individuals still couldn’t hold back groans, blood flowing out from their mouths, bodies trembling. It was because for the sake of increasing the power, they used their own magical force. Now that those hands were seriously injured, they suffered a backlash as well.


Shi Hao didn’t waste any time. Before the crack closed, his right hand reached into the barrier, his fingers unfolding, grabbing towards the rows of jade containers.

He was stunned. In the end, he could only seize a single one, unable to move the other ones!

Soon afterwards, he understood. Each time, only one leaf could be obtained, because the Emperor Clans did things like this, withdrawing after obtaining a leaf, then attacking at the barrier again.

Shi Hao frowned. When he withdrew, the crack closed as expected.

Could the protection symbols this earthen altar formed be a type of trial, within it the considerations of undying beings?


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao moved again, still making use of the lightning pool, striking against the barrier of light, the noise tremendous, piercing through, producing a crack that wasn’t that small.

Yi!” He revealed an expression of surprise. The crack was still sufficiently large, still enough for him to pass through, but it was smaller than before, even though the magical force he used was a bit greater.

Shi Hao quickly fetched a jade container, and then tried again. This time, his experience was deeper. The lightning pool’s power didn’t decrease, but only a small crack appeared in the barrier.

Could it be that the effects of the same precious technique would become more and more inferior? Shi Hao revealed a strange expression.

When he fetched the fifth jade container, the pressure increased. The altar seemed to have developed some type of resistance after becoming familiar with this type of divine ability, it displayed targeted defensive power, difficult for it to break through anymore.

Then, he saw others change divine abilities, continue to attack the screen of light. As expected, the effects became greater again.

When Shi Hao understood this, he wasn’t in a rush. It was because he still had other methods, it was just a matter of time, he could go at his own pace.

He aimed his sight at other creatures, at their returns.

A few people were joining hands, the results not bad. Earlier, a few King Clans didn’t even have the ability to obtain an immortal tea leaf, but now, they had some returns, obtaining a container.

He set his aim at one of the King Clans, as well as Chi Menghong’s servant, they were part of the ones who took action earlier, interfering.

Shi Hao’s entire body shone, symbols emerging on his body, covering him like a layer of armor, protecting him within. He began to charge violently, rush towards a certain King Clan.

“You… Huang!” That King Clan’s creature shouted out.

In reality, they were always lacking in confidence. They disturbed Huang, this was but a bringer of disaster! They were always on guard against his retaliation.

Now, he came as expected!

They acted on orders from Emperor Clans, so they had no choice but to take action. Now, this demon king slaughtered his way over, making them immediately panick, quickly moving out of the way.

They had just obtained a single immortal leaf container, there was no way they could hand it over.

Only, Huang’s speed was too fast, Kun Peng wings spread, able to tear through the heavens, instantly traveling through ten thousand li, how could they escape?


When the two Kun Peng wings descended, a few experts from this clan roared, all of them seriously injured, covered in blood, flying out.

This left the other clans alarmed. Just how vicious and tyrannical was his power?

Those people were all at the late stage of Self Release Realm, true great experts, cultivated for thousands of years, but could still barely be considered part of the younger generation, elites.

However, this group of people all almost exploded to pieces under Huang’s chaotic energy carrying divine wings, their blood splashing before the earthen altar.

The jade container fell from their grasp, tumbling about in the air. There were people whose eyes became red, but no one dared reach out, not daring to steal food from a tiger’s mouth.

With a peng sound, Shi Hao grabbed it firmly, calmly putting it away.

“I really hope you all continue disturbing me. Collecting interest on these types of matters is something I am more than happy to do.” Shi Hao calmly said.

He didn’t continue to force them, because he wanted to rob them again. If those creatures managed to succeed again, then he would definitely come for more bonuses.

“Huang, you better not cross the line!” Someone released a low roar.

On the mountaintop, the atmosphere was extremely tense. Everyone was on guard, fearing the surrounding people would steal their gains.

In the past, battles would break out between clans as well, stealing others’ immortal tea leaves, but normally, it was always later when they couldn’t seize any more immortal tea leaves from the altar that the great battles would begin.

Now, Huang planned to do this right from the start?

Shi Hao gave them all a look. Then, with a sou sound, he rushed towards another direction, taking action again.

“You dare!” Chi Menghong’s pupils contracted. Huang was taking action against his servants.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention. When Kun Peng wings spread, ninety thousand li would be covered, its might powerful to the extreme! Right now, the mountaintop’s area was limited, there was no way that type of projection could be displayed. However, the pair of giant wings still covered the area ahead, surrounding those three old servants, because they actually also had some returns, obtaining an immortal leaf!

“Kill!” Chi Menghong took action, striking forward, stopping Shi Hao.

Everyone was extremely nervous. This was just the beginning, yet the two great young experts were already going to clash?


This was a ruthless attack. Giant peng wings descended, striking the three extremely powerful old servants until blood poured out from their mouths, all of their bones releasing pi pa noises, many of them breaking.

Moreover, that jade container shifted owners, seized by Huang.

When Chi Menghong’s attack arrived, Huang was extremely brash, raising a right leg, kicking towards his face with a hong noise.

Everyone was stupefied. Huang really was crazy, too vicious, actually facing Chi Menghong like this?

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