Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598 - Origin of the World’s Immortal Medicines

A layer of flowing light appeared outside Shi Hao’s body. It was extremely dazzling, like an ancient monk bloodline divine halo, illuminating all life, surrounding him within.

In that place, he became the only one in this entire world. Streak after streak of dao patterns swirled about, pervading the air, spreading like an everlasting imperishable will.

What was everlasting and imperishable? Even undying beings had the day when they will fall in battle, who can remain eternal through the reincarnations of great eras, make it through the darkness, overlook the rise and fall of endless time?!

At this moment, everyone felt like Huang was in a place that transcended the world, not disturbed by this great world, standing out alone from this world, rising above.

In a daze, everyone felt the illusion that this was someone who had remained imperishable through time, able to remain outside the reincarnations of great eras, overlook the mortal realm, someone who had experienced hundreds of ages without fading away, transcending the people from past to now.

“It really is strange!” Soon afterwards, there were experts who snapped out of this feeling. This was just a Self Severing Realm young cultivator, so how could he give others such a strange misconception?

After trembling a bit, light surged from Shi Hao’s surroundings. It was extremely strange, some of the lights releasing a  faint golden radiance, these being an astonishing battle aura, as if an undefeated war god stood within the radiance! Meanwhile, some of the lights were scarlet, blood-colored, many figures struggling within, as if they were in an abyss of worldly suffering. There were some that were purple-colored, imperishable imperial courts towering, standing tall throughout endless ages…

Huang gave off an extremely strange feeling. All types of brilliance surged around him, the different colors giving people different feelings, the meaning they represented different, some representing fighting strength, some slaughter, some order and progress…

“Not simple, normally, only supreme beings who have hope of taking that last step can condense this type of great world light. This is radiance that illuminates the heavens, able to penetrate the uncivilized and uncultured, extremely enlightening for one’s future cultivation path!” The elders who stood under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree were moved, one of them saying like this.

Shi Hao was unmoving like a mountain, mysterious radiance swirling through the surface of his body, making him look like divine glass, luminous and translucent, more gentle than the most fine precious jade. Dao laws swirled about, becoming more and more rich. He was becoming stronger.

Inside his body, the strand of origin energy moved, gradually taking form, condensing together. It began to move through his body like a great dragon!

Shi Hao knew that if he truly released his great dao flowers, producing that small figure, the origin energy would bind up that little figure, appear through that type of form.

However, he didn’t act rashly, not wishing for the other side to see the two little figures seated above his head, wishing to avoid unnecessary trouble.

At this time, the gates within his body, starting from the Sea of Reincarnation within his abdomen, continuously shone. There were new gates that appeared, moreover producing cracks, extending towards his chest, making that place resplendent as well.

Self Severing Realm late stage, it only lacked a final push!

One had to understand that it hadn’t been long since he had broken through. He had just entered the Self Severing Realm when he was in Heavenly Beast Forest, consolidated to the mid stage. Now, he was going to break through again.

If one truly studied his growth trajectory, they would definitely be speechless. It was because it really was too fast, not matching normal reasoning.

Apart from a few Emperor Clan geniuses, normal individuals, when they reached this cultivation realm, needed an extremely long time, not rare for some geniuses to use tens of thousands of years.

Now, his cultivation speed already exceeded normal reasoning, at the very forefront of this great era, surpassing past virtuous predecessors!

If he continued to advance like this, breaking into the late stage of Self Severing Realm at twenty something years of age, then when compared to heaven warping figures from this great era, they will all feel a bit slow.

Even the expressions of the inheritors of Emperor Clans changed slightly, because they were a few years older than Shi Hao. When they saw that he was this bold and vigorous, they all felt a great pressure.

Chi Menghong’s eyes released two streaks of blood radiance, every strand of his long hair sparkling, brilliant like metal threads, fluttering about. His killing intent became even stronger.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, withdrawing from that type of dao comprehension state. The amount of time a single cup of tea was effective for was limited, he already separated from that dao comprehension state.

Only now did many people avert their eyes, and then begin to drink their own Dao Comprehension Tea. Of course, there were still quite a few whose eyes were closed this entire time, not watching Shi Hao, immersed in their own world.

Shi Hao produced that leaf from the cup, placing it at the center of his palm, examining it himself. It already lost its spirituality, lacking luster.

He looked towards the earthen altar. There were two thousand jade containers, all of them piled up together, simply like a great treasury. If he could use them, then the benefits to his cultivation would be too great.

Shi Hao thought to himself. These leaves were all different, all of them having their own unique forms. However, they gave him a feeling of deja vu, a bit familiar.

“It is extremely similar to that other immortal medicine!”

When he was seizing the rotten wooden chest, he had seen a stalk of immortal medicine, even ended up in an underground vein in Burial Region by mistake because he was chasing after it, entering Burial Abyss.

 That stalk of medicine was originally a tree, but in the end, had a chunk of its stump removed by a Burial King, turned into a coffin. That immortal medicine then fled in fury.

“It is similar!”

Shi Hao felt more and more like the stalk of medicine was extremely similar to this Dao Comprehension Tea Tree. Even though that tree only had the trunk and a tender branch left, the leaves they produced were all entirely different.

He clearly remembered that the tender branch’s sparkling leaves were of all different forms, for example, spears, pagodas, arrows, and others, all extremely strange.

This was especially the case when he even obtained one, preserving it in a jade vessel, but he left it with his old friends back in Imperial Pass, not bringing it here.

“There are also differences.” Shi Hao remembered. That medicine’s leaves were fragrant, the medicinal fragrance rich to the point where it didn’t disperse, within it undying essence, extremely suited to refining long life medicines!

Meanwhile, the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree’s leaves were more suitable to brewing tea, used to comprehend the dao, but the undying substance stored within was limited!

“It is rumored that regardless of what era it is, forget about undying beings, even undying kings, whenever the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree leaves mature, they would all appear, come here to drink a few cups of tea.”

When the mountaintop quieted down, some of the elders protecting the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree said, actually speaking these words.

When a few people heard this, they woke up from their state of dao comprehension, all of them revealing expressions of shock. They carefully inquired, asking why this was. Was the tea tree this heaven-defying?

“In this world, there are still some true immortal roots left, some innately born in this world, true ancestral roots of a realm, some produced after immortal kings or undying kings pass on, their significance extraordinary.”

When he heard these words, Shi Hao’s expression became serious. He had previously heard that when true immortals died, some turned into immortal medicines, able to live on through a different way.

Now, he finally received proof from the experts of this world. Not even true immortals were enough, only immortal king level existences had a chance of becoming immortal medicines after dying!

This really was shocking!

“Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, back then, it was enough to rank in the top three ancestral roots, one of the most well-known immortal medicines. Even when undying kings drink the tea, they would gain some insights, the value immeasurable.”

An elder spoke this line, immediately leaving everyone stunned.

“What a pity, in the end, it suffered a disaster, this ancestral root was cut up by someone, its roots divided into two, placed in different places, the medicinal nature becoming weaker.”

When these secrets were revealed, everyone was stupefied. An unmatched immortal medicine was actually heartlessly divided into two, made into two trees?

Everyone immediately felt regret. If the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree was undamaged, when they drank this cup of tea, just how powerful would their insights be?

One had to understand that even undying kings would come to drink a few cups. Just how glorious of an occasion was this?

“Why was it divided into two ? This is just too regretful!” The Emperor Clan expert Wu Kun said with a sigh full of regret.

“What can this be counted as? The so-called second immortal root was rumored to be divided into six, even more sinister and pitiful.” The elder said.

Ah, why?” The crowd cried out in alarm. Which one was the second immortal root exactly? Was it an ancestral root innately produced by the world, or was it a non-innate reincarnation?

“It’s rumored that my side’s undying kings are all on guard against that immortal root. There are rumors that that one has been divided into six, burying six great parts of a creature, one day to be gathered together once more!”

This made everyone gasp. What kind of creature was that? When did this type of thing happen?

Wu, it is something an already deceased undying king deduced from a stone stele in his later years” The elder replied, expression respectful and solemn, carrying great respect.

Even if that undying king had long died for endless years, he still felt great reverence, not daring to be careless at all, speaking with an extremely respectful tone.

Even though the death of an undying king was shocking, it wasn’t like such a thing didn’t happen. At the very least, they had died in battle in the last great era!

As for the old king he spoke of, that really was something that happened who knew how many years ago.

“Alright. Now, it will depend on your respective natural luck. Whoever’s methods are stronger, that is who will obtain more!

Under the Dao Comprehending Tea Tree, an elder spoke, pointing at the earthen altar. There were more than two thousand jade containers there, all of them holding rare Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

The battle over the immortal leaves officially began. Anyone could fight over them, and this time, it was no longer limited to a single container. All clans can take action, as long as one was strong enough, even seizing a hundred was fine!

This meant one hundred leaves, a hundred opportunities to comprehend the dao, just the thought alone enough to make one go crazy.

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