Chapter 1597

Chapter 1597 - Drinking Tea to Comprehend the Dao

The jade container flew over, drawing out a long tail light, as if a star flew down from outer space, rushing towards Shi Hao.

In reality, this was the case for all of the great experts, several dozen jade containers flying over, immediately filling this place with brilliant colors, extremely dazzling like a meteor shower.

This was extremely holy and brilliant, a rare substance used for comprehending the dao, extremely astonishing, everyone looking forward to it.

Haha, it’s coming!” A few people laughed loudly, extremely excited. It was because the dao comprehension leaves really were extremely precious, if one had the luck, a single leaf could allow them to comprehend the dao, increase their level.

How could this not make their eyes red with expectation?

Shi Hao also laughed, his eyes narrowing slightly, profound and unfathomable pupils shining. He reached out an arm, seizing the jade container that was drawn over.

En?” Suddenly, he frowned. His jade container actually wanted to struggle free, pulled by a strange power, about to escape from his grasp.

He quickly added force, his palms and fingers shining, having that struggling jade container stabilize again, move towards his palm.

Haha… it’s mine!” In the distance, a few people laughed happily. There were people who obtained the containers in succession.

One could see that if these people weren’t Emperor Clans, then they were top level powerful King Clans, there were no flukes, there were no weak individuals among the ones who obtained these precious leaves.


The jade container in Shi Hao’s hands shook, actually struggling again, about to leave. He naturally knew that there were people interfering, trying to seize it through powerful secret treasures.

If it was a normal person, then that was that. However, they dared try to seize even Huang’s things, this left others shocked.

Shi Hao’s eyes were like lightning, seizing the source. It actually came from Scarlet King bloodline’s direction.

Chi Menghong already succeeded, obtaining his own jade container. Meanwhile, behind him, apart from the young human, those three old servants were operating magical force, secretly using some secret treasures to interfere with space, wishing to seize the jade containers of others.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. His arm shone, and then with a weng noise, an exploding noise sounded. A Kun Peng appeared, golden light swirling, within it black stripes. It turned into yin and yang energy, with a hong noise, it directly seized a jade container. In addition, the yin yang energy swept out, quickly spreading.

There were some that entered the underground, some that scattered into the void, quickly spreading.


In that instant, the ground behind Chi Menghong exploded, streak after streak of black mist rushing out. Then, the void exploded, releasing golden radiance!

Yin and yang energies gathered, in the end clashing together, releasing great rumbling sounds.


The three old servants immediately coughed out blood, their bodies shaking. The secret treasures in their hands directly fell, all of them seriously injured.

“Huang, what is the meaning of this? You dare create a disturbance in the tea ceremony? Too unbridled, brazen without restraint!” Behind Chi Menghong, that human servant jumped out, berating him.

However, Shi Hao didn’t say anything. The yin and yang energies were still there. They directly smashed down, with a pu noise, his right shoulder exploded, turning into a blast of bloody mist.

If not for a wave of scarlet light rushing, stopping the yin yang energies, he would have been directly ruined, entire body exploding, body and soul eliminated.

At the crucial moment, Chi Menghong took action, helping this human servant escape disaster.

Behind Chi Menghong, those three old servants’ faces were ashen, blood at the corners of their lips. They all had extraordinary statuses, even though they were servants, they still possessed profound dao skills.

They never expected to be injured just like that.

As for that human servant, his face even more so became deathly pale. He never thought that as an Emperor Clan’s servant, he would actually almost die. He followed at Chi Menghong’s side, normally receiving the praise of all clans, enjoying even greater status than normal King Clans, yet today, he was actually this helpless, treated like an ant by another, almost crushed to death.

“Huang!” Chi Menghong narrowed his eyes, not saying too much. A fight between the two was inevitable, there was no way to dissolve the enmity.

“Properly manage your slaves!” Shi Hao said coldly. If it was others, then that was that, but even a servant dared seize his Dao Comprehension Tea Leaf, this really was quite daring.

Of course, the deeper reason was because the other side had confidence in their backing, because Chi Menghong stood behind them, providing them support.

“You…” Behind Chi Menghong, that human race servant was furious. With his status, his position, today, not only did he not bring back glory, he instead brought back humiliation.

“You aren’t willing to change your servitude nature, yet you want to vainly anger me?” Shi Hao gave him a cold look. After a light scoff, the yin and yang two energies swirling through the world suddenly appeared again, attacking.


This time, that human servant’s body directly exploded, extremely bloody, splashing in all directions, body wiped out.

Only a head was left, falling onto the ground, appearing behind Chi Menghong, eyes widened, full of fear. He wanted to cry out, yet couldn't make any sound, only able to transmit his will through his soul.

Ah…” His soul howled in grief.

At this moment, it was completely quiet, the experts on the mountaintop all extremely shocked. Huang was domineering after all, worthy of being a valiant figure who stirred up endless storms.

He really was like a powerful dragon, daring to offend the vicious Scarlet King bloodline’s descendant, shockingly daring.

That servant’s body exploded, blood splashing in all directions. If not for Chi Menghong’s power being heaven overflowing, body protecting light constantly protecting him, the blood would have splashed onto his body.

“Good, good, I really am looking forward to taking your head. Even if there is an undying decree, I am still going to refine your essence blood, smash out your bone marrow, bring you back to use as paste flavoring!” Chi Menghong’s eyes were scarlet red, extremely terrifying. When he revealed a mouthful of snow-white teeth, licking his lips, it gave many people a horrifying feeling.

Heheh, you will definitely be well-known, become the first of the Emperor Clan younger generation to be killed.” Shi Hao released an indifferent chuckle.

His words weren’t loud, but everyone felt a wave of ice-cold killing intent. The two of them opposed each other with equal harshness, there would definitely be a blood flowing battle to the death.

“The tea leaves can be used for tea now!” Under the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, an elder said.

On the mountaintop, it was immediately hard to calm down. When they looked outwards, there were giant mountains one after another. They were quite far away, reaching into the clouds, covered in ice and snow year-round.

At this moment, wind and snow filled the skies. These creatures were all gathering the ice and snow on the divine mountain, preparing to brew tea.

Snowflakes immediately covered the heavens, divine ice flying over, drawing out sparkling brilliance in the air.

This was Divine Ice, rumored to have mysterious power, the most suitable water source for brewing tea. It was rumored that back then, there was an undying king who comprehended the dao there, covering the snowy mountain in great dao energy, the snow naturally becoming extraordinary as a result.

The ice and snow were acquired, landing in their respective vessels. There were people who began to activate dao flames, slowly brewing tea.

Soon afterwards, strand after strand of fragrance wafted over, seeping into one’s soul, making many people shiver inwardly. Even those who didn’t have the qualifications to drink the tea felt their bodies become light and relaxed.

Shi Hao looked at the tea water in the jade cup, revealing an expression of surprise.

Ever since the tea leaf entered his hands, he was a bit shocked. This leaf’s shape wasn’t that outstanding, just a normal tea leaf shape, not a cauldron or dragon.

Only now, when the tea had been prepared did it release wisps of immortal mist, spreading throughout the tea cup.

On the tea leaf, a strand of mist was floating out, extremely primitive, extremely hazy. It seemed to contain a type of extremely special power!

Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed. He sipped the tea. As the fragrance filled his mouth, he experienced a type of special peace. Even though he was in this world, unable to see the way back, he still calmed down.

He was astonished. This Dao Comprehension Tea was extraordinary after all, making his mind immediately become clear-headed and at peace, entering some type of dao comprehension state.

In that instant, the world became hazy, auspicious energy surging in all directions. He forgot about everything else, remaining in a state of dao comprehension, experiencing the sound of the great dao moving, about to open his flesh treasury.

“Origin energy!”

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken, he sensed the origin energy in his body move, surging, as if it possessed a sea of power.

That streak of origin energy’s origins were strange, appearing when the three streaks of immortal energy appeared on him. Only, it never appeared, only one day was it suddenly unearthed by him.

This dao comprehension leaf was unusual after all. Could it be that the corresponding strand of energy on the leaf was related to origin energy?

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling increasingly relaxed, mind at peace. He sensed specks of clear light appear within his body, some gates about to open, matching the origin energy.

In that instant, he actually felt a sign of breaking through!

His body shone. As he sat there, a crack in the treasury gates opened, making him seem as if he was bathed in a layer of divine radiance, extremely dazzling.

This left many people jealous. They all knew that Huang’s benefits were not small.

Was he going to enter the late stage of Self Severing Realm? Shi Hao was also hopeful. This type of cultivation speed really was extremely terrifying!

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